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eHarmony Would Prefer You Didn’t Date A Race Car Driver


Okay, this started as a joke post (look at Sign #2) but now, after listening to the radio this morning, I’m not so sure.


They Can Charge You An Additional 50% After You Settle Your Bill, For Any Reason, And It’s Legal


Ten months ago, when I wrote about how one night in a hospital was enough to cancel out twenty years of 800 FICO scores, I had no way of knowing I was just twenty-two days away from incurring medical bills that would make the ones I had then look like small change.

I’ve spent all of 2014 fighting to maintain my credit score (currently at 741 and holding) while verifying each of the bizarre “balance bills” and four-figure mystery-meat invoices I’ve received since January. I was terminated from my day job in large part because of the time I needed to recover from that wintry rural-road crash, which means I no longer have medical insurance of any kind. I’m now a strict cash customer with America’s healthcare system. But if you think that simplifies things, think again.


Childhood Dreams Fulfilled, One Rustbucket At A Time

This one’s for my teenaged self, the one who rode his bicycle twelve rather frightening round-trip miles to the Porsche+Audi shop just to look at a Silver Rose 944 Turbo S.


Dyson And Friends


The “lightweights” test is up on R&T online. As with my Wraith piece, I wish I’d done more with this one, and I wish I’d sat in for more of the photos, but what can you do?


Guest Post: Enter The Crapcan, Part Two


(Part One is here — JB)

For the first lap there’s no one nearby, and then a full-course caution is called. This allows me to catch up to the pack, but now with other cars, visibility is the biggest challenge as the spray behind another car even at moderate speeds is opaque and impenetrable. It seems like a car is off the track backwards or in a tire wall at every corner. After five laps under yellow, nearly stopping at times, we go green again in traffic.

To date, I have never before felt what I did when driving VIR’s two straightaways in the rain.


When It Comes To Distracted Driving, Just Follow The Money

I haven’t appeared in LeftLaneNews for a couple of years, so it’s a real pleasure to come back with an opinion piece on the fashions in law enforcement.


Guest Post: Enter The Crapcan , Part One


At the 2014 Chumpcar VIR 24 Hour Classic, I attended my first ever motor race, but not as a spectator. I skipped that step and hopped straight into the driver’s seat, because sometimes I like to make rash decisions and get in over my head.


Now Testing: The Allen-Edmonds Dress Shirt


As brand extensions go, it’s more sensible than the Macan and more tasteful than the Panamera, but it’s unlikely to succeed like either. Last year, Allen-Edmonds expanded their “Made in USA” brand to include a range of clothing. Sizes, styles, and fabrics are limited.

The 2013 clothing range was on sale at my local A-E outlet a few weeks ago so I bought six of the shirts. I’ll be wearing them for the fall and winter as I commute to a consulting contract, and I’ll be comparing them to affordable shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt and Robert Graham as well as to higher-end stuff like Borelli, Brioni, and Turnbull&Asser.


The Desert Wraith


It was a hell of a day, the day this photo was taken. It was possible to run the twin-turbo Roller pretty quickly down this road and I think I kept surprising Peter, the photographer, by arriving at the shot location too soon.


I’d Like To Return These Panties To The Original Owner


This is definitely one of the more surreal things that’s happened to me over the past few years.


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