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There Once Was A Dream That Was Jalopnik


As fate would have it, I spent a fair amount of time at the New York talking to the current Jalopnik guys — Hardigree, Okulski, Patrick George, et al. No matter what you think about their content, it’s impossible to deny that the Gawker cars-and-drunk-girls-and-planes-and-construction-equipment-and-accessories-and-watches-and-whatnot site has the lion’s share of the available mojo remaining in the autojourno “space”. Much of what they do is pretty good.

Every once in a while, however, something happens to remind you what could have been.
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Notes From The Ground In Bundy


My readers have asked, more than a few times — “What ever happened to V. McB, your boon companion of the past few years, itinerant hairdresser and bad girl?” Well, she’s still around, she’s still cutting my hair, and she is currently working on opening her own hair salon. We’re no longer dating but I remain committed to her personal success and well-being.

A little-known fact about the lady in question is that she was raised a Mormon in Twin Falls, Idaho. Her brother is a well-known conservative radio host and commentator in the area. He went to Bundy this past weekend to see what was going on in what many called “the beginning of the Second American Revolution.”
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Sunday Sunday Sunday


The clone is about to turn five years old! This is odd because I can vividly remember his early days in the incubator like they were yesterday, but on the other hand it’s hard to recall exactly how I thought about things and prioritized my life before he was born. We had a very nice party for him, his cousins arrived to play Legos and fly his brace of quad-rotors around, and he received about three long tons of toys from various well-wishers.
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It’s Great To Work With The Best


Click this photo to see it bigger — it’s great. Yours truly, photographed by the inimitable Andrew Trahan. Here’s the great thing about Mr. Trahan: 90% of the people in this business can’t manage to take a photo that is both sharp (which is important to artsy magazine people) and captures the car the way enthusiasts want to see it (which is important to the rest of us). He does both, which is why the R&T PCOTY issue has such beautiful shooting in it.
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