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The Evil That Men Do


As I wait patiently for my turntable to arrive, I’m continuing to buy vinyl.


Triumph Of The Nerd


So the fellow pictured above just rode a balloon off the planet then broke the sound barrier with his own body on the way back to ground. Serious business. Given money, influence, and intelligence, this fellow did something that most people would be too stupid, too timid, or too closed-minded to attempt. He also managed to make Felix Baumgartner look like a bit of a pansy.

With that said, if you want to appear “dangerous” and “edgy” to women, getting a couple cheap tattoos is probably more effective than planning and executing one of the most fascinating feats in the history of humanity. Just a thought.

Wherein Sam Biddle Shows Us The Naked Face Of White Male Privilege

This is a story about a young manlet who crucified a woman for a Twitter joke and then cyber-stalked her in the most creep-tastic voyeuristic way possible and then decided to make an offensive “Twitter joke” himself.

If you want the short version of the story, it’s this: he didn’t suffer the same fate as his victim. In fact, he’s been praised and supported by his employer with the same kind of fervor that his African female victim was persecuted and terminated by hers. Why? Because he’s not a woman from Africa. He’s Sam Faulkner Biddle, and he works for Gawker.


Have To Overnight Some Music From Japan


You know you have a problem when you start buying stuff from Japan, right? And in this case I definitely have a problem.


I Couldn’t Resist


What can I say? Since I quit Facebook I’ve had time on my hands, and the “One Ball” faux-tivational image was too funny not to ridicule further.

But the real question is this: Did the person who made the original image understand what was going on? Was it the car’s owner? Was it a master troller? I don’t suppose we’ll ever know.

You Don’t Know Me, But I’m Your Brother


Just a gallery of some great shots taken by Thomas Embt this past weekend. The top shot here is my favorite; I’ve just finished getting Bark in the car. I like the contrast between our visors and our body language: Bark looks totally focused, just like he does right before a gig.

Edit: That’s Matt! Well, he’s pretty cool too.


Finally, “CDL Life” Responds To Mr. Barurh


As for your comment of “sleep deprivation” and “drug use” by truckers…you are sadly mistaken! Legally, a driver in the U.S. is allowed a 14 hour work day consisting of 11 hours of time to drive which in which in the first 8 of those hours they MUST take a half hour break. They must then rest for 10 full hours before they can drive again. I have yet to come across any who have a “drug use” problem…last I check Stacker II or Monster energy drink were not illegal and the drivers I run into daily get their sleep.

Yet let me flap this bug with gilded wings — but not too hard, okay?


Meanwhile, In The Intimate Apparel Business

If you’re looking for intimate apparel, lingerie, “toys”, whatever — I have just the place for you.


I’m Sure You’ll Be Surprised When I Tell You How Fast The New M3 Is


The new M3 runs elevens out of the box and offers more torque at 2000rpm than the C6 Corvette Z51 did at peak. It’s fast and light (relatively speaking) and somewhat distant to operate. But if you want more details than that…


Weekend Update: Running Out Of Luck


Well, that was an interesting weekend.


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