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The Royal Scam Comes To An End, The Fleet Foxes Arrive


Well, it looks like the nightmare is over. A friend of mine stepped in and negotiated a deal to get the fake cop from Wisconsin squared away. A fair price was paid for the instrument. The Paypal case is closed. As is the Heritage Owners Club forum, apparently. My departure from the club led to a discussion where pretty much all the moderation decisions made on that forum over the past few years were called into question. So the owner of the website took his ball and went home. If you believe, as many do, that I was responsible for the death of “Motive Magazine”, you can now add heritageownersclub.com to my list of scalps. Don’t thank me. Forcing small websites to close so you’re not tempted to click anywhere but Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and Gawker — why, that’s just what I do. It’s not some game I play, it’s in my DNA, it’s what I do.


DTTS Update

I’m hoping to ship all the US addresses this week and contact all the non-US addresses. I appreciate your patience — it’s been an extremely busy five days since I got these things.

Life Was So Much Simpler Back When I Was Holding This Steel Dragon Guitar


It’s been an exciting day dealing with my friend from the Racine, WI police department.

Who isn’t really from the Racine, WI police department.


The Secret Street-Tire Weapon…

004 - Copy

…may not be such a secret any more.


It’s One Of Those Nights Where A Cop Threatens Your Family Because You Won A Paypal Dispute


Hey! Remember the worst guitar deal ever? Where the guy ducked me for sixteen days, forcing me to file a complaint with PayPal, then magically remembered to ship a guitar that somehow got damaged a few different ways at the FedEx office?

I remember that deal. I remember it fondly, because at that point I hadn’t been threatened with violence by a cop.


Apologies To My Readers


It has been brought to my attention that I made an error in my Austin trip post. In that post, I used a photo of the “Textosterone” that did not feature the longhorn.

Consider that rectified with this picture of the actual item. And keep an ear out for a tone demo :)

One Wedding And A Funeral

My ex-wife got married today. It made the local paper and was noted on a television station. It was a big thing. Not sure why; I think it’s because she’s a very intelligent woman who knows how to self-promote.


Three Wise Men From Vinyltown


It’s not even Christmas/Hanukkah yet and already I’ve received three very thoughtful and interesting gifts.


Austin Diary: Italian Supercars And Engelmann Spruce


It’s been a busy week, one that’s offered me some unique opportunities as both a musician — no, wait, let’s put “musician” in quotes there, to make sure it doesn’t look serious — and driver. Any day that you drive a Lamborghini, play a 1961 Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty”, and buy an Engelmann-topped Taylor guitar is worth remembering.


Come On Down To Michigan — Or Up, Either Way


For whatever reason, my old pal Brent Henderson has been eager to reveal himself as the person who was banned from the Heritage Owners Club at the same time that I was. He also wants to try his case in this forum. That’s fine with me, I don’t censor posts to this board. Nor do I particularly dislike Brent. I had at least three good deals with Brent over the past six years and I’ve also enjoyed participating in the “Parsons Street Pilgrimage” that he organizes.

However, and this is something that has wider implications than a single disagreement on a single guitar forum…


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