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Primera Inter Pares

LA to Barcelona 091

Ran into this car tonight… which gives me an excuse to link something I’ve already written, for probably the third time.


A New Yorker In England


Okay. I haven’t been a New Yorker since Gerald Ford was President. And strictly speaking I’m trapped in an airport. Still. You should have heard my British Airways stewardess on the way over. The voice… very tall, too.

Sadly, that was the last attractive English woman I saw. More information soon, including a justification for being here.

Single-Serving Instruction

NovemberSamsung 276

It’s been just sixty days since I returned from my Oklahoma supercar coaching trip, but honestly it seems like years.


Why Can’t This Woman Be My Son’s Teacher?


So what did you do last night? I’ll tell you what I did: I sat up and wrote eight thousand words that I owed to various people by this morning. Also, I listened to Black Messiah eleven times in a row. Just coming to the end of track 9 right now, as a matter of fact. I was initially reluctant to believe the hype, but even though D’Angelo’s lyrics rival those in Kid A for incomprehensible down-in-the-mix mumbling and I’m pretty sure the man owes Prince some major percentage of whatever money he makes off the thing… f**k it, this is a brilliant record, and if you listen to this sort of thing, listen to this thing.


Running As A Populist, Ruling As A Plutocrat


“Are you better off than you were four years ago?” That was President Reagan’s question to the electorate. I know that I’m certainly not, but that’s more a consequence of cutting down my work hours to spend more time traveling, parenting, and playing terrible Def Leppard covers.

A more relevant question: Is the country better off than it was six years ago? And how will Mr. Obama be viewed by history? Here’s one perspective, with which I mostly agree. Your opinion may differ.

Five Bucks Well Spent


During my cross-most-of-the-country trip, I visited a few pawnshops and junk shops. One of them had good clean copies of several LPs including Jeff Beck’s Blow By Blow, Leon Russell And The Shelter People, and the iconic Super Session. Plus this one. I didn’t take this picture — the record is currently spinning on my MMF-5.1se and I’m too lazy to photograph it.


Big Benz, Slightly Littler Lexus


Pete Dushenski is a smart man writing smart things — this is about his car but there’s a lot of food for thought on his blog. So check it out, yo.

I’m finally home from the (not quite) Million Mile Lexus trip, and I have a few shots to share…


Greetings From Amarillo


They are calling it “Winter Storm Iola”, and I’ve spent 36 hours in the belly of it.

Eight Days In The MacNeils


An odd side effect of my unexpected travel schedule this week is that I’ve been wearing the same shoes — my Allen-Edmonds MacNeils in shell cordovan — for eight days in a row. I’ve used the MacNeils to do everything from a party on the top of the Renaissance Center in Detroit to a walk on the beach at Venice, CA. This afternoon I bought some Vans from Animal House and ended the streak.

What else have I been up to? Not much. However, fans of Seventies rock music will likely want to click the jump for one particular story.

at loose ends.


You know you’re big time when you have your own office…


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