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We Interrupt Ta-Nehisi’s Praise of Looters and Murderers To Bring You Some Facts About Police Violence


While Ferguson burned this week, The Atlantic’s village idiot and race huckster “Ta-Nehisi” Coates sat in hipster Harlem and earned a couple thousand dollars calling for more looting and violence in a place where he most emphatically does not live and has no plans to ever do more than briefly visit.

What clearly cannot be said is that violence and nonviolence are tools, and that violence—like nonviolence—sometimes works. “Property damage and looting impede social progress,” Jonathan Chait wrote Tuesday. He delivered this sentence with unearned authority.

I can absolutely guarantee you than any application of this philosophy to Mr. Coates’ person — by, for example, setting fire to his home and then nailing him with a rock when he comes running out — would not meet with the same approval that he remotely grants to the people who deliberately victimized the man who was robbed by Michael Brown for a second time. Like most of the people who are wringing their hands over the Michael Brown shooting, he is fully protected by other police from the kind of violent reaction he’s encouraging elsewhere. Remember Bill Maher’s infamous rant about how how Americans were “cowards” because we were using “smart bombs” in the so-called War On Terror? How much more cowardly, then, to encourage violence in someone else’s neighborhood?

Mr. Coates is black, but his adherence to the SJW/SWPL narrative about Ferguson is as letter-perfect as if he were a Berkeley yoga instructor or the infamous Pajama Boy himself. White people all around America are up in (Facebook status) arms about the way that black people are the victims of police violence. They decry the violent, racist police rage that ends young black life and treats African-Americans like targets in a KKK-sponsored shooting gallery. They are determined to force American policing out of its racist rut and create a world where sacred Black men are far less likely than whites to be shot by police.

Good news — it’s already happened.


Somebody’s Trying To Beat Me Out Of $1,200


“I think that we may safely trust,” Thoreau wrote, “a great deal more than we do.” I’ve had the good fortune to buy dozens of relatively expensive items from various members of various Web forums over the past fifteen years, and although I’ve had minor problems — items not quite as represented, damage not disclosed, bad packing or flaky communications — until today I’ve never had a straight “take the money and run” happen.


It’s Team Shirt Day At Work


It’s “Team Shirt Day” at work!


DTTS Shirt Update

Just a quick note. Shirts are ordered. There are a few extras for anyone who wants to get on the train after it’s left the station. I’ll be contacting overseas buyers over the upcoming week.



I apologize for the lack of updates. This past week has been an all-hands-on-deck effort to wrap up a bunch of writing and projects so I could head to Oklahoma for a long weekend.


PFC Wintergreen Would Approve

A new algorithm has ranked the world’s most notable English-language authors using a unique cocktail of criteria.


And It Finished The Race Looking Just As Good


Something I realized in a conversation yesterday: MSR Houston is, like, totally cursed for me. I’ve run four races there and never finished higher than 31st. In fact, this was the first time that my team du jour even managed to see the checkered flag. Put it another way: my average finishing position in professional races is much, much, much better than my average finishing spot at MSR Houston LeMons races.


The Critics Respond, Flavor Flav Edition


Public Enemy’s comic half never cared much for the New York Post, but I have no complaints.


Let’s Go Racing


Last years Gator-O-Rama at MSR Houston was nearly a total disaster, redeemed only by the fact that my brother had a brilliant racing debut in a terrible car.

Not Another Article About A Viper!


In the wake of PCOTY, I wrote two additional advocacy pieces concerning the cars that didn’t win.


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