Another Country Heard From


Well, this is great. One more person who is going to email me all the time. But you could have knocked me over with a feather when it arrived. John just got his first computer last week. There’s something brilliant about his first email being a request for Crazy Bread. It’s like an electronic paternity test.

Things like this go a long way towards giving me the motivation to get out of bed tomorrow morning.

Now all I have to do is get him a login to VWVortex so the smartest person on “The Car Lounge” is once again a Baruth.

In Which The Author Asks You To Go Visit Another Blog


From time to time, I have the luck to meet someone “virtually” who significantly expands my understanding of the world. Former Sterophile iconoclast and controversialist John Marks is one of those people. We’ve never laid eyes on each other, but he has taught me quite a bit about high-fidelity audio, music history, and certain aspects of morality.

Having recently decided to leave Stereophile for good, John has decided to chart his own path on the Internet. With my encouragement and minor assistance, he’s set up a blog of his very own. I think some of you will like the name he chose for it.

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Housekeeping: Jomashop Knows Too Much


You know what’s super scary? When Jomashop suggests that you buy a blue-handed white-face Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow… and you already own a blue-handed white-face Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow. And they suggest a TAG Formula One, which you owned during most of the Nineties before the Franklin County Jail “lost” it. But just when you think they know everything about you, they go and suggest a million-dollars Audemars Piguet. Idiots. Everybody knows that I prefer the Patek Nautilus and the IWC Ingenieur and, just possibly, the Vacheron Overseas.

Let’s once again steal an idea from C.G. Hill at and see what search-engine terms are bringing people to this site.

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More Shots From The Archives


As part of something else I wrote today, I dug up my Facebook archive. You might not know this, but if you request it the right way, Facebook will send you an archive of your entire account. At which point you can request to have your account deleted. Doing that will significantly improve your life. Facebook causes depression in both men and women. It’s also Really. Fucking. Lame. Quit Facebook today and spend that time reading a book.

Anyway, I found some stuff in that archive that I figured I’d share with my readers. We can all have a laugh at my expense for a bit and we’ll all feel better. First one is me with that FIAT Abarth chick. She was actually pretty cool and very patient about being part of a media event. I had my mind on the girl who was waiting for me in the hotel room upstairs so my heart wasn’t in the photo op. Without further ado, let’s see what other silly stuff I have sitting around. Not all the shots are of me, but they are all vaguely humorous or risible or important to me somehow.

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Housekeeping: Heavy Editing

Yesterday, as previously discussed, my pal Stef was hit pretty hard in a LeMons race. When one of her more faithful orbiters, a fellow named Bradley, decided to use the occasion as an opportunity to simultaneously suck up to me and take a weak shot at, of all things, my commitment to driver safety, I made him the intro subject of this week’s Roundup post. The photo that I used was one of his Facebook profile photos, a professional shot of him and his wife from his wedding last year.

At this time, I thought this was more than fair. Not only was it the most flattering photo I could find of the two of them, I thought the gentle reminder that he was newly married might back him off Stef a bit and let him save some dignity before he got his heart broken and/or his ass kicked.

You, as they say on Upworthy, won’t believe what happened next… and the implications of it are both troubling and widespread.

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Super Bowl 50: The Bark Pick

Short and sweet:

Panthers 45, Broncos 10

Unfortunately, I don’t see any way that this ends well for Peyton Manning. Demaryius Thomas has disappeared this postseason, and Manning simply cannot throw the ball downfield. This will allow the Panthers to set their linebackers loose on the run game, rendering Ronnie Hillman and C.J. Anderson useless. 

On the other side, Cam Newton is more difficult to defend than any other quarterback in football. The Broncos’ pass rush will be slowed by Newton’s running ability, and the Panthers will be the beneficiary of good field position all night, due to Manning’s inability to move the Broncos against the Panthers’ elite defense. 

In other words, if you’re a Broncos fan, I suggest that you find something else to do for the second half, as this game is going to be ugly.