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Z Is For Zaino


There is, I believe, healing power in ritual.


Bark Has Something To Say


This was bound to happen eventually. The world-famous jazz musician and high school football state champion, Bark M., now has his own website. Bark and I are not exactly the same person, being born five years and eleven months apart, but I think that many of you will enjoy what he has to say on a variety of topics that will be somewhat wider than those covered here. Check out Bark’s Doghouse, why dontcha?

In Gawker-Land, One Punch Hurts More Than A Thousand Rapes


Recent news from the United Kingdom: A woman was punched pretty effing hard for resisting the advances of a man who was “groping” her. Also, approximately 1400 female children were systematically abused at the hands of Pakistani “rape gangs”. One pre-teen girl gave the specific names of over 250 men who had raped her to the police and received an admonition to shut up about it. For over a decade, the police and government ignored a frankly overwhelming amount of evidence about the rape gangs, often terrorizing or even prosecuting the women who dared to speak up.

Okay, which one of these English incidents made the front page at Jezebel?


Guest Post: Thank You For Reading


The man across from me is wanted by Interpol. He has employed Ickx, Scheckter, Hunt. Gian Paolo Dallara hand-built him three separate, customized Countachs, for which he browbeat Pirelli into developing an unheard-of 315-series P7 tire. In an off-handed, self-deprecating manner, he tells me of the time he won a Ferrari 512bb over a bet with Enzo Ferrari on the outcome of the 1976 Monaco Grand Prix, based simply on a handshake.


My Supercar Column Was Not Well Liked By People Who Will Never Drive Or Own A Supercar


The Avoidable Contact in the R&T Supercar issue (it’s the one with the yellow Macca P1 on the cover) was, I thought, pretty good. Well, I wrote it, so of course I’d think that. But in this case I think I was particularly right.

I was alone in this.


I Learn More From You Than You Do From Me


In North America, Netflix and YouTube are the main traffic culprits, according to its twice yearly Global Internet Phenomena Report. Combined, they account for 50.31 percent of the downstream traffic during the peak part of the day.

The single most important technical advance in human history, the ability to connect nearly every person alive to any source of information he or she might desire, the stuff of science fiction that allows you to obtain a Harvard-level technical education via a device you can fit in your back pocket, and half of the time it’s being used to watch television. Furthermore, we all know that the percentage would be higher if every corporation in America didn’t firewall most of the video stuff.

Oh, that the Roman people had but a single neck!


The Price Of Fashion


Again with the TouchOfModern Rolex sales! But look at this!


Good Zep, Bad Zep, One Free T-Shirt

Well, I did it: I bought one of those super-deluxe Led Zeppelin boxes.


Guest Post: I Ain’t Ashamed


If you were an outside observer of modern society, I think you’d probably call it the Sandra Fluke Event Horizon.

Lonely, Lonely


I saw one of these for the first time a few weekends ago. Some twentysomething dude was using it to capture a picture of himself standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Took me a minute to figure out what it was; for a brief moment I thought he was raising a sword in the air. Frankly, I was surprised that he didn’t catch an FBI sniper bullet the minute he pulled it out and started pointing it at people.


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