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CharleyAERWGI 389

The new Gibson Les Paul Billy Gibbons Goldtop Aged guitar is awfully nice — but at over nine thousand dollars, it’s also awfully expensive. How much of that Jesus-just-left-Chicago mojo can be summoned for one-sixth of that?


“Fourplay” Is The Only Musical Group In History To Be Recognized By The United States Congress

Nathan East has received a Congressional Record from the United States Congress, House of Representatives recognizing him as a distinguished member of the music industry. Also honored with a Congressional Record was the jazz supergroup, Fourplay, of which Nathan is a founding member. The award was presented by A. Robert Brown, Sr., Advisor to Congressman Ed Towns of New York during Fourplay’s performance on 25 March 2007 in Philadelphia. Fourplay is the only group in history to be recognized by Congress.

When speaking before the House, Congressman Towns opened his remarks with: “Mr. Speaker, I rise today in recognition of the renowned jazz musician, Nathan East, a distinguished member of the music industry. It behooves us to pay tribute to this outstanding artist and I hope my colleagues will join me in recognizing his impressive accomplishments.” After entering Nathan’s biography and musical accomplishments into the record, the Congressman concluded: “Mr. Speaker, I believe that it is incumbent on this body to recognize the accomplishments of Nathan East, as he offers his talents and services for the betterment of our local and global communities. Mr. Speaker, Nathan East’s selfless service has continuously demonstrated a level of altruistic dedication that makes him most worthy of our recognition today.”

Well there you have it. In the hotly contested struggle to be The First African-American Studio Professional Electric Bass Player To Be Recognized By Congress, Nathan East has clearly beaten Stanley Clarke, James Jamerson, my man Sekou Bunch, and my future fourth wife, Marta Altesa. Who is not African-American. I just wanted to mention her.


Everybody Hated This One


You can’t make everybody happy when you write a comparison test, but is it possible to make nobody happy?


School Shootings Vs. Ebola: Who’s Hitting Harder?


How, exactly, did Ebola become a political cause? How did it become politicized at all? I haven’t the foggiest notion, but even in my disconnected-from-Facebook state I’m being constantly made aware of left-leaning people downplaying the danger of the Ebola virus, usually with a smug statement to the effect that only “ignorant” people — meaning white people who didn’t vote for Mr. Obama simply because he has an African father — are concerned about it.


We’re All In The Same Jam


This motley crew of effects pedals on top of my rotary-engine-shaped dinette table is, fortunately or unfortunately, just a fraction of the stuff I’ve moved or stored or re-homed (is that even a word outside of Tech Services?) in the past week. If all goes well, by the end of November I’ll have everything in its right place, as Thom Yorke would say, and I’ll have most of the problems with the house at least temporarily addressed. I’ve sent over twenty truckloads’ worth of furniture, personal belongings, and trash to Goodwill and the recyclers. I’ve made several hundred bucks on Craigslist and spent ten times that on everything from two cheapo bookshelves to ten steel storage units.

Needless to say, I’ve met some odd people along the way, including the fellow who wanted to make sure that the Paradigm Monitor 7s I was selling for $200/pair had a fresh re-cone job and the people who were willing to pay for a futon that they were then going to turn around and throw away the following day. (Long story.) But the most surreal experience I’ve had yet was when the gypsy safe-movers arrived.


At This Rate, I Could Earn As Much As Eighteen Dollars BWAHAHA


Just five days left to order your DTTS shirt. With forty shirts sold, I’m actually planning to make as much as eighty cents per shirt.

Do you want to make me rich, even though we both know I’ll waste the money on a furniture guitar from Paul Reed Smith? Of course you do!

The Evil That Men Do


As I wait patiently for my turntable to arrive, I’m continuing to buy vinyl.


Triumph Of The Nerd


So the fellow pictured above just rode a balloon off the planet then broke the sound barrier with his own body on the way back to ground. Serious business. Given money, influence, and intelligence, this fellow did something that most people would be too stupid, too timid, or too closed-minded to attempt. He also managed to make Felix Baumgartner look like a bit of a pansy.

With that said, if you want to appear “dangerous” and “edgy” to women, getting a couple cheap tattoos is probably more effective than planning and executing one of the most fascinating feats in the history of humanity. Just a thought.

Wherein Sam Biddle Shows Us The Naked Face Of White Male Privilege

This is a story about a young manlet who crucified a woman for a Twitter joke and then cyber-stalked her in the most creep-tastic voyeuristic way possible and then decided to make an offensive “Twitter joke” himself.

If you want the short version of the story, it’s this: he didn’t suffer the same fate as his victim. In fact, he’s been praised and supported by his employer with the same kind of fervor that his African female victim was persecuted and terminated by hers. Why? Because he’s not a woman from Africa. He’s Sam Faulkner Biddle, and he works for Gawker.


Have To Overnight Some Music From Japan


You know you have a problem when you start buying stuff from Japan, right? And in this case I definitely have a problem.


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