Spotter’s Guide To The September Issue of Road&Track


“Well, of course you have to lift for that in the R8.” That was what I was told by a very experienced, well-respected driver whose racing resume absolutely dwarfs mine. And I think that any experienced, well-respected auto racer would have agreed.

The problem is that I’m actually a BMX racer who just happens to be racing cars because his knees make audible grinding sounds when he walks. So of course I didn’t lift, and of course the R8 landed sideways at one hundred and twenty-four miles per hour, and of course I want you to read the magazine and see what happened next…

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Let’s Insta-Do This


I’m probably the last person to get on Instagram with my own account. For a few years now, I’ve shared the account @itsjackandjill with my friend Jill Moorhead, but I’ve decided to start one of my own so I can follow all of those, ah, yoga athletes and whatnot.

Some jock-sniffer registered “jackbaruth” a long time ago, so I’m doing what the F1 drivers do and Insta-sharing as JackBaruthOfficial. It’s, like, totally official. Check it out at your own peril.

Spotter’s Guide To The August 2016 Road&Track


For the second month in a row, I have the cover story at R&T. When I consider the fact that I began reading this magazine a full thirty-nine years ago, it’s almost too humbling and upsetting to consider. I hope that I’m giving the five-year-old (and the fifty-five-year-old) car nuts of 2016 something they’ll enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed sitting in my local library and devouring the 1977 issues.

The Ferrari/Miata article isn’t all I have in this issue, however. There’s a truncated-for-print version of my autocross vs. trackday article that appeared on the Web back in May.

If you’re in an airport and you have six bucks burning a hole in your pocket, now’s the time to buy Road&Track, if only for the outstanding photos of Max Prince. What a handsome devil. But not to worry, you discerning ladies who prefer your men with a little more wear and tear on ’em; check out who’s standing in front of the Guggenheim with the Spider in the two-page center spread!

Spotter’s Guide To The June 2016 Road&Track


I’d like to tell you that I had something to do with the Ford GT on this month’s cover, but my contribution to the issue falls into the “agony of defeat” column, not the “thrill of victory” one: Turn to page 104 to read all about helmets and why you should spend real money on a decent on when you hit the track. There are a few neat photos in there as well!

I Met A Traveller From An Antique Land


About an hour ago, while I was playing my lunch gig, a friend of mine emailed me: ” I never knew two poets wrote identical poems in a friendly competition.” The poems, and the competition to which he refers, were inspired by a passage in a Greek history book. The better-known of the two is Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Ozymandias”, but the competing poem, written by Horace Smith and given the same name, is also not without merit.

With a lazy afternoon ahead of me, I thought I’d give the competition a long-past-due third entry.

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Spotter’s Guide To The May 2016 Road&Track


If you turn to page 68 of the new Road&Track, you’ll find my article on the NASA NP01 Prototype. My drive took place about five weeks after I had my leg screwed together and I was in all sorts of misery for the entire day — but I was thoroughly impressed by the car and its potential to create a whole new race class that will be great fun for both drivers and spectators.

If you can only read one article in this issue, however, forget what I wrote and proceed directly to Sam Smith’s overview of five important Indy 500 cars. Written with care, knowledge, and a love for the sport that is both deep and abiding, Sam’s journey through history truly puts you right in the driver’s seat with him as he experiences the Indianapolis story from the driver’s point of view. It’s a brilliant example of what you can do when you combine the resources and prestige of a magazine like R&T with a writer who cares about something besides the next first-class flight to Geneva. Normally, it is my considered opinion that it is a privilege for Sam to be published next to me, but this month the shoe of outrageous ego is on the other foot. Check it out.