Housekeeping: It’s Alright, The Hardest Part Is Through

You have to admire the consistency of the Lumineers’ drummer. He always wears the same thing. Somebody must have told him it was good for branding. I think he looks like a slightly less intelligent version of Woody Harrelson on Cheers. Anyway. Like the song says, the hardest part of our server transition is over and done with. Sorry for the delays and the difficulty. Once I tune up a few things over the weekend, I expect we’ll be rolling strong for the next three years!

Housekeeping: This Week’s Challenge


Kind of looks like they made this new Challenger T/A for me. In 392 form, it’s got the running gear from the Hellcat but only (only) 485 naturally-aspirated, bulletproof, non-heat-soaking horsepower. Plus double hollow headlights. How cool is that? The answer is that it’s very cool.

I’m in the process of moving this site, and a bunch of other stuff, to a new dedicated server. You might see intermittent availability; we’ve already had 53 minutes of downtime today. So if you try the site and it’s down, just be patient. Thank you!

It’s An Older Code, Sir, But It Checks Out


Yesterday I asked all of you to identify the racetrack on which that bad-ass Turismo 2.2 was hard-parked. To my immense amazement, you correctly identified it as the Rahal Straight at Laguna Seca, backwards. Much respect. And you’d think I would know better, having a few hundred laps at Laguna Seca. Maybe I just never looked in my mirror there?

Housekeeping: Please Continue To Lean Back


“Don’t take that car into the South Bronx.”

My father never misses a chance to remind me that I’m essentially a Midwestern boy on my own. Well, that’s his fault, for moving me and Bark out here so we never got the chance to grow up as streetwise native New Yorkers the way he and my grandfather did. It’s okay with me, actually. I like to visit the city as often as I can but I also like having room for six cars and seven motorcycles and, ah, however many guitars I have.

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People Really Win On Riverside Green


About a year and a half ago, I gave you, the valued reader of this blog, a chance to buy a driveshaft-through-the-skull (DTTS) shirt. The response was quite a bit more than I’d expected.

As you can see above, this shirt is the choice of winners. This fellow bought himself an E46 M3 and promptly picked up a first-of-twelve in F Street Stock. Do you want to join the few, the proud, the elite? Leave a comment below and I’ll reach out. I think there are four shirts left, from people who didn’t pay after putting in their order with me. Sizes TBD.

Housekeeping: You’ll Only Find One Of These Things Here


Maybe it’s a consequence of having “Rodney” as an occasional contributor here, but apparently we are showing up in search listings for some pretty cray-cray stuff.

Beeswing sipo, on the other hand, is absolutely covered at this site, and you can read about my Wilcutt Wood Library PRS DGT right here. Sipo is also known as “utile”. It’s a relative of Sapele wood and, according to the Wood Database, it offers better figuring than traditional New World mahogany at the expense of dimensional stability. Beeswing patterning is rare and prized. So now you know!

Tap For One White Mana


I’m not racist, I swear! (I have black friends!) Every Magic: The Gathering player knows that you tap the Plains cards for “white mana” to cast spells.

Truth be told, the spell I could really use right now is “Time Control”, which requires blue mana. After an unscheduled overnight detour in the Rockies, I’m running way behind schedule as I cross Kansas. Can I make it home in time to pick up my son from school tomorrow? Maybe with a Mesa Pegasus.

Housekeeping: Jomashop Knows Too Much


You know what’s super scary? When Jomashop suggests that you buy a blue-handed white-face Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow… and you already own a blue-handed white-face Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow. And they suggest a TAG Formula One, which you owned during most of the Nineties before the Franklin County Jail “lost” it. But just when you think they know everything about you, they go and suggest a million-dollars Audemars Piguet. Idiots. Everybody knows that I prefer the Patek Nautilus and the IWC Ingenieur and, just possibly, the Vacheron Overseas.

Let’s once again steal an idea from C.G. Hill at and see what search-engine terms are bringing people to this site.

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