Somebody Tell Me What’s Going On Here


No way this is for real. This broad looks like an owl. I’m concerned that this is what signals the Last Trump. No relation to Donald; the “last trump” is found in the Bible. When Revelations was translated, what they called a “trumpet” or “trump” would be more like what we call a “bugle” nowadays.

This weekend, we got three podium finishes (two thirds and a second) at the NASA Autobahn race south of Chicago. It was a fantastic, but utterly exhausting, two days. Watch this space as we resume regular service tomorrow!

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  1. Harry

    Seems good to me. I assume giant ass sunglasses, which I understand are currently the thing, would require a giant ass bridge to maintain acceptable torsional rigidity. This seems like a solution that maintains that strength with significant weight reductions, an obvious evolutionary step forward. Side benefits include increased fore brow cooling action, and highlights ones lack of a monobrow.

    Just as importantly it opens the door for future triple bridge designs to look less extreme to the average consumer not concerned with such things, and then an a backlash towards making “mono” bridge frames, they are just creating a market for next trends! I am sure this is what they are thinking. A friend of mine’s cousin’s Chinese pen-pal from elementary school says the tooling for these takes a long time to make, so this kind of market leading and prediction shows real foresight. Look for Prada to not only lead the trends, but have a built in production advantage.

  2. Orenwolf

    Guys wear those 1950’s era horn-rimmed glasses all the time, I feel the same way about them.

    Fashion: Never makes sense, rarely relevant.

    Congrats on the placements!

  3. Dirty Dingus McGee

    They are obviously designed to protect ones eyes, in the event you were to get smacked in the face with a shovel. SMH

    • sabotenfighter

      Can’t unsee this now. That lower bar shadow works perfectly for making it look like she has a false nose on.

  4. jz78817

    because the fashion “industry” is run by people who should be institutionalized. years ago my sister would occasionally watch one of those runway shows on some cable channel, and all I can think of was “who the fuck is ever going to wear that shit? People get paid to design it?”

    • Will

      As someone who worked in it, people go crazy over it. You’d be surprised. Typically the “city” type as they ascribe success to owning the “latest” thing to set them apart from us proles.

  5. davefla

    Those sunglasses are so awful, I almost didn’t notice that the model appears to be wearing a medium lapel jacket with no sleeves over a black garbage bag… nice smile, however.

  6. forzablu

    Dior So Real’s came into fashion — and everyone decided they had to copy them, the Dior ones are great — but these are bad, or at least just look awful on her face.

  7. Jeffrey Zekas

    The gods must be crazy. And yes, the end is near. Found that out yesterday, when a sixteen year old punk threatened me at the park, and the cops couldn’t do anything. Disrespect for adults is not a crime.

  8. -Nate

    Nothing new here ~ .
    Make an ugly thing and it’s ‘ counterculture ‘ to suddenly need to have it .
    Not so different from the @$$hole in the nice sea side restaurant I took my Lady to the other night , every one else wearing nice clothes , in comes a boob with his beautiful young wife and baby , of course his pants are around his knees showing off his rusty behind…..
    Class , it can’t be bought .
    (who has no class but isn’t nasty in Public at least)

    • VolandaBajo


      You might appreciate this, perhaps Jack also.

      A few years ago, when my Number One (and only) son was still at a formative age, I stopped at a convenience mart one night, with my wife and son in my car. I ended up parked next to a car with a couple of teenage girls in it, and a young guy on each front window, leaning in to talk.

      The one on our side had his pants down around the top of his femur, with a pair of conspicuously Calvin Klein underpants riding up past them, and minus a belt.

      When I came out of the store, as I was pulling out, I said: “What a shame…he spent all his money on designer underwear and forgot to save enough to buy a belt.”

      The guy shot me a dirty look, but it was obvious he felt like he had not attained the desired effect.

      And I never had to tell my son to pull his pants up, so it must have had the desired effect on him.

        • -Nate

          Volando ;
          I _do_ appreciate that , I also enjoy having some fun with stupid (different from merely ignorant) white boys who do this ; as I walk past them I almost always comment ” you may like to act a fool in public but when you wake up to – morrow you’ll still be white “.
          For some odd reason they don’t seem to find the humor in this fact that I do .

  9. frankev

    Jack: The title of the biblical book is singular, not plural. Thus “Revelation” is proper, rather than “Revelations”. As a biblical scholar, I see the plural form used all too often and I can’t unsee it. 🙂

    Thank you for your writing–it greatly inspires me and so much of what you write has resonance. This is a silly example, but whenever I see a Dodge Charger on the street I recall your keen observation concerning the car’s target demographic, viz., traditional American males who still politely hold doors for elderly folks. (Now if FCA would only offer that car with a manual transmission!)

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I should know better than that. Thank you for the reminder.

      You’re not the only theologian who reads this site, oddly enough… Ryan Patrick, whose work I’ve also edited for TTAC, is a seminary graduate.

  10. incorrigibull

    This broad is every. single. chick. in DC right now.

    Its 85 to 100 degrees out, so surely a vinyl pleather top with felt vest-cardigan (?) and those positively unexplainable sunglasses makes sense.

    People around the interesting parts of the net talk about feminism and why feminism won the culture war.

    There are many reasons.

    But when you see five clones of this broad in a fifteen minute span walking down Fourteenth street, the feminine respect for authority (advertising) shows clear. These broads are better consumers. And consumers are what this economy needs.


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