In Which The Author Plays Captain Save-A-Ho And It Costs Him Untold Misery


Aarrrgh. Eight years ago, I bought a brand-new set of Rial wheels for my Neon from the Tire Rack. At the time, I only had two sets of race wheels and I needed a third so I had dry, wet, and intermediate (full-tread R-comp) options.

When I took a hiatus from NASA racing, a young lady who was also racing a Neon asked me to borrow a set of wheels. If some dude had asked me that, I’d have told him to fuck off. But because I’m an atavistic creature from the 1950s at heart, I let her borrow my Rials, which were perfect. She returned them two years later — dirty, dingy, scraped, and dented.

Tonight I decided to scrub and paint the wheels for this weekend’s AER race. Lo and behold, I pulled the wheels out — and saw that the lady in question had managed to lose one of the centering rings that came with the wheels. Well, this is what I deserve for being a perfect fedora-wearing gentleman, isn’t it? Next time, I’ll listen to Slick Rick.

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    • VolandaBajo

      Or you could say, “never lend anything you can’t afford to not get back”.

      Or that you can’t afford to not get back in the condition you lent it.

      And while it is probably not that great of a financial ding to Jack, I can see where it has probably made him incrementally less of a giving person. And for good reason…

      It’s a shame though that some spoil it for all the rest.


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