Spotter’s Guide To The October 2016 Road&Track


I’ve been out of down doing R&T’s Performance Car Of The Year testing since Monday night — but while I was there somebody handed me the current issue so I could be all self-critical and stuff.

Read about the V-8 engine and its emotional significance on page 62. Then flick to the back of the book and check out page 94, where I discuss a time that I had a woman in the right seat of my Porsche and she wound up screaming and curling up… for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. Scott S.

    Waiting on you and Bark to give us the lowdown on the Corvette Grand Sport. Everything so far has been pretty much supervised press drives. I want to know if that sonofabitch is most of the Z06 without the baggage. Am I keeping my C6 Z06 or is this my next Corvette?

    • baconator

      Road and Track gave it a multi-page spread in the same issue that Jack did the McLaren 570S vs. Audi R8 comparo. Rave review for the Grand Sport.

      • Scott S.

        Yes, I’ve got that copy at home. It doesn’t answer the questions that I need answered, and I’m not sure Jason Harper, a travel, lifestyle and auto writer, is qualified to provide those answers. I got more out of the a rough video with Jack and Bark this weekend than from Harper’s entire article.

  2. Duong Nguyen

    I was looking for your name in the reviews off those four new Porsches. Then I remembered how Porsche isn’t your biggest fan 🙁

  3. DirtRoads

    I like Porsches better having read Jack’s writing about them. And I worked on many back in the ’80s when I worked on those kinds of things. Never cared for most of them, except the 928. The 928 didn’t feel quick, but suddenly you’d notice you were severely over the speed limit without really thinking about it.

    The others? Too small inside for my 199cm body. Same with a lot of Euro cars of that era. I hated that the Ferraris were so tiny in terms of headroom, because hey, Ferrari. Like sitting in a Lear 23; neck bent and hard to drink your beer that way. Had to lift my right leg to put the 911 in 1st or R, which takes a lot of the fun out of quick driving.


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