Welcome To The (Calais) Jungle, Ladies

What do women want, anyway? In the case of British and French women, it’s apparently something other than what they’re getting at home.

I first read about the Calais Jungle sex-tourism thing on Heartiste, but I’m not gonna link to what’s being said over there for a pair of reasons. The first reason is that I don’t want to find myself in a “progressive” re-education camp twenty years from now because I once linked to that site. The other is that Heartiste has really doubled down on the Jew-hating lately and as the parent of a (one-quarter) Jewish son I’m not super-stoked about lending support to any ideology that considers him to be an enemy or a target.

So I’ll link to one of the source articles. Apparently, what’s being alleged here is that female “aid volunteers” are having sex with the African migrants who have created the Calais “Jungle” Camp. A male volunteer is claiming that some women have become notorious for enjoying multiple partners day after day. “Sex from a person who is in a position of power or influence,” wrote the fellow who is making the allegations, “in such a one-sided affair, especially where it is perceived that aid or better aid can be gained from it, that it is, and can be defined as sexual abuse.”

That’s a great quote because it perfectly illustrates why these European women are going to the Jungle to get fucked. They’re tired of passive-aggressive pansy-assed men who voice their objections in the most equivocal, wimpy, psycho-babble manner possible. They’d rather have sex with “real men” from other countries. Listen — no sane person considers sex tourism on the part of white Euro women with African migrants to be “abuse” of the migrants. Put yourself in their position. You’ve left Africa as a “refugee”, although the plain fact is that most of the “refugees” are simply looking for handouts in European countries. I don’t blame them for a minute. If I could manifestly improve my life by just showing up in Switzerland, knowing they’d give me welfare, health care, and all the Swiss poontang I can handle, I’d be on a boat to Europe pronto.

So there you are, in the migrant camp, and some white broad shows up and offers to have sex with you. Are you going to say “oh no, please don’t abuse me?” Of course not. You’re gonna get your dick wet, because you’re a functioning man who hasn’t been brainwashed by Lena Dunham and Salon into thinking of having sex with women as “being abused”. Maybe these aren’t the best-looking white women in the world. I have no idea. I wouldn’t go near that camp if you paid me five grand a day to do it. Not unless I could carry a short-barrel AR-15, ten magazines, and a belt full of fragmentation grenades. Actually, I take that back — the guys in “Blackhawk Down” had all that shit and they still died.

Before you judge these female aid workers too harshly, think of the equivalent situation for a man. Let’s say that every woman in America was Lena Dunham or Randi Lee Harper or Zoe Quinn, to name the Holy Trinity of modern alt-feminism. Your choices are limited to either jerking off by yourself or trying to have a “relationship” with some borderline-personality headcase who also happens to be painfully unattractive. Then one day, somebody opens a camp full of Japanese girls down the street from your house. And if you go there and “volunteer”, you can have sex with as many of them as you like. Given the choice between shacking up with this beast (NSFW DO NOT CLICK) and some “refugees” in a camp, what are you gonna do?

That’s the situation facing European women. They’re surrounded by men who don’t push their buttons because they’ve become too feminine. But there are authentic Wild Men available at the refugee camp. All you have to do is go down there and volunteer. That’s why these women are volunteering. There are men who are volunteering at the camps as well, trying to catch the eye of the women. But when the women decide they’d rather sleep with migrants than with their feminism-activated, progressive male co-volunteers, then you get some massive butthurt white-knight drama couched in the language of abuse and privilege. Which just makes them more unfuckable in the eyes of the women.

For the individual European man, there’s an easy solution to this problem. It’s called the Suzuki GSX-R 1000. Buy one, learn to ride it, grow a beard, and stop being such a pussy all the time. For Europe as a whole? There’s no solution. But it doesn’t matter. Nearly four of ten “Germans” under the age of five have a “migrant background”. In 2016, as has been the case since the beginning of human history, the future will belong to children. Which means that if you aren’t having children, you’ve opted out of the future. It’s the law of the jungle.

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  1. Tedward

    Man you really enjoy flying close to the sun. Im not saying you are wrong, and this, “then you get some massive butthurt white-knight drama couched in the language of abuse and privilege. Which just makes them more unfuckable” is just completely 100% spot on.

    I think part of the problem in western Europe isn’t that there aren’t manly men. It’s that the nazi hangover manifests in criminalizing, censoring and ostracizing right wing political expression even if it has nothing to do with hating Jews or loving some Hitler. So…the “tough guys” are drawn by the dynamic you yourself point out into a category that makes them politically un-fuckable, or at least impossible to bring home to mom and dad.

    • Kevin Jaeger

      Jack is a Justine Sacco event circling aimlessly, waiting for a time and place to land.

      I don’t pretend to know the British and French women really well, but I do spend a lot of time in Germany and Jack’s assessment is spot on. The current generation of Sitzpinkler will meekly pass possession of their Fatherland on to this mob of energetic migrants and the women will have, at worst, mixed feelings about it.

        • rambo furum

          Because no monarch owns the nation? Who owns the nation besides the citizenry? Why have borders and citizenship if any horde can walk in and claim dibs?

          • rambo furum

            Nope, just being born there is not enough in most cases. You have to be a citizen, and being born to a foreigner usually doesn’t mean automatic citizenship. What is the point of citizenship if not to be part of a nation? Citizens are welcome and belong. Others are conditional guests at best.
            That proposition nation nonsense doesn’t fly in most places. Go tell it to Israel.

  2. hank chinaski

    Quoting the manosphere, feminism (such that it is in the West now) was a yuge, horribly failed shit test. The women pushed their men to be this way, and the men caved, figuring ‘hey, this is what they want so I’ll get laid’. Great. Now none of them want each other.

    When this pendulum swings back there will be hell to pay.


  3. viper32cm

    Remembering back to your three party photo of the German guy and woman and the built Middle Eastern guy with a beard and your comment that the chick was or would be banging the Middle Eastern guy, I must admit that I didn’t quite believe you, but, with this, damn, I guess it’s happening.

    This post also reminds me of a more generalized criticism of feminism that I latched onto about 10-11 years ago after I heard an old guard feminist bemoan the number of women who were or working or wanted work in porno and related fields and how that number had increased in the past 50 (now 60 years). What struck me was that the woman leveling the criticism had basically zero understanding of the sexual nature of women. In other words, I think a lot of dyed in the wool feminists severely underestimated the extent to which women wanted sex. It’s not some oppressive tool that men use against women. Both sexes are designed to want to do it because, well, I don’t know, THE FUCKING PROPAGATION OF THE SPECIES. So with that critical miscalculation, we get a lot of these “ironic” results.

    Also, Jack, I’m assuming “Wild Men” is an “Iron John” reference.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      When in doubt, while perusing these pages, it’s always safe to assume to the reference is to:

      * Iron John
      * Guns ‘N Roses
      * Jacques Derrida
      * Samuel Johnson
      * Vipers

        • -Nate

          If not they’re pretty damn close .

          My High School girlfriends Mother was Estonian, her Father (A Cajun) was in the forward Intelligence Service during WWII and brought her home as a war bride .

          I met her in 1971 and after two kids and an easy life she was still smoking hot .

          Her Daughter was pretty damn cute too =8-) .


  4. bigtruckseriesreview

    Are you saying Lindy West is a “beast”?

    Well that just tells me that YOU don’t understand the mentality of Black males.

    Chubby White Women like that are MAGNETS to Black men – especially if they can cook.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I will freely admit to not understanding the mentality of Black males.

      I’m not even sure I understand the mentality of German-American males.

      My own mentality is a mystery, actually.

    • Tomko

      Lindy is way beyond Chubby.

      Check out any recent full body shot and you’ll see that she’s actually preparing for mitosis.

      Not that she’s unattractive with her clothes on. But I shudder to imagine her without.

  5. Scottm

    I agree with Tedward. Germany was emasculated when it was de-Nazified after the war and it has never recovered. Stalin and Mao were at least as bad if not worse than Hitler and neither China nor Russia are wallowing in their collective guilt like Germany. I shared a cab with 40 something German man last summer in India and I asked him what he thought of the migrant crisis. He shrugged his shoulders and said “we aren’t racists.” Man that is some serious guilt right there.

    • viper32cm

      Also, don’t discount the fact that the war killed a lot if vibrant young men on both sides. That has to count for something in diagnosing what ails Europe now.

  6. Tedward

    They seem unable to talk about it coherently. It’s a massive culture clash mixed with just completely inept management of immigrant distribution. If they were actually getting Syrian families none of this would be even slightly an issue. There is a staggering cultural difference between say Syrian or Iranian immigrant families and large groups of now idle men from areas of the world where women are literally property and rape is actively used as a tactic in long running civil wars. They are getting immigrants from sudan, somalia, western Pakistan etc… and then completely screwing up by placing them in groups (the big issue) without any real follow up on integration.

    They won’t discuss this difference for a number of reasons, only one of which is fear of being racist. The problem from my point of view is they are creating an opposition with no incentive to moderate leadership, one which is absolutely turning to a racist zero sum presentation of facts because that does make for a smoother presentation in stump speeches and pamphlets.

    In contrast, look at how we do this same job in the modern era. Immigrants are scattered and supported, urban Americans are completely at home with different backgrounds and our street culture is much more Russian than western European (ie we self correct bad behavior not that it’s legal to do so). To be fair, we wrote the book on how not to do it, our history of irish, polish, italian, black, etc slums and discrimination were the product of exactly the same mistakes. But at least our political leaders seem to have read the damn book as a consequence.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. It’s a frustrating topic for me.

  7. Ryan

    Any bets on how long before this sort of thing moves further West? From my (relatively short) time in the corporate healthcare/non-profit world, I don’t see the behavior of most young 20s-40s males being much different. While I don’t particularly using the term, I have found “beta” males to be the norm.

    It’s even worse here in college. I don’t recall things being this bad at during my first foray into higher education, but the fact that I’m close to a decade older than most incoming freshmen might have something to do with it.

    The majority of the guys I’ve met couldn’t string together a coherent sentence to save their lives. Not only are they intimidated by women, but their peers, professors, and potential employers alike. Yesterday, I took part in an “internship fair.” A dozen or so Michigan businesses showed up to scout potential candidates. The room was filled with teenaged males in ill-fitting suits and bad haircuts. Most mumbled and stumbled their way through an ad hoc “sales” pitch and handed out resumes that will eventually make it into the circular file. If someone can’t sell themselves to an employer, there’s no way they could do it to a woman. It’s no wonder that a disproportionate number of males are engaging in sex when compared to women.

    In a school that’s 48/52 male/female, I am outnumbered at least 3:1 any night at the bar. That ratio gets worse if you remove from the equation the males “spectating” in large groups, watching countless women having a good time. I’d like to believe that the PUA community is wrong, and the outlook isn’t as bleak as they would suggest. The fact that there are hundreds of men willing to fork over thousands of dollars on “seminars” in order to learn how to talk to women seems to back their statements.

    I’m not sure if the media, parenting, education, or society as a whole is to blame. I would like to place the blame on poor parenting, but I don’t feel that is entirely the case. Being that I have been labeled by many a sjw for being of a “privileged” background, apparently my options on such matters are irrelevant.

    I will say this: There are countless beautiful women out there, waiting for a man to fulfill their innermost desires. The low-hanging fruit is usually women in a “committed” relationship with a man who “has the personality of a dial tone” (to quote Hank Moody).

    tl;dr – It’s happening here right now, whether we like to admit it or not.

  8. jz78817

    Any bets on how long before this sort of thing moves further West?

    one thing to keep in mind is that we’re probably not talking about that many women. Britain has an even more fully-developed culture of “recreational outrage” than we do. The Sun is a tabloid after all, and they’re precisely the type of publication to magnify this as though scores of women are flocking to refugee camps to put out, when in reality the number is pretty small if it really exists at all.

      • Ryan

        A man has sex with multiple women who are financing his indiscretions? If he didn’t hit the proverbial jackpot, he came very close. There’s no doubt in my mind that this would have continued had he gained UK citizenship.

        In comparison, Paul blew thousands on a relatively unattractive woman who cheated well after their engagement. Was she even attracted to Paul or did she use him as an ATM? Much in the way the Jamaican man used her?

        It sounds to me as though Paul was the only true victim here. One failed marriage, and a fiancé that took him for a ride while riding another man.

      • jz78817

        what’s wrong with her? why does a woman have to be at least an 8 to be of any value? Christ, it’s like listening to an obese slob like Patrice O’Neal criticize the appearances of women who are way out of his league.

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          What’s wrong with her?

          I’d suggest that there are a few things wrong with her, and that’s why she chose first a much older man, then she chose somebody extremely distant from her own identity and experience.

          Furthermore, note that she chose her Jamaican over her fiance because she was obsessed with his looks and his sexual prowess.

          So she’s clearly okay with judging other people entirely on their appearance, which makes it only fair that the same yardstick is used on her.

          What she’s having trouble coming to grips with is this: she paid for sex.

        • everybodyhatesscott

          what’s wrong with her?

          She’s overweight and disfigured her body with facial piercings and tattoos. And considering she cheated on her fiance, she’s got crap character too.

  9. Hogie roll

    Can confirmed. I worked with Germans at a German company. They were visually indistinguishable from american gays in their dress and mannerisms. Only one was a shitlord but even he looked like a more masculine homo with his ear rings and perfect grooming.

  10. arbuckle

    “Your choices are limited to either jerking off by yourself or trying to have a “relationship” with some borderline-personality headcase who also happens to be painfully unattractive… Given the choice between shacking up with this beast (NSFW DO NOT CLICK) and some “refugees” in a camp, what are you gonna do?”

    Or you can just go have with strippers and escorts like a normal person.

    • arbuckle

      Haha. Is “S – E – X” a censored word on this site somehow? It ate part of my sentence.

      Anyway, “Or you can just go have ‘relations’ with strippers and escorts like a normal person.”

      • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

        That’s odd. I’ve have a lot of comments disappear into moderation lately. Not sure why. I’d turn off the moderating system but then we’d have 100+ posts every day trying to sell you replica watches and various forms of medication.

      • -Nate

        Nah ;

        The Ladies , dogs and Kiddies all dig the _Sidecar_ rigs ~ I ride a Solo with only one seat….

        I’m sitting here wishing the pain would subside enough for me to take a nice morning ride up the ACH…..

        It’s going to be over 100* F to-day , great day for a ride .

        Sigh .


  11. tifoso

    What Jack just wrote here is a more blunt street version of what Mark Steyn has been saying for years. Both Mark and Jack are onto something.

  12. Orenwolf

    Hilariously, these are the same conversations my grandparents told me were all the rage when discussing my parents generation.

    I don’t know what’s sadder, that nothing ever changes or that each successive generation believes this whole “the young boys are crap now” meme is new each generation. I suppose it’s irrelevant though, my nieces and nephews are going to look at *all* of us like we were Stone Age Neanderthals anyway. Pomp and circumstance indeed.

  13. Ronnie Schreiber

    Well, it’s nice to see that Israeli Jews understand demographic dynamics.


    Props to Jack for using “Jew-hating” rather than “anti-Semitism”, a phrase coined by a Jew-hater trying to sanitize his bigotry. I’ve never quite understood why so many folks at Heartiste have Jews on the brain. Clearly, with all the “cuckthis” and “cuckthat” there are folks who are insecure about losing potential sex partners to minority men. It’s worth pointing out that European Jew-haters were worried about Jews being oversexed. The notion of Jews fucking their women particularly annoyed the Nazis. Adolf Rosenberger, Dr. Porsche’s partner and financial backer, was arrested by the Gestapo for “race shame”, i.e. he had an “Aryan” girlfriend that he was shtupping.

  14. yamahog

    Eh, betas are going to be a problem as long as they look to the system for permission to cut loose. The analogy of Japanese girls doesn’t map perfectly to the situation, but it works well enough to dose the red pill as it were. And I wonder how common a journey to Calais is – though certainly the idea of a paying for dinner and getting a cold kiss from a girl who’d go up the Hersey highway for a slumdog should be enough for some to take pause and figure their shit out.

    Nice prescription on the GSXR by the way. That’s the sort of evolutionary pressure we need in males – if you’re too much of a hothead, you’ll die. And if you’re a pussy, you won’t ride it and you’ll die when your cats maul you because you can’t go to the store and get them more cat food.

    You know, one of the signs from God that you gotta be your own man is how great it feels to bust a nut and then leave the broad to deal with the wet spot while one rides their sport bike to Taco Bell / Burger King and then home. Though I’ve always attributed that sense of clarity and peace to the divine works of the God of Speed.

    “When will I see you next?”
    “If I get busted riding home, you gotta bail me out of jail. How much cash do you have?”

  15. Rock36

    As an American Soldier who has a German “war-bride”, and more than a couple German exes, there is an unfortunate truth to this. I jest about the “war-bride” thing…kind of ha ha.

    Though, I’d be interested if my dual-citizen American/German children would be considered part of that four of ten who come from migrant backgrounds.

  16. Panzer

    This kinda reminds me of that old (supposedly Chinese) proverb about being careful what you wish for.
    The reason why we’re in this situation is because the second wave feminists of my mother’s generation thought that they wanted emasculated men who existed merely to open the wallet and eat the pussy. But it seems that for all the progressive bluster of the generation of ’68, that isn’t in fact what modern women want. As one of the posters above mentioned, men went along with this feminist narrative so they wouldn’t end up dying alone, so the blame isn’t entirely with modern western men.
    But there is a solution gents.
    The women of eastern Europe. Especially Poland and Hungary. The reason for this is those countries (and most others in eastern Europe) have figured out how to be modern, civilised European democracies without jumping on the progressive bandwagon and all that entails – everything as a ‘construct’, which as a concept eviscerates white European societies and their cultures, histories etc.. What that means in practical terms is that not only are those eastern European women smart, sophisticated, hard working and very attractive, they’re REAL PEOPLE not least because they grew up in societies that are not exceedingly wealthy. Which means in turn that they know how most people in the world actually live (and also that they appreciate it if you do a kind deed for em for instance, which is kinda how people are suppossed to react no?) and that knowledge means they will never whinge about ‘oppression’ the way upper middle class white liberal women do, you know, the ones who’ve had everything handed to them their entire lives from their tertiary educations to their subsidised contraception..

  17. David Sanborn

    The Sun, FYI for anyone disinclined to check Jack’s attribution, is a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and is a tabloid paper, a European version of the National Enquirer, a.k.a. a newspaper frontal lobotomy. Using that butt-rag as justification for railing against “passive-aggressive pansy-assed” European men defies comprehension. My years in Europe and Asia revealed that men are the same everywhere: they want to get laid and will do whatever it takes to bisect the triangle, shtupp or get some strange. Unless you’re hanging out specifically with the most gormless of Euro men and why would you do that?

    Christ Jack, you’re wasting your talents commenting on this BS. Me too for that matter.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      It’s not like the Sun was the original source on this, however. It was a Facebook rant by one of the volunteers.

  18. DirtRoads

    Funny thing, back in the day I saw an online “thing” from a gal who asked aloud why there were so many men in Portland, Oregon who just didn’t act like men. After I stopped laughing (because it’s so fucking TRUE), I leaned forward and wrote her back, talking about how men didn’t know how to be men any more, that they had too soft a life and never had to fight to get anywhere, and had lost there will to explore, which is one reason we ever went to the moon, etc etc.

    She asked for a date. OK, I said.

    We were at a restaurant and having a decent conversation when she looked out at my pickup truck and asked, “Is that your truck there with the NRA sticker on it?” “Why yes,” I replied, “it is.”

    It wasn’t the kind of thing she was looking for. But I thought, there goes a perfect example of why that particular woman, and probably lots more (at least in Portlandia) will never get satisfaction from men.

    I had no idea the problem was so universal. had I stayed single, I coulda got laid in so many different languages….

    • -Nate

      TRUTH ! .

      No need to be nasty/ rude , just be clear about what you’re looking for, hit it then quit it, you’ll be amazed at how many Women come running….

      I’m prolly the lamest cocksman ever but I never have to worry about being alone nor horny .


  19. Hoser

    Nate, I think she was saying she was not interested in an NRA-supporting pickup driver. That comports with my own observations: I am acquainted with a man who has a gay voice and who drives not just a crossover, but a Subaru[1] crossover; being successful sexually (far more than yours truly).

    I have to question the premise of the entire article. The Calais refugees did not enter Europe triumphantly like WWII GI’s, but as charity cases. I suspect they might be fairly docile. They live in cages and are fed like zoo animals. They are more passive and have less self-determination than the typical PSA Group accountant.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I’m not sure about that — watch the videos of them forcing truck drivers off the ground and fighting the French domestic military police to a standstill using rocks…

      • -Nate

        Oh Jack ~

        You _know_ islam is a PEACEFUL religion, so many who’ve NEVER LIVED WITH MUSLIMS said so ! .

        =8-) .


  20. -Nate

    ” They live in cages and are fed like zoo animals. They are more passive and have less self-determination than the typical PSA Group accountant.”

    Uh sure , right .


  21. Tedward


    See that’s the step too far where you lose your allies and the argument. Islam is a religion, which is just a delivery package for social services and a nationalism equivalent developed initially in our ancestor’s goat herder days. It’s become something different since then, slightly and only sometimes.

    The enemy is (or mine at least) mentally primitive and/or emotionally damaged fundamentalists who feel the need to buy in whole hog on unjustifiable and extremely vintage moral codes. These exist within every religious group, workout a doubt, sharia equivalents abound, and are all despicable.

    Now there sure as hell are a ton of really fucked up social groups practicing Islam right now, and blaming that on colonialism or whatever is a disgusting cop out on confronting behavior described as religious head on. Wouldn’t want to come off as a bigot see… that’s where I’d agree with critics of liberal political speech wholeheartedly.

    I know a ton of Muslims having grown up close to ny and lived there for years as an adult. Any of them that I’ve met would agree 100% that the shit coming out of the middle east is toxic waste, and should be met with violence. My Jewish friends feel the same contempt and embarrassment at their association with radical orthodox groups.

    • -Nate

      Fair enough .

      I was forced to live under the thumb of muslims in the 1960’s and I’ll never forget it .

      Your experiences may vary .


  22. Hoser

    Nate, just to clarify that I was not defending Islam nor saying that these invaders are not noxious and an existential threat to Western Civilization. Just questioning how macho they are as caged parasites.

    Jack makes a good point. Also the ABC (Australia) crew being robbed by Somalis in Sweden.


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