Spotter’s Guide To The February 2017 Road&Track

Let’s call this 1.5 appearances in this month’s issue; in addition to the review of the 2017 Lincoln Continental on page 65 or thereabouts (spoiler alert: it’s a great car) you can read a series of quotes by me in Sam Smith’s column up front. This was the last thing I had in the can for R&T’s print side so if you want to see more, feel free to send letters/cards/boiled rabbits to the magazine!

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  1. Frank Galvin

    Over-represented? Pshaw. Well, maybe. Too much of a good thing and all that. Or should we blame Bark?

  2. Sseigmund

    I sincerely hope you will continue writing for R&T. I took out two car magazine subscriptions in 2016 because of your writing. My last paper car mag subscription ended in 2000!

    Does R&T have a convenient way for readers to contact them?


  3. Tomko

    Perhaps too much of a good thing for the readers of R&T and some pushback from the other contributors? Maybe time to shoot the $h!t with Don Sherman the next time they let him out of the home?

    In other news I’ve been curious about the conti and even watch BTSR’s video review. Just not sure I want to risk setting foot in a dealership that sells 10,000 F150s for every conti.

  4. Joe

    Ok, so I went to road and track .com and clicked on and enjoyed reading a bunch of Avoidable contact articles, clicks help?

  5. Domestic Hearse

    Like the comments above, my R&T subscription was to read JB columns. Closing out my third decade working in the auto industry, I remember a time when I subscribed to nearly every bragmag. After awhile, with the retirement of unique voices, each publication became a regurgitation of the same material, so I let the subscriptions lapse and didn’t miss them at all. Love him or hate him, JB unapologetically stakes out his ground. That’s worth the read and having the paper R&T arrive every month.

      • Dave L

        Just don’t review something I can’t buy in Massachusetts. A comprehensive review of the .22 Marlin would suit us perfectly.

        • Will

          That’s a lot of guns then. Doesn’t make for a fun piece. It’ll be a step up from what they’re writing on a daily basis. The “natural right!” crowd gets annoying.

  6. DeadWeight

    Jack, please do an op-ed for TTAG re how Ron Cohen is an absolute moron who oversaw a massive decline in the quality of Sigarms (Sig-Sauer) North American products post his appointment to CEO.

    TL;DR: Sig pistols produced pre-2005ish are gems and keepers, generally, while newer ones became more problematic.

    There’s also a juicy story as to how 4th Gen Glock pistols are no longer what they once were (particularly the 9mm G17 and G19) in terms of quality and reliability, and how a family feud and ensuing litigation has nearly destroyed Gaston Glock’s wealth and significantly disrupted what once was a harmonious family.

    • everybodyhatesscott

      That makes me sad. I got my sig in 2010 or so. Haven’t had any problems with it but I haven’t put that many rounds down range with it either. Which reminds me I should go to the range soon.

      • Deadweight

        I would not go and trade your Sig in on a Taurus (or even S&W) necessarily, but the drop in Sig QC was noticeable, and unfortunately affected functioning/reliability on particular models in the post-2005 era (and particularly in the 2009+ era, when Sig introduced new models, to capture more of the pocket and slim and lightconcealed carry market).

          • Deadweight

            Also remember that rifles are superior tools (and values) to pistols in the grand scheme of things.

            Too many people spend way too much $$$ on handguns vs rifles, IMO.

            Never take a knife to a gun fight.

            Never take a pistol to a rifle fight.

            Rifles are inherently superior in every way but concealability to handguns.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I have to say that I was never a believer in Sig-Sauer. High bore axis, crappy triggers, lot of stamped parts. As a competitor to 3rd Gen Smith automatics? Sure. Against a Glock or HK USP? Hell naw.

      • Deadweight

        Glocks are probably the cheapest RELIABLE pistols to manufacture of all, but they (especially 2nd and 3rd gen) are also among the most historically reliable and durable, and even are surprisingly accurate out of the box, despite this (due to the genius of Gaston and his engineers).

        Everything from the trigger design to extractor design to tolerances to the design of the magazine allowed for this.

        Glock converted me to it for these reasons, plus supremely easy to field and detail strip, clean, inexpensive replacement parts, inexpensive and superbly reliable, stiffly sprung magazines, supremely easy to replace parts, etc.

        The G19/G17 are the 1988 Toyota Corollas of firearms.

        Ugly as hell, but extremely reliable, durable, cheap to run and maintain, simple in design, accurate enough in the real world (even LEO applications), etc.

        Next up: Why the CZ-75 is better than even Jeff Cooper knew.

        • everybodyhatesscott

          I got my GF a cz p-09 on sale for home defense. It’s a remarkably nice gun for $400. The price has gone up a bit though. CZ-75 is on the list but it’s a long list.

          • DirtRoads

            I got a Tanfoglio knock off of a CZ many years ago. What the hell, it’s a 1911 in 45 ACP and that’s the main thing. And it’s accurate within normal street ranges. Although *scratching chin* I’ve never shot it in a street yet…

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            I carried a factory comp TZ75 in .41 Action Express in a Galco Jackass for a long time.

    • Sseigmund

      Nick “The Dick” Leghorn is your man for the hit piece.

      BTW, the reality is without Ron Cohen, there likely would be no Sig Sauer, Inc.

      • Deadweight

        Yeah, Nick had an exclusive with Ron, so his nose is still freshly brown.

        I don’t agree with your assessment there’d be “no Sig” but for Cohen. Ridiculous assertion.

        Assuming your point goes to place of manufacture and currency valuations, that is not the inherent cause of the fall in the quality of Sigarms precipitous drop in QC.

  7. hank chinaski

    I hope that Lincoln drives well because the styling is camcord vanilla beige forgettable. A pox on the houses of the European regulators.

    Yes, please write for ttag. Something wheelgun.

  8. Mike

    Jack, on a different topic you had mentioned you were not that impressed by the Grand Tour. I wondered if you had watched the Focus RS vs Mustang GT episode as well as tonight’s episode with the Acura NSX. Both segments were interesting and topical.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I gave up on it after the third episode. Sounds like I might need to get back on the horse.

  9. CJinSD

    I read your review of the Continental. The back seat sounded like the most desirable feature. Naturally, there was no accompanying photograph of it. I’m sorry to hear that there aren’t more print articles on the way from you, but Road & Track is almost too lightweight of a journal to hold your work.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I gave them a shot that was supposed to make it in the magazine but it was art-directed out at the last moment. I’ll put it up here.

  10. everybodyhatesscott

    I know and i have to get some rifles but it’s a lot harder to find a place to shoot rifles where i live. Ar-15 & shotgun are next on the list. I want a 308 but I’ll never practice with it. Need to get out of northern Il

    • DeadWeight


      .22 – indispensable

      12 gauge shotgun (most underrated, flexible, devastating, affordable weapon of all – top quality one can be had for as little as $140 used and $190 new)

      5.56 AR (NATO specified barrel – Colt, BCM, Daniel Defense, LMT, Noveske, Larue)

      .308 or 30-30 – Savage, Remington, etc. High powered, highly accurate (30-30 is generally more accurate, and more popular as medium to large-ish game hunting rifle, but .308 is more of a battle rifle that can be found with larger capacity magazines)

      7.62 AK (Arsenal, VEPR/Saiga)


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