Spot The Person Who Won’t Be Moving Back In With Mom And Dad

Question for my readers, some of whom haven’t lost their hearing to everything from a HK pistol to a Marshall Bluesbreaker: Did one of the snowflakes actually yell “Go back to Beijing!” at the end? I can’t make out what they’re saying.

Regardless, this fellow is the hero we need right now. Isn’t that the American Dream: work hard, study, and succeed? And here’s the final takeaway: When the “library guy” is a multi-millionaire success in his chosen profession, how receptive do you think he will be to “social justice” concerns, no matter how legitimate those concerns might be? They say that vaccines work, and I think that this video shows someone being successfully inoculated against left-wing viewpoints, whether that is for better or for worse.

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  1. jz78817

    y’know, I used to think I was mostly aligned with you, but over the past few weeks you and Bark have become probably the biggest assholes I encounter online. I honestly don’t know what the fuck you’re threatened by or angry at. you’re both happily married, with kids, and live comfortably enough where you both have plenty of toys. Your guy is president. So what the fuck are you still ranting about? Are you just pissed that on January 20th this country didn’t immediately become that white-washed Leave it to Beaver version of itself which it never actually was?

    this election has poisoned the fuck out of this country. I never thought I’d see something where the outcome led to both sore losers and sore winners.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      It’s a fair question, and this is the best way I can think of to answer it:

      I’m not worried about what the future will bring for me. I’m 45 years old. I’ve won races and loved beautiful women and cheated death and blah blah blah. Seriously. I could jump off the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow with very few regrets.

      I do, however, worry about what the future holds for my son. I want him to have a better life than I’ve had. And it can’t happen if we collectively disappear into our own navels whining about microaggressions while racist, sexist, politically incorrect China eclipses our country and sets the tone for the twenty-first century. I’m worried for him. I’m worried that he will have to live in a world where his spirit, his joy, and his individuality are crushed by a bunch of joyless fat, ugly women who decided that every aspect of the human existence has to have a political component and be judged accordingly.

      Prior to 2009, I’d have laughed at the Women’s March the same way I laughed at the Obama election — who gives a fuck, pussy is still pussy and the club races didn’t get canceled. But now I worry about what’s going to happen after I’m gone.

      I know you’re not real big on the kid thing, but if that changes for you, I think you will find that your attitude changes about a lot of things. There’s a reason that the Woodstock generation became conservative, and it has nothing to do with them becoming smarter or dumber after their thirtieth birthdays.

      • Max Hoffman

        He’s not big on the kid thing because he’s an incel by his own admission. That’s sour grapes, not a conscious choice not to have children or a medical issue.

        • jz78817

          I don’t know who you are nor why you hang on my words so much, but I remember that and I’ll try to cop out by saying I wasn’t totally clear on the implications of the word “incel.”

        • Ronnie Schreiber

          There’s no such thing as an incel, just someone not willing to pay for it. The going rate on Craigslist for full service sex in this town is $100-$150, depending on how thin and how white she is.

          • Ronnie Schreiber

            “Finally, Ronnie has a topic about which he can speak with authority.”

            Nah, ain’t no big pimp or player, just know a couple of semi-pros willing to barter pussy for pot. My mom always taught me to buy wholesale whenever possible.

            FWIW, Jack’s written about working girls he’s known.

            Your mileage may vary but in a lot of cases it’s a lot cheaper to rent than to lease or buy. Owners of vaginas usually like to be compensated for their use one way or another.

            Somehow I thought this was Mose Allison (who passed away a couple of months ago) but it’s Savoy Brown, perhaps the best British blues band ever.

      • jz78817

        I see the problem. You think this is all something new. Human society has been through the Third Reich, Stalin’s purges, the Ottoman Empire, the Plagues, the Roman Empire, the Crusades, the Dark Ages, Attila the Hun, and so on.

        if you do your job right your kid(s) will find their way through the world and be just fine. Just like you did. throwing shit-fits about what’s happening right now isn’t going to accomplish anything.

        and I say that fully acknowledging you seem to be doing your job right as far as John is concerned.

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          I think you’re making a set of contradictory statement: you list a bunch of times where life was cheap and plenty of people went to an early grave through no fault of your own, and then you say that my kid will be fine in a similar situation.

          What if my kid is at Columbia, working hard the way that our own VoGo did, when some jerkoff who’s been hopped-up on a distorted worldview courtesy of the current (and unbelievably bad) rap music, #BlackLivesMatter, fake-news imaginary-racist bullshit decides to go “polar bear hunting”? That’s not a made-up scenario.

          Apropos of nothing, the Aspie in me wants to strongly disagree with your inclusion of the Roman Empire in your list of disasters. Prior to the Renaissance, the Imperial period was arguably the peak of human history.

          • jz78817

            you’re some guy in Ohio. it’s literally impossible for you to bend the world into what you want your son to grow up in.

            sorry, but that’s the way it is.

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            Except nothing is precisely what they did. Given the chance to make a coherent statement on a focused topic, they decided to throw a party about everything from fat acceptance to “islamophobia”

      • mopar4wd

        The Woodstock generation became conservative to protect their wealth and family names. Pretty simple.

        • Dirty Dingus McGee

          I read, years ago, the following;

          If you’re not liberal when you’re young, you don’t have a heart.
          If you don’t become conservative as you grow older, you don’t have a brain.

      • JackS

        China is known for it’s sexism? You should probably look up the country that has the highest percentage of independently wealthy women of any country in the world. But it seems your world views are from 1970 anyways.

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          Was it in 1970 that the Chinese were performing sex-selective abortions? No… wait… it was 2010.

  2. Max Hoffman

    For a guy who comments on every single Baruth post whether here or on TTAC, you really can’t understand the common thread that informs their worldview? It’s partly economic, partly a reaction to the puritanical hypocrisy of the left (in a way, they have the monopoly on that, when the GOP once did, many moons ago.

    Or you can get over yourself and stop taking it personally that someone you have never met has let you down.

  3. jz78817

    I don’t comment on “every single Baruth post.” but thanks for being so enamored with me. sadly, I’m not interested.

    • everybodyhatesscott

      Yes you do. I know cause I read every baruth post and see you commenting . What’s sad is you’re obviously a very intelligent human being with confidence issues who could be a very happy smart human being without them. It’s not meant to be an insult.

      • hank chinaski


        You just came into the man’s house and called him an asshole. The majority of your posts are at the least well written, and sound intelligent, but are also hostile and snarky (without being at least *funny*) to both the other commenters and hosts. You obviously disagree with most of the viewpoints posed in these pages.

        Why are you here?

        • jz78817

          I apologize to Jack and Mark for calling them “assholes,” it was unnecessary and not appropriate. Especially for what I was trying to express.

          I stand by my point that the ugly attitudes which have been brewing for a while have- in my perception- accelerated ever since the election when I was hoping things would actually calm down.

          • jz78817

            it’s nothing specific. like I said above, this past election has been utter, absolute poison. I’ve met you face-to-face and wouldn’t mind riding with you, but this is one of those rare times you said something that makes me want to rage-flip a table.

          • Mike

            I don’t get your comments based on the video. Was the man correct to tell the selfish students to be quiet?

        • Frank Galvin

          The same reason why Howard Stern made a shit ton of money – the offended could not stop listening.

  4. Kevin Jaeger

    I have pretty decent hearing and I’m 90% sure the person at the end shouts “Go back to Beijing”.

    I’m appalled they would shout such a thing. It should be Peking.

    At least we see there will be one student in that video who will have a career doing something productive.

  5. viper32cm

    I too have shot guns and attended rock concerts without earplugs, but I believe you are correct in what was said toward the end.

  6. arbuckle

    One thing that disappointed me this weekend is that for all the “LOLz, tender snowflakes and SJWs, I’m soooooo scared!” joking from most of the Trump supporters during the election all I saw was them getting punched in the face, screamed at, and set on fire.

    This was the Trumpians chance to get medieval with the most wild of the other side and they mostly stayed home while a few got assaulted. That genderqueer guy might look goofy but he’s willing to throw a punch or rock at you.

    And yea, I get the whole “we have jobs, reputations, etc.” arguments, but out of 63M people they couldn’t bring in a few thousand roughneck types as a counter?

    Makes me think that if a group on the left ever did aggressively invade flyover country it would just be a bunch of people cowering in their homes waiting for the police.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Brawling in the street is the behavior of people with a low future time orientation and the implicit understanding that the State is on their side.

      Prior to the birth of our kids I think Bark and I could have taken a vacation out there. He and I did dumber stuff than that looking for ways to start shit when we were younger.

      I can’t speak for all of Middle America but if a leftist mob ever attacked Powell, Ohio in serious force they’d probably start taking casualties at a thousand meters. A .50 BMG round from a Barrett rifle is tremendously discouraging to the people around the person who gets hit. I bet you there are twenty of them in the city limits, maybe five hundred ARs, another thousand rifles. I know one guy who has fifty ARs in cosmoline buried, with a thousand rounds for each of them. Mid-six-figure incomes and firearms fetishes can produce to combine some bewildering results.

      As for me, I’m gonna do the smart thing: get in the Tahoe and run them over.

      • arbuckle

        Obviously no one at all wants to see things turn violent, but the passion Trump was able to stir up in people is a big reason he was able to win. If he loses that from supporters I don’t see how he can be successful. After this weekend it feels like “THE PEOPLE” against the corrupt, illegitimate federal government and a few weak, hapless boot lickers. I wouldn’t believe Trump got 63M votes if I didn’t see it happen.

        Winning elections is nice but I think at some point Flyover is going to have to be willing to put feet on the ground.

        • rwb

          “Obviously no one at all wants to see things turn violent”

          “Winning elections is nice but I think at some point Flyover is going to have to be willing to put feet on the ground.”

          Yeah, obviously

        • Dirty Dingus McGee

          “Winning elections is nice but I think at some point Flyover is going to have to be willing to put feet on the ground.”
          Traditionally, that is where the majority of your fighting men come from.

          I travel a lot for my work, and get to work around a lot of blue collar folks. It doesn’t matter if these folks are in Ashville Ohio, Anoka Mn, or here in rural Ga, if trouble comes a knocking, they are gonna be rocking. They aren’t going to go to the nearest city to get into it with whatever group du jour is stirring the pot, but WILL defend their local “turf” against any intruders.

          • Tedward


            Funny, that explanation is exactly what one of my black friends provided when discussing why black lives matter mobilized so heavily for protests but simultaneously failed to drive turnout in the latest election. Except, you know, his community did actually have outsiders with guns running around fucking up kids in the street. Not a fantasy hypothetical.

            It’s amazing to me that most people seem unwilling to recognize they are fighting similar battles about the same issues, all because their politics prevents them from seeing the other guys side. This same friend, for instance, took a lot of convincing to see the BLM issues out west through his BLM (coastal) lenses. Before that he was angry that police and press hadn’t attacked those protestors the way he felt his side was.

        • TAFKADG

          “Makes me think that if a group on the left ever did aggressively invade flyover country it would just be a bunch of people cowering in their homes waiting for the police.”

          A bunch of scrawny low-T manlets w/ bandanas over their faces armed with PVC flag poles vs. Amalgamated Dads of The Midwest? I think that would be a very quick and one-sided fight.

          We could put it to a test? Open a Kickstarter to pay Black Block Anarchists to protest a large travel sports tournament in the suburbs and note the results. Anyone who’s ever coached or reffed a day in his life can tell you how this will end.

      • mopar4wd

        I think his point still stands Trumps win has made the Left very mad whether they can use that anger to some good use is another matter, but I think unless Trump manages to not only get his constituents employed but also those in the left behind inner cities and increase the wealth of the middle class on the coasts he will face a much tougher battle in 4 years.
        Basically the right has been more talk lately and the left more action (as bad as that action may be) to ignore it would be a little presumptuous.

    • Frank Galvin

      The thing about the overwhelmingly majority of Trump supporters and those sympathetic to his worldview, is that we’re never living in a state of perpetual outrage that demands we march. Nor do we want to. Maybe attend a local rally for a few hours – but take a goddamn bus for 8 hours to walk around and wait another hour to take a piss? C’mon. We’re better than that. We have it figured out – show up and vote, and tune out the bullshit. ESPN is losing how may subscribers? The NYT is offering more buyouts in lieu of layoffs? Yeah – we all have better things to watch and listen to.

      We’re the “fuck that noise, and fuck that guy crowd.” Pissed off when we need to be, but not spending all of our time re-tweeting and sharing passive aggressive fuckery from HuffPo. Weekends are better spent with family and friends in the pursuit of joy or maybe working a second job to better ourselves.

  7. Edp

    One of the things it seems that people on the right are having trouble doing is assigning realistic probabilities to events. For example, in your case you’re assigning a serious possibility to your son being assaulted in a hate crime when statistically speaking that is an extremely unlikely event. It is much more likely that he will be involved in a serious accident and not have health insurance if Trump has his way with health insurance in America. That is not an unlikely scenario at all. Not thinking things through all the way is much more likely to damage our country and make it inferior to China in the long run. It’s important to challenge your assumptions.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      The worst thing that ever happened to my Healthcare was the ACA. It’s cost me about $22k more since 2014 than my previous corporate plan. First time in my adult life I’ve been under insured… and at triple the cost of my old plan.

      So the high probability health care problem of which you speak has already arrived, courtesy of Mr. Obama.

      As far as being bad with stats and probability goes, doesn’t the crown for that go to BLM and their obsession with bad math as regards police shootings?

      • VoGo

        I call BS on the ‘ACA cost me $22 large’ routine. Not to question your medical bills, but rather the source of your fiscal pain.

        You have had huge medical bills because of your life choices. The first I ever heard of you was from an article you wrote claiming you almost got yourself and 3 friends killed while doing 110 in a Phaeton. This is who you are. Look at your career/hobbies in racing anything with wheels – you look for danger, and sometimes it bites you.

        Sorry, but ACA wasn’t designed to enable you in making risky decisions without financial consequences.

        • James

          It is true that if you don’t need to buy X, an increase in the price of X does not affect you, yes.

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          Okay, here’s the rough breakdown.

          Prior to 2013, I had full coverage insurance through my contracting company. They chose to exercise their right under the ACA to kill my plan, which cost me about $60 a month for full coverage with a $1000 out of pocket, and send me to the marketplace.

          In the marketplace, I ended up paying $310 a month for a plan with a $6500 out of pocket max. Except that because of the way they defined the network, it ended up being slightly above $8000 in both 2014 and 2015.

          So, 250 x 24 = 6k
          7k x 2 years = 14k

          Plus I had some major antibiotics that weren’t covered under ACA the way they’d been in my former plan.

          In 2016 I got married to a woman who had traditional coverage and my out of pocket dropped from the $10k I’d spent the previous year to $1700, even though I had my knee scoped.

          You can point out that I’ve had consistently high medical expenses — and you’d be right. But prior to the ACA I was always able to make choices to mitigate those expenses.

          • Tedward

            Jack is right about the aca. It does prevent people from being uninsurable (a necessary goal for the long term stability of our nation), but it’s also probably the single biggest cost of living increase in my lifetime, for most of the country. Coasters don’t see it because our insurance was already that expensive, we have funded hospitals, and also, tribal politics. I’d credit the aca with the Republican resurgence, and it has nothing to do with ideology. Or leaders should have built a path to single payer or left it alone. Both parties proposed what we now call aca as a way to accommodate the health insurance lobby.

          • mopar4wd

            Jack they could have killed your plan all along. In all likely hood they were hit with a fine for doing it after Obama care instead of before. It likely still saved them money, my guess would be the plan did not meet some of the qualifications under Obamacare. They could have kept offering it and shifted costs to you for the upgrades instead they decided to be dicks.

        • Will

          @Vogo Come to Illinois. I know plenty that are without insurance because the price is far too high. My parents pay close to 36K a year and have only one choice of provider. They’ve had to change every year because each no HC company shuts down.

          • Ronnie Schreiber

            “Why do I bother posting, when you’ve already decided in your head what I should post?”


            It’s a free country and as long as our host doesn’t mind, you can say your piece here. It’s just that such piece will invariably and predictably be filled with trite leftist cant that involves hardly any actual thought.

        • Ronnie Schreiber

          “Sorry, but ACA wasn’t designed to enable you in making risky decisions without financial consequences.”

          Says a manchild who wants government subsidized contraception and abortion.

          I’m quite sure that if Jack or I said something negative about government programs like welfare and WIC that enable people to make risky decisions without financial consquesnces you’d call us racists.

      • mopar4wd

        Jack Healthcare cost increases slowed with Obama care they were already many multiples of inflation. Obama care has some serious issues and gave insurance companies way to much leeway but really it’s likely better then if it was never enacted.

        • Harry

          The key is that it changed the way companies are incentivised regarding their employees. It isn’t that the cost of Jack’s insurance necessarily went up, it is that it is now acceptable in the employment marketplace for his type of job to pass an increased amount of that cost to the employee, or essentially a pay cut, in the same way that Jack’s parking cost increase is essentially a pay cut.

    • Rock36

      What you describe is common to all people involved in the sensemaking of complex adaptive systems, not just the right. Unfortunately simply acknowledging the interaction with complexity/non-linearity doesn’t abrogate ones own cognitive limitations in said environment.

    • Rambo Furum

      Auto fatality rates are plummeting whilst hate crimes by Soros-based BLM, antifa, anti-Trump loons skyrocket. Look to the future. Heck, look at modern day Europe.

      • VoGo

        You have it backwards. Auto fatalities in the US climbed last year. Crime has been falling for 20+ years.

        I was in Europe last week. Lovely time, although a bit chilly for my taste.

        • Will

          Yeah, but you don’t have very many rights in Europe. Plus, violent crime is back on the rise again. Plenty of crime in Europe too that’s typically unknown or limited in the US.

        • Mike

          Vogo – you have dodged several posts about costs in IL, Ronnie’s substantive points. You just come in and hit and run.
          I really do the know why you are here if you are not prepared to refute questions/statements/assertions.

          • VoGo

            1. I am not dodging the question(s) on healthcare costs in Illinois – I just have no expertise on them. I try to limit my statements to topics I have a clue about, and the healthcare costs of every state – or any state – doesn’t make the cut.

            2. If Ronnie has substantive points, I am all ears. From what I can see, he’s droning on about prostitution, Israeli politics and obscure blues bands. Again, I have nothing to say on these topics; they simply don’t interest me.

            3. Hit and run? You’re right. I have a wife and 3 kids who seem to think I owe them a roof over their heads, food and occasional attention. They don’t seem to get that I should hang out in Jack-and-Mark’s clubhouse all day for your amusement.

  8. rwb

    Low-level FBI agents tasked with investigating vaguely terroristic threats from random assholes sure have job security at present, if nothing else.

  9. VoGo

    Just trying to follow the logic here. You decided to make the world a better place for your son by posting this video and inviting comment. OK.

    It might help if you instructed your audience on what exactly the take-away here is:
    – that women should be attacked for organizing? I thought that was yesterday’s post.
    – that people who speak English as a second language sometimes miss articles? Or have funny accents?
    – that libraries still exist? Good to know; depends on the audience.

    I probably should go away. I obviously don’t get it, and my presence just gives Ronnie another reason to post about his Israeli politics.

    • Rambo Furum

      Can you not see that the one man is leading a constructive life while the others are destructive and disruptive rabble-rousers? I thought that was fairly explicitly spelt out.

      • VoGo

        Ahh. I just saw a man shushing women. I didn’t realize that’s how the alt right defines a “constructive life.’ Got it now.

        • J. Howard

          Guess the “alt-right” is the new calling someone a Nazi. You have no idea if they’re alt-right or what they actually believe. You only know they don’t agree or align with you so you use it as a slur.

          Keep it up. Keep acting like this and you’ll absolutely lose every social battle for the next decade and people who want calm and rational debate will ensure that.

          • Ronnie Schreiber


            We’ll have to agree to disagree on the Jesus stuff. It’s my opinion that adherence to basic Jewish concepts and principles, of which Vogo is mostly ignorant, would be sufficient in his case.

            It’s not going to happen, though. Orthodox Jews deeply embarrass him. He wouldn’t want to be associated with those atavistic ostjuden.

            He thinks normative Judaism is “right wing Israeli politics”. He wouldn’t know the difference between a mohel messer and a Samurai sword.

          • Ronnie Schreiber

            If I weren’t here for you to make up lies about and insult, what exactly would you do?”

            Feel free to cite any lies. As for insults, just more projection from a man who gets pleasure mocking me about my divorce.

            Like the man sings, you have the blues, not me.

          • VoGo

            In the spirit of setting the record straight:
            – It’s inaccurate to call me ignorant of Jewish concepts and principles. I simply choose to live my life differently from you. Last time I checked, I had that right. Just as you have the right to constantly attack me for it, I suppose.
            – Orthodox Jews don’t embarrass me. I really don’t give them much thought, unless I need a good price on a camera.
            – I don’t think that normative Judaism is “right wing Israeli politics.” I think your views reflect “right wing Israeli politics.”
            – As far as whether I need Jesus in my life, I’ll let you and Barkie debate that one. At present, Jesus is just alright with me.

            Again: if you have burning questions about me, feel free to ask. It will be a lot quicker than printing lies and waiting for me to correct constantly.

          • Ronnie Schreiber

            “It’s inaccurate to call me ignorant of Jewish concepts and principles. I simply choose to live my life differently from you. Last time I checked, I had that right. Just as you have the right to constantly attack me for it, I suppose.”

            You have no idea how I live my life. I might enjoy eating ham sandwiches on Yom Kippur while getting oral sex from a transgender something. You’ve still demonstrated ignorance about Judaism.

            “Orthodox Jews don’t embarrass me. I really don’t give them much thought, unless I need a good price on a camera.”

            Stereotypes are fun when you’re the one using them, eh? “I don’t really give blacks/Latinos/women/gays much thought unless I need a good price on a …”

            “I don’t think that normative Judaism is “right wing Israeli politics.” I think your views reflect “right wing Israeli politics.””

            You’ve identified normative Jewish concepts as right wing Israeli politics. You’ve also identified postions held by Israeli Jews across a broad political spectrum as right wing. Just more boogeymen for your paranoid fantasies.

            “As far as whether I need Jesus in my life, I’ll let you and Barkie debate that one. At present, Jesus is just alright with me.”

            Out of respect to our hosts’ faith, I won’t engage in a disputation here, but I doubt your ego leaves enough room for another supreme being in your universe.

            “Again: if you have burning questions about me, feel free to ask. It will be a lot quicker than printing lies and waiting for me to correct constantly.”

            Okay, without looking things up, can you answer the following questions?

            What is “kiddush”?
            What is “kaddish”?
            What is “kodesh”?
            What is “bechira chofshi”?
            What is “emuna”?
            What is a “mitzvah”?
            Is confession a part of Judaism?

            Extra credit #1 : Name two authentically Jewish surnames and explain what they mean.

            Extra credit #2: By what names are Eliyahu Kramer, Moshe ben Maimon, and Shlomo Rabinowitz better known?

        • Will

          What’s wrong with shushing women? What does gender have to do with it? So women should be treated softly and differently? Shouldn’t you shush anyone who’s breaking the normal tradition of a quiet place where people are there to learn and study? That’s not respectful of them.

        • Frank Galvin

          Jesus Christ – “shushing women.” Gimme a fucking break. That gaggle of morons interrupted he and everyone else’s work for their own selfish purpose. Someone else’s grievances are so important they get to determine when and how I can study? Fuck that and fuck them.

        • Mike

          So you really see a man shushing women, in aibrary of all places. You see sexism everywhere. Wouldn’t it be just, if not more likely, he was studying, for it is a university, and wanted quiet. No-one said they couldn’t protest, but do it somewhere noise is allowed. Why do you have to view everything through one specific lense?

          • VoGo

            Mike and Frank Galvin and Will,
            The video shows some loud women in a library and a man shushing them. What lens specifically do you accuse me of using here? Where did I say this is sexist? Where did I support these women in being loud in a library? Where did I say libraries should not be quiet?

            You guys really got triggered, either by an innocuous statement, or by women speaking up.

          • Will


            Your comment’s tone is one of a slight. As if to say, telling someone to shut up in a library by a man (who and others are trying to work) is somehow sexist. This is a farce.

            Women speaking up (Ha! as if they really have “problems”) is never an issue and I don’t care if they do, it just needs to be somewhere respectful. If they wanted to do it outside the library no one would have cared and this video wouldn’t exist.

      • Tedward

        I think the hostility to the women’s march is in proportion to the threat is represents politically. This could be the birth of a massive political coalition, one with numbers and a demo reach that dwarfs any ethnic, ideological or religious group in existence today. This particular group of people hasn’t mobilized like this since the suffrage movement. We simply don’t know where it will go next.

        I’d feel threatened too, and liberals should remember their own reaction to the rise of the tea party before they judge too harshly.

        • Will

          Ha! Any man that fears a woman is a society that is dead. We are lost if that is the case. There’s a reason why build things and are the prominent ones in any career path.

          If you got rid of all the men, we wouldn’t have buildings, roads, computers, cars, great novels, police, fire, paramedics, great art, the list goes on and on. If we got rid of women, society would still function without a problem.

          • VoGo

            From your post, I am guessing you already live a life without women in it. I hope you are truly enjoying the important things in life, like fire and great art and roads.

          • Will

            @ Vogo

            I have a woman in my life, but thanks. I love how you just assume shit about people and are always wrong. And besides, all I see are men who are miserable with their “wives” while I can dump mine anytime without losing 50% of my stuff and pay for her to be banged by other dudes.

            I enjoy all things that men have given us as without it you wouldn’t be typing on said blog or computer or internet or well anything that has pushed society forward.

    • MrGreenMan

      That sure looks like a university library. As a student, the university student life offices guarantee you two rights above all others:
      – The right to study.
      – The right to sleep.

      But, even if it’s the Podunk East Branch municipal library – there is a time and a place to protest. That is not in a library. Those people quietly enjoying the library are hurting no one; it is the ultimate in “punching down”, which is one of the few sins of the modern Left. It’s also a real jackass move that will only alienate any moderate support you have to crap on everyone else who is just going about their life, but this is the BLM technique of disrupting student libraries from sea to shining sea.

      Want to rumble? Go find the Bikers for Trump; they would have been more than happy to shout slogans back and forth.

      That they said “Back to Beijing” shows that the Left is just incoherently angry and is happy to unperson somebody for the slightest disagreement. It’s not racist to shout at the foreigner if he isn’t your type of Maoist, right? It’s just like saying Sen. Scott isn’t black because he votes the wrong way, and that the pro-life women need to shut up as they better not pretend to have a voice at a “women’s march”.

      • carrya1911

        SJW mode engaged:

        You object to my use of a megaphone in a library to chant slogans?


  10. J. Howard

    There’s been a lot of self reflection as well as some back patting on this blog lately for being right about a good many things. It’s brought out the virtue signaling keyboard warriors to show that they somehow have moral high ground even when the question of morality isn’t being debated. The more this insanity is shown, the less people we’ll have in the insane asylum. The people that can’t take it SHOULD probably stay away… but they won’t… because their urge to continue down the tracks to crazy town is too great.

    Going to be a fun 4 years culturally speaking. Welcome to a new era, one of actual change rather than just a word printed on a poorly constructed poster that copied the style from another era where people were killed like cattle.

  11. carrya1911

    There is a very simple takeaway from that video. One of the primary rules of life is “Don’t be an asshole.”

    The people using megaphones in a library…a space where other people are trying to get work done…are being assholes. Deciding for everyone else that YOU MUST BE HEARD NO MATTER WHAT makes you an asshole. Because to hell with what they are trying to accomplish, nothing else matters more than YOUR opinion being forced into their ears in a quiet space. They could shout outside but then people could just go inside the library and not listen to them…so screw that, MEGAPHONES IN THE LIBRARY!

    Unless they are using that megaphone to warn people that the library is literally on fire, then they are being assholes.

    There are a whole lot of people behaving like assholes because they hold the rather perverse belief that people who do not agree with them are moral or intellectual degenerates. The Enlightened are therefore entitled to ignore every social norm because they have no obligations of decency or politeness towards the lesser beings who do not voice agreement with sufficient vigor for their liking.

    It’s not really about the issue. It’s an exercise of pure ego. And if anyone dares point this out, that person is immediately denigrated as being the aforementioned moral or intellectual degenerate. Oh, you have a problem with women organizing, eh? Oh, you agree with police killing every black person they see, eh?

    There’s a much simpler explanation: People don’t like it when you act like an asshole. Nobody cares what your point is when you are screaming it through a megaphone in the middle of a library as they are trying to study or complete an assignment. Doubly so since the motivations are crystal clear: I’m better than you, so I can determine that nothing in your life is more important than listening to my message RIGHT NOW.

    Strip it to the core and that’s just primate level dominance posturing. I make the biggest show and the most noise! I am the dominant one!!!

    …except unlike the world of primates the people attempting this display in human world don’t get their faces bitten off.

    But the humans sick of the megaphone dominance displays might just band together and find themselves a big orange-backed gorilla to give the megaphoners a taste of their own medicine.

  12. Economist

    Bark, since you no longer have TTAC to write for, please bring your political pieces here. You certainly went out with a bang.

  13. Dirty Dingus McGee

    I see the main fallout from this gathering of wimmen(?); A lot of hungry men as there were no sammiches.

  14. tifoso

    Just an observation. All the intolerance and violence either implied or real is coming from is coming from the hitherto tolerance and diversity crowd. The other day I was having a sidewalk chat while walking the dog with the nice neighbour lady who when the topic of Trump came up implied she wouldn’t be so nice or neighbourly depending on what my views of Trump were. I’m not a fan or a hater, was my reply and that I’d be open minded enough to praise or criticise based on what he does in office. Not good enough for my nice neighbour lady, who in typically condescending Canadian fashion pointed out that the only reason Trump won was that the he marshalled the worst elements in American society.

    “I’m surprised no one has taken him out yet.”

    “That’s what the secret service is for”, I replied trying to end this increasingly awkward exchange.

    “One can only hope.”

    Beneath all that air of moral superiority and condescension nice neighbour lady hoped for the assassination of someone she disagreed with politically.

  15. JDN

    Like some of the other commentators here I ran into an a personally representation of this recently.
    I got into a discussion with a former gawker family writer about the video of Richard Spencer getting punched that’s been going around that ended even worse than I would have guessed.

    TL;DR of my stance is – 1) celebrating violence against people who have only used speech you disagree with is bad. 2) This gives Spencer more attention and plays into his narrative of being persecuted – he probably couldn’t be happier that it happened.

    This resulted in me being first labeled as a nazi apologist, and eventually being called a full blown nazi myself. Pointing out that assaulting people you disagree with sounds far closer to nazism than opposing violence resulted in me being blasted on twitter/fb, and temporarily doxxed for being a ‘nazi’

    This sounds like business as normal for the sjw set – the difference? This was with a guy I’ve known and considered a friend for going on 20 years.

    There truly is something deeply wrong with the mindset of some of these people if it seems reasonable to attempt to recruit a twitter mob on even a generally friendly acquaintance based on such willful obtuseness of a private discussion. Moreover there’s something deeply wrong with all the people that seemingly support such a witchhunt without any skepticism over the claims in the first place.

    1) Nazis are Evil so anything done to them is fine
    2) Anyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi
    3) Use my hugbox megaphone to enact #1 on #2
    4) Feel good about furthering the cause

    There is a problem here.

  16. -Nate-Nate

    I didn’t look at the video until reading all the responses and yes, this young man was correct in quietly gaining their attention then saying _once_ in a reasonable tone ” this is the Library ” .
    Nothing further needed to be said, the Women (certainly -not- Ladies) should all be ashamed .
    The correct response from them should have been ‘ sorry, we got carried away and will take this out side right now ‘ .

  17. -Nate-Nate

    BTW :

    I’m one of those few who’d welcome my Son to move back in but I doubt he’d ever do such a thing .
    He’s almost _forty_ now so I’m going to change his decades empty bedroom into my home office….
    Sigh .

  18. Mopar4wd

    Other then tax cuts Sanders and Trump seem to have very similar economic ideals, it’s one of the reasons for the comparison. While I hate to bring up Nazis online here would be the similarities.

    Plans for a travel ban based on religion instead of say territory or other risk factor
    Attempting to control media and attempting to diminish the viability and reputation of remaining media
    Speeches that often name problems but few soloutions other then placing blame on outsiders
    Protectionist trade policies
    Exiting international groups designed for peace and stability
    Exerting control over domestic manufacturing (particularly important if your expecting a war)

    Now I personally don’t believe that he’s a facist out to rule the world, but I could certainly see where many would. Right now I’m in wait and see mode. On a personal level I don’t like the guy after following his career for decades I can only see the sleeze ball developer ,but we’ll see what he actually does as a politician.

    • Will


      Appreciate the measured response.

      1. I don’t think he has a travel ban on muslims, that has never been his goal, just a “registry”. When all my ancestors came through Ellis Island, I can tell you everything is recorded, where they went, what boat they went on, nationality, etc…So I’m not sure this is valid.

      2. Our media is broken, but who, in a position of power, wouldn’t want to control the media if they could? Our previous president didn’t have to work that hard at it because the press were sycophants for him anyway. It’s up to the press to say BS on all those in power.

      3. True. A bit generic, but he does do that. But who doesn’t?

      4. Protectionist trade policies aren’t just Nazism. America used to be a very isolationist country up until the WW1.

      5. Yes, this would be dumb.

      6. Define control. I don’t think he wants to tell them what to make, but all countries do this at times. We did this in WW2.

      I agree that it’s crazy that he is our president, I still chuckle and am astonished. I didn’t vote for the guy, but the response has been overwhelmingly pathetic, hysterical, delusional and down right bitter and mean. I agree, maybe he does good things, you never know. Some people take the job seriously and the outgoing ones policies were horrible for the long-term stability of this country.

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