Weekly Roundup: There But For The Grace Of BART Go I

Nine days ago, at 9:30 on a Friday night, the contributor and spouse known as “Danger Girl” stepped onto a BART train at the Oakland Coliseum station. She was on the way to San Luis Obispo to visit a family member who was terminally ill. I don’t like it when DG takes public transit; I’ve seen too much stupidity happen on various subways and elevated trains to ever feel totally comfortable with the idea of my wife in that situation.

But not even in the most racist, classist, bigoted productions of my fevered imagination did I ever predict what actually happened the very next night at that station: forty to sixty “teens” mounted a coordinated attack on occupants of the BART train stopped there. In under five minutes they robbed every single occupant of the train, beating five of them severely enough to send them to the hospital. Some reports indicate that the “teens” singled out a particular family for a vicious attack.

About two out of three BART trains do not have a functioning security camera; this was one of the exceptions. One arrest has already been made. All that this means is that the “teens” will have masks on next time. Don’t expect the police to arrest a majority of the perpetrators. The beauty of participating in a robbery like this is that you have a measure of what biologists call “predator satiation”; the cops will grab a few of you for the proverbial slap on the wrist and the rest will go free.

Danger Girl’s days as a BART rider are officially over starting now, but surely San Francisco and Oakland locals are starting to consider the best way to counter the next one of these attacks. What’s ironic here is that California is the home of the argument that you don’t need a high-capacity semiautomatic weapon for self-defense. That’s normally very true; I’ve always said that a five-shot small-frame revolver is sufficient to settle most social situations. Imagine, however, that you are on that train with your children when you see sixty “teens” running towards your train with robbery and assault on their minds. Wouldn’t you like to have seventeen in the magazine with a spare mag on the belt? Yes you would.

Speaking of assaults on decency, let’s see what I got published this past week.

At TTAC, I considered a case of overreaction to the Dodge Demon. I then issued a correction regarding statements made by the Demon-hater in question. I advised a prospective Lexus buyer then asked the readers about dangerous cars in general.

For R&T, I bid farewell to the last real American muscle car.

Next week I’ll be offering a modest proposal regarding the Dodge Caravan, considering a few reader questions, and much, much more!

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    • Bigtruckseriesreview

      Calling them “liberals” mislabels the situation.

      These aren’t “politically active” citizens.

      These are opportunist criminals coordinating flash mobs

      They don’t respect the law. They don’t respect the rights of others.

      And things are only going to get worse.

      Make the mistake of “defending yourself” and killing one of them and your own life will be destroyed by the media.

      My father used to argue with me when I made the statement: “if those churchgoers had guns they could have BLOWN DYLAN ROOF’S HEAD OFF – no hamburgers for cops to offer to him then”. He shunned guns. But as time passed he got older and less able to defend himself. Now he owns a .38, a 357 Magnum and a 12G. He can’t use CCW in NYC but he can in LI where he lives.

      Having a pistol would be awesome in a situation like this, but at the end of the day, you’d be demonized if you shot one of them. Add to the media – the personal vendettas against you and you’d be a pariah – forced to move somewhere else. You’d never hear the end of it.

      As for the BART system, this is the same train Oscar Grant was shot at. I admit I don’t know the dynamics of the train or the neighborhoods serviced, but simply from what I saw happening on the Oscar Grant video, I can imagine that this isn’t something new.

      What’s worse: IT WORKED. And if can work once, it can work again.

      • Dirty Dingus McGee

        “Make the mistake of “defending yourself” and killing one of them and your own life will be destroyed by the media.”

        I will take that chance. As the old saying goes: ” I would rather be judged by twelve, that carried by six”. And if you’re worried about the media destroying your life, then I guess you have already chose to be a victim.

        I’m old, on my 60th trip around the sun, so there is little they could take away from me. I’m not a recluse, but I have a, deliberately, small circle of associates and friends. Would a media witch hunt cost me some business? Undoubtedly. However, if I stopped working tomorrow, I would still survive. I have very low overhead, as I have no mortgage, no auto payment (other than company leased vehicles) and remember how to live cheaply from days past.

        All that being said, the decision to possibly take someones life should NOT be taken lightly. In the 35 years I’ve had a permit, I’ve drawn my CCW 3 times. Luckily I haven’t had to use it, just the sight of it was enough to send the other guys running. But if it came down to me or them? They better be on good terms with their God.

      • CJinSD

        I’m not calling them liberals. I’m talking about the people who created them to provide a voting base that will stay ignorant and dependent, and who enable their violent crimes; the ones who would try to ruin you life for defending yourself.

        • VoGo

          The strongest correlation with our declining crime rate has been shown to be Roe v. Wade. Apparently, allowing poor, pregnant teenagers access to abortion has reduced the number of unwanted babies, which 15-20 years later has had a stunning effect in reducing crime.

          • jz78817

            the phase-out of leaded gas has played a big role too. Whodathunk that people might be healthier and “sane-er” if they’re not forced to grow up immersed in a cumulative neurotoxin.

            but I know there are still people who don’t think lead is bad. I nearly had someone tossed out of an R/C boat race for using leaded gas after he fired it up with the exhaust literally blasting in my face. No, you old moron, your 8:1 compression weed-whacker engine does not need 100 octane leaded gas.

      • jz78817

        Make the mistake of “defending yourself” and killing one of them and your own life will be destroyed by the media.

        thankfully we don’t all live in New York or SoCal. There’ve been a number of reports about people defending themselves here in Michigan, and nobody is calling for their heads.




        Even the guy in charge of the Detroit Police Department says people defending themselves works:


        though I don’t know why Jack needed to put the word “teens” in quotes; it’s well known gun-control advocates like the Brady campaign love to define “child” as up to 19 years old as a “child” so they conveniently get to add gang violence to the statistics. which is the honest truth, 14- to 21-year-old guys are the most dangerous things on the planet.

    • rich trout

      this isn’t stupidity it’s entitilement and racism. thugs see their leaders and reporters advance the idea that the only reason they’re where they are is the white man keeping them down. revenge and spending money period. i tried to google this and it isn’t even being reported. one black man getting mistreatment makes all the news cycles.

      • carrya1911

        Dog bites man will never get as much media coverage as man bites dog.

        These sorts of mob attacks are fairly common. They’ve occurred in lots of different places usually without any national media coverage. You won’t hear much when a gang of 12 robs a fast food joint in Memphis and beats the shit out of customers and staff alike. Because it’s Memphis, a town with 1500 home invasions per year, 3,000 gunshot wounds per year, and a criminal justice system that functions like a revolving door releasing violent criminals over and over and over again.

        Occasionally you’ll see a noteworthy tidbit out of Memphis…like when that girl took a selfie in front of a violent criminal forcing another man to perform fellatio at gunpoint. Novel primarily because of the social media aspect because the shit going on in the background is nothing new.

        Toss this in the heap with “wildings” and the various instances of “the knockout game” that are beyond comment because RACIST.

    • Piston Slap Yo Mama

      Dear CJinSD:

      Rampaging hoodlums are not a liberal vs conservative issue, though people like yourself somehow see everything everywhere through this lens. I’m sure this cuts down on having to critically think about things.

      Hoodlums have been hood’ing since the dawn of time, irrespective of political affiliations. Interestingly, they’ve been hood’ing less the last couple of decades as crime is at an all time low. Mr. Baruth is an alarmist; he enjoys stoking the fires of fear and outrage as his fanbase here prefers living in a state of shock, thus this piece. I’ve spent the last eleven years working in America’s worst slums and thus far I’ve been nobody’s victim. I might be an anomaly, but it’s unlikely.


      Additionally, the moment one of you gets to live out your fevered Dirty Harry dream of pulling your Glock with multiple 17 round magazines in this BART scenario you’d quickly discover that more than one of the hoods would be similarly armed = a bloodbath in an enclosed space with nowhere to run. Think about that for a moment … because the reality in America today is that everyone has a gun. Everyone. Even a ‘liberal’ like me.

      • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

        The definition of “alarmist” nowadays is simply: somebody who isn’t upset about the same stuff. I have a long list of things that don’t worry me one bit that have all sorts of people upset. Example: As a straight white man with no history of needle use, I am at effectively zero risk for HIV. But that doesn’t mean that I think that AIDS activists are alarmist.

        Against your anecdotal evidence, I’ll offer my own: I worked in the check-cashing and drug-rehab business for years and I saw more depraved shit than you can possibly imagine. More often than not, the people who were the targets of that depraved shit were the elderly, the crippled, the female, the children among us. There was a comment on my related TTAC article where somebody basically said “I’M A BIG DUDE WITH MILITARY TRAINING AND NOTHING EVER HAPPENS TO ME ON THE BART HURR DURR.” Well, no shit. Come back when you’re seventy years old and using a walker and we’ll see if some of that crime just doesn’t magically reappear in your vicinity.

        For what it’s worth, very few human beings are equipped to return fire. This has been proven in study after study. Even in conditions of wartime, relatively few soldiers are able to use their rifles in any sort of deliberate manner. Are you suggesting that any armed citizens who see a mob of “teens” running towards their train should just, uh, lay back and enjoy whatever happens?

        • Piston Slap Yo Mama

          Word for word, the reply I expected. Yes, you’re an alarmist. Generally speaking you paint a picture of an America that is more often than not negative. You thrive (at least here) on a diet of dog whistle topics and Harambe memes that appeal to a certain white middle aged and older demographic which BTSR aspires to. You endorsed an alarmist man for president who would piss on you while telling you it’s raining. Generally speaking, you stir the pot and you endorse pot stirrers. Correct me if I’m off base.

          Re. your time in the loan company trenches – those trenches have always been here. Predatory humans prey on the weak, and have done so since the dawn of time. I’d enjoy stomping the life out of them as much as you so we’re on the same wavelength here. My beef is with ignoramuses like CJinSD who think they can blame mobs robbing families on liberals. That’s so dumb that it doesn’t even rise to the level of being specious.

          And, I’d like to point out, he’s your fanbase.

          Tellingly, you infer that I’d acquiesce to whatever horrors a teen mob would deliver to me. I can’t affirmatively say … but if I sensed that handing them my wallet would prevent the bloodshed of many innocent people, then maybe. Every situation is different. What I do know is this: I don’t go through life in constant mortal fear just because someone, somewhere had a bad thing happen to them. And the stats are on my side for that assumption.

          • carrya1911

            There are pockets of this country where crime is much more prevalent than others. Since you follow Jack, you know he likes guitars. And he’s been to the Gibson showcase in Memphis. Do you have any idea how many people have been robbed at gunpoint in the area surrounding that guitar store? It’s a tourist attraction in the middle of what might as well be a fucking war zone.

            Armed robbery is something of a pastime in Memphis. They have 1,500 home invasions per year. Memphis Med treats more than 3,000 gunshot wounds per year.

            These kind of crime statistics tend to exist only in certain places in this country. Atlanta. Baltimore. Memphis. New Orleans. Detroit. Chicago. Do you know what Chicago’s murder clearance rate was in 2016? 18%. That means that Chicago PD managed to charge someone for a crime where there’s a fucking dead body only 18% of the time. Baltimore, which is currently experiencing a spike in their murder rate so bad they’re begging the “alarmist” president to send federal resources in to help solve cases and prosecute violent criminals, did a respectable 40%. This essentially means that there are people walking the streets of those cities with *at least* half a dozen murders that haven’t even seen a cop in relation to any of those crimes. And those statistics do not get any prettier when you move down the crime scale and look at clearance rates for rape, aggravated assault, armed robbery, etc.

            The stats are on your side as long as you don’t go to those places. Or as long as the guy who has iced half a dozen people in Baltimore doesn’t get in a rented van for a vacation and show up wherever you live.

            The places with these statistics tend to have many things in common, but chief among them is a remarkable similarity in the politics. In the worst of those locations politics that have been unchallenged for literally decades.

            There was a self defense instructor in Memphis who opened a business after retiring from working homicide for Memphis PD. Three of his students were unarmed when they were robbed. They were absolutely cooperative and offered no resistance. They were all executed anyway. And I could go on for hours listing cooperative victims who were murdered despite their cooperation. You can even see video of some of them. Here’s one:


            The problem with cooperation is that you bet your life on the moral recognizance of an individual who is threatening you with violence to relieve you of your property. It is based on the concept of instrumental violence, a criminal who is using violence as a tool to achieve some other goal. The trouble with that is there are also expressively violent criminals in this world…people for whom the use of violence IS the goal. Because fuck you, and fuck everybody else, that’s why.

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            I value this feedback. I’ve always thought of myself as an optimist; in order to go motor racing and skatepark riding with a previously broken 2c vertebra you kind of HAVE to believe that bad things only happen to other people.

            It’s true that I’m not optimistic about the economic and/or demographic future of America but the numbers are firmly on my side there.

            I’m not suggesting you would lay down. I’m asking you if that’s the only course of action you would recommend.

            Last but not least, I cannot and do not apologize for the fact that middle-aged men read this site. I’m a middle-aged man. If I spent my time trying to attract young black transwomen I would be accused of cultural appropriation. When I interviewed a black man on TTAC I was accused of parading him. If I had done the story without letting him appear on camera I would have been accused of speaking for him and/or whitewashing.

            Complaints about age and/or race here are invalid. Worse than that, they are boring. It’s all been done before. I’m no more ashamed to be middle-aged and German than Sarah Vaughan was of being young and Black.

            I’ll work on bringing a more balanced and nuanced approach to this site but in the final analysis it is MY personal site and I’ll continue to cover what interests me.

          • Piston Slap Yo Mama

            @ Carrya1911: you utterly missed my point. My contention is that crime in general in the United States is statistically at an all time low:
            Sure, there’s places you really shouldn’t go, but overall it’s much better than when I was a kid. If the overall crime stats were spiking – then I’d understand being an alarmist about it. They aren’t, and I’m not. I have better things to do than living in paranoid fear.

            @ Jack: you inarguably attract middle aged conservative and likely white men to this forum. That’s an observation, not a complaint. Anything else would constitute self-loathing on my part – and I really like me. At no point did I recommend you focus more on young black transwomen. I even double checked as that totally sounds like something I’d say, especially to those damned proselytizers who keep knocking on my door wanting to talk about Jesus.

          • CJinSD

            “My beef is with ignoramuses like CJinSD who think they can blame mobs robbing families on liberals. That’s so dumb that it doesn’t even rise to the level of being specious.”

            Does BLM have a plethora of conservative champions promoting their violence against lawfulness? Who made law and order a race issue and tried to win an election by running against it? Calling me an idiot does nothing to elevate you above other sheep whining towards their slaughter.

          • carrya1911

            Living in paranoid fear is a construct of your imagination, not actual reality. I don’t live in paranoid fear because of crime statistics. I go where I want, when I want, and with whom I want. Even in Memphis.

            But you’d have to be a damned fool not to notice that the Marriott in east Memphis has a huge iron fence and a marked police car parked in its parking lot 24/7.

            Life is about managing risks. My knowledge of street crime doesn’t prevent me from doing what I want. It prevents me from becoming a victim of street crime because I know how to spot it and avoid it.

            Making intelligent decisions while factoring in the risks is not living in “paranoid fear”…it’s life. You do it with investments. When taking a job. When you decide to get in your car and go somewhere.

            Or when you decide that you’d rather avoid certain types of transportation.

          • DirtRoads

            Someone who talks like you do, with a name that includes “slap your mama” should take a look around at the glass house he’s living in.

          • carrya1911

            And for the record, I’m no “alarmist.”

            I am, however, a dude who has actually been shot. The world looks a bit different after you’ve tried to plug a bleeding gunshot wound waiting for medical help to arrive.

  1. hank chinaski

    Bernie (no, the other one) had a revolver but against only 4 ‘juveniles’ on his train. Against 40-60? How many do you suppose would turn tail after the first drops?

    *2* spare mags please!

    • carrya1911

      Generally speaking, the concept of strength in numbers dwindles quite a bit when you watch parts of the group getting shot.

      There are plenty of examples of this you could look at. The ANTIFA assailant who got plugged when he made the mistake of assaulting an armed man, the Koreatown residents defending their homes and businesses despite being massively outnumbered by rioters in ’92. A single sniper can pin down a vastly larger military unit with far greater firepower.

      The man who has decided on his Alamo line, who has armed himself and trained himself well enough to start splitting the wigs of anyone inclined to give him a try always punches well above his weight. It’s one thing to be violent against people who are scared. It’s quite another to take on someone who has decided that he is going to pile dead bodies as long as there is breath in his lungs.

      Thrill mobs are in it for fun and profit. They are expecting scared people. The appearance of someone who is absolutely committed to opening the cranium or arteries of every last one of them, committed to the point of not regarding dying in the effort to be losing…in that 40-60 juveniles I bet there weren’t more than one or two individuals who could match that mindset.

      Beating and robbing people in mass numbers for giggles has a certain mindset to it. Generally the people involved in that kind of activity are not going into it committed to fighting to the death. The good guy swarmed and outnumbered can reasonably believe he’s looking at the Grim Reaper…so he has a lot more incentive to spit in Ol’ Reaper’s face.

      Then there’s the family element. I know mild-mannered men who will not watch anyone abuse their wife or child while there is breath in their body. On their own they might be compliant. With their family they will fight like wild savages to prevent their family from suffering harm.

      One or two people on that train with the right mindset would have easily made the overwhelming majority of those thrill-seeking youths turn tail and run.

      • Domestic Hearse

        This ^^^^.

        Wildings are occurring in Chicagoland – on Michigan Avenue and in the Aurora Mall – for just two recent examples. Holdups on the “L” trains don’t even make the news any more – just buried in the weekend shooting and crime statistics in the paper each Monday morning.

        The decision to go on the “no gun zone” public transit system, or into the “victims only” retail store or mall carrying concealed is illegal but morally correct. I do so not expecting my Bernhard Goetz moment, but prepared for such an eventuality.

        As Carry perfectly explains, once the mob runs into lethal and effective resistance, the tables can be turned. I’ve yet to face the elephant, but they say perfect practice makes perfect, and should I find myself or loved ones threatened, I pray I am up to the task – along with my CCW insurance and 2A attorney.

        Carry, I must say, your straightforward, no-BS prose, reasoned and rational arguments against the hoplophobes, and sound examples of courage (and effectiveness) of under fire, reminds me much of the greatly missed Col. Jeff Cooper. I imagine you Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth.

  2. Dirty Dingus McGee

    This newspaper writer has caught 9 miles of hell on social media and left leaning websites about his “racist” article


    I will confess to not having used public transportation in Atlanta in about 30 years. I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the passengers, the activity in the stations, and the crime in the parking lots The only trip I would consider is to the airport, however; It would take me 45 minutes to get to the MARTA station, 30 minutes on the train and It only takes me 15 minutes drive past the train station to get to the airport. I can listen to MY music in my vehicle, as opposed to some honky hating rap, drink my coffee/green tea and have a smoke.

  3. VoGo

    I remember a few years back when TTAC made a big stink about noting what the writer of a review was ‘gifted’ by the automaker, and trying to shame car mags into doing the same. The idea was that the writer might be biased to write a positive review by a free luxury trip to Barcelona or similarly exotic locale.

    Using that logic, and being a big fan of transparency and swamp-draining, I wonder if there is value in having those who post their conformance to gun lobby directives confess to their income – direct and indirect – from the gun lobby and its fronts.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      More disclosure is always better than less.

      I’m ready to take some of that sweet gun cash but I regret to say that all the financial transactions between me and the firearms industry have been in the direction of said industry.

    • carrya1911

      The first of your mistakes is scale. The auto industry is orders of magnitude larger than the firearms industry. I think GM’s total revenue in 2015 was something like 160 billion dollars. The entirety of the firearms industry’s economic activity is a fraction of a single automotive company’s revenue, much less the industry as a whole.

      There are no all-expenses-paid 5 star trips to exotic locales for people who write about guns in glossy magazines. If you do actually publish in a glossy magazine you get a $400.00-$800.00 check. Writing about an item that you probably purchased or contributed to buying yourself. (I’ve actually been published in gun magazines) There are sponsored shooters, but sponsorship is usually just a fraction of the overall costs of competition. The top competitive shooters live off of prize money and classes they offer. Sort of like how some racers augment their income giving lessons.

      The advertising budget alone for a company like Porsche would be greater than the revenue of most firearms and ammunition manufacturers.

      The second mistake is motivation. The congressman in my area isn’t pro-gun because he’s worried the NRA will spend a bunch of money advertising in his district if he votes for more federal gun control. He knows that the NRA doesn’t really have to do much of anything because his constituency is well informed and passionate on firearms issues. They will show up to the polls and vote, and they don’t need much provocation to do so. In fact, he can count on the fact that the people who care about guns show up in *every* election at every level. Not just when a presidential election is happening.

      In my state there is an extremely active and effective state firearms organization not associated or affiliated with the NRA. It is an entirely volunteer organization that receives no money from any gun companies and collects enough in dues to pay for some signs and stickers when they visit the state house. But the key to the organization’s effectiveness is that when they visit the state house, they absolutely swarm the place with people who take the day off of work and come to the capital specifically to sit down with legislators. All of them wearing stickers that identify exactly who they are with. The legislators all take the time to listen to them because they are polite, professional…and each person they see represents many more who will reliably show up in every off-year election.

      These people are much more effective than the paid Bloomberg lobbyists who have a lot more money, but cannot deliver voters to the polls. Unlike many of the lobbying groups who derive their influence primarily from lavish funding by the extremely wealthy, “the gun lobby” derives power from how many people will show up to the polls. Often to vote on that single issue. I know scores of people who would not have voted in the 2016 presidential election but for one reason: Guns. They’d lived through one Clinton gun ban and had no taste for another. So they’d vote for ABC. Anybody But Clinton.

      Even if that meant voting for Donald Trump.

      • Piston Slap Yo Mama

        My dear Carrya1911: the most sweeping gun control legislation in my lifetime that affected Americans nationwide was put in place by … (drumroll) …

        Ronald Reagan. It was called the Brady Bill. It made Bill Clinton’s limitations on assault rifles look like a minor inconvenience.

        Funny thing about the last eight horrible, ghastly years under the jackbooted thuggery of Obama: no efforts were made to implement any kind of gun control, successful or otherwise. Yet you guys portrayed those years as if you’d spent them in a gulag. When I depict my conservative friends as being paranoid and living in fear, it’s not that far from the truth.

          • Piston Slap Yo Mama

            Mazel tov, you are CORRECT. My bad, and apologies. Reagan, two years out of office endorsed the Brady Bill. I was a kiddo, so I remembered it as his work as the legislation was a direct result of the attempt on Reagan’s life.

            Here’s Ronald Reagan’s editorial, penned by him endorsing the Brady Bill:

            Reagan endorsed it, Bill signed it. I’m off to eat a nice, delicious crow.

          • CJinSD

            It’s funny how commies dwell on Reagan’s senility as he left office; except when they don’t.

          • VoGo

            This Brady you speak of – is he the same one who took a bullet for President Reagan because we as a country insist on the right to sell arms to assassins, the criminally insane and terrorists?

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            He took a bullet for Reagan? Like, he jumped across Reagan’s body?

            What we need is some of that Chicago-style gun control.

            There are over three hundred million guns in the United States. I know people who have fifty AR-15s buried in their backyards. You can also make guns at home with 3-D printers now. Any gun control we attempt will be approximately as effective as legislation designed to combat marijuana possession… in an alternate reality where smoking marijuana doesn’t make the marijuana go away.

          • VoGo

            We sure do have a lot of guns in the US. I suppose I could write all night about how other countries have reduced gun violence by limiting availability, but the plain truth is that I won’t convince a single soul.

            People are bought into their views on gun availability, and I for one lack the persuasive powers to overcome them.

          • Piston Slap Yo Mama

            Chicago continues to be poster child of gun control legislation that disastrously failed. It’s also a GREAT example of politicians phoning legislation in to look like they were doing something other than suckling on the gov’t teat. Note: gun control failed in Chicago because it was a sham for the outset.

            Gun control in New York City however yielded enormous improvements in the murder rate. Don’t believe me? I turn to statistics again to make my point:


            I think selling guns to known terrorists and the mentally unstable is insane. The NRA thinks otherwise.

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            I’m surprised you would say that, because a lot of very thoughtful people on the Left have railed against the heavy-handed way in which the labels “unstable” and “terrorist” have been thrown around.

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            I just read the article. Gun control is a minor factor in the NYT’s conjecture… and they give most of the credit to the dreaded stop-and-frisk! Furthermore, the article notes that “loose” gun control in Chicago stems from court decisions in 2010 and 2014, but the murder rate started to diverge from NYC in 2004. Was that gangbangers looking into the future?

            The rest of the article says what anybody with two functioning eyes can tell you after a day spent walking around either city: race is a major factor in criminal behavior and the fewer middle-class whites you have in an area the more likely you are to be killed in said area. It’s unpleasant to say that, because I was raised in integrated middle-class neighborhoods and I don’t like even the suggestion of the idea that African-Americans are more dangerous than whites on the average. But the statistics are overwhelming on that point. The NYT even goes so far as to claim that after you control for economic opportunities, predominantly black areas are STILL more dangerous. That’s fucking crimethink in 2017, man.

  4. MLCraven

    Re your last American muscle car article in R&T, the argument is convincing. Pertaining to the statement that “thirteens in the quarter mile and trap [speeds] well over 100mph…would have been perfectly respectable in the muscle car heyday of the late Sixties”, I suggest that “perfectly respectable” should be replaced with ‘absolutely outstanding’. Thirteen quarters and 100mph traps were the exception for most mid- to late-60s muscle and, apart from magazine ringers and machines specially prepped by dealerships with an interest in high performance, fourteens and mid-90s (or slower) were far more likely.

    • Don Curton

      As someone with experience with a 65 Dodge packing a 440 magnum, a 67 Dodge with the 383, a 318 Dart and other assorted muscle cars, I agree. Mid-14’s and trap speeds in the 90’s were typical of even the big block cars. A lot of your small block cars were turning 15 second times in 100% stock trim. Only the very cream of the crop could run 13’s in street trim.

      However, swap cams, bolt on a big 4 bbls, open headers, and drag slicks? Then your mid-14’s muscle was easily in the 13’s. Just no longer in the street-legal category.

      • jz78817

        in 2017, a 302 cubic inch V8 can make 435 horsepower all day, every day, idle smooth as silk, be driven on the street with no fuss, and do so for 200,000 miles.

        1n 1967 a 302 cubic inch V8 making 400+ horsepower wouldn’t even idle.

  5. Jeff Smith

    I was always taught you should carry the largest round in the smallest package you can manage. So sadly my xds .45 only has 5 in its single stack mag. My xd 9 has 16 but prints like a mother. Also, F*** public transport.

    • carrya1911

      With decent performing modern ammo, there’s really not much of a performance difference between good .45 ACP and 9mm loads. Handgun bullets have no magic…they just punch holes in things. A slightly larger bullet punches a slightly bigger hole and does *a little bit* better if you hit a big bone…but that doesn’t translate to much in terms of the bad guy you are trying to stop.

      The FBI has begun transitioning to 9mm pistols because their terminal ballistics and training groups have concluded after studying thousands of gunfights (including autopsies, video footage, recreations in the lab, etc) that training to shoot accurately and having more bullets on tap makes a bigger difference than another .10 of bullet diameter.

      • Dirty Dingus McGee

        For many years I carried either my Colt National Match .45 or my Browning Hi Power 9mm. These days it’s mostly the Hi Power due to the magazine capacity (13 with one in the pipe). Both are very good weapons, I’m just more comfortable with the Hi Power. For instances where I need a more easy to conceal weapon, ie summer time, I carry a Walther PPK/S. If you are well trained with any of the above, you should be able to adequately defend yourself. Problem is most people are not willing/able to put in the time to become proficient.

    • jz78817

      I have a Glock 42 in .380. I don’t really care if the conventional wisdom thinks it’s a “pipsqueak” round. I live in the real world, where it’s highly unlikely I’ll find myself in a situation befitting John McClane. If I can’t handle the situation with 7 rounds of .380, I’m fucked anyway.

      • carrya1911

        There are millions of violent crimes every year. They are not exactly an “unlikely” event.

        A Glock 42 properly wielded can be very effective. I rarely encounter people who have developed sufficient skills to work around the deficits of that weapon.

        But it certainly beats fingernails and harsh language.

        • jz78817

          you misunderstand me. I’m not saying violent crime is “unlikely.” I’m talking about the guys who act like if you’re not ready to defend your wife’s building from a team of heavily-armed East German raiders, you’re “under-equipped.” I made the “John McClane” reference for a reason.

    • Rod Jones

      If you are serious about having a gun for self defense you need to have as many rounds as possible. I have a Ruger P45 9mm with a 30 round clip filled with Black Talons. Im fully aware that the big clip and the black talons are frowned upon but if I need to actually use it I wouldn’t be concerned about the legality.

      I wish I didnt have the need for this but our self perpetuating gun crazed society dictates that you arm yourself when venturing into bad areas the way I do when I build new multifamily projects of 60-800 units in redevelopment areas.

      When I look at our death by gunfire stats compared to every other “rich” country it is damned embarrassing. The rest of the developed world thinks we are gun crazed lunatics trying to re-live the old west of the 1800’s. It is difficult to rebut their claim when the rest of the world has already shown that it is possible to have a modern society. Here are a few examples……US death by gunfire per 100,000 people….10.2, Canada 2.3, Oz 1.0, Germany 1.1, UK 0.2.

      • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

        Gun deaths per 100,000 for white people in Ohio: 7.42

        Percentage attributable to suicide: 77

        Adjusted rate: 1.70 per 100,000

        Turns out being a German in Ohio (most whites in Ohio are German by ancestry) is just as safe as being a German in Germany when it comes to guns.

        I’d be curious to hear your theories on why that’s so.

  6. Dr Ribs Revere

    NJTransit, PATH and MTA do a pretty solid job of fleecing commuters every month! Fortunately a flash mob wouldn’t be able to:
    a) Afford the fare to board the train
    b) The take rate would still probably be less than they fare they had to pay
    c) The train would probably get stuck and everyone would be locked in for the duration

    The fun of living in the Northeast / I-95 corridor! (lets not get started on tolls, taxes, property and living expenses)

  7. -Nate-Nate

    I’d not be concerned if any of the fearful writers here actually had some FIREARMS TRAINING including high stress situations where the average John Q. Public simply fires wildly and misses his intended targets .
    “GUN CONTROL” shouldn’t mean restriction, it should mean TRAINING and should be mandatory for all Citizens and free to boot, beginning at a young age .
    In the 1970’s I fooled with dum dum bullets, they mush room and do much more damage even in glancing hits .
    Not being allowed to post photographs of known criminals because ‘ too young’ means they’re REWARDING THEM ! .
    I take in Teenage Foster boys and pretty much every one always wants to know why I’m the rare Adult and _ONLY_ White man who insists they toe the line 24/7 .
    Many come back years later or simply appear out of crowds to say ‘ thank you !’ for teaching them how to comport them selves and be successful, happy Adults and Citizens .
    Some here are comical in their cowardly racism ~ you’re an AMERICAN CITIZEN so you have a right to be a racist drooler if you wish but man up and claim it please .

    Who often enjoys riding the bus when on Vacation , just so see the reality of where I’m at .

  8. -Nate-Nate

    BTW Jack ;
    I hope Danger Girl is fine, God help you if she’d been caught carrying in California, much less loosing a round or hurting one of those worthless bits of jizzem ! .

  9. 98horn

    On a lighter note, I demand that you change the name of your blog to “The Journal of Theoretical Physics and Deniable Adultery.”

  10. Ark-med

    Honda already beat the Caravan pickup idea to market for two generations with their Ridgeline. The current generation is even more unabashed about it, being, as it is, a spitting image of the Pilot. The updated Ody is expected to crib much more of the Pilot’s/Ridgeline’s look, to further expose the illusion.

  11. Sean

    “particularly if you don’t know how to spell each and every one of the words you’re planning to use”

    You almost got a spit-take there! That’s the best line I’ve read in quite a while.

  12. VoGo

    Summary: guy who spent 18 months recovering from a horrific auto accident is worried about people getting hurt on mass transit, which has been proven to be much safer than driving on every measure. Acolytes respond by blaming liberalism and racism and with their fantasies of preventing crime by carrying weapons.

    Not at all predictable.

    • Dirty Dingus McGee

      In summary, the usual suspects appear, to denounce anyone who carries a weapon as racist, misogynistic, “wanna be Dirty Harrys”, that hate “teh poors”. Hurr durr, guns bad, trains good, white bad, blah blah blah.
      As far as preventing crime by carrying a gun, anyone that has enough brain power to find this website can easily find thousands of stories where someone HAS saved lives and prevented crime because of a legally carried weapon. If you chose not to carry, that’s your business. The 2nd amendment is a right, NOT a requirement. I hope you never find yourself in this position,, but there might come a day where the person who is legally carrying saves your butt. Perhaps then your view might change

      • VoGo

        Dirty Dingus,
        Please show me where in the 50 comments above anyone said anything like what you describe. Oh, right, just another second amendment fantasy where bad guys try to take away your precious guns.

        Is there anyone on this site man enough to venture out of his house without a gun?

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          If you’re referring to the contributors, I don’t think Bark has so much as picked up a firearm since the turn of the century. I know that I haven’t. No idea as to the other writers. Wouldn’t do me any good anyway; as noted in another comment, I have to get on a plane to see real crime and they don’t let you take a Barrett Fifty on JetBlue.

          • VoGo

            I was referring to your contributors, not you and Bark. That said, why did TTAG welcome you as a contributor in 2013, if you haven’t picked up a gun in 16 years?

            Remember the words of Bark: it’s not an attack if it’s true.

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            I write for TTAG about the historical and social aspects of firearms, which is perfectly reasonable; after all, Tom Clancy never served on a submarine.

          • VoGo

            Thanks for the clarification, Jack. I ASSumed.

            I am a much worse person than even you imagine. Just last night, I played the song “Brick House” for my impressionable 10 year old son. Yes, I was perpetuating the revolting myth that the only value a woman has is measured by the contents of her bra.

            Sadly, the Commodores never penned the phrase “She’s mighty mighty, letting her leadership skills in STEM fields all hang out.”

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            Bit of trivia about that song — it was written by a woman. The band’s drummer had to ask her why those were good measurements. “At the time,” he said, “I figured all the measurements were good!”

          • jz78817

            Isn’t that sexist and transphobic?

            only if you’re non-hetero-normative genderqueer non-binary pansexual…

            oh dear, I’ve gone cross-eyed. I can’t keep up with that stuff.

        • -Nate-Nate

          “Is there anyone on this site man enough to venture out of his house without a gun?” .

          Yes .

          -Nate who lives in the scary Ghetto

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Choose one of two possible consequences for your spouse/daughter:

      a) being in a horrible car crash;

      b) being raped or beaten to within an inch of her life by a gang on a train.

      Which one is easier to come back from, you think?

      • VoGo

        Is this the ONLY choice? I was just planning to take my daughter to LAX practice and crack jokes as my wife made dinner.

        Wouldn’t it be better if we could work together to reduce crime and traffic fatalities rather than continue the endless streams of constitutional exegesis by people who’ve never read past the part they like?

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          The problem with that is that we Ohio hicks have the code more or less cracked. We don’t experience crime or traffic fatalities unless we go to the city. It’s been that way since long before I left the East Coast to come here.

          So we get a little confused when people who live in crime-ridden areas attempt to offer any opinion, or legislation, regarding our way of life.

          In any event, I wasn’t the one who drew a parallel between the risks of traffic and the risks of “teen” crime sprees. Perhaps a better parallel would be between “teen” crime sprees and school shootings. Neither happens often enough to be more than statistical noise, but God help you if you’re caught up in that noise.

          • VoGo

            I was drawing a parallel between the dangers of driving vs. mass transit. Driving a personal vehicle is considerably more dangerous.

            I see your point that a victim of crime would have a tougher recovery than a victim of a car crash, with similar injuries. Especially if sexual assault were involved. But keep in mind, there are plenty of incidences of crime against people in cars. Carjacking? You know Aaron Hernandez’ 4Runner is for sale on eBay.

            I just take issue with the reprinting of these “wilding” stories. They serve more to feed the fantasies of “second amendment people” than anything else.

            We should keep in mind the most famous of these stories of “strapping inner city thugs” (code words?) – the Central Park Jogger myth. As it turned out, these boys had nothing to do with her assault, but spend decades behind bars because of corrupt NYPD cops and prosecutors, egged on by a right wing press (NY Post).

            In the same weekend of this incident on the BART, 200 people died in car accidents. There’s your story.

  13. Tony

    I’m 100% a fan of concealed carry, and have done it myself. But be honest: Even if you’ve got a 17-shot clip loaded, and maybe even an extra in your backpack, and FIFTY or SIXTY bad guys are swarming into your train car, are you really going to win that fight if you become the focal point of it? They’ve got numbers and plenty of hiding places, and plenty of innocents to use as shields. What on earth is your tactical plan?

    Guns are a *great* advantage if you’re at a distance from your adversary, and an equalizer if it’s 2- or 3-on-one. In close quarters when you’re heavily outnumbered, though…well, I’ve seen that guy get stomped by a group without any weapons other than thick-soled shoes.

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