Weekly Roundup: There’s A Generic Available For This Prescription Edition

There is a long and well-respected tradition of Japanese automakers copying the styling of German automakers. Sometimes it’s blatant: think quad-headlamp RWD Corolla sedan. Sometimes it’s semi-blatant: think Nineties Civic coupe. And sometimes it’s not copying at all. The eighth-generation and ninth-generation Accord coupes look quite a bit like the Mercedes W204 C-Class Coupe — but in this case, it was the Accord that arrived first, by four years.

Of course, if you’re a true snob of the Fatherland you can always point out that both of these cars owe quite a bit to the BMW 8-Series coupe. There’s always a bigger fish…

At Road&Track, I suggested the creation of mass-market performance crossovers and ranked all of the currently-available Challengers by trackday prowess.

For TTAC, I asked a question about electric cars on track, wondered about the soft science of reliability measurement, and tried to talk a reader out of “saving money” with a diesel Golf.

Next week, we might see some contributions by Brother Bark. I hear he is coming out of his shell, albeit slowly…

15 Replies to “Weekly Roundup: There’s A Generic Available For This Prescription Edition”

  1. Charlie

    Been watching project binky? Found ‘fettled’ in both R&T articles and it reminded me how much they use it

  2. lzaffuto

    Given how many people confuse the two of you in every article you should probably put ARTICLE BY JACK BARUTH or ARTICLE BY BARK M. in 200 point type on top of every article.

  3. Bigtruckseriesreview

    The new Mercedes C-class and E-class are so much like the W222 S-class that you can feel rich beyond rich in either without having to spend $110,000 on the big boy.

    The old C-class and E-class disgusted me because they didn’t look or feel similar to the W221.

    Mercedes probably has the most beautiful cars on the road: inside and out.

    The only shame of it is that their lower end engines suck. They are loud and not “luxurious”.

    Mercedes would be better off moving to plug-in hybrid and electric motors because the new technology would justify the high costs – complementing the interior chic.

  4. Arbuckle

    Now that the masthead has changed, Bark needs to make his triumphant return to TTAC so we can forget all about the Dick Sargenting of the advice column.

  5. Zykotec

    I’ve been waiting for those sporty CUV’s for what seems an eternity. Get on with it car makers. We want them 15 years ago…

      • Zykotec

        For quite a while I’ve been saying that the CR-V/Rav4 is almost to the Civic/Corolla what the Mustang/Camaro was for the Falcon/Nova .
        Fashion accessories for younger people based on compact car platforms.
        Some people will argue that the original pony cars were more performance oriented, but back then the base models had pretty weak straight six engines, and for the most part you could spec a Falcon or Nova to perform like the sportier versions. (exception for Shelbys and later TransAm racing homologation models).
        A Rav4 V6 is also about as quick as an early big block Camaro…

        • hank chinaski

          I seem to recall an ‘askBark’ at TTAC about an owner whose ‘project car’ was a V6 RAV4.

  6. Jeff

    Gotta love it. You take something I don’t care about (challengers), make it interesting, and have me laughing by the end. Poor bigtrucks and his narrowbody…

  7. -nate

    trying to talk a fool out of his diesel dreams……

    good luck with that, he’ll learn, most do, i have not =8-) .



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