Enter The Squid’s Locker

I’ve spent the last month periodically working on my overstuffed basement and storage units. Much of what I’ve removed has been treated as trash — in theory, all the vintage car and motorcycle magazines and dealer catalogues down there have value, but in practice I’m not going to separate, photograph, and list them all.

The Spaceman pedals, on the other hand… These were valuable when they were new and they’re now approaching unobtanium status. I’m no longer playing anything like a public gig, so I’ve been slowly converting my guitar-centric collection into basses and bass amps for my son, who is at the beginning of his music career rather than the end.

Thus, we have the Reverb store known as The Squid’s Gear Locker. What’s going to be listed there? Well…

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You Could Be The Non-Creepy Uncle This Spring

If you are related to a child between the ages of seven and eleven, and that child likes bicycles, and you want to be the absolute best relative ever… here’s your chance to buy my son’s Trailcraft Maxwell. They are $3,164 plus shipping new. This one is fourteen easy months old, fits children from 4’2″ to 4’11”, and can be yours for $1,799. Riverside Green readers get free shipping in the lower 48.

These are specialty items (to put it mildly) but I didn’t want to basically give one away without giving my readers a crack at it.

If you only have $199 (plus shipping) then here’s another alternative!

Update: the Trailcraft sold in eleven hours, the Redline is still available.
Update 2: the Redline is now sold.