Poll Of The Day: ZX-14R At The Foot Of Canal Street Edition

John Boutte and Paul Sanchez wrote “At The Foot Of Canal Street” when they realized that both of their fathers were buried in the same cemetery. It’s a brilliant tune because it suggests that death is a redemption, not a failure. Boutte takes the song uptempo on his solo album, “Jambalaya”, and that’s the version I prefer, but the Sanchez/Boutte collaboration is the original.

I have this idea that I’m going to ride a motorcycle to New Orleans. Exorcise the past. It’s 925 miles from my house to where Sanchez and Boutte buried their fathers, but that’s the freeway route. Don’t think I’d take that the whole way. Instead, I’d try to make it a two-day trip each way. Maybe two and a half. Stop in Memphis, Clarksdale, all those places.

This had seemed like the perfect trip to take with a Diavel but after a few conversations with various friends, and reading comments left here, I think the Diavel might be a little too pretentious, too self-conscious. Current thinking, therefore, is that the best bike for the job would be the mighty Kawasaki ZX-14R, the supreme 197-rear-wheel-horsepower zef chariot that also has a “rain mode” and anti-lock brakes. I think I could cover 300-400 miles a day on such a vehicle before I needed to take any Vicodin.

It’s possible I’ll change my mind; it’s also possible that I won’t be able to justify the money, particularly in light of my Obamacare-related out-of-pocket expenses for my broken leg, which are currently at $7,178 and rising with a whole new reset to deductible coming in just eleven days.

Still. Doesn’t mean we cannot have a poll to liven up our Sunday.

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Nobody’s Asked Me What I Want For My Birthday… And A New Website Feature


…but this is probably it.

It occurs to me that somehow I’ve gotten through about five hundred posts on this site without really explaining the whole squid/Squidco/Calamarco/Kraken pseudo-mythology surrounding my life. I’ll get right on that for the none of you who care.

In the meantime, let’s try out the newest feature on this amazing website: polling!

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