Ask You: What About Podcasts?

jack baruth mark baruth

In today’s version of Ask You, I ask you: would you listen to a Riverside Green podcast?

I can already hear my brother moaning about this, despite the fact that I’m currently 200+ miles away from him.

Podcasts are awful. Nobody is good at them. I can write three articles in the time it takes to do one podcast.

He’s not wrong. Podcasts take a lot of time to do, and the ROI isn’t great. But I still think they’re fun.

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Ask You: What Do You Want To See Here in 2018?

As our first month of semi-commercialization wraps up here, I’m pleased to say that December 2018 is the highest traffic month we’ve ever had here at Riverside Green. In addition to increased content from the two of us Baruths, we also had outstanding content from Thomas Kreutzer, Freddy Hernandez, Michael Briskie, Rebecca Turrell, and Tom Klockau—in other words, we’ve become the most diverse kinda automotive site in the business without actually trying. Funny how that works!

For the first five years of this site’s existence, and even more so since I joined the masthead, we’ve never been particularly focused on driving traffic to our mutual vanity project. However, since we’re serving ads now, it is important that you’re seeing more of what you want to justify putting up with the occasional intrusion from ForeverSpin. So now that 2017 is winding down and 2018 is upon us, the question is simple: what would cause you to come see us more often in 2018?

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