The MelodyBurner’s In Wired! Plus There’s A New Website


The great people at Wired made the MelodyBurner one of their Things We Love for November! To celebrate, I revamped the MB site a bit, too.

It’s still at but now it’s a WordPress site featuring prices and photos and even a sound clip from the man who bought the MelodyBird. I’m a little frustrated that we haven’t gotten more traction with this product, because it’s my fault — I haven’t had the time to do the promotion and PR work that I wanted to do on behalf of Chris and the MelodyBurner guitar. I’ll fix that in 2014.

Of course, Chris is so busy doing high-end replicas that he’s probably grateful at not having any more orders in his queue…

In the meantime, I have one of the prototypes available for a pretty outrageous introductory price. Contact me if you’re interested.

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