Spotter’s Guide To The June 2018 Issue of Road&Track

This month’s issue has all sorts of supercar and superstar stuff in it, most notably another sentimental and fascinating piece on Alois Ruf and his work by Sam Smith, but the dedicated reader will eventually work his way back to page 56 where you can read my investigation of a thoroughly diverse luxury trio. Each of them is impressive in its own right but it was the Navigator Black Label that made the strongest argument for a space in my driveway. It could replace the Silverado and a luxury car to be named later. Of course, for the $100,315 sticker price, you could get my Silverado plus a gently used Lexus LS460 or Mercedes S550.

Life is full of tough choices when you’re rich! Since I’m not rich, I’m going to keep the fleet just the way it is. My days of running a pair of brand-new full-sized Germans at any given time are long gone. On the other hand, one of my readers just alerted me to a couple of leftover 2017 Accord V6 6MT coupes in California. Surely there’s no harm in having three of those, right?

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  1. yamahog

    Infiniti bills the QX80 as having “commanding luxury” and that’s remarkably authoritarian and mercifully benevolent ad copy, huh?

    Or worse, what if it’s a disclaimer? You sit in the vehicle and the designers’ Will to Power weighs heavy on you. Imagine some suit and a nice office typing up the deposition that the plaintiff knew as much.

    Though both could be missing the point entirely – it’s not about being bound to luxury, rather it’s about equipping, brandishing, and enjoying the prerogative of luxury.

    Something the full size luxury SUVs lack is the projection of complete and total competence. Or at least, it’s comforting to think that business people, doctors, and lawyers who drive large luxury sedans have a long time horizon and good taste on order.

    Looking forward to your article – always happy to see a serious take on luxury vehicles.

    Any efficacy to organizing a group buy (raid?) of the last m/t V6 Hondas?


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