Weekly Roundup: In My Mind I’m Leaving Carolina Edition

It was a busy week. I covered a few miles on my road bike each day, did more writing than I wanted to, parented where necessary and went hands-off where possible. The kid had a good time, and so did his cousins. Time to head back.

Given another week, I might have gotten halfway decent at dealing with the 97-degree heat and the remarkably humid air, which resembled nothing so much as a wet sock. The best I could do for a rolling average was 16.7mph. On the positive side, I managed to thoroughly test some great USA-made cycling apparel. More on that later, let’s roll tape on this week’s publications.

Brother Bark provided the remaining TTAC readers some insight into how advertisers track prospective shoppers across the Internet. I took a look at the growing prestige gap across American automakers.

At R&T, I revisited a supercar experience, took a light-hearted look at trackday showboating, and offered you a look at an exciting new shop from respected restoration expert and vintage-sprint-car racer Josh Shaw.

For Watch Journal, I told a few stories about vintage guitars and one of my favorite watchmakers, IWC.

This week I’ll have a couple of interesting reviews up, covering the spectrum from work trucks to bespoke GT4 race cars. Come back early and often!

15 Replies to “Weekly Roundup: In My Mind I’m Leaving Carolina Edition”

  1. Felis Concolor

    It’s been fun here, although I’m definitely in catch-up mode online. We were hoping to ride this year’s Starlight, but enough issues are affecting almost everybody in the local group to give it a pass for 2018. Hopefully I can finally get Greenspeed to find another pair of front hubs for the quad as their currently proffered units are a full centimeter too wide for use with the original spindles.

    Some good looking suggestions for receiver hitch racks in your earlier post, even if they’re biased for diamond frames. At least I have http://www.atoc.com/ and their modular bike/trike/bent/quad systems to mix and match.

    Considering this computer gets used by 3 people covering multiple decades and both sexes, I’m certain the ad servers have no idea just what to send me when the terminal is active. Perhaps I should just set up the Pi-Hole already and save them the uncertainty.

  2. -Nate

    I wish I could drive well enough to consider showboating…..

    I always chicken out because it costs so much to crash .


  3. Zykotec

    If you like showboating you should visit a Norwegian track meet. The non-showboaters are often the minority. Even at autoslalom/gymkhana events there will be tiresmoke in abundance. I guess it does have something to do with 70+ years of politics going against cars and driving in general.
    The famous ‘Gatebil’ events used to be pretty much exclusively showboating. And we are not talking professional driver in actual racecars either.
    At least when I was younger there were pretty much only socalled streetdriven cars with insane power entering turns backwards and spinning them back straight. The only reason we were late to adopt competitive drifting here was that we din’t realise that driving sideways was not normal in the rest of the world.
    Now some Norwegians are amongst the world elite in what we called ‘perfectly normal safe driving on a track’ before.

    • JustPassinThru

      Probably variations on my own story.

      Between the flaming by hysterical borderline psychopaths in the “commentariat” and the seeming shadow-banning that was done to me, without notice, explanation or even discussion behind the curtain (I do believe what Jack reported, about no ledger of my banning or limiting) I just decided to let it go.

      I’ll scan the site once a week or so; but…as with the case in the Ford/Chevrolet discussion…if I have something to say and cannot say it, it’s not much fun. Fuggum…and as leaden as some of the articles have become, the shutdown of the TTAC server would launch the Internet upwards several thousand feet.

      Bob Farago would be disgusted…probably he knows and is.

      • Sightline

        My TTAC reading has gone down a ton lately; it’s still on my RSS feed but I check it a lot less often. No shade at the current administration but it’s less differentiated from the rest of the auto-blogs than before. Say what you want about Farago, Ed, Schmidt, etc, but TTAC under them had a particular point of view*. Now, most of the headlines could be from Jalopnik or Autoblog, or The Drive.

        *Even if the point of view followed the, ahem, male gaze

  4. Rick T.

    I’m the least musical person alive, but I will drop by Gruen Guitar in Nashville every once with a guest on our leisurely way to downtown or thereabouts. It’s interesting that the staff there never once have even acknowledged our presence as we walk around. I guess they can either tell the “tourists” or who is a potential buyer. Curious more than offended as I truly don’t look like riffraff. Some interesting instruments there.

  5. tyates

    The “prestige gap” article is interesting. Given how easy credit has been to get for decades now, it still surprises me that people judge other people’s wealth and/or success by what car they drive. I’ve told my daughter before that the reason we’re driving around Southern California in a Hyundai rather than a Audi or BMW is not because we have less money than our neighbors, but because we have more self discipline. Although I guess I’ll have to come up with another line in a decade when she graduates college and I celebrate by buying a ZR1.


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