4 Replies to “Notes From My Time Busking On The Las Vegas Strip”

  1. John Van Stry

    Did it make enough money to eat?
    The photo girls I think do okay, and I remember one was was incredibly good looking whose outfit consisted of nothing but fake jewelry and probably wasn’t legal (because it really didn’t hide anything, it was far more risque than the other girls on the strip) but she was definitely making bank with it.

  2. Jack Baruth Post author

    This was an accidental draft publication from 2013, part of me rolling stuff back into production.

    Nah, it didn’t pay, but the evenings I had with the girl who took me busking more than made up for it.

  3. Rebecca

    I am trying to reach you about a question regarding the Electra Aniversary X635 bass after reading your 2015 write up on it. Is there am email or fb contact for you? Cheers,


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