Housekeeping: For The Love Of God, Montresor!

Well, that escalated quickly.

The policy here at Riverside Green regarding moderation has long been: we don’t do it. Having long been the subject of capricious and occasionally just plain incompetent moderation everywhere from VWVortex to Ferrarichat to TTAC itself, I have no interest in imposing a petty electronic tyranny on people just because they disagree with me.

There are a couple of readers here who absolutely despise me, Bark, or both of us collectively. Periodically they will erupt into festering boils of largely incoherent criticism, usually phrased several different ways. Often they will post several times in a row under different aliases in an attempt to break through the very basic auto-moderation protections used on the site. Sometimes, as was the case with this morning’s episode, they will try a variety of different IP addresses.

Ninety percent of the time, I will clean up the moderation queue, attempt to select the individual comment that seems to get their point across the best, and release that comment into the wild. Today, however, I’ve lost my patience with this stupidity. Between now and, oh, let’s pick a date, howsabout September 21 for obvious EWF-related reasons, I’m going to unceremoniously shitcan each and every ridiculous multiple comment or obvious attempt to self-aggrandize at the expense of this site and its readers. Alternately, I will edit the response to simply say, “I EAT COCK”, depending on my mood of the moment.

This policy does not apply to normal criticism, dissent, even hatred. It is reserved for the kind of deranged jerokff who is so deranged he feels compelled to type slightly different versions of the same thing six times because he can’t even master cut-and-paste.

If anybody has any problem with this, take it up with your therapist or your waifu.


37 Replies to “Housekeeping: For The Love Of God, Montresor!”

  1. Avatarsjt

    I must have missed it. Somehow I’m not bothered.
    Thanks for the great reading from all the writers. I don’t always agree but it usually makes me think.
    Great admiration for your insistence on letting (almost) every comment through. That said, there comes a time.
    Do what you gotta do.

    • AvatarEric H

      I suppose it depends on the powder, Gold Bond or cayenne?

      I certainly won’t miss the idiotic comments.

    • AvatarCGHill

      Tara Strong, who has provided a voice for many waifu-worthy characters, is fine with that: “It’s ok to be in love with an animated drawing as long as you understand they cannot put out.”

  2. AvatarBark M

    I legit don’t understand why anybody would waste valuable time to read so many things they know in advance that they are going to hate and then write deranged screeds like this. I have better things to do.

    • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

      “I legit don’t understand why anybody would waste valuable time to read so many things they know in advance that they are going to hate and then write deranged screeds like this.”


      Alternately, he has too much meth in his diet.

  3. AvatarJosh Howard

    Sometimes it takes a wildfire to make room for new growth. All I’ve got to say is “It’s about time”.

  4. AvatarMike

    Some of the fine tolerant people on the left cannot understand for all their crying and complaining most won’t obey and call for Trump’s. The NY times called him out as Putin’s gay lover. If Fox would of called out anyone in that light the LGBT community would call for it’s immediate closure. Keep writing and ball powdering.

  5. AvatarDavid Florida

    Poor old DW. I used to think he’d be good for an interesting point on occasion. Now, I’m certain that he cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry.

  6. AvatarArk-med

    Now for a little self moderation: I EAT COCK*

    Meanwhile, here’s an article that’s useful ammo in your crusade for AI-all-the-cars:
    “A new proof-of-concept attack demonstrates how hackers could inconspicuously steer a targeted automobile to the wrong destination or, worse, endanger passengers by sending them down the wrong way of a one-way road.” Raspberry Pi based!

    *No gender discrimination in poultry-based vittles!

    • Avatarnightfly

      That was the MO of one of the killers on an episode of Criminal Minds. Guy was hacking cars and using them to run people over. They all listened to the same radio station at the time, which was the key to the whole dumb plot.

      • AvatarShortest Circuit

        CSI:Sinise too. GPS is ridiculously easy to hijack, it is just much easier to force somebody off the road, as Columbo proved. Or The China Syndrome.

  7. AvatarFrank Galvin

    I spent the better part of a decade practicing employment and disability law (still do, albeit it in a different setting). I had files on guys like that, with the relevant sections of DSM V attached, cut and pasted, and incorporated into various briefs and arguments. Winning case right there.

  8. AvatarDougD

    Didn’t read the other article, it wasn’t looking too likely that I would learn anything. Almost skipped this one too, but I had no idea about waifu so learned something right there.

  9. Avatarbluebarchetta

    I am interested in libertarian-conservative politics, cars, motorcycles, and youth soccer, so naturally I ended up as a daily reader of this site. I appreciate Jack’s desire to let readers enjoy unfettered self-expression, but I got tired of DeadWeight’s homophobic insults to RG’s reader base. As Mason told Dixon, you’ve gotta draw the line somewhere. Good riddance.

    Klockau even has me interested in land yachts now. About the only thing covered here that does NOT interest me is high-end watches. I’d rather take my wife to the beach again or shore up my son’s college fund than replace my trusty old Timex with something fashionable.

    Thanks as always for the free entertainment. Well, almost free…I feel obliged to subscribe to R&T as long as Jack is published there.

  10. AvatarPanzer

    Haha, the best bit is that this particular shitlord (if it is indeed who I think it is, I think there’s a 95% probability) wrote on TTAC that he’d – paraphrasing here – moderated Jack for the better with a consistent policy of ‘calling him out’ – his description of his own deranged rants of course.

  11. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    “Alternately, I will edit the response to simply say, “I EAT COCK”, depending on my mood of the moment. ”

    Given the poster’s previous fascination with homosexual activity, s/he will probably revel in that designation.

  12. AvatarZaskarx

    Why would someone go through the trouble to use multiple accounts and then presumably connect to various VPN servers to mask his IP to then post unintelligible garbage? So sophisticated yet so childish and strange.


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