Made In The USA: Weighting Comforts Blanket

From our valued contributor John Marks comes this link to a company that sews weighted blankets in Tennessee. They partner with Sew For Hope, a nonprofit that helps refugees in the Tennessee area learn to sew. So this is the rare company that should warm the hearts of America-lovers and refugee-lovers alike. I’m assuming that the refugees in this case are not 22-year-old former ISIS foot soldiers, but hey, even if they are, at least the blankets are made in Tennessee, right? Check them out — and while you’re at it, take a look at another link Mr. Marks provided, this one a defense of Trump’s “reset” with Russia.

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  1. AvatarScottS

    Sleeping under a buffalo hide (The Original Anxiety Blanket) with my AR15 and the weight of a couple thousand rounds of ammo always lowers my anxiety level.

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It’s a better strategy than what we’ve had in the past. Go Trump!

  2. AvatarMrGreenMan

    Sewing is an art going (gone?) out of fashion because it is not as sexy as making PowerPoints. I was reading about the history of women’s clothing sizes, and one of the historical remarks was that they only needed to provide a single outer measurement – like shoulders – because the average American gal would bring it in appropriately.

    I recall being shoved into a junior high school home ec class because you had to take it or shop, and shop was opposite Algebra; my buddy and I were the only ones who knew how to sew or cook. There is a reason the military used to teach some of these basics – the average American girl sure doesn’t bring them to the table anymore.

  3. Avatarsafe as milk

    as to john marks link – by far the greatest danger from russia is the possibility of nuclear war triggered by misunderstanding or accident. no matter your opinion of our president , if you think opening a dialogue with putin is not in our interests, you are either a fool or a warmonger.

  4. AvatarKen

    Also made in the USA – The Weighted Blanket Co.

    Bought one for my Wife. If you are the type of person that likes to have a ton of blankets on you, then this is great. My wife is that person and she loves it. Since I am not that person… I also love it… because instead of having 4 comforters on the bed, she has this one heavy ass blanket that only takes up her side. Win win. She gets all that weight (and warmth) – I get to sleep w/just the top sheet.

  5. AvatarLucas

    We should be in bed with the Russians instead of the Chinese. Our last remaining bastion is our intellectual property, particularly in the tech sector. And the Russians respect IP, whereas the entire concept is foreign to the Chinese.

  6. Avatar-Nate

    When I was a young man I noticed I always slept better and felt more relaxed under a woolen blanket, they were heavy suckers, hot too .


  7. AvatarBigtruckseriesreview

    #1 Fisker failed already. I can’t believe these idiots brought back the same (small) car and think they can succeed this time around.

    #2 RUSSIA is our geopolitical enemy – the same as China.


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