Housekeeping: Ain’t Gotta Lie To Kick It

This website has been compared to many other things — the forum at Rome, a collaborative replication of Hunter S. Thompson at his worst, the proverbial dumpster fire — but it’s really more like the Dutch city of Drachten. That’s where traffic engineer Hans Monderman pioneered the idea of “shared space”. In Drachten, there are no traffic lights, no traffic signs, and no road markings. The intersections are completely empty of any instructions for drivers, pedestrians, or cyclists. You might think that this would result in utter chaos and possibly a nontrivial quantity of blood in the streets, but you would be wrong. It turns out that most aggressive drivers actually believe that they have the law on their side. With no law to follow and no rules to obey, drivers begin operating in a cooperative and productive manner. Traffic accidents in Drachten went down after the signs went down — and travel times through the city actually decreased.

The Drachten experiment, successful though it may be, is highly dependent on some external factors. Northern European countries have core qualities of high social trust, high education level, low aggression, and homogenous ethnic makeup. Would you get the same results from this policy in, say, East Los Angeles? Probably not. It’s a small-town strategy, for small-town people. Incidentally, it’s also had some success in the UK, and there’s a nice video in the preceding link to show what happens when you remove traffic signs there.

When I took over as TTAC’s final Editor-In-Chief (for reasons of internal politics and prestige, my three successors were Managing Editors, with the E-I-C title assigned to a person behind the curtain) I adopted a Drachten-esque policy about censorship and moderation. I figured that TTAC’s relatively intelligent user community could be trusted to obey themselves as long as I did not set specific rules under which they would chafe. If you were around at the time, you will remember that my policy worked; the only users we banned were previous TTAC staffers commenting under aliases.

Here at Riverside Green, I continue to pursue the policy of “open spaces”. You can criticize me or Bark, you can express your politics without reservation. This site is big enough for commenters who have studied the Torah their whole lives and for commenters who non-ironically use the phrase “the Jew York Times”. We’ve had a couple of African-American contributors and we have people who are to the right of Richard Spencer. In general, everybody gets along — and I believe that’s because we have no explicit moderation which appears to favor any particular group or person over another.

Unnnnn-fortunately, I’m going to have to make a very specific exception to this policy.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a person or group of people trying to create some drama. This commenter/group assumes the identity of other people and tries to troll me or the commenters as those people. He/she/it started out pretending to be a therapist — I thought the post was stupid but I didn’t take too much notice of it. He then started pretending to be other people in the auto business. Since I know those people, I know where they are, and I know what their real email addresses are, I didn’t fall for that.

So here’s the deal. If you comment on this site pretending to be a particular autowriter or executive, or if you assume an identity that is not consistent with reality, I’m going to shitcan and/or edit your work. If you keep doing it after that has happened, then I assume that you have waived any pretension to privacy of any sort and then I’ll do whatever seems most hilarious to me at the time.

This does NOT, I repeat, NOT NOT NOT mean that we have a “real name” policy here. Fuck that. You can be FourSpeedFox or WarHammer or Steve McNewman or whatever you want to be. But if you want to post as, say, Chris Harris or Alex Roy or anybody like that, then you should be aware that I know all of these people better than you do and I know a fake when I see it.

There is something particularly repugnant to me about somebody trying to create a situation in which I respond to “provocation” from someone posing as an industry figure. It’s a game called “Let’s You And Him Fight” and it shouldn’t be played by men period point blank. If you have a genuine problem with me, use your own name and let’s talk about it. As Drake said about Pusha T, I’m an approachable dude. But if you are so frightened of me that you have to make up names in a feeble attempt to get me to notice you, then…

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Tom Klockau

    I saw a couple of those and wondered. What kind of a putz would pretend to be a doctor, psychologist, or well-known automotive writer to gain credibility? The kind who hate their lives and take it out on the people around them, I guess. “I AM DOCTOR SMART PERSON CEO WITH EIGHTEEN FERRARIS AND A VILLA IN SWITZERLAND AND U STINK!” Yikes.

      • Tom Klockau

        Some people just love to be jerks, I guess. They stop being asshats as a hobby and go pro. I remember years ago, I got an email from Paul Niedermeyer, straight out of the blue, and it simply said “Why do you always write about stuff you like? You should write about things you HATE!” Um, OK, Captain Crazy Pants…

        • John C.

          What kind of lousy article would that be. Here is an ugly car, I don’t know much about it cause you know….why bother. Anyway here is a picture and oh yea deadly sin number 357. Oh wait, I was saving that for a Dodge Magnum, no wait, that sounds pro gun culture. anyway crappy car and just a block from my house. redneck must live there.

          We have all read that article over there. Bet he is one of the banned former editors at TTAC.

          • safe as milk

            the thing that made ttac famous, was the gm death watch. farago started that way before the financial crisis. 2005, i believe. it wasn’t hate so much as loathing. he wanted to make sure that when the ship went down in detroit, there would be a record that proved that not everybody bought into detroit’s pr line. as far as i’m concerned, it’s the equivalent of the “big short” as it applies to the auto industry, except unlike michael lewis, farago published before the sh*t hit the fan.

          • John C.

            The Big Short pointed out after the fact that a financial instrument was a bigger risk than advertised. GM sold cars, people bought them and many got good service from them. Here then comes Farago/PN/ and earlier Michael Moore who loath the big three for political reasons and cheerlead the failure and by extension revel over people loosing their jobs and the decline of America’s industrial base. God save us from hacks like that.

          • John C.

            It is not like when an institution fails a better politically one comes to take its place. It is just gone. Tough luck to those for whom it was their livelihood. Well what institution did Farago or Michael Moore, or PN, or even Bertel Shmitt create. Damn them all to hell. Give me a builder over a destroyer any day.

  2. Sal Darigo

    Fine by me. I wouldn’t say anything behind somebody’s back that I wouldn’t say to their face. Although I tend to give very few ****s about most things, if I have a problem with you I’ll tell you about it.

  3. tresmonos

    the person pretending to be whoever knew enough about therapy where I would assume he or she used it during their divorce and was conned into a cyclic payment plan with their said sh1tty shrink so they could justify their sh1t existence at the expense of others.

    It’s a true shame they are so self unaware that they won’t kill their person and end their genetic outliers’ continuation.

  4. bluebarchetta

    I don’t understand Internet trolls at all. Trolls hang out on sites populated by people with whom they disagree, so they can – what? Argue? Post fake stuff? Pretend to be someone else?

    I’m a project-based tech writer, which means when I’m not writing, I’m surfing. I visit a lot of car sites, including Jalopnik (mainly because of David Tracy, his love for old Jeeps, and his amusing tales of wrenching gone wrong)…but Jalopnik is part of a consortium of crazy leftist sites such as Splinter, Jezebel, The Root, and Earther.

    Not surprisingly, most of the commenters over there are crazy leftist moonbats. What good would it do to make up a persona, register with their site, and start arguing with them? How would that benefit me at all? Are their commenters going to say “Gee, I’ve been a socialist my whole life, but this bluebarchetta guy has really opened my eyes to the advantages of small government, self-reliance, and market-based capitalism!”

    As Depeche Mode might say, “I don’t understand / what makes a man / troll another man / help me understand.”

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      There are three kinds of trolls.

      There are the people who represent a sub-community within a community and act on what they think is the behalf of that community. I was part of a group of people who trolled FerrariChat for years, getting the rich guys angry and causing all sorts of hilarity.

      There are the people who have a grudge against the community and/or think that they are superior to the other members of the community; that’s about one-fifth of every Reddit group. Often these people are born contrarians. I’ve been one of those people myself, because I thought I was right about something and the conventional wisdom was wrong.

      Finally, in the case of this site there are people who take an intense, almost sexual, interest in me personally. They have a bizarre and feverish desire to get into dialogue with me. It’s some kind of weird starfucking thing. I just had to block a fellow on Instagram, Google Hangouts, and everywhere else because he would contact me 10-50 times a day with messages that ranged from the extremely dry and technical (“Do you think a Tremec XXX would work on an American Iron Mustang?”) to the disturbing (“I really need to talk to you about something that has me feeling suicidal… I’m very lonely.”) This wasn’t an anonymous person — this was a married man in his fifties with a real estate business.

      I can see how Rihanna or Joni Mitchell or even Patrick Dempsey inspires this kind of behavior but I’m a 46-year-old dad who club races FWD cars.

      • bluebarchetta

        Yikes. I wonder if that happened to any of the automotive writers we looked up to as kids? Somehow I can’t picture Miami Vice-era Csaba Csere or Pat Bedard getting man-crush letters from 50ish real estate agents.

        No sexual interest here (sorry), but I do admire the way you seem to cram more than 168 hours of living into a week. I do “day job” + “good dad” + “good husband” and I barely have time to fit in an autocross or a couple of beers with an old buddy. Can’t imagine adding “freelance automotive writer” and “regular motorsports competitor” to my itinerary.

        • Hank chinaski

          A good troll can be good for a laugh. This guy was pure amateur hour. Needs to lurk moar at /b/
          With all the on the spectrum users, it’s hard to tell who’s joking sometimes.

    • Carmine

      I can’t with Jalopnik anymore, its seems that every article on the front page is “how Trump is going to ruin the world” written by a barely coherent 19 year old blogger that barely knows anything about cars or doesn’t even own one….to start with, and the David Tracy articles wore off quickly, as someone who also works on cars his “ha ha look how badly I did everything” shtick got old really quick.

  5. Jeff Zekas

    Well, Jack, all I can say is: BIZARRE!

    I have always used my real name on the internet. Just my personal philosophy: you take responsibility for your own words. Of course, this means folks might threaten you. They might dox you. The might troll you or call you names. “The truth will out” as the Bard once said.

    Oh well. Thanks for the heads up. Oh, and your explanation for trolling was well stated. Me? I’ve never purposely trolled, but did get banned from a liberal discussion group, when I disputed the notion of “noble savage”. (my degree is in history, but facts mean nothing to the far left).

  6. J Edwards

    If you are saying shit on the internet that requires you to hide behind an alias of some form, then maybe you need to re-think your priorities. I’m sure many people like to publicly express some more private opinions, and you don’t want to be judged at your workplace / school / PTA meetings based on google searchable results. However, the bullshit free-for-all that the internet has become is fueled by anonymity, and the first step to making it a civilized place for intelligent people, is by adding some ownership.

    Express what you believe, stand up for yourself, say what you think, but don’t be an asshole. Own your shit.

    • mrwiizrd

      While I understand where you’re coming from, this is a terrible opinion. There’s a reason the founding fathers used pseudonyms when they wrote the federalist papers. If the freedom to publish anonymously was important 230 years ago, then it’s damn sure important today in the age of social media outrage mobs.

      “The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.” -H. L. Mencken

      • Ronnie Schreiber

        First they came for Alex Jones, but it’s not just cranks and crackpots.

        Today, PragerU revealed that Facebook is shadowbanning them and censoring videos on censorship.

        Interesting how none of the folks who were concerned about net neutrality have a problem with those on the right being censored by tech companies.

  7. 98horn

    Reminds me of the old joke about engineers: arguing with an engineer is like wrestling a pig. After about four hours, you realize the pig likes it.

    • Shortest Circuit

      That comes from years of dealing with customers who have already been ‘warmed over’ by a sales guy. After the first few ‘he said it does WHAT?’ I just resorted to being extremely pedantic, so I can cover my ass. No sir, there is actually a limit to how long that piece of equipment can ‘sustain a continuous short to ground’. Read the manual.

  8. Tyler

    Re: commenters interest in you personally, perhaps your schtick makes your attention/validation seem too attainable. Vaguely reminds me of Nathan Rabin’s comment on, um, amateurs versus professionals…

    “Joe Masturbator knows damned well that he can’t get within 20 feet of Hayden Panettierre without being tasered or shot on sight. But he can pretend that QuirkyPirateGirl17 is lip-synching “Umbrella” just to him. That’s part of the reason people were upset when the sad travails of Lonelygirl15 were exposed as fiction. Creepy online voyeurs (honestly, doesn’t the Internet turn us all into creepy online voyeurs?) couldn’t pretend that the doe-eyed minx was their make-pretend Internet girlfriend any more. She was just another goddamned actress like all the rest.”

    So what I’m saying is, please record yourself lip-syncing “Umbrella”.

  9. Dirty Dingus McGee

    I have pretty much given up commenting anywhere other than here and BaT (for the reasons mentioned above), and both are getting less comments from me every day. It’s not that I’ve run out of things to say, or care less about things that I’m interested in, it’s more that I’m tired of justifying every belief I have to people who are of no consequence to me. I still READ nearly every post here( and click ad’s), I just often don’t feel like jumping into a debate with someone that will eventually degenerate to them questioning my sexuality, accusing me of being a homophobic, misogynist racist that probably hates everyone who isn’t lily white. This coming from someone who was on the debate team for 2 years in high school and 2 more while going to college.

    If the imposter is who I suspect it is, that dude needs some serious help. Bars on the windows and padded walls kind of help.

    • Tom Klockau

      I had the same thought. Reminds me of a line from an old episode of Murphy Brown: “You belong in a rubber room with some non-toxic paste and a pogo stick!” 😀

  10. SexCpotatoes

    Yeah, I’m not saying you’re not severely alt-right on a number of points, but if I can’t be BITSY (Big Truck Series Reviews on Youtube or w/e the FRISTPOST!ARSEHOLE previously on TTAC calls ‘itself,’ who would obsessively first-post and then edit that first post solely for the purposes of self-promotion, I don’t want to be here anymore! lol).

    You have to admit, whatever your Jewish ‘bonafides’ (“our fambly tried to kill Hitler!”) you and your brother are backing a horrible fascist regime and you’re literally denying that any families have been separated or children molested under Trump’s policies.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Allow me to give you a forthright and heartfelt answer to your statement.

      When you use words and phrases like “horrible fascist regime” to describe the Trump Administration, you are wantonly destroying any power that those words and phrases might have to warn people of authentic NASDAP-style fascism in the future. The irony here is that Trump was elected because people like you used your “power words” like “racist” and “sexist” and “fascist” to describe people like GHWB and Mitt Romney and John McCain. You used those words so often that you effectively inoculated sensible people against them.

      Twenty years ago, if I heard that someone was a “racist” I took that accusation seriously and it changed the way I looked at them.

      Today, if I hear that someone is a “racist” I assume that it’s a hyperbolic accusation born from political differences.

      You’re doing the same thing to “fascist”. You’re using it to describe a man who is to the left of Reagan. So guess what? In 2048 when some Generation Z fellow runs on a platform of racial purity and mass murder, everybody is going to shrug at “fascist” the way they shrug at “racist” and “sexist” now. Great work.

      Furthermore, when you call Trump a fascist, you are spitting in the face of the six million Holocaust victims and all of the other people who were assembly-line murdered by an actual fascist regime. You are trivializing their deaths. You are making light of their suffering. Earlier this week I explained to my son how the Nazis melted the gold out of Jewish teeth before sending them to the camps. You’ve taken that horror and used it to score political points against somebody who campaigned with a rainbow flag, somebody who received the highest rating from Jesse Jackson, somebody who has donated his own money to democratic and humanitarian causes over and over again.

      You don’t know what a Nazi is. You’ve never met one. All the real Nazis were handled for you well before you were even born. If you walked around the corner and met a resurrected 19-year-old blonde, blue-eyed corporal of the Waffen SS you would piss your pants and run away. You live in a cotton-candy padded-cell world protected on all sides by cops, soldiers, and other “fascists”.

      As for this bullshit about families at the border: If you break the law, you get separated from your family. That’s the way it goes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a shoplifter or an illegal alien. Do you know why my family has never been “separated at the border”? We don’t cross other people’s borders illegally. But if we did — if we decided to, say, cross into Switzerland under cover of darkness — then we would be separated.

      There are alternatives for Trump — and there were alternatives for Obama — besides separation. Such as:

      * immediate deportation
      * repatriation via helicopter
      * being shot while you try to cross

      I double dog dare you to grab your mom and dad then try to sneak into Japan or Saudi Arabia. Separation will be the least of your worries. Get over yourself.

      Oh, and thanks for reading.

      • rambo furum

        I have little against Trump, but the argument that he is fascist has more merit than those baseless wartime atrocity tales. We’ve been a fascist nation for quite some time, just not one that dares to name the Grabbler.

        • jz78817

          No, we’re only approaching one of the characteristics; specifically the strident nationalism/jingoism and fetishization of the military. Get back to me when we have widespread ruthless suppression and extermination of dissidents (Fox News and Infowars conspiracy theories don’t count) and complete state control of industry.

          Which is why- despite the names of the ruling parties- we’ve never in this world had a “communist” nation of any significance. The Soviet Union, Mao’s PRC, and DPRK tick all the boxes of fascism in reality.

          • 98horn

            That is interesting. Wiki defines fascism as :authoritarian ultranationalism, characterized by dictatorial power and FORCIBLE SUPPRESSION OF OPPOSITION. Now, who is forcibly oppressing the opposition in our society? Hint: it’s not the right.

          • bluebarchetta

            Q. What’s the difference between a Communist and a Nazi?
            A. A Nazi never says “yeah, but real Nazism has never been tried…”

          • jz78817

            “Q. What’s the difference between a Communist and a Nazi?
            A. A Nazi never says “yeah, but real Nazism has never been tried…””

            that’s not what I’m saying at all, sport, and you goddamn well know it.


            “Now, who is forcibly oppressing the opposition in our society? Hint: it’s not the right.”


          • safe as milk

            it’s an interesting question but i think the key difference between regimes like the communist soviet union and nazi germany is their economic organization.

            they are both autocracies but the communists didn’t recognize private property rights. the nazis did for “aryans” – not so much for jews, gypsies, etc.

            the key feature of fascist states is the merger of corporate and government interests. you can keep your property, but we will tell you what to do with it. this worked very well for those in the “in crowd.” many so called capitalists were admirers of hitler and mussolini before wore broke out. henry ford and thomas watson to name just two.

            a lot of “nazi” ideas are now mainstream. the economic union of europe was a big dream of the fascists. the international monetary system has it’s origins in the work of hjalmar schacht, hitler’s finance minister. you can read all about it in the history of the bank of international settlements.


            personally, i think we have been slowly heading down the fascist road since ike’s famous 1960 farewell speech.

          • Dirty Dingus McGee

            The above back and forth is EXACTLY the reason I won’t get in that discussion. Neither side is going to convince the other of the superiority of their viewpoint, and It then degenerates to name calling (borderline started already)

          • everybodyhatesscott

            Get back to me when we have widespread ruthless suppression

            Yeah, we have this one. But it’s alright because it’s just Billion Dollar Monopolies doing the suppression.

          • jz78817

            “Q. What’s the difference between a Communist and a Nazi?
            A. A Nazi never says “yeah, but real Nazism has never been tried…””

            to put a finer point on it, it’s possible to believe both:

            1) Communism (as defined by Marx) has never really been tried (it hasn’t, it’s always been enforced at gunpoint) AND

            2) Communism (as defined by Marx) simply cannot work at all on any large scale. It runs counter to human nature.

            see? It’s possible to hold two associated viewpoints which aren’t in direct conflict with each other. I’ll let you get back to your “You’re either with us or against us” BS.

            (amazing how many people who think they’re really smart so quickly fall into the warm embraces of the intellectually lazy false dichotomy)

    • Panzer

      It isn’t Trumps policy. Read up on Flores v Reno, this was happening under Obama and Clinton too, strangely enough though, the liberal MSM didn’t feel the need to report on it when the latter two administrations ruled..

  11. rwb

    I think the world would be a better place if everyone took the time to think about the things they say, the words they use, and tried to unwind the compulsions behind both.

    But I realize I’m wrong. No one wants to be fecund: We’d prefer to feel as though we’re morally right due to perspective, regardless of any absolute truth, if such exists. The ends of simply fulfilling impulses justify any means, regardless of how petty.

    • Daniel J

      I’m not sure in most cases of morality if any absolute truth exists, outside of clear black and white cases. Most of us live in the gray, so all we have is our perspective.

      • rwb

        Sure. Maybe there aren’t even “black and white” moral truths. I’d say slaughtering innocent people, or fucking kids, or turning them into soldiers, are all incontrovertibly evil, negative actions; but it’s not even that hard to find someone who will passionately argue the opposite, because while my view of a “negative action” might be, loosely, anything that increases chaos, violence, malaise or disquiet, those are all some people know, all they know how to work towards, and where they feel most at home. That cultural context can build perspectives which, if there are moral absolutes and we’re correct about them, are wrong.

        But that’s a tangent. I don’t think there are many daesh members posting here, so we all should have the luxury of time and safety to self-examine, and question whether what we’re saying is actually useful or does anything good for anyone. And if those aren’t your priorities, we’re probably not on the same team.

  12. stingray65

    Jack, the only criticism that I have of your post is where you equate the far right with Richard Spencer. Spencer claims to be a modern Nazi, but the contrary to very common beliefs and the teaching of leftist professors and historians, the Nazis weren’t right of anything except Communists. Jordan Peterson makes the same mistake in equating Nazism with the far right, but any reasonable evaluation of Nazi positions including the translation of the name itself (National Socialism) makes it very clear that the Nazis were leftists in virtually all their economic, political, and social policies. The Left believes in government control of industry and society and so did the Nazis. Taxes and regulations went up drastically in Nazi Germany, and healthcare and education were totally nationalized. VW was a Nazi initiative to create a “people’s car”, and is still largely owned by the German state. The Left also tend to favor the environment over people, and so did the Nazis – part of the reason for invading Russia and exterminating the local population was to create open spaces for nature and Aryan settlers. The Left is also about identity politics, where today women and people of color are said to be victims of the White patriarchy, while the Nazis believed Aryan problems (including losing WWI) were caused by to Jews. The Left believes in gun control (i.e. only the government should have guns), and so did the Nazis. The Left tends to shut-down media that doesn’t tow the party line, and only favors free and fair elections when they win, as did the Nazis who controlled the German media and called off elections after taking control of the government in 1933.

    In contrast, the Right tends to believe in small government, economic/political freedom, and the sanctity of private property, which are thing that Spencer and the Nazis have never shown any interest in. For example Spencer like the Nazis fully supports government run (single payer) health care. Thus if you want to cite right wing examples I might suggest Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan, Ayn Rand, or Friedrich Hayek as recent historic examples, and Jordan Peterson (despite his denials), Victor Davis Hansen, and Ann Coulter as current examples.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said, but most people aren’t thinking that critically.

      Spencer says he’s a Nazi therefore they call him one. The fact that he is basically LARPing David Duke for the sake of either notoriety or a backdoor paycheck from the media doesn’t matter to most people.

    • dejal

      “The Left is also about identity politics, where today women and people of color are said to be victims of the White patriarchy, while the Nazis believed Aryan problems (including losing WWI) were caused by to Jews. ”

      That’s a take I’ve never encountered before. Thanks. That’s very good.
      I thought that about the left and I thought that about the Nazis, but never in one sentence. I will be using that one in the future.

    • Zykotec

      As something of a leftist, I really hate that the multibilliondollar company backed rich spoiled kids who want rich actresses to make as much money as rich actors are somehow called ‘the left’ . As with the example of Richard Spencer , just calling yourself something doesn’t make you something.
      Socalled right wing people (living in a US that is for the most part relatively civilized) screaming about how bad socialism is just reminds of the people ‘The People’s Liberation Front of Judea’ asking each other ‘what did the romans ever do for us?’
      I may lash out a bit when reasonably wealthy middle class people who were indoctrinated with anisocialist propaganda since they were kids complain about other people complaining about things that are often non-issues (making their complaints non-non-issues?) and when they relay unchecked anti-immigrant propaganda coming from Europe (which is just mosly rehashed anti-islam propaganda from the Yugoslavian civil war) of how bad the situation in Europe is (hint, the most dangerous places in the most dangerous cities in Europe are still a lot safer than many cities in the US) , and I think I should stil do that to be honest…even if it is for deaf ears…
      Most of you people are not even ‘real’ rightwingers, and most of your political enemies are certainly not left wingers and as many of your coorporations are a real threat to humanity, putting you guys up against each other is totally in their best interest.
      (Unlike many of you I prefer that my tax money goes to public services instead of subsidizing cheaper oil, but I’m weird like that.)
      My real name isn’t hard to find as I use the same alias everywhere….

      • stingray65

        Zykotec – who do you think pays the taxes that pay for the public services you want? Hate to break the news to you, but all that tax revenue comes from private enterprise and the corporations that you seem to hate. Companies that have a product that people like so much they can sell it for more than it costs to produce make profits. Profits allow the corporations to pay salaries to employees, and the corporations and the employees pay taxes on what they earn, which go to pay for government services. If companies don’t make profits, then they don’t hire workers and they don’t pay taxes. Most people on the right don’t like taxes going to subsidize corporations, and you should be happy to know that the oil industry gets virtually no special subsidies, but pays huge taxes on its profits and employs thousands of people in well-paying jobs. On the other hand, solar and wind energy and electric vehicles gets huge subsidies, which go mainly to the rich, and pay zero taxes to support government services. As Ronald Reagan to correctly observed: Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

        • Zykotec

          You’re not all wrong, but I feel it’s a little bit more complicated, and in some ways more simple than that. Your tax money (or your large coorporations) tax money does also pay for the largest military force in the world, who amongst other things work hard to keep foreign oil cheap, some times by stabilizing countries that produce oil, and sometimes by making way for oil lines and securing rights for oil companies. (some good, some bad things) So, In a way your tax money goes into your fuel budget. Good luck trying to calculate what it really costs to run a V8 truck. (not sarcastically, I’d like to see someone try that)
          To a large degree the US has found a way to make itself into sort of a marked controlled socialist country, which is both good and awesome and really really weird to someone who grew up in a world where the exact oposite has happened.
          But this requires that companies are lead by people who are qualified for critical thinking, and for understanding the concept of responsibility…a rare thing today.
          As an example the US has a bunch of regulations that have been started by for instance insurance companies because they were tired of paying for damages from stupidly built cars and such. (regulations which many of you blame on the left I may add) Your coorporations have historically taken the responsibilities left open by a in some ways a lacking government, but they seem to care less as time goes on.
          Some large coorporations are lead by people who are about as responsible as a 4 year old with ADD who just got his first bike, and they take out more than a fair share of their profits, instead of giving money to people who could be potential customers. This is wrong by both left and right wing standards. The left and the right both want people to have money to buy goods.
          Some rich people like to publicly side with the left to look like nice people, but somehow they don’t look like bad people to right wing people who instead decide to hate on the left-wingers, and vice versa I may add. This does not make those rich people anything politically, it just makes them liars. profitable liars, who make poor people fight each other.
          Some of your examples also prove that the rich are generally really really talented at getting subsidies that righ wingers will still blame on left wingers. In this case that blame is somewhat justifies because left-wingers in the US aren’t all that smart either and often support people that are quite obviously using them…
          Also, the examples of how the rich are really good at tax evading comes right after where you made a point about them paying a lot of taxes…yeah…
          Some coorporations are really really talented at getting you guys riled up against each others.
          I may add that I don’t generally hate large coorporations, but when they are quite openly trying to destroy the world for a quarterly impression of profit to feed to their stock owners it does get a bit scary. Also, when they pour a bunch of propaganda into a country which often has less than decent public education, it is a bit scary.
          When Hollywood movies spend a couple of decades trying to make all government seem scary, to the point that people will do anything to stop actual politicians from getting elected, it is a bit scary. When they make the military seem more trustworthy than the government, it’s a bit scary. When they portray torture as a sane way to get information, that’s a bit scary.
          When they want bluecollar workers to be ashamed that rich people treat women and men differently, it’s bloody annoying. When they pay actresses less than actors, and then make a point out of how women don’t get paid fairly, it makes me angry.
          I also want to add that I, unlike any of the people I’m supposed to side with, am not scared of Trump (maybe some of his followers though) and I think he has done a fairly decent job so far. It’s just sad that both the left and right focus only on the things he has done wrong…
          ( but I do think that even Elon Musk seems more trustworthy and stable on twitter, please, someone , get Donald off twitter)
          A lot of the things he has ‘destroyed’ that Obama had ‘created’ have been fixes that were really needed because your congress is sometimes useless to the point of sabotaging your country, and Obama didn’t fix all these things well enough because he was sabotaged in the same way.
          And somehow the left gets blamed for these rich old mens incompetence too, while the right wingers gets blamed for ‘ruining’ what Obama had ‘built’…
          (OK, a lot of congress are supposedly left-wingers by your standards, but there’s just something about being old and rich and only serving themselves that make me doubt their sincerity)

          I apologize for all the inconsistencies in this post because I have a really hard time separating the righ wingers from wight wingers….espacially since there is so much more overlap than what your media wants you to think/know. Also, I do get tired of looking for dependable sources of information since pure objective information is a reare thing these days.
          And, I don’t mind being told that I’m wrong, I may learn something from it. I’m not here to ‘win’ a discussion.
          (I’ll try not to add more about how **ked your media is, since it’s not that much better over here, with many of the same owners and interests)

          • -Nate

            Actually he’s flat lying and always has like most trolls do .

            Those who care about facts understand how the corporate tax code is deliberately set up to look like they pay more taxes but then there are many many loop holes that the alt right (true Conservatives never lie nor obfuscate like he does endlessly) .

            Of course the collective media is always on the side of the alt – right, they’re corporate owned, duh .


          • stingray65

            A major problem with the left is that much of the stuff they hate about capitalism – greed, inequities, cheating, corruption, etc. are general characteristics of humans. The leftist solution to almost all such human weakness problems is more government, which they will sometimes admit doesn’t actually solve the problems. Unfortunately, their universal solution to lack of government effectiveness is even more government. The question that leftists never seem to address, however, is why would imperfect human beings would be less corrupt, greedy, etc. when they hold absolute power in a government position? Do leftists now wonder how modestly paid members of congress can leave office as multi-millionaires? Do leftists every wonder how public school teachers, cops, and city bus drivers have managed to get deals that allow them to retire in their 40s and early 50s on huge taxpayer funded pensions? What they fail to realize is that the big government they advocate only exacerbates the human weaknesses of government officials. When government gets big and powerful, it becomes more possible for “greedy” officials to “sell” special tax breaks, or regulations that protect them from competition, or subsidies, or juicy government contracts, etc. to “greedy” industries and wealthy individuals who desire an easier way to accumulate or keep wealth than facing real competition that is the main self-regulating feature of capitalism. The genius of the US Founding Fathers is their recognition of human weakness by creating a series of Constitutional checks and balances to prevent government from getting too powerful, which have unfortunately been weakened or circumvented by leftists, who may have had good intentions to help the poor or correct “injustices”, but which have allowed government to become more powerful and corrupt.

          • Zykotec

            Meh, fundamentally we agree, no matter if we call the greedy guys in power left or right, they are still greedy bastards. Problem is, by now people are really really addicted to bread and cirkus, and it’s hard to let go of all that nice bread and cirkus. it’s gone so far that the elections are about which candidate delivers the best bread and cirkus instead of any actual politics.
            I want to add one more positive about Trump, he has really made common people interested in politics again. If only common people had a way to access information about what politics really are that could turn out to be a good thing.

      • Factchecker

        “hint, the most dangerous places in the most dangerous cities in Europe are still a lot safer than many cities in the US”

        Better update your “hate-facts”: the violent crime rate in Sadiq Kahn’s gun-free London has recently surpassed New York City. He is now calling for knife control, which obviously won’t do anything about the acid attacks.

        Aside from crime, Islam is an all-encompassing political and life system with a religious component. In a world with around 50 Muslim countries (which are generally not particularly nice places TBH), why do you feel the need to target those of us who reject Islam and want to live in societies free from its influence?

  13. Paul Alexander

    I can’t imagine anything more pathetic than trying to drum up drama between auto writers! Hahaha! What a bizarre time we live in. Not going to lie though, I’d love see Jack in a no holds barred match against a Jalopnik writer of their choice.

    • Carmine

      I’d like to see that, though I think it would be over quick, those guys are so soft that even their balls are made out of pussy…….

  14. Eric L.

    I mean, it was obvious the guy wasn’t a therapist, but it was still an _excellent_ introduction. I omit my last name here in case your comments get crawled by Google, but it shouldn’t be difficult to dig out my identity based on the excessive PII I leak onto these public pages.

    It’s really sad that you are stalked, but I am still waiting to buy you lunch the next time you’re in San Diego and/or touring Mr. Taylor’s mansion again, you bum.


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