Today’s The Day For 100k


A last-minute “big day” by my standards of 908 hits means that today, Sunday, February 2, 2014, will be the day that this blog hits 100,000 reads/views/whatevs.

So I’m going to celebrate in my own way.

Everyone who comments on this post will get something. You can write whatever you like… tell a story, request future content, offer an opinion, it’s all up for grabs.

You might get an MP3 of some random music. You might get a TTAC shirt, if you’re in the United States and feel like receiving one. (International shipping of these guys has proven to be amazingly difficult.) You might get some auto show trinket. I might PayPal you two dollars. We’ll limit it to the first twenty-five comments, because there’s no way in hell there are ever going to be more than twenty-five comments on a particular piece here.

It’s funny that it’s taken me six months to run up the kind of number that TTAC or Jalopnik might run up before the close of business. But this site was never meant to be particularly popular. It’s just meant to be a place for me to speak my mind. So here I am, and here you are. Let’s celebrate 100k.

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  1. AvatarCGHill

    For what it’s worth, it took me nearly six years to get 100,000 visitors. Then again, the Web was still in diapers when I started back in the spring of ’96.

  2. AvatarNickNyack

    Regular reader, first time commenter. I’ll wager to say there are a few more silent fans than you give yourself credit for. Keep up the good writing!

    Lastly, glad to hear recovery is going well and most importantly that your son is safe.

    Cheers to 100k!

  3. AvatarTre Deuce

    OK! What vehicle was that instrument cluster, from? I can usually recognize any part of a car built before 1970, so this must be later then that.

    I took a pic of the instrument cluster when my 96′ 328is hit 200,000, then rolled it into the shop and pulled a perfect running engine out and replaced it with a M5 V-8. Now it is just a toy, sort of like this blog.

    Congrats, Jack, it is good that your having a good time with this after what the last 27-28-29? days have been for you.

    Now where is that bottle of Jacquesson Cuvée 731. Been looking for and excuse to sample that, and it seems appropriate for the occasion, but it will have to wait til tomorrows brunch. Will be thinking of you, Jack when I pop that cork.

    Here’s too hoping your in fine shape when your blog hits 500,000.

  4. AvatarTim

    Hey Jack,
    a big congrats. I am certainly looking forwards to your next goal of 1,000,000 reads/views/whatevs and all your ramblings that accompany that.

  5. Avatarzardoz99

    Hi Jack,

    From SoCal,

    Glad you are rehabbing well, and you are writing better than ever.

    Any fan of Nick Drake deserves more hits.

  6. AvatarAaron Berga

    Congrats on hitting 100k. I’m still trying to convince my Dad to get one of those carbon fiber guitars, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. His opinion is it can’t sound good if it isn’t made out of wood.

  7. AvatarThe Kid

    Congratulations to my favorite as du volant on blowing by cent Mille Bornes online. Long may you draw 200s in the card game of life – roulez!

    Thank you for being an inspiration in so many ways. I brought back a nasty deep vein thrombosis from a recent business trip, and when the pain and inconvenience starts to weigh heavy on my mind, I think of your determination to overcome the considerably more difficult obstacles in your recovery.

    You’ll be glad to know once my Melody Burner makes it to Switzerland, I intend to play it not just at home, but also in the band at church. I like to think of it as the answer to WWJP: unassuming, unadorned, but unquestionably crafted with love and skill out of the finest materials. God bless you, Jack Baruth!

  8. AvatarCarzzi

    Congratulations on the milestone and good to read about your recovery.

    The TTAC piece about falling out of Panther love is a great one. Two things resulted in my conversion last year, from DD’ing my beloved and dearly departed ’94 530i-5, to a newer (<2 yr pre-owned) car. Number one was watching videos of old-vs-new car crashes (various 5th Gear, etc., clips), and second was when my situation changed to me ferrying the kids around instead of my wife doing so (she drives a nearly new SUV).

    Today, one is spoiled for choice when looking for crashworthy new cars. If looking for a fun-ish family "hauler", one might consider leasing one of the 4WD V6-Ecoboost Flexplorers.

  9. AvatarJon O

    Just found the site tonight though I’ve enjoyed the writing on TTAC. There’s way more to life than cars though, music and bikes being pretty damn important so thanks for writing about a wider range of topics here.

    Reading about your accident made me think about driving on ice and how darn complacent we are in snow country about driving and being one step from disaster. I found a frozen lake today and went out practicing and all I really learned is that even my so called ice tires can let go pretty easy and that ESC can be fooled when all 4 lock up.

    Not sure I get the Nick Drake thing, I have Pink Moon on my iPod and I liked Lucinda William’s cover of Which Will.

    Good luck with the next 100,000. I am one of those international guys so don’t worry about sending me anything.

  10. AvatarChris Smith

    Long time reader, first time poster. I have enjoyed most of your stuff since the first TTAC posts involving police escape/evading.
    Keep up the quality writing.

  11. AvatarRichard Jacob


    Congratulations on the rollover! I’ve followed you for the last couple of years starting with TTAC, eventually finding you (and your regular commenters) here on your own site, and it’s been a pleasure. Please keep up the good work–so far you’ve been instrumental in my last car choice, renewed my affection for the guitar (although my playing suggests some astonishing trauma from my youth affecting the way my brain is connected to my fingers), and prompted several excellent discussions with the amazing woman I’m sharing my life with, which is nice considering I spend quite a bit of time these days deployed and can always use some skype-fodder. You’re a truly gifted writer and thinker, and that’s a rare commodity these days.

    Keep up the great work, and best of luck to you.

  12. AvatarTomko

    Alas, let us hoist a glass to Jack on this Chinese New Year. Unbeknownst to more than a billion others, the dawn of the year of the horse coincides with this other auspicious event. Or as Leonard Cohen once said, first we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin. Next year in Jerusalem.

  13. AvatarChris

    Congrats, Jack, on the milestone. I’m well behind your mark, I’m certain, though I have an interesting literary opportunity looming that has rejuvenated my writing.

    I look forward to your posts both here and at TTAC.

  14. Avatarnick d


    Completely random and off-topic comment – I saw a Grand Seiko Spring Drive in person yesterday. It was quite the piece of horological equipment.

  15. AvatarBret

    I’m racking my brain trying to determine which car that speedo image is from. I right click to see if the image info will give me a clue. Using Firefox to view page info, the security tab says,

    Have I visited this website prior to today? Yes, 151 times.

    So…. long time listener, first time caller. Allow me to add my voice to those who are happy you are getting better since the accident, sad it happened in the first place, and appreciative of your writing talent and story-telling skills. I look forward to you getting back to 100% in all aspects.

  16. AvatarBrian E

    Not being a professional writer it’s never really occurred to me to think about hits since the days of animated counters and “Best Viewed in Netscape Navigator” badges. My own blog is so horribly stale that I probably should just nuke it at this point. (That’s what happens when you start a business, I guess – all those things you’d like to do but are inessential fall to the wayside.) I was intending to let it fall apart on its own, but I wrote the damn thing myself and it just won’t die.

    Unless I suddenly decide to buy a weekend home in Michigan, my car (an ’06 TSX) probably won’t hit 100k under my ownership. Commuting has put about 5K miles a year on it. I’m starting to feel the seven year itch too. That new WRX sure looks interesting, doesn’t it?

    • AvatarLorne

      I have an ’06 TSX as well, Brian. I’m trying to delay the 50K-mile milestone til my 50th birthday this summer, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. (Now if I could only delay my 50th birthday!)

      Congrats, Jack! I hope you’re rehabbing well. You keep writing, and we’ll keep reading.

  17. AvatarRichard

    Congratulations! It’s wonderful to celebrate personal victories/milestones. Sharing them with others is a gift. No additional gift required. I enjoy reading what you choose to write. Thank you.

  18. Avatardisinterested-observer

    For a guy who’s primary claim to fame is writing for an automotive website that most people in and out of the industry dislike you are not doing too bad for yourself.

    BTW I was about to move my little guys to front facing seats when you had your crash, now I want to keep them in rear-facing forever. It’s funny-the main reason I wanted to get them in FF is that riding in RF seats sucks unless it is in the third row of an old station wagon.

  19. AvatarLuke

    Congratulations Jack. I’m impressed that the physical trauma you’re currently going through has not distracted you from personal introspection and self improvement.

    How’s Accord shopping going? My local dealer had one of the Sport models in stock as of last week. You’re than welcome to crash at my place you want to come buy it.

    • JackJack Post author

      I’m thinking EX stick-shift. Would rather have the sunroof and the heated mirrors than the dual exhaust and the big wheels.

  20. AvatarPavel T.

    The best gift would be for you and CMW to recover soon. Hope to see you soon, Jack! 🙂

    Pavel T. from Mississauga

  21. AvatarKevin Jaeger

    I’m amazed at how quickly you’ve returned to frequent writing after such a serious injury.

    I hope your passenger is progressing just as quickly.

    • JackJack Post author

      She’s doing very, very well. She’ll need one or two more surgeries before she flies home, so we’re targeting mid-March for her return. But she’s cooking her own meals and being no trouble at all 🙂

  22. AvatarMatt

    Nice work on this. Hope recovery is going well. No need to send me anything, I appreciate your stories and perspectives. Thanks.

  23. AvatarJim

    Congratulations! Let’s hope the site is still around to see 200k. While I frequently disagree with your social commentary, your writing is always entertaining and thought provoking. If you ever get around to publishing an e-book or something I’d gladly part with 10 bucks…

  24. AvatarRyan

    I’ve do glad to see your are on the mend. Your writings always lighten up the day, and something to look forward too whether its cars, kids, women, social commentary etc. By the way, I own a 2013 Fusion 1.6 with the manual, and I still torn about whether I should have gone with the Honda. But, living in Western Mass means I get to make the most of it on back roads. All the best in the New Year.

  25. AvatarScott Meggs

    Congratulations. TTAC brought me here and it is now on my regular reading list. Keep up the good work and get well soon.

  26. AvatarCaptain_Slow

    Jack, congratulations on hitting 100k views here.

    I know I’m well past the first 25 comments, but for what it’s worth, it’d be nice to see a few more stories from your car salesman days.

  27. Tom KlockauTom Klockau

    I am not sure why I never found this site before, but now I have some catching up to do. I guess I though the speed-sport-life page was your personal webpage.

  28. AvatarChris

    Hi Jack,

    I agree with a few of the above posters, you have more readers than you give yourself credit for. Hope the recovery continues to going well.


  29. AvatarDean


    I’ve been following your writing through TTAC, now here and was glad to see your talents picked up by R&T. I’m also a “car guy” and musician and enjoy reading about your exploits in both worlds. Sorry to hear about the accident. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  30. AvatarEconomist

    Congratulations. I just discovered your site after reading all your stuff for TTAC, TTAG, and following the links to your old stuff from SpeedSportLife. Your writing is the best part of all the aforementioned sites. That piece you did on what it means to hunt is the best thing that ever hit TTAG, but it seemed to fly right over a lot of the commentariat’s heads.
    Anyway now that my Jack Baruth superfan gushing is out of the way, I wanted to say that once I saw that B on the gear indicator, all I could think of was “Put it in H!”

  31. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    Your milestone made me check that Analytics for CiD and it’s close to 300K at this point, most of which I’m sure have been bots belonging to Bing and Google spidering the site, though Adsense revenue is up to about $70 a month.

  32. Avatarmark in maine

    Happy 100k Jack – I enjoy coming here and reading the pieces that you post up. It is always nice to discover a fresh one. I think your writing is some of the best that I read from day-to-day, anywhere – and you write and ponder on so many subjects, as well. Your TTAC piece about the end of your Panther Love was a great one, and the replies from the B&B were a good read, too. Thank you for all of the excellent writing, Jack.

  33. Avatarmike

    Congrats Jack.

    Another vote for the accord here – wife’s old TSX bit the dust and i promised myself we would only pick from the top 3 cars in the iihs ratings. When the 2013 accord nailed the small frontal offset test that was it for us. It’s sporty enough but what it really is is mobile family armor. you’ll sleep well at night.

  34. AvatarLowell Mattox

    Congatulations, Jack, I enjoy your writing so much! And, I dare say I know a LOT more about guitars since I’ve started reading your blog :-). Someone had a “green” guitar in one of the Superbowl ads yesterday, and I nearly remembered what it was. I did remember reading about it/them. 🙂 Best wishes for your future success…and friggen’ healing!

  35. AvatarJosh

    A hearty congrats. You’ve earned the visitors with engaging and interesting content. They say not having a filter can get you into trouble… well… it sure a heck makes the writing that much more interesting and truthful. Here’s to another 100k more!

  36. Avatarjdh

    Congratulations. I enjoy your writing and your outlook. I started reading you at TTAC – now I look for your stuff in other places as well.

  37. AvatarPiloter

    Happy rollover, Jack. Been lurking and following you for a long time. Your writing sounds the maniac chord of truth, exhilaration, and introspection. That and your EIC tenure at TTAC pulled it from post-Farago forgettable to worth reading occasionally…as J’nik has schlorped into the unreadable niche.

    All the speed, all of the risks, and in the end it’s you taking in the shorts from somebody else who screwed up too bad to save. I think that’s the story of far too many of our lives. Glad to hear everybody involved is alive and on the mend. The world needs more voices like yours as counterpoints to the relentless drums of conformity.

  38. AvatarRayH

    Congrats on 100k. Thank you for the -One Of Them Shall Not Fall On The Ground Without Your Father- piece. I sent that link to a dozen people, and I don’t recommend things lightly.
    Never mind winning a TTAC shirt, I’d be happy to buy one somewhere!


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