The Disappearance Of Crimethink

In 2017, 74 of the 30,000 white farmers in South Africa were murdered.

In that same year, 48 unarmed Black men were killed by police in the USA, out of 21.5 million Black men, the majority of whom presumably go about unarmed most of the time.

That’s one in 405 against one in 447,917. If you’re upset by the latter — and I don’t think anybody likes it, with the possible exception of the people who benefit financially or politically from the situation — you should be enraged by the former. Yet the uniparty media, which lionized Mr. Obama for his posthumous adoption of Trayvon Martin, became practically rabid with frothing fury when President Trump expressed concern regarding those South African farmers. CNN screeched that “one recently released accounting… suggested the killing of white farmers in South Africa was at a 20-year low.” Well, the rate of “gun violence homicide” in the USA is half what it was in 1992 but that’s not stopping our media from bleating about the “gun violence epidemic”. Not one more death! Unless the guy is working a farm in South Africa, in which case 74 will be just fine!

We all know how this movie is going to end: the killings, beatings, rapes of intimidation of farmers will increase until they are driven off the land. The land will be given to cronies of the South African political leadership. Production will start to fall, because the qualities that make for a good political crony do not make for a good farmer. Over the course of say, a decade, South Africa will see its farming output decline until it is perhaps one-quarter or less of what it is now. Then South Africa will become a permanent recipient of Western aid and its people will live in abject poverty.

We know this because we’ve seen this movie before. The fall of Rhodesia from “Africa’s breadbasket” to Africa’s basketcase is well documented, even in left-leaning American press. Which no doubt explains why, as South Africa prepares to leap from the same precipice, the media is starting to rewrite history.

The Atlantic recently mourned Robert Mugabe’s fall from power with a full suite of weasel words and phrases designed to obscure the fact that this single man turned a functioning country into a hellhole where people ate bugs:

Racist rule is a recent memory in the country, and Mugabe, despite his obvious faults, represented the successful fight against it.

As long as your definition of “successful” includes starving to death, but not before you are raped.

White-minority rule in southern Africa, which was so entrenched as to seem permanent before Mugabe took power, is now the stuff of history books, even if Africa and its people are still dealing with the economic and social consequences of its legacy.

Social consequences? I think that’s fair; we are still dealing with the “social consequences” of slavery in the United States, the same way we are still dealing with the “social consequences” of the Irish potato famine or the “social consequences” of Henry VIII’s ideas on religion. But “economic consequences”? For the vast majority of Africans, the personal impact of the 1880-1980 colonial period was a dramatically increased standard of living, improved access to health care, and greater personal security. (For an alternate viewpoint, this research paper suggests that Africa could have had its own Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution without European interference. To its credit, this paper avoids mentioning the pyramids.)

The “economic consequences” of Mugabe’s rule are far less ambiguous. Not that they aren’t acceptable, mind you. I would personally accept quite a bit of reduction in my standard of living to be solely governed by the Powell city council rather than by a distant and openly hostile cabal in Washington. I sympathize with black Africans who wanted freedom at any cost. But if you want freedom at any cost, it’s intellectually despicable to pretend afterwards that there was, in fact, no cost. The Atlantic detailed those costs fifteen years ago in a factual article almost completely devoid of politically-correct sentiment:

Mugabe’s belief that he can strengthen his flagging popularity by destroying a resented but economically vital minority group is one that dictators elsewhere have shared. Paranoid about their diminishing support, Stalin wiped out the wealthy kulak farming class, Idi Amin purged Uganda’s Indian commercial class, and, of course, Hitler went after Jewish businesses even though Germany was already reeling from the Depression. Whatever spikes in popularity these moves generated, the economic damage was profound, and the dictators had to exert great effort to mask it.

The good news for putative dictators everywhere from South Africa to London is that the American media, which once fought and unmasked their efforts, will now assist them in the cover-up.

And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory.

You can start by forgetting Rhodesia. It never existed. There was never enough food in Zimbabwe, there was always a corrupt and crony-infested government. It is the natural order of things. Winston, how many fingers am I holding up?

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  1. SexCpotatoes

    Dogwhistle, Dogwhistle, racism, racism, forget the corrupt administration in power in the US right now that absolutely refuses to allocate any money for election security because it might stop Russian tampering with American voting.

    Nazi, nazi, fake “white genocide” stories: ‘AgriSA says its data includes “crimes against commercial farmers, but also smallholding owners involved in a farming activity, emerging farmers, farm workers, their family members and visitors”.’ - So. Looks like you’re trying to Racistly-McRacistface Whitewash all the 74 killed in the past calendar year even though the statistics were presented NOT NOTING RACE AT ALL.

    The fact that anybody has to fact check this BS KKK-white power spewed on FOX and regurgitated by an unfit, corrupt, demented, obese, Russia-kowtowing “president” is pathetic. AND the “unarmed blacks” statistics you cite for US police-perpetrated murders doesn’t account at all for the existence of “Drop Guns,” knives, or any other weapons, much less for the escalation of force when cops deal with black ‘suspects,’ so more overt racism, par for the course.

    • Rick T.

      Note that it’s always people like SexCpotatoes who hear the dog whistles. On a related note, is it better to be called a dog or a deplorable?

      • SexCpotatoes

        Nah, y’see “dogwhistles” tend to bring all the racists to the yard (not unlike rancid milkshakes), and look who came running! You had nothing of substance to add: like my very cursory investigation of Jack’s claims, completely absolutely debunking his claim that “THEY’S ALL MURDERED WIPIPO!” At least I furthered the conversation (not to be confused with Führer-ing the conversation). Unless you somehow believed Jack is right and everybody on those farms, owners, employees, visitors, etc, are all-white, all-white, all-white.

    • Max Hoffman

      You could play MadLibs with this and come up with a nice screed against Jews and the ZOG media and all that. Nice work.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Nice try.

      Let’s take a look at a set of statistics broken out by race:

      “More recent figures, which identify white farmers, are available from the Transvaal Agricultural Union, a group representing the interests of farmers. According to their figures, there were 84 farm murders in the 2017 calendar year. Of these, 59 victims were white farmers”

      The TAU also suggests that there are 54,000 white people on farms.

      That means that the murder figure is actually… one in 915.

      Let’s compare that to some facts from the Vietnam War:

      Soldiers from West Virginia who served in Vietnam died at a rate of 84.1 per 100,000, which means that one out of 1,189 West Virginia soldiers who served in Vietnam died during their one-year tours.

      So, being a white farmer in South Africa is more dangerous, on an annual basis, than SERVING IN THE VIETNAM WAR.

      If you assume that most farmers spend forty years farming, then if you started in 2018 as a white farmer you would end up with a chance of 1 in 22 of being killed.

      The death rate for Marines at Iwo Jima was one in 11.

      You’re free to live in your fantasy world where the cops are gunning down innocent Black men every day of the week while South African farmers live in perfect peace and security, because you have little to no real-world acquaintance with either. It’s all cosplay as far as you’re concerned. But the facts do not support your NAZI bleating. Sorry. Carry on.

      • SexCpotatoes

        Actual Nazis and the KKK and other “White Nationalist” hate groups are the ones pushing the South Africa Farm Land Distribution situation as a way to feign shock and horror at the “white extermination happening everywhere!” or at least that’s the narrative they’re pushing so bring on the concentration camps for immigrants, kick all the green card holders out even when they have families with citizens here. Deport VETERANS who were DACA beneficiaries who were PROMISED CITIZENSHIP for completing a full term of military service. All to try to make America some fictional fascist whitebread wonderland. Nice try, Nazi deflection unsuccessful. I will watch the Australian Broadcasting Company video eventually when I have time, but it’s a “Newscorp” FOX News company, and we know how much they outright lie.

        • Jack Baruth Post author

          Like I said before, you’ve never met an actual Nazi.

          “the South Africa Farm Land Distribution situation”

          You mean the process by which people are murdered, raped, and driven off their land? That’s “the South Africa Farm Land Distribution situation”?

          Do you know what kind of people use terms like “the South Africa Farm Land Distribution situation” and “the final solution” for murder, rape, and dispossession?

          • SexCpotatoes

            That’s exactly how the ancestors of the white landowners got the land in the first place, I don’t see you upset about all the native people murdered and driven off their land, even if it was a long time ago. We gave Native Americans vast tracts of (admittedly mostly worthless) land in this country after abusing and exterminating them, historically.

            But let’s get to the meat of this: NUMBERS. I watched the heavily slanted 28-some minute video from Australia Broadcasting Company, and it seems that even if you count the full 84 dead, that’s out of 20,000 murders in South Africa in the same time. ZERO POINT FOUR TWO PERCENT. So, less than half a percent of murders in the country, it rounds to zero. This is “white genocide?” Not to mention the fact that while 9% of the post Apartheid population is white, less than 9% of those 20k South African murder victims are white. They barely mentioned that in passing.

            And besides the color red, you really can’t see all the eerie similarities between Trump and the black populist politician holding rallies and telling his followers to go out and commit violence against a minority? Taking the country back from the invader? Oh it’s okay by an orange rapist against South Americans fleeing a collapsing state which we caused, but gotta draw the line at white people getting hurt, none of the darkies matter, only the whites seems to be the thrust of your argument.

            I don’t care if you don’t consider yourself a “Nazi,” but alt-right, white supremacist, or whatever, the statements you make are concocted to hint at other races being lesser, or inhuman/subhuman. Even your ‘farm productivity will take a hit’ comments were meant to disparage blacks. I think you don’t really care about any of the victims or the vast number of poor people in South Africa, just like you don’t give a damn about any of the innocent children traumatized for life by separating them from their parents at the border. Or the fact that they’re getting molested and drugged in for-profit tax-payer gouging private centers, or Devos’ family kidnapping and selling children running them through their “Christian” adoption agency. ICE destroying all records that they WERE keeping that would have allowed any reunification.

        • PaulyG

          Enough, Mr. SexCpotatoes.

          Please act in a civil manner. You spout out about Nazis everywhere, but I have no more relatives in Europe due to real Nazis. You diminish the value of their lives by accusing people with whom you disagree as Nazis. Please read some history about Nazi atrocities and tell me how that compares to today. Or better yet, seek out and have a conversation with the few survivors that are still alive.

          I disagree with you on many points but this Jew is most assuredly neither a Nazi nor a Nazi sympathiser.

          • SexCpotatoes

            See above, when you support Trump and apologize, and try to explain away his lies and the vast irreparable damage he and his illegitimate administration are doing to our country, the environment, our courts, and everything. Jack ran a post saying no children were ever separated by Trump. The next step was literally concentration camps! Those plans were Obama’s, Jack says. Camps, on Army bases, to concentrate vast numbers of people. One step away from extermination. Trump notably kept a book of Hitler’s speeches on his night stand. I don’t know how much more proof you need, all the press conferences where they brag ‘we gonna snatch yo babbies’ etc, then they deny they ever did. 7 times their story changed in 1 week. If that’s not Nazi, and covering for them with this claptrap isn’t Nazi, then I guess Nazis never existed.

          • DougD

            My mother has some experience in dealing with actual Nazis, she assures me that the current situation is unlike what she remembers.

            This article really seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel on whataboutism. Can you get R&T to send to to Finland for some winter rally driving? While you’re there you can report back on how the socialist hellhole thing is working out over there.

          • PaulyG

            Mr. SexCpotatoes:

            I am not a Trump supporter. However I am old enough to discern the arc in the curvature of time. Here are my thoughts:

            1. Trump was elected legitimately. And don’t waste your time with the popular vote thing, that is not the rules of the game. The opposing party will get its next chance in a couple of years.

            2. Once again, please study some history. The country has had plenty of lousy presidents and the Republic survived and will also survive Trump.

            3. You might want to take a longer view and think about how much power has been ceded to the Executive Branch (executive orders and regulatory powers) by the Legislative Branch. I am sure when Mr. Obama was President, you were happy with “I have a pen and a phone”. Now not so much under Trump. Maybe the Founding Fathers were correct to limit the powers of the Executive Branch.

            4. In my past life on Wall Street and as a distressed securities hedge fund manager, I have had multiple business dealings with Mr. Trump and many others in his administration. He is not an anti-semite or a Nazi, just a typical New York real estate developer. They ALL act that way.

            5. Further to my past life, you were likely used to a world where it was 90% information and 10% noise. I spent a good chunk of my life on a bond trading desk were it is more like 50% information 50% noise. That is what we have today in the political world. Your brain will readjust if you let it.

            6. Trump has accomplished what he wanted, to be the center of attention of the entire world. He only lives rent-free in you brain if you allow him.

            7. When everything is an existential crisis, nothing is an existential crisis.

          • Ronnie Schreiber

            PaulyG, you said you worked for a hedge fund on Wall Street. Did you know Tony Glickman? He’s the only hedge fund manager that I’ve known and every time someone tried to make them sound evil it would confuse me because Tony was a complete mensch.

        • arbuckle

          Don’t be ridiculous.

          The concentration camps will be for the homosexuals and members of the media. The immigrants just get deported.

          • SexCpotatoes

            Nah, Jack, I make my own coffee at home. But between that ad hominem you’re perpetrating, and your brother Bark repeatedly calling me an incel on twitter, you’re 0-2+. I’m secure enough in the amount of sex I’m having, and I know y’all are just lashing out because you’re so impotent when I call you on your BS. Try to slant the statistics any which way but loose to make racism, but not even a full half a percent of all murders in SA is a really bad number to base your entire argument on. I would like to see that number lower for both colors, for everybody’s sake, you’d probably like to see it higher for whites so you can push your agenda.

          • Jack Baruth Post author

            “I’m secure enough in the amount of sex I’m having”

            yeah but I hear that sock is getting threadbare.

            “And I know y’all are just lashing out because you’re so impotent when I call you on your BS.”

            I approve your posts because I believe in diversity of opinion. That’s the difference between a classical liberal such as myself and a progressive wannabe like you.

            As far as ad hominem goes, my son is Jewish by birth, as was my first wife, but you’ve repeatedly called me a Nazi in public. If I thought anybody took you seriously I’d hire counsel and have your buttplugs repossessed to pay the judgment.

          • Ronnie Schreiber

            my son is Jewish by birth, as was my first wife, but you’ve repeatedly called me a Nazi in public.

            By my count there have been three Jews posting in this thread saying that Tater doesn’t have a clue about Nazis. He probably thinks Julia Salazar is a rebbitzen or something.

    • Ronnie Schreiber

      You believe that shit?

      Any concerns about the Chinese having been CC’d on all of Mrs. Clintons emails due them hacking her homebrew email server? Interesting how the same FBI folks so eager to look into Trump’s supposed collusion with Russians decided to ignore Chinese cybercrimes.

      • Cdotson

        Aw c’mon, the Chicoms never hacked the Clinton e-mail server. She willingly sold them the keys to the kingdom.

        • -Nate

          You’re _both_ lying and willfully ~ the FBI _did_ look into it and says there’s no evivdnce at all .

          You’re just bleating the same old ” !lock her up! ” dog whistle bullcrap because you know trump is guiltier than any other President ever in history .

          Try the truth some day, it’ll set you free .

          Hillary would have been (IMO) an awful President in a completely different way than trump is .


    • Ronnie Schreiber

      Please explain how the Zulu empire was more moral than the Dutch or Brits. I guess some empires are more equal than others.

      I’m a Jew so if I wanted to hate “white” European culture, I’d have some justification, what with the murder of my grandfather’s family, but in the broader view, Europeans have acted no differently than Asians and Africans. Long before Columbus encountered the Caribs, there were genocidal wars waged in North America by the descendants of the Siberians who crossed the land bridge to what is now Alaska.

      It’s hard to separate human beings into groups, by almost any criteria, race, sex, creed, nationality, etc, and end up with a group that doesn’t act like human beings, and human beings can act very, very badly. Despite how you feel about your blameless exotic brown, black, and yellow pets, Rousseau was wrong.

      “There are two races of men in this world, but only these two — the ‘race’ of the decent man and the ‘race’ of the indecent man. Both are found everywhere; they penetrate into all groups of society. No group consists entirely of decent or indecent people. In this sense, no group is of ‘pure race.’” – Viktor Frankl

  2. John C.

    The rush of stories saying nothing to see here after the tweet were all missing the number of how many white farmers there are. The NYT said the SA government did not keep numbers on it. Thanks for taking the time to find the number. If your number of 30,000 is correct, it really shows the extremes of the fake news.

  3. hank chinaski

    “All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us? ”

    In THE CURRENT YEAR, the ubiquitous cell phone will allow videos of necklacing and similar mayhem to make their way directly to Live Leak , to be hand waved away as ‘fake news’. Buckle up, folks.

  4. stingray65

    During the apartheid era black immigration (legal and illegal) into South Africa from neighboring countries was many millions of people. Why would blacks migrate to a country where they were guaranteed to be 3rd class citizens at best? Because S. Africa under minority white leadership was the only prosperous and civilized country in sub-Saharan Africa after decolonization and changeover to black kleptocracy. Why are so many black African’s risking their lives to get into white Europe where they will be 2nd class citizens? Because 2nd or 3rd class under white economic and political leadership offers a far better life. Contrary to leftist post-modern doctrine – when immigration runs in only 1 direction it is safe to say that both sides know which culture is superior, although the superiority can be quickly lost when the population from the inferior culture overwhelms the superior.

      • stingray65

        Oh Bark – you obviously need a more enlightened worldview, because it would be racist to point out that pre-colonial sub-Saharan Africa never developed any written languages or anything taller than a 2 story building, or that post-colonial Africa does little more than destroy anything of value. Yes the uninitiated and narrow-minded might be tempted to call such a place a shithole, but only until they can be re-educated to see things as our friends on the left do. With a proper leftist worldview we will all clearly see that Africa represents perfect social justice and environmental friendliness, and that our African visitors to the West have much for us to learn and emulate – diversity is our strength.

  5. Ronnie Schreiber

    I think that folks who wear Che Guevera shirts should be shamed but oddly I’d love to rock one of those Robert Mugabe sport jackets, in an ironic manner, of course.

  6. CliffG

    The wonderful end result is that after the Communists running S. Africa fail miserably over the next ten years, bringing famine and other disasters in their wake, the small s socialist will still be able to fall back on the old canard: “Sure socialism failed there, but that is because real socialism has not been tried yet”.

  7. VTNoah

    Don’t have much to say other than I have a dear friend from South Africa who’s family farm was taken from them by the bank. How’d it happen? They called in the mortgage to be paid in full even though there was a solid 20 years left and a perfect payment history.

    She was also attacked in her home and had to be hospitalized for quite some time. Her dog died protecting her. In home attacks of Afrikan (dutch descendent) folks are a VERY common occurrence.

    South Africa is no joke. I don’t know enough to comment on white’s vs. black relations but it is an unstable situation and will continue to be that way for quite some time.

    Beautiful country though.

  8. Jeff Zekas

    As Stefan Molyneux would say, “Name calling is not an argument.” If seems that left starts spewing insults, when they can’t present facts or figures. Thanks, Jack.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      It’s worth noting that the anthem of the ANC was “kill the Boer / kill the farmer”, as opposed to “kill all whites”.

      The individual Boer prowess with a centerfire rifle made things very tough for the British, that’s for sure.

  9. Bigtruckseriesreview

    The level of arrogance of White Nationalist media to actually think they can convince people that ANYTHING in Africa belongs to these “South African Farmers” (Afrikaners) – especially after we all saw what APARTHEID did in South Africa…making it impossible for the very natives of the place to even hope to be able to buy land…is LAUGHABLE.

    I honestly don’t care what anyone thinks about what I say or how I say it.

    The smartest thing those people can do is PACK THEIR SHIT.



    If they so easily think that they are just going to STEAL LAND from the native people – and wipe them out like their ancestors did to Native Americans… they’ve got another mutherfucking thing coming.

    and that goes for the other LAND THIEVES out their who think they can just role over the natives and take what they want by force.





    • Jack Baruth Post author

      When you say the “land thieves”, do you mean the Bantu who killed the native South African tribes hundreds of years ago and stole their land, or the Zulu who killed the Bantu whenever they could, stealing the land that the Bantu had stolen from the natives?

      Apartheid didn’t punish the “very natives of the place”. All of them died during the pre-colonial era. It punished the people who had taken South Africa by military force before losing it to the Europeans the same way.

      I just want to point out that there are no “South African natives” unless you define “natives” as “born in South Africa” in which every one of those farmers is a “native”.

      Carry on, big dog.

      • stingray65

        Jack – clearly you don’t understand that only whites can be racist, hold slaves, and steal land. People of Color (POC) can only be victims when interacting with white people. This means that whatever POC have done to each other throughout history has nothing to do with social justice, because whether they were the aggressor or defender they are equally blameless. This also means that POC are justified in doing whatever they desire against whites today to make up for historical injustices, and is all explained clearly in the Social Justice Manual on pages 1 to 1000.

        • Bigtruckseriesreview

          If you think for even one second that I’d back down just because you wanna point that BULLSHIT reverse-racist ALEX JONES Info-War, Fox News, Conservative SHIT radio finger at me…you obviously don’t know me very well.

          I don’t give a single shit WHAT you watch or WHAT you listen to.

          It’s not happening.

          Native Americans let themselves get rolled over BUT IT’S NOT HAPPENING HERE BUDDY.

          • Bigtruckseriesreview


            As soon as I get reparations for my ancestors who were enslaved before me.


          • Bigtruckseriesreview

            BARK M

            I was waiting for someone to make one of those passive aggressive suggestions about “going back” so I could remind them of the legacy of slavery.

            But I was going to word it not so nice…


            Anyone who wants to move me should come see me so they can MOVE ME.

            I’m just sitting here waiting for em…


          • Cdotson


            Contrary to your apparent opinion, nobody owes you anything.

            Reparations will be as forthcoming as compensation for extrajudicial expropriation of legally owned antebellum farm equipment.

          • CJinSD

            The ancestors of African-Americans weren’t hunted down by the Portuguese. They were already the losers of cultural rivalries within Africa. They were sold by the ancestors of the people who were left behind to live and die in failing African countries. While slavery itself may have been no better than living in a Democrat-run ghetto, being an American citizen today is better than winning the lottery in Africa. Reparations? African-Americans should thank their lucky stars they weren’t repatriated to the lives their ancestors left behind.

            I’ve often wondered if Obama’s utter contempt for all Americans isn’t partly the result of his mingled envy and contempt for actual African-Americans. Being an African-African, his isn’t the legacy of defeat in Africa and oppression in America followed by individual rights and liberties. He probably thinks African-Americans are beneath him while being unfairly blessed, and no more worthy of his consideration than any other Americans.

      • Ronnie Schreiber

        As I referenced in another comment, Europeans are no worse than Asians and Africans when it comes to empire, war, slavery, colonialism, etc. There hasn’t been a human society that developed sea-going ships that didn’t try to settle, occupy, and yes, conquer other lands. There hasn’t been a human society that developed superior military technology that didn’t use it to conquer other lands (except, perhaps, for the Americans). The Clovis spearpoint made it possible for the Siberians to wipe out all the previous setllers and claim the title, “Native Americans”. The Japanese and Chinese are not widely loved in Asia. Shaka Zulu had quite an empire himself.

        I will also point out that you don’t get Hellcat MOPARs without the European enlightenment.

    • Harry

      BTSR’s argument is straightforward, and appealing in its simplicity. I guess you could call the current political movement an “independence” movement stemming from the events of 1652. Abrogate all current land title, justify the act concerning the ownership of lands currently owned by blacks by saying they or their ancestors benefited by collaboration with the invading regime, and then pass title collectively to the tribal groups that occupied the area.

      The persons actually on the land would then pay land lease to the tribes for redistribution.

      God knows it would be an unmitigated disaster, but as legal fig leaves go it isn’t the worst.

      • Bigtruckseriesreview


        I’m really not arguing.

        Just making statement of fact.

        The hidden nationalists among us can watch HELPLESSLY as the casualty reports roll in.

        Let em go out and buy more ammo and bibles.

        As they watch HELPLESSLY.

        • Harry

          A new system of land title by right of (re)conquest seems more clean than piecemeal land confiscation by opportunity. It also provides justification for having no appeals process for those dispossessed, ever.

          Make no mistake, I think it would be awful and would go against everything I believe in morally and politically. However, IF I were put in charge of doing it, that is the tack I would take. A thought exercise, like IF I were to commit genocide what would be the best system.

    • Bigtruckseriesreview


      I don’t give a a shit about what you think of my “FACTS”.

      You can count those farmer’s bodies…

      You’ll get more accomplished that sparring with me.

  10. Paul M.

    No doubt the current regime in Zimbabwe is a disaster( I know they recently had a change of presidents). And yes white farmers are killed in South Africa. But how many blacks were tortured, killed by the previous apartheid regime? or by Ian Smith in Zimbabwe?

    Those African countries may be shi*hole, or may transition to it, but it is theirs. Can a white minority possibly rule the vast black majority without putting the vast masses in peril? Is their argument economic prosperity for a few?

    It is not like the white South African or Rhodesian regimes prosperity, was evenly distributed among all population. In both Rhodesia and apartheid era South Africa the whites enjoyed the riches and first world quality of life. What good is world class agriculture production levels, if it is for enjoyment and riches of a small minority?

    The African continent belongs to Africa. They have to fix it (watch what may be happening in Ethiopia) or they will die in it. Whites can live there, but if they d0, they should not expect the same advantages that got them those farms to begin with.

    This article sounds racist without looking at it from both perspectives.

  11. Athos

    You don’t really need to wait any amount of years or anything to see the end result of these policies, as the prime example of where they end is in your own “backyard”. See what is happening in Venezuela.

    From something somewhat resembling a country to a shithole (literally) in 20 years. And going downhill. Argentina and Brazil are following behind.

    Interestingly… now that the shit finally hit the fan proper, the lame stream media is finally reporting on an almost daily basis.

    It’s a good thing to leave when the going is still hmmm good.

  12. Dirty Dingus McGee

    *decides to jump in for a moment

    “What good is world class agriculture production levels, if it is for enjoyment and riches of a small minority?”

    Well, it kept the population from starving, as has been happening in the former Rhodesia. And as many of the other country’s on that continent have shown, farming does not seem to be one of the skills the natives have developed.

    I’m NOT advocating the apartheid that was prevalent, just pointing out that there was SOME benefit to having folks with the dedication, for whatever reason, to produce edible crops.

    (waits for the “you’re a racist” comments to start)

    • Paul M.

      Dirty Dingus McGee , I don’t think you racist, I think you are looking at it wrong.

      What if that someone in South Africa can’t afford the produce that those great farm generated? What if most of products of that agriculture was exported to countries that could afford it? What good does that lettuce, strawberry, wheat do for the overall population if it is minimal subsistence? Do you think in any society that is formulae for success?

      Take race out of it for a second. French revolution and Russian revolutions probably started with disparity between haves and have nots. Add to that the glaring racial element, and it adds for an explosive situation.

      • stingray65

        Paul – You don’t seem to understand that power and freedom are pretty worthless if you are starving to death. Rhodesia exported food creating jobs and income for all citizens of the country (black and white), with the added bonus that nobody was starving and food was plentiful and cheap. Today Zimbabwe imports at least 25% of its food and the quality and quantity of the diet for the black population is greatly reduced, and unemployment is extremely high, but if you don’t believe me perhaps you will believe this report by ultra lefty Nickolas Kristof at the NYT:

        • Paul M.

          stingray65, You are completely in denial. subsistence is not the same as having access to all that the white community had access to. While Rhodesia and apartheid era South African black may not have starved, it is a almost impossible argument to say whites can eat shrimp and crab, but black should be happy with minimum because they are not starving. You just don’t get it.

          • silentsod

            Since you’re uncharitably misreading Stingray65:

            Paul M. advocates for starvation over everyone having standard of life that generally precludes starvation. He just doesn’t get it.

      • Dirty Dingus McGee

        Paul M

        I don’t blame the farmer for where the food goes when they sell it, as it goes to a wholesaler. From there it’s distributed to whomever is willing to buy it. The only farmer who sells retail is a small family farm, usually a “hobby”. My point is that when the knowledge of HOW to farm in a manner that sustains the land is lost, it takes a long time to get it back. If it was as easy as it sounds on paper, Zimbabwe wouldn’t be in the situation it finds itself in.

        • Ronnie Schreiber

          It seems to me that it took a generation or more for Zionist pioneers ‘going back to the land’ in 19th century pre-state Palestine to learn how to farm effectively. It probably wasn’t as bad as the hippie commune in Easy Rider but it did take time for mostly urban Russian and Polish Jews to figure out how to eke out a subsistance living, let alone make the dessert bloom.

          Early European settlers in North America faced similar problems.

          Farming is hard and when you get rid of the successful farmers (see also Ukraine under Stalin, as well as how Pol Pot and Mao fucked up agriculture in their societies) you lose a lot of expert knowledge.

  13. VTNoah

    The error in Trump’s judgement here is that he’s tweeting about this situation at all. Yes it is terrible but, we’ve got enough issues to worry about here in the USA. As said before, a friend of mine was a victim of what is happening there right now. That said, The US government doesn’t need to get involved.

    • SexCpotatoes

      Yeah, saw it pointed out on twitter that Trump doesn’t have any sort of Africa policy, probably couldn’t find South Africa on a map, and that it was just a racist dogwhistle to throw some meat to his white power Neo-Nazi base, regurgitated from Tucker Carlson and The Daily Stormer or wherever.

      • hank chinaski

        That’s the savant-level genius of it. With one off hand tweet, he:
        throws the entire left into an OMGNATZEESKKK conniption….
        prompts every blue checkmark into tweeting ‘kill white people, end white civilization, etc’ (shoutout to Sarah Jeong at the NYT!)
        throws bare the social media double standards for all to see.

  14. stingray65

    An aspect of S. Africa’s transition from food self-sufficiency to need for food aid that is seldom discussed is how Western aid hurts local economies in the developing world. Whether black or white, imagine training to be a doctor and setting up a practice only to find Doctor’s Without Borders coming to town to offer free medical care to all of your patients. Or working hard as a farmer or food distributor to offer food to the local market, only to have a huge ship arrive with loads of free grain from the UN or some well-meaning Western Government or non-profit. In both cases your modest business is severely hurt, because its difficult to get people to pay money for services or food when someone is offering it to them for free. No wonder so many medical professionals from developing countries end up migrating to the west (usually legally) so they can actually get paid for their training and work. Meanwhile, when the crisis is over or news-media interest wanes, and the ships and trucks full of free stuff disappears there is nothing left behind but devastated local businesses and medical facilities without personnel, but nobody ever seems to know why.

  15. Bigtruckseriesreview


    ‘Those African countries may be shi*hole, or may transition to it, but it is theirs. ‘

    Anyone who wants to attempt to justify stealing from them via segregation and force can gladly lay down in a grave next to them.

    I’ll be watching from my 80″ 4K Vizio as you are terrorized till the bitter end.

    Your insults, epithets and counterarguments ARE IRRELEVANT.

  16. Jack Baruth Post author

    “They apparently had no standards back then”

    What can I say it was the Nineties.

    Thanks for reading and being part of our advertising revenue.

  17. PaulyG


    I do not know Tony Glickman, but I found most people in the investment community, despite the caricature, to be pretty honorable. It was certainly true in my little corner of the swamp (institutional junk and distressed debt) as we interacted over the years with the same people and firms. Depending on the specific situation they might be customers, competitors, allies, or sources. It was a high trust society as millions of dollars of bonds would trade on a simple phone call conversation. People and firms who violated that trust were blackballed quickly.

  18. manfromlox

    Being an asshole is a poor substitute for actual competence or knowledge, but it sure is a popular fallback position these days.

  19. Zykotec

    I’ve read this two times , with a couple of weeks of a break in between, trying to find a single spot of hope that I’m mistaking this pure KKK-rant for something entirely different , or that it’s satire or whatever, but honestly, if anything this whole shitshow of a post alost makes me want to go to Africa and help them kill the remaining white farmers .
    I guess you’re not ‘wrong’ you’re just ‘alt-right’…
    How in the flying fuck can someone with an IQ above 45 even begin to , no forget, it you’re not worth it…bye

    (I’m using ad-block so I really hope I never generated any money for you or that wanna be Goebbels brother of yours…)

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Which part is pure KKK?

      The two articles from one of the world’s most liberal publications, or the math done using public sources?


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