Why Not Enjoy A Full Minute Of Honda Accord Footage?

“He must be in good shape…” well, that’s FAKE NEWS but the rest is true! Thanks to Bozi from the Boost Brothers for digging this up!

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    • Bozi Tatarevic

      I believe that they will upload the full race to their YouTube channel in a couple of weeks once they edit it and the CBS Sports broadcast have passed.

  1. Chris Tonn

    After listening to that, I can’t help but recall Brock Yates, who ran a Trans-Am race in a Warren Agor Camaro circa 1970.

    Also at the Glen.

    Time to start a cross-country race – but this time, only for fully-depreciated decade-old German luxury cars bought at BHPH lots. Phaetons get a head start.

  2. Paul Alexander

    That looks like some serious wheeling there, although I’ve personally never had the opportunity to drive in anger on track. There didn’t seem to be any wasted wheel spin during the whole clip and you treated that chicane like it was invisible. ‘Big BMX racer’ can be taken quite a few ways. I’m imagining a balance of performance done by making fellow racers wear a backpack full of bricks. BTW, I just saw a piece in R&T on a tremendous display of wealth masquerading as a race at Laguna Seca towards the end of this month. Will you be at the Rennsport Reunion racing agricultural equipment with the 1%?

  3. cognoscenti

    Jack, your Accord appears to be cornering uncannily flat for a FWD vehicle. What is your suspension setup, and how close to stock does it have to be to run in PWC?

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Answering in reverse order: The permitted suspension for each car is set out in the PWC Vehicle Technical Specifications. In the case of the Accord we have Megan racing dampers and a sort of re-imagined rear suspension with an extra tubular crossmember/swaybar running 2000-pound springs.


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