We’re Kind Of A Big Deal


Hot (well, warmish) on the heels of the MelodyBurner’s appearance in WIRED, a blurb in Vintage Guitar! But that’s not all.

As we speak, there’s a rosewood-necked, dual-humbucker MelodyBurner heading to the VG offices for a full evaluation. I know how this game is played in the car business, but insofar as I can’t afford to fly the reviewer to Spain to toodle around the Circuit de Catalunya and enjoy the buffet at the Ritz-Carlton, I’m afraid we’re doing this PR in true ghetto style. Here’s the guitar, mail it back when you’re done, and not too long after you get it, either.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Surely MelodyBurner prices are about to double, or even triple! I’m pleased to reassure you that this isn’t the case. Sure, Chris O’Dee is getting a pretty big head from all the success lately (having Billy Gibbons play his guitars, being front and center at the Dunlop display at NAMM, rave reviews everywhere) but he’s still willing to make you a great guitar at the same prices you would pay for the run-of-the-mill junk at Guitar Center. We’re shipping MelodyBurners as quick as Chris can build ’em — which isn’t very quick, so get in line!

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  1. Domestic Hearse

    That’s about standard practice PR in the guitar world. Those guys are as content hungry as auto writers, looking for something new to write about. I mean, how many times can you wax poetic about the “classic” guitars and the standard reproductions? If you’re a new builder, or have an interesting twist, the journos are interested. And if your axe is good to boot? Lots of coverage.

    For my buddy Dan, I wrote up several different press releases, discussing the finer details and technical aspects of the Blues Box amps. Another that was a typical interview: Q: and A: And a disc loaded with professional photos. Did most of the work for the writer. All goes in a professional package, along with the amp. All the editor/writer has to do is weave in their impressions, and tada, 2000 words of glowing prose, center-spread review.*

    In other words, you’re now on the other side of the fence. As such, you’re better equipped than the average builder to get good press — you know what the journalist/reviewer on the other end wants/needs to generate interesting content, and can even dictate the direction and tone with your attached pre-written content.

    Best of luck with your endeavor, and look forward to the VG review soon!

    *Don’t be surprised if you also get a call from sales, asking you for an ad to go in the mag along with your article. “The ad department doesn’t dictate to the editors, but an ad would go a long way….blah, blah, blah.” It’s always good to throw ’em a B&W 8th pager as a bone for the back of the mag, just to show goodwill. Just part of the game.

  2. galactagog

    well, allright!!

    I can’t wait to get mine 😀

    the general lee is in the air…yee-haw!!

    ps those chicago blues box amps are fantastic, I tried one out this summer


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