Pictures Of The Day: Hopes, Dashed


Just got these, thought I’d share them with all of you… Tomorrow I take delivery of the Town Car’s replacement. The new monstrous “Britax Pinnacle 90” child seat showed up today. So after tomorrow, no more looking back. But for tonight, let’s take a look.

Look at the way the entire dash beam called it a day, huh? Now let’s take a gander at what happened on my side.


Easy to see how my spleen got KIA and I fractured nine bones, all but one on the right side of my body. That bench seat completely exploded. I wonder what would have happened in a bucket-seat Panther like a Vic LX?

Here’s the most important shot:


John’s child seat, undamaged. Thank God. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t buy him twice as big and safety-feature-filled this time!

10 Replies to “Pictures Of The Day: Hopes, Dashed”

  1. Tre Deuce

    Always interesting when applied kinetic energy deforms a vehicle. Fascinating, really, if your not the brunt of it.

    Keep the shiny side up on your new ride, Jack, and that child safety seat, unblemished.

  2. disinterested-observer

    Holy. Fucking. Shit. The roof and the floor/frame in the third picture are horrifying.

    That does not bear contemplating.

  3. JF

    Return that thing and rock a Recaro. I really want to put a test dummy in our’s just to see what it’ll take. Plus it says Recaro on the side to make it feel racier – it makes Daddy happy when Daddy doesn’t have a race car.

  4. jz78817

    “I wonder what would have happened in a bucket-seat Panther like a Vic LX?”

    probably wouldn’t have been much different; it looks like the cross-car floor beams buckled. since the mounting points of the seats bolt there, where the beam goes, so go the seats.

  5. Athos

    The dash look like the ones in the YouTube crash test videos… which I checked over the last couple of weeks.

    Did that car have curtain airbags?

  6. Tom Klockau

    Wow, hard to believe a body-on-frame car could fold up like that. I’ve had my 2000 Cartier four months now, but am glad I kept the V50 for commuting and winter driving.

    I didn’t like the 2008-12 Accords very much, but the 2013-up versions look pretty good to me–and I’ve never owned a Japanese car, but a new Accord EX in pearl white would be a nice set of wheels.

    Your gunmetal gray coupe looks pretty good. Hope you enjoy it!

  7. Acd

    These pictures are chilling; there isn’t any room for the people in the front with how the dashboard and seat collapsed. Yesterday I saw another gruesome accident involving a Town Car, this one a mid to late 1990’s boxy Willow Green one that took a nasty offset front end hit, and neither it nor the people inside fared too well based on the ambulance activity at the scene. A Town Car was on my short list of cheap cars for when my son needs his own car but I’m really starting to rethink that. I bought my other son a Volvo 850 that he’s already wrecked once and as cool as showing up to high school in a huge old luxury car like a 1990’s Lincoln or a Cadillac sounds to my younger son he’s probably going to end up with something boring but safe like a Volvo. I’m glad that you’re continuing to improve and I hope that’s the case for your passenger as well.

  8. BN

    Thanks for sharing the pics. I couldn’t help but notice how the passenger-side frame rail looks exactly like the one in the IIHS’ side impact test on an ’09 Grand Marquis: straight as an arrow (that “sturdy” frame rail just sat there and watched while the side of the car caved in.) And the lesson is that B-O-F land barges have passed on for a good reason – they do a poor job of protecting the occupants. So now, with this evidence in front of us, we can officially relegate the B-O-F fanboys (e.g. Panther and GM B-Body) to “Studebaker” status. Interesting, quirky rides that make for interesting conversation on cruise nights, but not something consumers would like to see in the market again.


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