Feminist Mein Kampf At The Rapey Dog Park

How many of you remember Alan Sokal and his mildly famous academic hoax perpetrated against Social Text? The purpose of Sokal’s hoax was to prove that there is virtually no substance whatsoever to “social science”; he succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Twenty-five years later, most sane people understand that the vast majority of social science, philosophy, and “(whatever) Studies” taught at universities is utter and complete garbage, using the jargon and conventions of real science to thinly clothe a naked emperor. (The linked article takes a hard shot at Derrida, which personally pains me, but I have to admit that much of Derrida, Focault, et al is just nonsense despite the fact that an intelligent critic can derive real advantage from reading them.)

If the “Sokal affair” amounted to a headshot against social science — and it did — then what you’re about to read amounts to digging up the corpse of social science, defiling it, then burning it in the town square.

Many papers advocated highly dubious ethics including training men like dogs (“Dog Park”), punishing white male college students for historical slavery by asking them to sit in silence in the floor in chains during class and to be expected to learn from the discomfort (“Progressive Stack”), celebrating morbid obesity as a healthy life-choice (“Fat Bodybuilding”), treating privately conducted masturbation as a form of sexual violence against women (“Masturbation”), and programming superintelligent AI with irrational and ideological nonsense before letting it rule the world (“Feminist AI”). There was also considerable silliness including claiming to have tactfully inspected the genitals of slightly fewer than 10,000 dogs whilst interrogating owners as to their sexuality (“Dog Park”), becoming seemingly mystified about why heterosexual men are attracted to women (“Hooters”), insisting there is something to be learned about feminism by having four guys watch thousands of hours of hardcore pornography over the course of a year while repeatedly taking the Gender and Science Implicit Associations Test (“Porn”), expressing confusion over why people are more concerned about the genitalia others have when considering having sex with them (“CisNorm”), and recommending men anally self-penetrate in order to become less transphobic, more feminist, and more concerned about the horrors of rape culture (“Dildos”). None of this, except that Helen Wilson recorded one “dog rape per hour” at urban dog parks in Portland, Oregon, raised so much as a single reviewer eyebrow, so far as their reports show.

The only remaining question, stolen directly from our legitimate but Russian-subverted forty-fifth president: “What difference does it make?”

The fake articles written by three academics eager to display the corruption, stupidity and laziness of modern social-science publications have the deliberate aspect of parody, but that’s not because the writers are merely trollin’ or pranking for the sheer malicious joy of it. Rather, the plain ridiculousness of the articles are meant to display the almost unimaginable gulf between what the social-science crowd believes and what any normally socialized human being would accept. These people have marinated for years or even decades in social circles where everything is viewed through a lens of race, culture, gender, and grievance. They are like Samuel Johnson’s astronomer; they have been away from reality so long that they have stopped understanding it.

As a result, they saw no issue with articles like the following:

Who Are They to Judge?: Overcoming Anthropometry and a Framework for Fat Bodybuilding

Going in Through the Back Door: Challenging Straight Male Homohysteria and Transphobia through Receptive Penetrative Sex Toy Use

Tempo-rarily fat: A Queer Exploration Of Fat Time

Stars, Planets, and Gender: A Framework for a Feminist Astronomy

“I’m Not Gonna Run Around and Put a Condom on Every Dick I See”: Tensions in Safer Sex Activism Among Queer Communities in Montréal, Quebec

Alright, I just played a little hoax on you: the third and fifth articles were non-hoax articles accepted and published by Fat Studies and Sexuality and Culture, respectively. “Okay,” you respond, “you’ve just played yourself, because these journals are entirely composed of ridiculous garbage. So what’s it matter if their ridiculous articles are ‘fake’ or ‘real’?”

The answer is that it doesn’t matter — and that is also the point. The entire social-sciences profession is almost identical to the “meme culture” on 4chan and its many derivatives, creating rank nonsense in a fast-forward feedback loop. The three differences are:

* The guys on the chans know they’re spouting nonsense, and these people don’t;
* These people get paid, and their salary comes out of your pocket via increased tuition, college debt, and other parasitic losses on society;
* The “work” that the social-science crowd does has real implications for society.

The example used by the authors of the hoax papers:

This matters because even though most people will never read a single scholarly paper in their lifetimes, peer-reviewed journals are the absolute gold standard of knowledge production. And these concepts leak into culture. A good example of this is Robin DiAngelo’s concept of “white fragility,” which posits that white people have become fragile because of their privilege and will act out like spoiled children if it is challenged. DiAngelo forwarded this concept in the International Journal of Critical Pedagogy in 2011. Seven years later, in 2018, she landed a major book deal on white fragility, even as activists pushed it into the common parlance and started putting it on billboards around Portland, Oregon.

So now we have “white fragility”, which is a denial of reality on par with O’Brien claiming that he could float off the floor. Anyone who lives in or even visits a major American city knows that the “privilege” of white people can be confronted, accused, and even attacked with impunity; suggesting that a non-white person is racist frequently results in first-rate drama and, if you’re lucky, lectures on bum-ass white bitches.

In other words, social science is the process by which we are taught to deny reality so we will acquiesce to the desires of our self-appointed superiors in the media-academia complex. One of the eagerly-accepted hoax papers suggested that students should be forced to sit in the floor in literal chains during class — as long as they are white and male. Well, that’s clearly ridiculous and nobody would ever do that…

Well, maybe if you’re lucky they won’t do it to your kid. And yes, I understand that the purpose of this slavery-cosplay is to impress the horrors of slavery on young white students. So what’s next? Do we teach Chinese-American kids about the Rape Of Nanking by letting Japanese-American kids force them down on the ground and dry-hump them?

The future direction of our society is being set by a bunch of idiots in ivory towers who are so deeply ignorant and bigoted that they are willing to publish a chapter of Mein Kampf as long as you replace the word “Aryan” with “woman”. To co-opt a phrase here, if you aren’t outraged then you aren’t paying attention.

But wait, there’s more. The Sokal affair didn’t bring Social Text down. Quite the contrary. The journal is still around. Nowadays, they verify each and every piece they publish. They don’t verify the content of the piece — as we’ve seen, there’s no clear way to distinguish between hoax and reality in the social sciences. They verify the submitter. You can’t contribute to the journal unless you’re a proven goodthinker whose livelihood depends on keeping the social-science merry-go-round in motion. It’s the ultimate bigotry: the what is completely subordinate to the who. Expect the fat-studies and sex-studies journals to adopt the same practices in the future. So if you want a picture of the future, just imagine a verified fat person being paid six figures to submit verified fat articles to a verified fat journal… forever. It’s true what they say: you really can’t make this stuff up. Even if you try.

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  1. AvatarDR Smith

    Great article< Jack…puts the absurdity of it all in perspective. The issue how to get away from this stuff…..good religious based private schools where most of this stuff has not entirely penetrated yet are expensive. Not only that, if a parent is successful in navigating k-8 and High School without this crap, it is really, really hard to find a college that this disease has not infected.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      There are four orthodox Jewish parochial schools serving the Detroit area. Two of them only have secular subjects because the state of Michigan says they have to. They see their educational mission as making good Jews, not Phi Beta Kappa members. The secular subjects at those schools are explicitly considered not as valuable as the religious studies. The high school yeshiva will let boys who have promise as Torah scholars drop out of the secular side of school at 16 so they can concentrate on their study of Talmud.

      That being said, I’m pretty sure that in current_year, Darchei Torah and the Yeshiva Gedola do a better job teaching math and English than Detroit Public Schools do.

  2. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    In 1992, two years before the Sokol hoax, Walter Anderson published a book titled Imposters in the Temple: American Intellectuals Are Destroying Our Universities and Cheating Our Students of the Future. Anderson pointed out how so many academic disciplines had become politicized and degraded to the point where they were about publishing jargon filled papers that nobody read or cited.

    If things were that bad a quarter century ago, one can only imagine how little genuine academic work gets done on our campuses today.

    I could almost forgive the Gramscians who have taken over our institutions for political agendas if they hadn’t also degraded them.

    Leftists’ zeal for “diversity” has made them incapable of using merit as a criteria for having access to the levers of power. Hence such intellectual giants as Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Maxine Waters and Senator Hirono reach genuine positions of power because nobody on the left dares call a woman stupid.

    • Avatarbluebarchetta

      The Left has no problem calling a woman stupid. Just ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders…or Condi Rice…or Sarah Palin…or Nikki Haley…or Ann Coulter…or Elisabeth Hasselbeck…

    • AvatarScottS

      And don’t forget the author of “It Takes a Village, . . ” No, we wouldn’t dare to call that one stupid.

      • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

        I don’t have a problem saying that Hillary Clinton is smart. She has a law degree from Yale. However, as I’ve told my three exceptionally bright children, good is good and smart is smart and they aren’t the same thing.

  3. AvatarJeff Zekas

    Thanks, Jack… this has been going on forever… as I mentioned in the comments of an earlier article: back in 1973, a black studies teacher told me, “Only whites can be racist, cos blacks don’t have any power.” When I mentioned that he, being a tenured professor making $150K a year, had a LOT more power than me, a white kid from a poor family, he just scoffed, and said, “You are just bigoted and ignorant”. Needless to say, I told ALL my kids NOT to go to college.

    • Avatarsgeffe

      Weirdly, I graduated from college in 1993, and even looking back, when I was more moderate than I am today (though I was still well right-of-center), I had no indoctrinaire instructors (the possible exception being a man of color, who I was convinced was a member of the Black Panthers, as an English (elective literature) instructor).

      Maybe five years ago, I happened to see that Bowling Green State University, my alma mater, had taken the so-called “pre-registration” period, a two-day time in the summer where incoming freshmen spend time registering for classes, taking AP tests, and getting their feet wet, and had turned it into a full week of leftist indoctrination (TOL-erance, di-VER-sity, and all the other pap claptrap)!

      I weep for the future of this country, especially considering what just happened with the SCOTUS confirmation! The barbarians are at the gate, and the next time the pendulum swings back left, this Nation is toast!

  4. Avatargtem

    “So if you want a picture of the future, just imagine a verified fat person being paid six figures to submit verified fat articles to a verified fat journal… forever.”

    The whole piece is a gem, Jack. But that final line killed me.

    I have a buddy doing an environmental science PhD (focusing on actual work in GIS) and he sends me pics he snaps from hallway bulletin boards and forwarded emails from the “social science” that leaks over into his building. To the uninitiated it would truly seem to be satire, except it most definitely is not. Academia is increasingly a festering sore, and this stuff most certainly does trickle into public policy by way of DC think tanks that hire graduates, as well as various forms of media. Just look at Jalopnik these days.

    • AvatarEric H

      I agree that the vast majority of social sciences are bullshit.
      To understand what’s going on it helps to think of this from the for-profit university perspective.
      The universities are not going to stop taking money from people for useless graduate and post-graduate level degrees, the profs would revolt if they didn’t have them as TAs to teach the undergrad courses and grade their papers and tests.

      In order to get one of these degrees the student must write a thesis that is supposed to push knowledge and understanding in the area of study. Since the entire topic is mostly BS the students need to find even more esoteric layers of BS to graduate.

      It’s the never-ending circle of bullshit in the so-called ‘soft sciences.’

  5. AvatarArbuckle

    “Going in Through the Back Door: Challenging Straight Male Homohysteria and Transphobia through Receptive Penetrative Sex Toy Use”

    They stole this title from Motor Trend’s orientation packet.

  6. AvatarRock36

    i’ve always found it helpful to separate the observations of philosophers like Derrida and Foucault from the way people try apply their insights in practice. Foucault’s “archaeologies” are truly interesting in the way Thomas Kuhn’s insights on scientific revolutions are, but they are not perscriptive or prophetic of anything. Only a tool of analysis and understanding, and an admission that things are never quite as linear as we would like.

    • AvatarRock36

      I forgot to add your criticism of the academics who wield the power to determine what knowledge is acceptable (whether through the mental masterbation of peer reviews or just general detachment from reality) is exactly the kind of thing that Foucault tries to highlight when he links knowledge and power. These institutions are what try to teach us what knowledge is acceptable and that can be far more insidious than the hard power of the state law enforcement apparatus.

  7. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    I guess I’m fortunate that I went to college (mostly at night) before this madness became prevalent. And luckily in our work, we mostly deal with folks that have a technical or blue collar trades background. And as I tend to frequent “dive” type bars when I decide an adult beverage is needed, I usually don’t run into squealing weeny’s. An exception would be during my recent stay in Columbus when we went to Rodizio for dinner our last night there (pricey, but excellent grub). 1/2 way thru our meal a couple, some type of Muslim as she was wearing a head scarf, sat near us. On his second trip to the salad bar, I noticed his shirt; it said “Nike or Nothing”. I offered my opinion that “nothing” would be my choice. He immediately announced that I must be a racist for saying that. Mind you, I’m sitting with 2 other people who are obviously Latino, but I’m a racist for not agreeing with his shirt. I laughed at him which seemed to piss him off more and he decided to walk closer to our table to press his case, or luck. I stood up to meet him and about then the gaucho’s who serve the meat intervened. Next came the manager who after hearing what was said, from others, moved Mr hardcase to a different table and comp’d us our bar tab.
    I’m not a hardass, nor do I go out of my way to find trouble. But if someone is going to express an opinion I don’t agree with, I certainly won’t be shy about expressing mine. If they want to get into a physical confrontation, like the soy boy at the top of the post, bring your best. I haven’t won every fight I’ve had, but my opponent damn sure knew he had been in a fight when it was over.

    • Avatarsafe as milk

      your story about the racist shirt validates something i had been thinking about. nike’s support of kaepernick is one of the most brilliant and cynical pieces of marketing ever devised. nike has successfully transferred many of their minority customer’s deeply held resentments about our racist society into loyalty to corporate brand that makes a it’s huge profit by exploiting those very same minorities. it’s an evil strategy but i have to admire the genius of it.

      • AvatarCliffG

        The absurd part of Nike is that their great discovery was not the waffle print sole (discovered with an iron!), but that 14 year old Indonesian girls could make shoes as well as 40 year old Massachusetts males. Part of the reason I hate the Oregon Ducks as much as I do….

          • AvatarDR Smith

            Why drag poor Joey into this? Not his fault he was not good enough to demand a trade away from the Lions on draft day.

            The Lions kill everyone; look at poor Matty Stafford. He is not and likely never will be Tom Brady, but he is far better than the likes of Eric Hipple, Chuck Long, Rodney Pete, Scott Mitchell, and Charlie Batch. But what is his & teams overall record. Talk about soul sucking and dream killing . Plus, whom owns the Lions – a famous family that just so happens to own a soul sucking frequently (to the point of terminally) under performing major auto manufacture

            But any coincidence is purely that….
            Another long suffer Lions Fan

      • AvatarDR Smith

        Except for the brilliance of pissing off nearly quite a few of an entire generation of 50 plus somethings whom loath, in general, “cause” marketing even if they believe in the cause. These are the people whom hold most of the money today, are the most brand loyal, and buy consumer goods for their adult kids and grand kids.

        They will never buy from Nike again – and if you doubt it, just ask my wife whom paid $10 more for new court shoes from my daughter and her tennis lessons because Nike was on sale but the other brand she likes was not. And that is just one thing…think of the socks, tennis skirts, tops, sweatbands, and bandanna not to be bought from Nike. Even the tennis club pro shop has noticeably seems to have got a bit “light” on their Nike inventory with no replacement forthcoming. The push back is real; it will not kill Nike, but it is the type of thing that can make a leader fall to 2nd place and stay there for awhile.

        Too bad Phil Knight lost control on his company – doubt he would have gone in this direction

        • Avatarstingray65

          Yes but the lost volume from your family’s decision to stop purchasing will more than be offset by the brothers who liberate all the Nike gear from sporting goods stores during the next Hurricane or BLM riot.

    • Avatar98horn

      Godfrey Elfwick was a satire account on Twitter. If you look closely, you’ll see he is entirely made up of photoshop. He has been unpersoned by @Jack for crimethink.

      • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

        Not being a Twatter user, I’ll trust your information on the account above. But that being said, the sad part is that there are thousands of mush heads out there that DO think that way. For evidence of that, one only needs to spend 30 minutes on any video hosting site.

  8. AvatarAoLetsGo

    True all of dat.

    However, there is a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.
    Humanities degrees granted dropped by 20% from 2005-2015 and I expect they have continued to drop since then. Also with the country starting a slow slide into a recession students and parents will want to see more of bang for their hard earned dollars. So there will be less and less BS soft degrees.

    It won’t take long for colleges and universities to cut the BS programs and staff or they will collapse under all that high-priced shit.


    • Avatarstingray65

      Unfortunately the damage is already done. If your gender/black/queer/fat studies degree doesn’t get you a job in a University as an adjunct professor or member of the “diversity and inclusion” administration, your next stop before applying for the barista job at Starbucks is likely to be a corporate HR job or position in a “diversity is our strength” NGO. From these positions you will be able to use your degree to help ensure that the corporate boardrooms, upper-management, and IT/engineering staff positions all over the country and in every industry accurately represent the Mosaic of American Diversity. You will also be responsible for delivering “Checking your White Privilege” and “Curing Toxic Masculinity” workshops at educators conferences and for corporate and governmental employees in need of diversity sensitivity training. The revolution has already started and it is too late to stop it.

  9. Avatar-Nate

    Holy crap ~ I was thinking this must be satire but it appears to be real .

    Sad, very sad for the Americans who swallow this pablum then go out into the real world and discover it’s not so .

    And here I am like a dufus, trying to teach unwanted Ghetto kids the basic rules of society and that merit is how to get ahead .

    I too get lectured by Black folks on how they can say/do anything they want without consequences but if anyone says anything about it, that person is racist and Black Folks cannot, by definition be racist no matter what they say, do or believe .


      • Avatar-Nate

        At home, we’re a licensed Foster care group home .

        Poor kids are *so* screwed from day one, mostly good kids just caught in life’s switches .


        • Avatar-Nate

          For clarification,

          We don’t ‘home school’ .

          I teach them how to be clean, polite, self sufficient and succeed in an unfair world, one that reward merit, honesty, hard work and other non PC ideas .


          • Avatargtem

            Very cool, good on ya. I’ve long thought that as a retirement activity I’d want to teach US history in high school. Perhaps not as impactful on a personal level, but I’d like to think it could set some kids up to question some of the stuff they otherwise have dripped into their brains.

          • Avatar-Nate

            Thanx and PLEASE DO THIS ! .

            I hated History when I was young because it was so damn BO-RING .

            Then I was incarcerated and bunked with a sharp history nut, he knew how to explain it so it wasn’t just droning on about facts and then others I met there who were a loose circle of friends began to teach me how history impacts daily life in a big way .

            Heady stuff for a wild & wayward 12 year old .

            IMO, I to give back the helping hands I was given by so many when I was young and so far off track is a wonder I’m still alive .

            It’s cheaper to educate them than it is to incarcerate them and less graffiti,crime and bastards to raise too =8-) .

            It’s not easy and no, the $ isn’t very good but someone has to do it, better Citizens than for profit jails .

            Truth be told I’m pretty burned out with all the folderol they lay on us about things we can or cannot do / say .


          • AvatarDirt Roads

            Nate, I second gtem on the good on ya statement. You are doing what is needed for these kids who really otherwise would have little to no direction, other than to prison. My wife recently got her degree in criminology and is working on her master’s in legal studies, and the patterns have been clearly identified, yet too little is done in “organized society” to really have a positive effect on this segment of the population. Why? Because it’s not easy, and it takes effort and thought. Thinking is too hard; better for most folks to “study” google then spew facts, rather than LEARN a topic and have actual knowledge.

            In an old Frank Zappa song is something I often quote: “Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is not truth…” So damn true.

            God bless you and your family.

          • Avatar-Nate

            Thank you D.R. ;

            As you’ve prolly gathered reading my endless replies, I had a rough go and didn’t like it, unlike the cowardly fake ‘Conservatives’ I have compassion and want them to make it in life, not going to give out much if they’re not willing to work for it but I was pretty mule headed so I know it takes patience and lots of it along with work and diligence, thrift and so on .

            At this late date just waking up is a huge blessing you cannot imagine .


  10. AvatarBark M

    This pervasive thought in universities will be the ultimate destruction of our culture, no question about it. It consists of the most hilariously anti-scientific content, all while defaming the other party for being “anti-science” for questioning unproven theories like global warming or genetic homosexuality.

    Some of the most ridiculous and damaging ideas many faculty in these fields defend include:
    -the idea that evolutionary biology can explain animal behavior but isn’t relevant to people
    -that differences in personality and intelligence can only be explained by education and parenting
    -that IQ tests don’t predict anything useful
    -that differences in outcomes for different groups can only be explained by oppression or systemic racism/sexism
    -that a hundred years of behavioral genetics research can be safely ignored when it threatens environmental explanations

    If you try to tell a millennial that IQ is important, you will IMMEDIATELY be called a racist and you will be deplatformed everywhere possible. God forbid that you point out that Asians have higher IQs than everybody else.

    • Thomas KreutzerThomas Kreutzer

      I disagree. I think the problem will be solved by the free market.

      Most of these “social sciences” offer little in the way of value to a company and that many of the people who hold degrees in these subjects will find themselves classically over-educated and chronically underemployed. What’s more, I’m guessing that a lot of the people writing these sorts of studies are up to their eyeballs in student debt.

      • Avatargtem

        A modest proposal:

        Make student loan lending NOT secured by the government, instead let lending institutions gauge applicants based on major: Chemical Engineer? Here’s your loan. Feminist studies? Sorry, historically these have been bad bets for us.

        On the flip side (not to go all Bernie on people): if there is indeed a national crisis of not enough civil engineers to take on all of the infrastructure projects even if we could fund them, or not enough doctors or med school applicants that half of my wife’s class is from Lebanon, perhaps the fed govt. could have scholarships focused on boosting applicants for those majors, with a stipulation on graduating with that degree with decent grades or whatever.

        Coupling these two proposals could really set the country on a healthier track IMO.

        • Avatarstingray65

          gtem – a good proposal that will be fought tooth and nail by the universities who have tons of tenured faculty (who are predominantly female or from victim class races) who would then have no students (and related income streams) to indoctrinate. Take away key departments in the liberal arts and you get back to 80% male faculty of almost entirely white/Asian heritage – no more diversity. It would also be fought by the feminist, race, and open-border lobbies because the “research” of these grievance study departments is what keeps them in business – i.e. this “study” proves that racism is alive and well – give me some funding to stop it.

  11. AvatarDirt Roads

    Jack, thank you. These kinds of thought-drenched articles are one of the reasons I always come back to read you and Bark.


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