And The Winner Is…


My new car is a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L V6 Coupe with six-speed manual transmission, in a color known, amusingly, as “Modern Steel”. The whole purchase experience is documented in a story that will go up on TTAC tomorrow morning, but the photos from that article are after the jump. Ooh! This is like being part of a secret club, where you find out about some guy’s crappy Honda twelve hours before the rest of the Internet!, watch out!

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  1. AvatarTre Deuce

    Interesting? I don’t know how a guy like you can stand to drive that thing, but maybe other considerations were primarily in mind. Good looking car, as is your boy.

    Sure wish I had another one that young. Miss my little buddy who is now 26 and will no longer sit on my lap.

    One of the worst days in your life, is when realize your son will no longer sit in your lap. At least mine still gives me great hugs and cheek.

    Enjoy your precious ‘little’ boy as much as you can, Jack. It is over, way to quick.

  2. AvatarRob

    You left the front door open. Were you born in a barn 🙂

    Nice ride, looking forward to the TTAC write up. Honestly, I think I would be most interested to hear about the “infotainment” system. How are you using it (Ipod? sat radio? smart phone?) and if it meets your expectations.



  3. AvatarMrFixit1599

    Buy local and teach the young ones how great Angry Birds is (even though it’s the Star Wars version which isn’t as great as the original).

    Also, I would have considered the Fusion that Bark M experienced a while back with the 1.6 Ecoboost and 6 speed manual, but not sure what the safety records are, or how hard they are to come by. According to that story it was a special order, and the owner had time to wait for it to be built.

      • AvatarMrFixit1599

        So after reading everything, I still am not sure if the actual answer I want to know was answered. If you could have had either car at the same time, would the same choice have been made? I would think not, but one never knows. I really want to test drive one of those 6-speed Fusions, but as best I can tell a test ride on a Unicorn is more likely.

        • JackJack Post author

          Good question. After driving the V6 for a week, I’d pick it regardless, just for the power (they’re putting 260 to the front wheels). But at the time it was a wash.

  4. Avatarmnm4ever

    So much for the 4-dr requirement huh? My money was on the Mazda6 (which happens to be my current favorite sedan these days too).

    Nice choice though, I was looking at the Accord coupes this weekend, they are really very nice. I was going to comment on your choice of boring grey over that gorgeous blue they have then I realized you can’t get the blue with the stick… Thanks Honda.

    I am looking forward to hearing the story of how you ended up with this choice.

  5. AvatarTim

    In the second photo where you are wearing dark glasses and appear to be holding a white cane, well, one might think you were blind!

    And if blind, where does the chauffeur sit? Shouldn’t the car be bigger?

  6. Avatar2ndderivative

    Greetings and congratulations from a constant reader of yours from the SSL days, and a fellow owner of a V6 6MT Accord (though mine’s a 4 door sedan). These cars are a lot of fun! Thrashed mine around Mt Palomar last weekend and had a huge grin the whole time.

    • JackJack Post author

      Fine, rub it in my face that you were able to get the SEDAN!

      They should make a stick-shift Accord Touring sedan now. I suppose they might have only sold one to me, though.

  7. Avatarmnm4ever

    The Accord Sport sedan is a very well rounded package and had great power. I suppose it meets the needs of most potential buyers, those who don’t NEED the V6 HP. Around town gas mileage is much better too. Coming from a Town Car you are probably going to be thrilled with the V6 mpg anyway.

  8. AvatarAthos

    I was going to suggest you to buy a Chevy SS. The Commodore is built like a tank.

    You car seat looks a lot like my son’s. Ours doesn’t have the huge plastic sides but still plenty of head protection.

    I’ll read your TTAC piece during the day.

  9. Avatarmike

    Got that exact same car seat. Love how easy it is to securely mount it with the seatbelt (since the kid is too heavy for the latch anchors). Good choice.

    Also like the car – got the wife a v6 touring sedan in hematite – lots of power and great highway mileage. Those fancy rims are spending some quality time in the garage while she enjoys her new winter tires. Wish the sedan had a 6spd option.

    Looks like you got both the seat and the car with the best crash ratings.

    • JackJack Post author

      Google Boris Palatnik. He’s the man… responded to me the day I contacted him and I had it ready to use a week later.


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