Just A Couple Of $300K Cars On A Wet Racetrack

I can’t tell you which car won Road&Track’s Performance Car Of The Year test, and I can’t share any driving impressions that would help you figure out which car won. I can tell you that the McLaren Senna is the best million-dollar car I’ve ever driven and that it has astounding seats to go with the rest of its astounding-ness.

What I can show you is a couple of wet laps around NCM West, just so you can listen to a couple of really neat limited-production sports cars.

Neither lap is anything about which one should write home; in both cases I lifted on the back straight so I didn’t loop into a wall when I hit standing water. Still… we’ve been a little short on car-related discussion from yours truly lately on this site. Let’s rectify that a bit. And let’s not talk about the fact that my 90mph midcorner speed on Turn 5 was below what my wife recorded in her MX-5 Club the following day, alright?

15 Replies to “Just A Couple Of $300K Cars On A Wet Racetrack”

  1. AvatarShrug

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a single feature I want more than the transparent panels in the doors of the Senna. They are fantastic and I want them on my Mustang.

      • AvatarShrug

        I sure do! You could make the top windows slide back like an old Mini or something I guess. It’d be worth every moment of moderate inconvenience that that would bring imo.

      • Avatarnici

        I can hear the average owners hips creaking. It’ll be interesting to see if the best million-dollar car you’ve driven is also the best car you’ve driven..

        • Avatarhank chinaski

          The hedgies in my neck of the woods putz around off idle in fancy iron like that on weekends. I’d imagine it’s like having a playmate of the month on your arm, but she’s wearing a chastity belt (and her jaw is wired shut).

          • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

            I’m no expert, but I’ve reviewed a couple of McLarens and you can have great fun in them without ever exceeding the speed limit. That speed limit sign doesn’t specify the time it should take for 0-40. Take a turn at the speed limit, without lifting, because you know the car has enough lateral grip to easily take a 90 deg corner at 45 mph. Accelerate into a gap in traffic as you would on a sport bike.

            Of course, as always, drive safely, kids.

  2. Avatarstingray65

    Is it the recording volume, better interior soundproofing, or the turbocharging that makes those powerful engines seem so quiet?


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