Spotter’s Guide To The March 2014 Road&Track


I’m nominally on leave from my various paid engagements at the moment, so the only thing you’ll see in R&T was something I wrote before I was injured. Still, it’s significant, at least to me.

I’ve used the title “Avoidable Contact” for my miscellaneous writing about the auto business for six and a half years now, starting with Dubspeed Driven (now S:S:L) and moving to TheTruthAboutCars after I took up residence there. Now I’ve moved it yet again — but this time’s slightly different.

The “Avoidable Contact” editorials have typically been fairly weighty, between two and four thousand words and often rambling across a few different topics. In the magazine, they’ll be much shorter, quicker, and less introspective. I suppose I’ll need a new name for the long-form stuff. Feel free to suggest it.

3 Replies to “Spotter’s Guide To The March 2014 Road&Track”

  1. Fred Smith

    “Unavoidable Contact” is an obvious choice, as the longer pieces may be more engaging and more difficult to avoid.

    Direct Contact, along the same lines.

    This might depend on whether you want the Contact word in there, to make some sort of connection betweens titles you write.

  2. otherJB

    How about “Driving Incidence?”

    Hopefully not too arcane . . .
    It plays on the “racing incidents” phrase. It uses a homophone for “incidents” that gives it a double meaning if you use the physics or geometry connotations of “incidence.”


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