Weekly Roundup: Do It For The Kids Edition

This bike came back to me after a long time away; now I’m offering it to the readers. It’s a 2003 Mosh Expert AL, intended for BMX racing, sized for riders between 10 and 14 years old who are somewhere in the 4’8″ to 5’2″ range. There’s a little flexibility on both sides, depending on how hardcore you want to be; my son rode it with no trouble when he was 48″ tall but it was (and still is) too big for him to race successfully.

$175 picked up in Powell, Ohio or delivered somewhere in Central Ohio. $225 shipped in the 48 states. It will be thoroughly cleaned and will have a new set of grips. I bought this back in 2003 so one of my neighbors could try racing and skatepark riding. His parents returned it to me when they moved out of the neighborhood. It’s a great bike for a “tween” who is thinking about trying BMX as an activity and would be absolutely appropriate for Novice and Intermediate riders. Younger kids could use it as a neighborhood/kick-around bike until they’re old enough to race it.

If you’re interested, comment in the thread and I’ll reach out. Also — if you are personally acquainted with a child whose parents can’t afford a bike, but for whom a bike like this would make a real difference, let me know and we’ll discuss changing the price to what well-respected Countach owner and air-cooled 911 molester Matt Farah calls “FREE-NINETY-NINE.” Now, off to the Roundup!

For R&T, I discussed an American supercar that isn’t that fast and drove a new Viper around rural Ohio at the maximum prudent speed.

Here’s a brief moment from the Viper, by the way:

Not too fast, but very fun!

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  1. Mrfixit1599


    Have you driven a Ford GT yet, and if so, was there a write up about it? I’ve read many other reviews about the car, and the one comment that seems to be universal is how “special” the car is.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      I haven’t driven the car, but as with the Senna there’s a lot to be said for a car that makes you feel like you’re in a bespoke racer.

      • NoID

        I’ve only driven the Viper, not the GT, but the Viper is the only car I’ve ever driven that felt like an “Automobile.” It’s not a car, it’s a machine.

        I love it.

        How that compares to a bespoke racer, I’ve no clue.

  2. Rock36

    I think contrasting the last gen and latest Ford GT’s performance vs. the C6 ZR1 and the C7 ZR1 was absolutely appropriate, but the C6 Z06 gave the last generation Ford GT more than a run for its money three years before the C6ZR1. It was part of why the C6 Z06 became my dream car, and got me into one in the first place.

    Admittedly I was in my mid/late 20s then, and I was prone to a level of “magazine racing” on par with the best of the 4chan /o/ community.

    But it was that accessibility and relative affordability of the C6 Z06 that also got me to actually step away from the magazines and doing HPDEs on tracks too. I taught myself to do my own brakes, flush and change my own fluids, and just learn about car dynamics. So I can accept the same old beef with a coke and a smile.

  3. NoID

    Your write-up on the Viper is superb, and absolutely captures the spirit of what this car is, why it needs to exist, and why it’s so hard for it to exist in today’s market. I’ve shared it with some of my fellow worker bees, as well as a few of the minor queens.

    My perspective on a 6th gen Viper is that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak…

  4. -Nate

    A bent old bicycle in 1963 was a game changer for me ~ I realized I could leave and never have to go back .

    Kudos for making this available .

    The Viper video was nice, I just finished a two day road rally that used similar roads, when it was running I made similar and above speeds…..

    My old Mercedes Diesel Sports Coupe sans muffler doesn’t sound nearly as nice though .


  5. CJS

    Great Viper writeup, Jack.

    I don’t have a great story like Damien for buying mine, but I did love the car growing up. Anecdotally, so many of the other owners I’ve met have told me about saving for their dream car and the passion they have for Vipers. It’s really just a great car and an awesome group of people who own them. Hoping you get the chance to join us someday!


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