Housekeeping: Joe’s Reviews, Counting Cash, Popularity Contest

Here at Riverside Green, we’re always looking for ways to

0. Bring you exciting new “content”
1. Milk you for cash

Starting tomorrow, we will be liberally stealing syndicating short book reviews from venerable multi-topic blogger Joe Sherlock. Each review will feature an Amazon affiliate link. If you click it and buy the book, we could make anywhere from two cents to 500,000 dollars, assuming Joe is going to review a solid platinum book at some point.

Which reminds me: I think I promised some sort of vague accounting regarding our advertising program, as well as a general State Of The Site Address regarding traffic. Let’s get right to that!

Advertising And Affiliate Program Recap

It costs $1,800 a year to run the co-lo server on which Riverside Green operates. I could do it for about $400 a year in the Amazon Clown. There are some advantages to not doing that which don’t bear discussing here but which you might discover if, like at least one fellow out there, you have a habit of posting hate-filled rants about me and my kid from your work computer.

On January 1 of this year, we received an offer from Bitcoin impresario Pete Dushenski to sponsor our 2018 hosting bill. It was exceptionally generous but we turned him down because I suspected that we could eventually beat those numbers. So how are we doing? The answer: so far, not as well as we’d have done if we’d taken the King’s shilling. Total ad revenues for 2018 are $1,127 against total hosting cost so far of $1,425. Should we have accepted Pete’s offer? In the long run, I’d rather carry my own weight. Furthermore, I expect that in 2019 we will more than break even, for reasons to be discussed below.

Our Amazon Affiliate program has thrown a few hundred bucks into the till as well. Unlike the advertising money, it’s wildly inconsistent. One of you bad-asses managed to get us $37 with a single affiliate order a few months back, but our total Amazon earning so far for October is three (3) cents. I’m hoping to level that out a bit with additional links.

Overall, if you put the ad money and the Amazon money together, we’re just about level with expenses. Thank you for that.

Traffic Report

Here’s our daily average for visits since changing the site to a WordPress blog:

2013: 269
2014: 965
2015: 1,448
2016: 1,592
2017: 1,753
2018: 2,361

That’s what you’d call a pattern of improvement, right there. I credit the tireless work of our Twin Tom K Force (Klockau and Kreutzer) for the big climb in 2018. We have a growing roster of guest contributors. Some mild irony: TTAC’s traffic has been diving off a cliff recently and we are now at the point where the average post on this site does about the same reader volume as the average TTAC post. Obviously they are still a lot bigger than we are, because they have a long tail of reviews and other content that brings people in from search engines on a daily basis… but if you wiped both sites clean and made us compete heads-up on what we publish tomorrow, it would be a close-run thing.

Even more amusing: TTAC has traditionally drawn more traffic than, its parent site under the VerticalScope umbrella. I used to brag about the fact that I beat them with one full-timer (Derek K.) and a couple of part-timers (me, Ronnie S.) against their glossy Toronto office and their full-time staff of between six and twelve people. Well, now I’m beating them with 30 minutes a day of my time and a few volunteer articles about Broughams. AutoGuide probably spends close to a million dollars a year so they can run even on a new-content-traffic basis with Riverside Green (budget: $1,800). Somebody should give me a million dollars a year and see what I could do with it.

Actually, I know what I would do with it: hire Ronnie and Thomas Klockau, get Sam Smith to write one freelance big-think piece a month, then spend the remaining $800k a year racing IMSA prototypes. It’s besides the point.

The Incels Respond

Alright, enough gloating. The ads are working pretty well, thanks for your patience with them. Traffic is up, thank you for reading. I appreciate the civility and decency shown by pretty much everybody in the comments. Yes, there are a half-dozen people who cause trouble. They won’t use a consistent email address or ID, so the system puts their stuff into the garbage can by default and I don’t bother to take it back out. Nevertheless, since I believe that everyone deserves a voice, we will wrap up this recap by quoting some of Riverside Green’s Greatest Commenter (s)Hits:

(Jack) and his crew are going to be first ones on plane to South Africa and train white farmers to be special force operators, because if he can be pro race car driver, Nobel laureate writer, GQ sexiest man in world, motorcycle payday loan courier, billionaire, most interesting man alive, he can sure raise army of special forces operators to go and fight in South Africa for complicated cause having nothing to do with him
He is like Tony Stark with lot of money and free time
He is full of shit just like we all know

Duhhhh, me jack baruth

Me objectify women

Me caveman who was frozen and just thawed


Jack Baruth has wasted a shitload of money on stupid shit and now begs like a panhandler from his 9 strong core readership here.

Woe be unto Jack.

Editorial comment on the above — I am highly offended by the idea that ordering new guitars with custom abalone Zodiac inlays is “stupid shit”, it employs the people who make custom Zodiac inlays!

Claptrap Jack’s recycled garbage!… Jack should check and see of his Chinerado’s main engine control module has one of these Trojan Horse rice-sized chips in it.

Editorial comment on the above — it probably does and now the Chinese know that I drive the Silverado to YOUR MOM’S HOUSE every Tuesday afternoon to get my salad tossed.

Me Jack Baruth,

Me childhood prodigy.

Me need work.

Me now explain Kavanaugh story.

Catch me busking at fast food restaurant some afternoon and give me work for the day!

Editorial comment on the above — Busking at fast food restaurants is a lot of fun!

Jack Baruth meets all the criteria for a batshit crazy, far-right, conspiracy theory driven, extremist):

Anti non-Caucasion tribalism (Oh Noes! The darker skin people are carriers and harbingers of the things that will kill of the Caucasians, by government and corporate intentional design and edict, of course);

Jack Baruth is a nutter by ANY definition and has gone of the fucking deep end. He is literally right there with the tiki torch carrying fascist crowd in Charlottesville

Editorial comment on the above — Props for spelling “Caucasian” two different ways in the same sentence, you must be really angry.

58 Replies to “Housekeeping: Joe’s Reviews, Counting Cash, Popularity Contest”

  1. Avatarrrtr

    Jack, I was a long-time reader of TTAC, started back when it was Farago. Lately I still check it out of habit formed years ago. Sadly the content is boring except on the few occasions when you, your brother and a select few others post. The way I see it, we need something more like the “old” TTAC.

    In the meantime, I enjoy reading the eclectic mix here.



    • AvatarAthos

      The funny thing is… I started w/ Farago too. Keep checking out of habit too. The only interesting bit are the MM’s Junkyard series… which can be checked straight into his site.

  2. AvatarNoID

    I think Jack’s probably a little bit Right for my tastes, but to his credit I haven’t seen him post anything objectively Wrong in his pursuit of sharing “his truth” with the masses. Not to mention that a not-terribly-discerning eye will notice his left-of-center tendencies as well.

    He and the other good authors at TTAC and RG inspire me to try writing. In my current state however I’m too busy helping invent the automotive content they eventually write about (which itself limits my freedom to write…) so for now I limit my penmanship to the comments section.

    • Avatarjz78817

      it bothers me a bit that I only discovered the “NPC” thing a couple of days ago, and lo and behold I see it here today.

        • Avatarjz78817

          it bothers me that any time some new term (soy boy) or meme (NPC) pops up from sources like Alex Jones, reddit, or the bilge of 4chan, it doesn’t take but a day or two for you to parrot it.

          why? the whole “NPC” thing is founded on the idea that “anyone who disagrees with me is a mindless automaton who lets someone else (probably Soros) tell him what to think.” The notion of “I’m the only free thinking person on the planet, and I’m surrounded by mindless sheeple” is basically what every 17-year-old who has ever existed has thought.

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            I don’t know about that. The vast majority of the underground memes find no home here — I don’t recall “Wojak” or “Pepe” ever making a front-page appearance, among many others.

            “Soy boy” works because it’s based in reality. We have a whole generation of young men who eat, live, and flee like frightened rabbits. The only thing they aren’t doing like rabbits is fucking.

            “NPC” works because it reflects how rebellious thinkers of all eras encounter the world. Fifty years ago the NPCs were “Truman Show” suburban nonentities. Now they’re polyamorous hosebeasts who scream “RAAAYYYYYYYCIST!” at the slightest provocation.

            Right now we have a genuine culture war between Received Culture (as taught to the student-loan crowd by midwit professors who are terrified of the real world) and Spontaneous Generation Culture (as brewed in the community vats of the chans et al). I prefer the latter, because it occasionally throws up a bit of original or unique thinking.

            As far as the every-17-year-old thing, I think you’re projecting. The vast majority of 17-year-olds now, as in all times up to now, are fairly well-aligned with what their peers and their culture expect of them. It was true when I was 17, back in 1989; it’s true today. Do I need to remind you that Drake is the most popular artist among young people? Is that the sign of a world in which everybody around them suspects the others of being an NPC, or is it a world in which most people act in such a way as to make them effectively no different from NPCs?

          • Avatarjz78817

            I’m saying that NPCs don’t exist. your example of Drake is bullshit. He’s the most popular artist amongst young people now, same as the Beatles, Led Zepplin, and U2 were the most popular artists amongst young people in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Much to the consternation of parents in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s.

            this all stems from people acting like they can force their kids to be their clones. Sorry, you can’t. doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can’t force your kids to like the same music you do, you can’t force them to have the same hobbies you have, you can’t force them to hold the same political beliefs you hold.

            and that’s what you’re doing. you’re kvetching because people younger than you aren’t doing the same things you did when you were a kid. And you’re assuming they’re not doing it because they’re being told not to do it.

            Absent any evidence, of course.

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            You’re dead wrong here, at least in part.


            Zeppelin was almost never a top 10 band. Go look at what was actually popular in the Seventies. It was NPC music. By the same token, U2 only made any headway when they played the NPC game — compare Joshua Tree with almost anything else they did beforehand.

            The Beatles? Bigger than Jesus. But not when they recorded “Abbey Road”.

            NPCs absolutely exist. I meet them in the auto industry all the time. I’ve worked for them. I’ve sat in meetings with people who absorbed two hours’ worth of coherent, passionate arguments then recited something off a press release as a response.

            A significant portion of humanity has an IQ under 90. Christ teaches us that they each have a soul that deserves to be cherished, and I agree. Functionally, however, they are NPCs.

            The average high school kid of 2018 or 1988 or 1968 is an NPC. You know that’s true. There’s no legitimate argument against it. I don’t care if they listen to Drake or Delius.

          • Avatar-Nate

            “NPC” .

            Continuing my free education here, I had no idea what this was until now when I looked in the Urban Dictionary and yes, they’re every where and I find that a little bit worrisome .

            Failure to be able to think or learn is a serious failure .


          • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

            you can’t force your kids to like the same music you do, you can’t force them to have the same hobbies you have, you can’t force them to hold the same political beliefs you hold.

            In every generation, the kids want to be different, just like all the other kids.

          • AvatarFelis Concolor

            NPC works because it hurts.
            It hurts because it’s true.
            It’s true because REEEEE…..

            Seriously, it was never aimed solely at SJWs or hard leftists in general, and instead simply meant someone for whom any deviation from standardized, scripted responses meant a form of mental stutter or shutdown. That the left took immediate offense to it is the most powerful endorsement of its rhetorical kill shot status.

            It’s also especially entertaining seeing just how nuclear-blast powerful it truly is, the way every single major social media and news site is clamping down it. I eagerly await the day some especially talented channer figures out how to hack into the broadcast stream and upload the MSNPC logo during a live show.

  3. Pete DushenskiPete Dushenski

    I gotta admire your independence, Jack. Whether or not my shillings are needed here, my eyeballs are here at least a few times a week. Other than Matt Levine’s Money Stuff and Tyler Cowen’s Marginal Revolution, Riverside Green is as good as it gets in the blogosphere.

    P.S. Those comments are comedy gold.

  4. Avatar-Nate

    Well ;

    As they say ‘dullards are gonna hate ‘ .

    In any case, your word smithing makes your missives enjoyable to read even when I don’t understand or disagree with them .

    BTW : _I_ can spel ‘kawcashiun’ just fine thankyouverymuch ! .


  5. AvatarJeff Zekas

    Laughing my arse off at all the “greatest hits” comments!

    As for you being “on the right” or depicted as a neanderthal: the “right” nowadays is anyone on the right of the crazy anarchist communist freaks.

    And neanderthal? Hey, they were actually really smart; excellent tool makers, and they interbred with homo sapiens, which means, we are ALL neanderthal (just like we are all native American, i.e. Elizabeth Warren and here one-billonth of a percent native genes).

    Regards from crazy libtard Eugene, Oregon.

    • Avatarsilentsod

      1/64 to 1/1024; though it seems odd to be we’re leaning towards a one-drop philosophy as being acceptable in some circles.

      • AvatarDisinterested-Observer

        By antebellum southern standards she is, in fact, an Indian. Good for her. I wonder what impoverished hell-hole of a reservation did she grow up on and how she managed to overcome such adversity.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      Based on my kids’ results from 23 And Me, I don’t likely have any Siberian-American (aka “native”) genetic material. My ex is a convert to Judaism of Scotch-Irish and Anglo-Saxon descent. My kids are half an assortment of European genes and “49% Ashkenazi Jewish”.

      • Avatargtem


        I’d never heard that anthropological term before for whatever reason. Well I suppose then I’m pure Siberian American in a different sense: born of two 100% Siberian parents (ethnic Russian, which is a mix of Viking/Tartar/Mongol/whatever else anyways), and now living in the US!

  6. Avatarbluebarchetta

    Jack, you and Sam Smith are the reasons I still get a paper copy of R&T every month. Haven’t had time to read the latest issue yet, but looks like Smith’s got a piece on Dajiban and you’re doing a deep-dive on car audio. Should be another good read.

    I enjoy the political stuff too. There are a lot of us who are a little too libertarian for National Review and a little too conservative for Reason.

    “Chinerado”? That’s gotta be the same oaf who complains about “Bruicks” on TTAC.

  7. AvatarJohn C.

    It is amazing how little google pays for all those views. Seems like someone could come up with something that better monetized content providers. In the meantime, we should redouble our ad clicking efforts.

    I almost embarrassed to be unrepresented in the greatest commenter S(hits).Spelling the same work wrong two different ways in the same sentence, that sure sounds like me…

  8. AvatarPanzer

    Tryin’ not to suck your dick Jack, but i’m glad you and this blog exist, it really has opened my mind up about alot of things. I know that sounds like a basic bitch thing to say, but its true.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I think you’re complying with Ice Cube’s basic rules of complimenting another man, no worries here.

      Truthfully, most of my fan base is pretty old and/or wealthy so I don’t have to put up with the bizarre beta-flocking behavior that Farah and DeMuro get on a constant basis. Some of those fans really need Jesus.

  9. AvatarFleetwoodFancier

    OK, so you guys hold some opinions that differ from mine. Big whoop.

    You and your contributors offer up interesting content that you actually write and invite intelligent and respectful counterpoints, as opposed to regurgitating your ex-contributors’ work and deleting comments containing what you deem an insufficient level of gluteal osculation.

    You’re running a quality operation, and let me be the first to say I’d gladly pay twice what you’re charging now.

  10. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    “Somebody should give me a million dollars a year and see what I could do with it.”

    Hookers and blow?

    “Actually, I know what I would do with it: hire Ronnie and Thomas Klockau, get Sam Smith to write one freelance big-think piece a month, then spend the remaining $800k a year racing IMSA prototypes.”

    Seems like a more prudent choice.

    I’ve enjoyed coming here, and both you and Marks previous blogs, for several years now. While it’s inevitable there will be posts that I have little interest in, they are still worth my time to read, if only just to learn something. I’ve also enjoyed reading the guest post’s and wonder why some haven’t contributed lately (Elizabeth?).

    Hope it does become profitable for you, and I can say “I knew of him when…..”

    Off to click an add or two.

  11. AvatarJustPassinThru

    Joe Sherlock will be a good fit, IMHO. Not of my generation, or yours; but level-headed and incisive. I’ve followed his blog, on-and-off, for years.

    He’s often quoted you in his bits-and-pieces; now you get to quote him. Excellent cross-pollination.

  12. AvatarShocktastic

    I like Naked Capitalism’s site and their tip jar model. They provide original content combined with links to other sites. A reader may donate through PayPal or send a check. I keep JavaScript off on my iPhone so I don’t help your reasonable desire to monetize your site through clicks as much as you deserve. I’d like to pay you for your efforts directly rather than having you get pennies while the BezosBorg keeps dollars. I read a bunch of writers who post on Patreon but think the host skim is too much. Food for thought but I want to reward content creators directly without them having to share a skim.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I appreciate the thought — maybe we should come up with some kind of tip jar — the funding services tend to be a little unreliable if you’re not perfectly in line with Silicon Valley politics.

      • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

        the funding services tend to be a little unreliable if you’re not perfectly in line with Silicon Valley politics.

        At least you can control your own server. After the defenestration of Alex Jones, I called up the ISP from whom I rent my webspace and verified that they won’t censor my free speech.

  13. AvatarEric L.

    I would make a non-recurring PayPal donation to keep the lights on. Patreon can take their fees and recurring model and suck it.

    I gave a paltry $3 to Martin Brinkmann of as a way of thanking him for an article and acknowledging my ad-blocking status gives him no revenue from my page views. He wrote back a (slightly personalized) thank you in response, which floored me. $3 in ad revenue is how many views? Works out to ~1800 RG views based on the numbers you shared.

    The reason I buy music is to keep my favorite artists able to create. Your writing is no different. I, and others, would donate, if you had a mechanism for that.

  14. AvatarShortest Circuit

    Question is whose thoughts would the (amusing) complainers rather be reading? A thawed out Alex Jones caveman guitarist, or Mr. 90% (2.1 kids, 2.3 dogs, mommy’s Enclave, daddy’s Genesis, always voting for the underdog, etc.)? Not saying the second one couldn’t be interesting, but come on.

  15. Avatarelad sputnik

    I recently pledged $150 towards potentially sodomizing Indigogo in the legal sense and receiving a commemorative hardcover graphic novel. I would happily hit your tip jar and not even ask you to dance, dance baby for it.

    The NPC meme is effective rhetoric, all the usual suspects are shilling like crazy trying to stamp it out, water it down and sabotage it. It’s kind of meta to rhetorically inform people about their susceptibility to rhetoric, and hopefully more than a few wake up and realize how they get played. This goes for both “sides”

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      I’ve supported some Comicsgate campaigns on IGG. How does supporting a campaign potentially sodomize IndieGoGo in the legal sense.

      • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

        He’s referring to IGG unpersoning Vox Day after collecting all the money and completing the campaign.

        • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

          I knew about that, I still can’t quite parse “I recently pledged $150 towards potentially sodomizing Indigogo in the legal sense”. Does he mean that IGG is potentially sodomizing VD, or that he, elad sputnik, potentially sodomized IGG by getting a comic book before IGG pulled the plug?

          In any case, I had the videos in the background while I was getting ready to go out of town so I’m not 100% up to speed on IGG vs VD, but I understand that IGG used a possible copyright violation relating to Batman as an excuse to shut VD down.

          However useful his books on SJWs are, Theodore Beal, aka Vox Day, is primarily about promoting himself, or at least his persona, whatever his real self is. His attempt to appropriate the Comicsgate brand was awkward at best and his ethnostate ideologies are at odds with the American idea. He’s a deliberate expatriate, why should Americans listen to him?

          I don’t agree with Vox Day or Alex Jones about a whole raft of things. Still, attempts to silence them are even more at odds to the American idea than anything they could say.

  16. AvatarPorter Rockwell

    Hey Jack is it possible that you are being shadow banned on bookface? I’m following but very rarely see posts? I notice the same thing with Milo. Best wishes to all the contributors at Riverside Green keep up the great work!

  17. Avatargtem

    Read up on NPC on the “know your meme” page, man I’m missing out on some fun watching the creative minds of young-right-wing twitter do their thing in the pre-election cycle. I was watching with fascination in the fall of ’16 as things unfolded, but ultimately got rid of Twitter soon after the election (too much of a time-suck).

    The “Strong women joining the Army to fight Russia for Hillary” and “text/tweet to vote Dem” campaigns were hilarious. I guess there was a recent one appealing to the leftist-men “I’m staying at home and letting women be heard on Nov 6th.”

  18. AvatarBark M.

    I always have found the idea of asking for tips/Patreon/IGG/GoFundMe a bit distasteful. The idea behind running ads is that there’s a (potential) benefit to the advertisers and also the person who finds the services/products being offered. Just putting a virtual hat out is a little…eh. But if you guys are cool with it, maybe it’s something we should investigate.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      Comedian Owen Benjamin feels otherwise. He feels that the Tip Jar approach is pure capitalism, people paying him because they think the content he produces is worthwhile, while reading ads on his live streams would ultimately compromise him.

      I still think we should look into doing a weekly livestream on YouTube. That can be monetized with SuperChats (though YT takes a 30% cut), and you’re promoting the RG brand. YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine on the Internet. I’m beginning to think that you can’t sell anything, including written content, these days without a presence on YT.

      I recall Jack telling me years ago that it was Motor Trend’s online video presence that was keeping the publication in business.

      • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

        One possible drawback to the Tube would be some of the subjects, and ensuing comments, that are posted here would likely draw their censoring eyes to the stream. I suspect there would have to be some “self censoring” to avoid the fate that has befallen others. I see so much hooting and squalling on other sites, “you said something that offends me me and now you MUST be banned from saying it again”. Odd how most that are banned are to the right of center, but thats the state of things these days given the left leaning of most of the big media platforms.

      • AvatarBark M

        The problem with video is the TIME required. I don’t think Jack or I ever have a spare hour to just sit in front of a camera and talk. I certainly don’t.

        • AvatarJMcG

          I hate video, it’s too low bandwidth. Much faster to read and look at pretty pictures. Much better to go back and reread a section too.

          And thank you.

    • AvatarWheeTwelve

      I would prefer subscription/donation model to ads. Ads can be intrusive, slow down page loading, and screw with the page layout. Good content is worth paying for. If I’m willing to pay for magazine subscription, I fail to see why I wouldn’t pay for decent content online. Also, and I’m only guessing here, a subscription model may keep the crazies out of the comments section.

    • AvatarEric L.

      Then make it subtle, right? Put it somewhere on the site, buried on the “What’s it all about?” page, perhaps, then those who want to pay can and those who don’t… don’t.

      The subscription model, to me, would make RG turn into another R&T or TTAC for you two: I must write and must publish blog posts or I’m going to disappoint the paying subscribers.

      Final argument: Bandcamp is the bee’s knees because they let you pay what you want. You may feel uncomfortable asking $X for the privilege of reading your writing. Someone may want to give 2 * $X, others may pay a meager 0.1 * $X.

    • AvatarDan S.

      I’d also support a tip jar of some sort. I’ve been reading this site for quite a few years and genuinely enjoy it. I’d like to have a way to easily contribute without buying something off an Amazon link or whatever.

  19. AvatarDolphin Love Wins

    It would be nice to have a subscription for an ad-free version. “Riverside Green Platinum” or “Riverside Green Brougham”.

  20. Avatarhank chinaski

    Better yet, a distant sister-site under a nom de guerre to go FLAT OUT on the crimethink.
    Is ‘Bayside Orange’ too obvious?
    Writing while self-doxxed must be…tiring.

  21. AvatarJorge Monteiro

    I’m a mid class portuguese guy that had known Jack @ BMXBasics, my english still not good enough to understand all the picture inside Riverside Green, neither to write good opinions.
    I love to read BMX and CARS stuff, and also read so many stranger things here 🙂
    I cannot understand USA very well… I cannot understand human kind very well… I cannot understand politics very well…
    So I’ll keep focus learning physics (Car and BMX Race physics) and be your alien reader. 😉
    Strong hug to Jack, Bark and to all this reader’s community too

    • Avatar-Nate

      Hi Jorge ! .

      Join the club, I’m an old American and I still wonder what everyone is talking about often .

      No worries =8-) .

      BTW : Are you now living here in America ? . Immigrants are what made America great, never forget that fact .


      • AvatarJorge Monteiro


        No, no, I still living in Portugal, but I feel myself like a citizen of the world. 😉
        I love every nations, respect their culture… Cars and BMX have no nation after all, so…

        “…Join the club, I’m an old American and I still wonder what everyone is talking about often…”
        Woooow, I feel better now :)))))

        “…Immigrants are what made America great, never forget that fact .”
        My wife is a Latin Immigrant here, (from Uruguay) I now very well what you mean 😉


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