(Last) Weekly Roundup: Not That Close, Definitely No Cigar Edition

We expected to win big this past weekend. We had an all-star driver lineup, we had a perfectly-sorted car prepped with no expense spared, we had a first-rate crew. In a series where one of the competitors showed up with a total of four people to drive and fix the car, we brought seventeen pairs of hands. Plus at least five ad-hoc fans and helpers who showed up at the last minute.

In the end, we finished 41st of 59 cars on Day 1 (8th of 9 in class) and 30th of 51 cars on Day 2 (6th of 9 in class) despite leading the race for over an hour on Sunday. We replaced the transmission — twice. We had to sent someone to get a radiator 105 miles away in weather so bad that semi-trucks were being blown over onto their sides. We had five contact incidents, destroying both doors, one fender, and the nose. Needless to say, there were no trophies involved and the unexpected expenses flowed like water.

It could have been worse. One of our competitors showed up in a brand-new MX-5 Cup car, only to total it on LAP TWO of Saturday’s race. At least seven cars were crashed beyond reasonable repair. A Ferrari 458 Challenge won the first day and went home with damage on all four corners the second day. Then there was the team that built an engine out of two bad ones and managed to complete just one lap — which happened to be the last lap of Sunday’s race.

It was a weekend notable for poverty of results but richness of experience. A few of the best stories will appear in R&T later this week. For now, though, let’s see what got done last week.

I wrote about aerobacks. I never tire of writing about aerobacks.

Bark knocked out an article on an empty auto show for TTAC.

We have some book reviews and few more great vintage-car pieces to show you this week. And there’s more racing this weekend. Let’s hope it goes a little better!

13 Replies to “(Last) Weekly Roundup: Not That Close, Definitely No Cigar Edition”

  1. Avatar-Nate

    “That’s Racing” .

    I know the lessons learned here will be priceless .

    (far from home on a 48 year old 90C.C. Motocycle)

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      When I started college, I bought a Honda Super 90 from a friend, so I could get around Ann Arbor. After the school year was over, I had to get it home, about 50 miles away. It wasn’t legal, or safe, to ride it on the freeway, so I took back roads at about 45-50 mph. Weather in Michigan in May can be beautiful during the day and still get pretty cold at night, and as the sun went down it got colder and colder. By the time I got home my hands were so cold and stiff that I could hardly operate the clutch and throttle.

      • Avatar-Nate

        Most of us who began riding young did this very same thing ~ a few times in the early 1970’s on my ’65 Harley Davidson Pan Head I was unable to roll off the throttle or squeeze the clutch in in the middle of the Desert when it was in the 40’s well past midnight….. good thing I only passed an exit and didn’t have to avoid crashing into the back of a slow moving truck .

        In the mid 1990’s before anyone cared about them, I bought a 1967 Honda S90 chrome fenders and turn signals, one year only, I foolishly sold it on the first time I was offered $300 for it not knowing the red one i wanted would never appear affordably again =8-( .

        Poweroll used to make hop up kits for them to reach and exceed 60 MPH .

        I was getting antsy after doing cactus planting this afternoon so I cranked up my 1970 CT90k2 and rode it a few towns over to access the internet, now it’s dark out and I’ll have to ride it home again @ 40 MPH in the 60 degree temps .

  2. Avatarsightline

    This is an unpopular opinion over at Jalopnik, but I love my 3-series GT. Yeah, it’s not great-looking, but it swallows cargo, and unlike the 3-series wagon, you can get it with the six cylinder.

  3. AvatarMark D. Stroyer

    That aeroback piece was definitely a great
    old-school piece of writing. Definitely enjoyed that one a lot.

    It’s really so bizarre how ultimately subtle differences have such profoundly different social perception.

  4. Avatarrwb

    You know something is fun when it’s a good time even though it doesn’t go very well.

    Here’s to unintended expenses at the racetrack!

  5. AvatarWunsch

    You say that you can’t see the Koreans doing a hatchback, but they do. The Kia Stinger. Same “coupe” styling as, say, a BMW 4-series GC.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      You’re not the first person to say that. The Stinger is no more a prestige product than, say, the Rio, which is also a hatchback.

      • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

        I was at the reveal for the Stinger and Kia was all about competing with the BMW 3 segment with that vehicle. Whether it’s a prestige product or not, Kia seems to think it is.

        Speaking of prestige, I spent a weekend in Teaneck, NJ for my nephew’s wedding. My sister lives in a fairly affluent neighborhood but it seemed to me that a lot of families living there were possibly house poor. I saw lots of Nissans and there were enough Genesis models to be noticeable. Keeping up with the Katzes has a price and apparently it means driving a cheaper car if you want to live in their neighborhood.

  6. Avatar-Nate

    Fastbacks ~

    Here’s the true deal from a geezer who’s been in The Auto Trade since the 1960’s :

    They’re a styling fad that comes around every b5 ~ 10 years, people buy them then stop and they’re death on the used car market so the get scrapped or dumped in BHPH Ghetto lots and so quickly used up until they’re mostly all gone then the cycle repeats .

    I’ve had a few but the styling gets to me after less than a year so I dump it just like everyone else does .

    I learned by 1973 to never, _EVER_ put “fastback” in the sales advert, call them ‘two door sedans’ and when the hapless fool shows up looking for a bargain, sell it to the first guy who shows a wad of ca4h that allows any profit .

    Ignore the seriously pissed off Brothers who took two buses and begins yelling “motherfucker ! the ad said SEDAN not this piece of shit !” =8-) .

    If they want a clean well sorted $1,000 car they’ll be back in a day or three .



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