Weekly Roundup: Oceania Has Always Been At War With Sheryl Sandberg Edition

“Truly,” I wrote last year regarding one of my favorite billionaires, “it would be impossible for Mrs. Sandberg to have a tragedy now. Her money is permanent, immutable, too powerful to wither in her lifetime.” Turns out I was wrong. Because what is money, what is power, what is permanent #Blessed status, if you are declared a nonperson by the Deep State and all its tentacular appendages?

Today was the day that Ms. Sandberg became a nonperson, courtesy of a New York Times hit piece that ran yesterday and was immediately echoed everywhere from Vanity Fair to the Post to the Atlantic. “Sheryl’s Facebook Disaster,” brays one article; “Sheryl, We’re Revoking Your Mensch Card” bleats another. CNBC openly called for her dismissal today, as if she were some sullen Starbucks barista who had been caught spitting in Rachel Maddow’s soy latte. Yet I wasn’t completely certain that Sheryl was about to disappear from history like one of Stalin’s disgraced associates until I read that Jezebel had hit her with what I call the “George Zimmerman”: “Sandberg has built her personal brand on a particularly aggravating strain of capitalist-empowerment feminism, one that is built for rich white women…” Emphasis is mine. As long as she was identified by the press as Jewish, as was almost always the case in the past, I figured she had a chance — but the minute the media demoted her to Wypipo it was Game Over. Those whom the media gods would destroy, they first make white.

After today, Sheryl will still be unimaginably rich. She will not lose her home, her remaining family, her permanent ability to do as she likes and to pass that distorting wealth unto the seventh generation and beyond. But she will no longer be welcome in The American Conversation. What happened?

As nearly as I can tell, Ms. Sandberg’s sins amount to:

  • She did not do enough to pull Facebook’s election lever for Hillary Clinton, allowing Russians to spend $46,000 on ads in 2016.
  • She somehow — this part isn’t all that clear to me — allowed someone to insult George Soros. (Soros, who is not an American citizen, spent more than $25 million on an attempt to elect Ms. Clinton. If you don’t have a calculator, I’ll help you out — that’s approximately $500 for every dollar the Russians spent on Facebook.)
  • She hired a PR firm with ties to the Republican party.
  • She supported a law that made it harder for sex workers to advertise online.

I think that’s about it. In truth, this public shaming is likely because Facebook did not do enough to ensure the “Blue Wave” in the recent election. The firm no-platformed hundreds of conservative pages and identities, but that didn’t go far enough to satisfy the DNC. More worryingly, some of the “fake news” pages removed by Facebook were left-leaning. Donald Trump ended up losing fewer House seats than any modern president except Reagan — and that just won’t do.

It’s hard for me to get too upset on Sheryl’s behalf. She has reveled in her status as a Uniparty Superstar for years, throwing awesome parties for Democratic candidates and leaning left even harder than she “leaned in”. She had to know that at some point she would outlive her usefulness to the party of Kamala “$2.1 Million Dollars In Assets” Harris, Stacey “$227,000 In Credit Card Debt” Abrams, and Alexandria “Free Armani Suits” Ocasio-Cortez. There’s not going to be any room for annoying white women in the Uniparty Of The Future. That’s just the way it is.

Still, I’m a bit frightened when I see how easily a billionaire female entrepreneur is taken down by the Coordinated Velociraptor Attack of America’s media. If they can do it to her, they can absolutely do it to anyone. What’s that phrase about “encouraging the others”? Too bad. Adios, Sheryl. Your company worked tirelessly to destroy the American family, and we are all worse off for ever having spent a moment on your privacy-invading, marriage-ruining, depression-inducing platform, but you had a certain style. I hope you can find peace being a very rich nobody at all.

A correction: George Soros is not a native American citizen, but he added American citizenship to his portfolio in 1961.

* * *

This week, I discussed various forms of automotive enthusiasm and offered some unsentimental business advice.

66 Replies to “Weekly Roundup: Oceania Has Always Been At War With Sheryl Sandberg Edition”

  1. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    Jack, ever since the intersectional left declared war on everyone who won’t parrot their bullshit, Jews became honorary white folks. One of my grandfathers was a mailman, the other was a junkman, and the Nazis killed 1/4th of my extended family but now I’m a privileged white man, the beneficiary of centuries of supposed white suppremacy.

    Even the Jews who call Israel an apartheid state and Judaism a patriarchal artifact are starting to feel uncomfortable with their political allies. They’re finding that the alligator is not satiated by feeding him others.

    Alyssa Milano, who isn’t Jewish herself, got dissed as a privileged white woman because she dared to criticize Linda Sarsour (who is lighter skinned than Sheryl Sandberg) and the other Jew hater, Tamika Mallory or something, who started the Women’s March over their fealty to Calypso Louie.

    Leftist Jews keep telling me how dangerous the “alt-right” is to Jews, as if Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer could fill a minor league baseball stadium with their followers (and that’s putting aside the simple truth that Taylor and Spencer are literal reactionaries who don’t believe in the Declaration of Independence, so they don’t belong on the American right in any honest politcal taxinomy.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats run and elect Jew haters like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to Congress.

    We indeed live in interesting times.

      • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

        From the end of the Civil War, until the administration of Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat and like many progressives of that era a racist, the civil service, and in particular the US Post Office, was one career opportunity open to blacks. So much so that Wilson, who also segregated the U.S. Armed forces, segregated the federal civil service in 1913, he started with the Railway Mail Service. Blacks were fired or moved to jobs where they had no contact with the public and were literally out of sight.
        My dad was born in 1920 so it’s possible that as a young adult his father was able to get a job at the Post Office because blacks were denied opportunities there. He was Jewish, though, and it’s not like his own employment opportunities weren’t limited by prejudice.
        Which is one reason my other grandfather was a junkman. If you invent an industry, you can’t be kept out of it due to prejudice (which also partly explains Jewish overrepresentation in entertainment and media). I was once talking to Les Gold, the guy who owns the pawn shop on Hardcore Pawn. I mentioned that my zayde was a scrap dealer. Les said the his grandfather started out in scrap too. I told him, “You’re still dealing in scrap, just a higher grade, gold instead of paper and rags.”

      • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

        It’s fascinating that you seem to believe that all members of a group are responsible for the actions of a few.

        While it’s open to debate, I’d put the origins of Amerca’s current left with what was once called the “new left” of the late ’50s and early ’60s, specifically the Students for a Democratic Society and its related groups. There were undoubtedly Jews in the SDS, but its founding document, the Port Huron Statement, which continues to echo in today’s left, was written by Tom Hayden, not a member of the tribe. Looking over their early history I’d say that about half of the SDS leadership in the early to mid ’60s was Jewish.
        Even if all of the SDS was Jewish, which is was not, please explain to me how my orthodox Jewish neighbors, who are culturally and politcally on the right, are responsible for the actions of Bill Ayers?
        The difference between run of the mill bigots like Henry Ford and Jew haters like you is that Ford divided the world between good Jews (the ones he knew personally) and bad Jews (the boogeymen of his imagination), whereas Jew haters blame all Jews for the real or imagined misdeeds of some Jews.
        In another generation or so, most American Jews will be orthodox, and not leftist at all. You’ll find some reason to hate them too.
        You’re welcome to inform us of any tangible accomplishment you’ve made in life. Otherwise we’ll have to conclude that you’re a lame loser who blames boogeymen for your lack of success.

        • Avatarrambo furum

          Look up na(x)alt and get back to me. I never say a bad word about you, and you always attack me despite having no disagreement. Going by what you said, the origins of this problem you identified was a hundredfold overrepresented by a certain group. This is no fluke but part of a recurring pattern in history that we are expected not to notice.
          It must be nice to have the armies of the SPLC or the ADL and others on your side ready to terrorize any opponent they dislike. I don’t share that privilege.

  2. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    I would embrace being declared a non-person. That would mean I got under the skin of those who deem themselves better than me. However; I’m not rich(by their definition), I certainly ain’t famous( in their circles), and to top it off, I have zero social media presence (never have, never will), so I guess I already don’t exist to them. I’m just another “bitter clinger”, “deplorable”, that is a narrow minded dinosaur.


  3. Avatarstingray65

    Add her to the rapidly growing list of Leftists who have been blacklisted/fired/attacked for not being Left enough – James Damore, Juan Williams, Joe Crowley, Bret Weinstein, Dave Rubin… Some have been lucky enough to land on their feet and find acceptance on the Right, where they have been shocked to discover is where actual “Bill of Rights liberals” reside, others are still wandering in the wilderness. As for Jews – I have always thought they were smart on most matters, but politically they are idiots for continuing to support Democrats en-masse, but then again many German Jews were early supporters of Hitler. I would hope that this tragic historic example of poor political choice would lead more today to see the resemblance between Hitler and modern day Democrats in how they deal with “out-groups”, but unfortunately too many continue to believe the totally bogus (and Communist/Leftist originated) story that the Nazis were politically Right.

  4. AvatarRock36

    I’ve always kind of sensed the modern Democrat left was a coalition of convenience any way.

    If they ever managed to defeat or make the current version of the Republican party irrelevant, the coalition would quickly fracture.

    The future may not be red as we imagine it today, but it surely wont be blue as we understand it either. This actually brings me some hope.

    For example, I grew up in a part of California where, even in the 80s, there was a substantial hispanic population (30-40%), and it was hard not to see the basic conservative values many of my hispanic neighbors and their families held in general. If immigration and accusations of xenophobia werent leveraged so hard by Democrats to gain their loyalty, Id have no problem hypothesizing that there would be a lot more hispanics in the Republican ranks today.

    The assumption that most minorities are lock step liberal and will continue to be even when whites become only a plurality in the United States is very short sighted.

    • AvatarMopar4wd

      The right had a good chance of winning Hispanic voters and did get some in the Bush and Obama years. The current administration seems to have completely obliterated those gains.

      • AvatarMike

        This administration is trying to enforce existing law. A benefical side effect of that will be to limit people from s***hole nations.

      • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

        Perhaps the oddest thing about this last election is you had “Ted” Cruz running against “Beto” O’Rourke.

        • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

          Perhaps. I’d offer New York State Senator-elect Julia Salazar, a Democratic Socialist who claimed to be an immigrant and Jewish, but is neither.

          As for Ted and Beto, in a country that has been described as a melting pot, that has a Mexican/Irish restaurant chain called Carlos O’Brien’s, multi-ethnic names should not be a big deal. Still, it was almost humorous watching voters for a Cubano be called racists while progressives voted for a white guy whose father in law is a billionaire.

          Progs here in Michigan voted for the white woman, Debbie Stabenow (a nice lady but not very bright), over the black man, John James.

        • AvatarKevin Jaeger

          Old America – immigrants anglicized their names to better fit in.

          New America – natural born citizens learn Spanish and adopt Latin American nicknames like famous soccer players.

          It’s different but I’m not sure it’s an improvement.

    • Avatarhank chinaski

      I’m skeptical of any consistent support of the right from the hispanic population other than the wealthy and upper middle class pushed out by Castro, and then only the first and second generations.

      The generally Iberian descent ruling class in CA/SA uses immigration of their poorest native/mixed descent as a safety valve to maintain power and the subsequent flow of income back south is no small part of their paltry GNPs.

      Once able to they consistently vote for the gibs.

      • Avatar-Nate

        @Hank ;

        I’m in So. Cal. I only know a few non Blue Collar Hispanics and all of them are die hard gop voters who think trump is the second coming of jesus himself .


  5. AvatarDemographics is Destiny

    Rock36: How do conservative candidates do in Mexico? Venezuela? Wikipedia may help:

    “Though it is a full member of the Socialist International (along with its rival, the left-wing PRD; Mexico is one of the few nations with two major, competing parties that are part of the same international grouping),…”

  6. AvatarMopar4wd

    Not sure where Soros not a US citizen came from even conservative sites say he became a citizen in the 60s.

    On a side note not sure if I want to keep reading this site. Bark has always been conservative, but Jack used to be different looking carefully at both sides. In the last 2 years his views have become standard middle age conservative fair, which is a bit disappointing.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Should have said that he is not a native citizen, i’ll fix that, thanks.

      I was a registered Democrat for three elections. I think that if I were to sit down and write out my political platform, it would have significant overlap with the D platform of fifteen years ago.

      The party is moving hard left. Anybody remember when the Democrats ran on a platform of fair wages, unionized labor, effective tariffs, and traditional morality? It was Gore’s platform in 2000.

      As Ms. Sandberg has discovered, it is becoming impossible to keep up with the progression.

      I would be sorry if you left. I would encourage you to continue contributing and criticizing where you feel it is warranted.

      • Avatar-Nate

        “Anybody remember when the Democrats ran on a platform of fair wages, unionized labor, effective tariffs, and traditional morality? ”

        Yes, many of us die hard Conservatives do remember quite well .

        When things were going along better than they are now, the dnc asshats lined up at the trough with the gop crooks and drank deeply, why no one trusts then anymore .


        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          I have a deep suspicion of people who move somewhere and decide they’re going to tell the natives how to live. It was unpleasant when we did it to the Native Americans and it is unpleasant when the Eye Of Soros does it now.

          • Avatarltrftc

            The article still incorrectly states he’s not a citizen.

            Jack, I’ve enjoyed reading all of your articles for many years, even more so the ones where you’ve put forward views that I don’t agree with but have challenged my thinking. This piece however has me worried that you’ve been sucked into the division within society so far that you’ve lost perspective and the ability to remain somewhat self corrective. This is as unbalanced as I’ve ever seen your writing, and I fear that you’ve gone over the edge.

          • Avatarltrftc

            My apologies Jack, I missed the correction at the bottom.

            You know what it means to operate on the edge better than most, and your Gender piece is good example of that. It puts forward a very well considered alternative argument to an new phenomena that has been working its way into the mainstream. With this piece, you’ve push it too hard and have hit the wall.

      • AvatarMopar4wd

        I lean left but the the fringe on both sides is a bit disturbing. I’m a bit different register as independent leaned right when I was younger now lean left. If the country wasn’t so divided I would hope that a third party would be created in the middle. But watching the antitrumpers in the GOP get torn apart by the rest of their party makes me think that won’t happen.

        • Avatarrambo furum

          Wasn’t there a saying about how a young conservative has no heart and an old liberal has no head?

          The antitrumpers seek to tear apart the party and their country. Luckily the voters will oust most of these people properly known as cuckservatives, subversives, and traitors within a few years.

      • AvatarMopar4wd

        That’s just the issue I don’t like echo chambers I prefer to be challenged. I have noticed the conversation on politics on this site has started turning in to an echo chamber of a certain political stripe. I don’t mind yelling into the wind but only as long as I feel other viewpoints are at least getting some consideration.

        • AvatarArbuckle

          Unless you come in screaming about how we’re all evil Nazis that want to start a minority genocide, I think you (or any opposing voice) deserve consideration.

          That said, although I’m certainly willing to listen, I must admit that it is EXTREMELY unlikely that I’ll change or even temper my political opinions based on any internet comment or blog post.

    • AvatarSexCpotatoes

      This is why I wanted to/asked to be able to submit a few blog posts on the major issues to counter some of the assertions Jack and Bark have been making on here. I’m almost ready to do so (or at least I’ve been organizing my thoughts and gathering sources).

      I really think you’re under-selling it calling Jack’s views “standard middle-age conservative fare” with his open admiration of the Alt-Right movement, hatred of AntiFa, support for ending birthright citizenship, insistence that literally millions of illegal immigrants are voting (with absolutely no proof, also, this is apparently happening in Republican states whose elections are run by Republican AGs etc), the blog post and comments asserting “White Genocide” in South Africa (even though he refused to use the term), and claiming “It was all fake. Every bit of it. The kid in the cage, staring forlornly out from his literally padded cell in the company of children wearing $69.95 Vans Sk8-Hi shoes?” Or, these images were released by the Trump administration as a disinformation campaign to muddy the waters and allow Trump supporters in line at his rallies to claim “There were no kids in cages,” or “it was all fake,” or “Obama did all that stuff, not Trumpykins.” So they could ignore all the video and audio and news stories that came out about like the ICE/DHS agent molesting a 6 year old girl and the girl being forced to sign legal documents that she understood it was HER RESPONSIBILITY to STAY AWAY from that agent in the kiddie jail. https://twitter.com/SeanMcElwee/status/1022967277371777025

      The obsession with Soros (who Ronnie claims is “no lover of Israel and the Jews”). Everybody knows that mentioning ‘Soros,’ or the word ‘Globalist’ (like Trump does in his hate rallies, even using it right after the Synagogue shooting, are codewords for ‘Jews.’ And *why* all the obsession with Soros’ money in politics, when the Adelsons (who Trump is giving a Presidential Medal of Freedom!) spends nearly 10x what Soros gives to “Da Left?” https://twitter.com/behindyourback/status/1061300625886142464 <-I brought receipts, and I could back up every claim I would make with facts, they might not be convenient for your narrative, but hey, you said something like "I give you too much of a platform already."

      • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

        Three bits of advice.

        0. Most of the readers here are too smart to fall for the old trick of attacking someone for something they did not actually say or write. Stop doing it.

        1. Let me get this straight: you claim that it is racist to dislike Antifa? Are you seriously stating that a moderate Republican would be pro-antifa?

        2. As far as attacking Jewish members of this community, whether it is Ronnie or my son or someone else… that has to stop. Nobody is interested in your opinion of Ronnie’s Hasidic purity.

        Otherwise, carry on.

        • AvatarSexCpotatoes

          0. Which statement/claim that I made are you saying I made up? I know I saw you comment either in the comments here or on twitter that you think birthright citizenship should be ended (which is another thing Trump threw out there for his White Supremacist base). That’s a pretty extremist right-wing policy to believe in. At best you end up with a permanent underclass, at worst, bodies stacked like cordwood. Perhaps I was mistaken and you never made any claims about illegal immigrants voting that’s the only thing I can see I may have made an error on, I’m sorry. But I don’t see you decrying the stolen elections in Georgia and Florida where literally millions of eligible people had their ability to vote revoked. There were no ‘tainted’ votes mixed in with good votes.

          1. Now who is making false claims? I never said anything about race and Antifa, at all. It is my opinion that the only people who seem to hate Antifa are fascists. Now you can “disapprove” of their methods, or have the opinion that they should try more pacifist actions. But the problem isn’t Antifa, it’s Nazis. No marching Nazis, you get no counter-protesters. There have been millions of people (cumulatively) protesting this corrupt Administration, without much violence at all. But the right-wing hate groups now are explicitly advocating violence, they’re marching and protesting and looking to get into brawls. They’re trying to set up the left, goad them into fights, so they can make them look violent, and silence decent people. I think a “Moderate-Republican” would recognize the threat of the far right and white supremacist hate groups, and denounce them, not spread the stories from their blogs as gospel truth. That’s where the ‘White South African Farmers Are Being Wiped Out’ story originated.

          2. I did not attack Ronnie OR your son at all in that comment. I may have quoted some of Ronnie’s words from his comment further below when he was talking about Soros not being much of a mensch to his fellow Jewish people. I pointed out that Trump uses some of the same, exact codewords/slurs for Jews at his hate rallies as the Synagogue shooter did. Not to mention Trump stopped all domestic law enforcement funding devoted to stopping White Supremacist terrorist attacks, he retasked all law enforcement involved telling them to direct all their efforts at “Muslims.” I pointed out that *someone* gives Republicans nearly 10x the money Soros gives to Democrats, and was getting a Presidential Medal of Freedom. You’ve used the G-word multiple times in your writings here, maybe it was as a joke or sarcastically, I was calling out the racism of the word (and how the far-right uses Soros’ name as a stand in for all Jews, when they’re shouting their racism). I was not attacking anyone.

          • AvatarCJinSD

            “It is my opinion that the only people who seem to hate Antifa are fascists.”

            It is my opinion that you are a marketer’s dream. How do you know what ridiculous ideas you can believe without physically harming yourself?

          • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

            ” But I don’t see you decrying the stolen elections in Georgia and Florida ”

            You mean the ones the Democrats tried to steal?

            I’m not overly familiar with Florida, but I DO know a good bit about Ga, as I reside here. The laws and regulations that the Democrats are insisting resulted in their loss of the governors race, are laws and regulations that THEY passed and enforced for a number of years. It was not some last minute ploy by the Republicans, just following existing law by the secretary of state.

            Perhaps you should try something other than pulling statements out of your ass and claiming them as fact. It lends little credence to any other statement you make, especially when they can be debunked in a few minutes of web search.

        • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

          Just to clarify, all Chassidim are orthodox, but not all orthodox Jews are Chassidim, followers of a pietistic revivalist movement started in the 18th century.

          I have friends who are Chassidic but to my knowledge, I don’t follow any Chassidic traditions. I pray the Ashkenazi liturgy, not nusach Sfard, as Chassidim do (well, unless I’m in a nusach Sfard shul). My mother’s family are Litvaks from northeast Poland and follow the tradtions of Lithuanian Jews. Lithuania was where the most elite yeshivas were and where opposition to the Chassidic movement was probably fiercest. My father’s family may be related to the Chasam Sofer, R’ Moshe Schreiber, of Pressburg, also not a Chassid.

      • Avatarrambo furum

        That list of donors is anti-semitic, as a web search will reveal a common something about all of the left-funding people listed.
        I may be a little late on that fairly obvious news, but I certainly don’t miss that Soros seeks to destabilize nations on the grandest scale of any single person with his vast network of Open Society shell groups. Tell me who else dropped an admitted $18B one year.

  7. AvatarWidgetsltd

    It’s always Soros. I had better tone down my eye rolling. I wouldn’t want to injure my eyes. Anyway, I would like to strongly defend the use of a car built for motorsport on the race track. What better place for a neon ACR – or a C5 Z06 – to be? If the car is destroyed in competition, then it died while being used for its highest purpose. A Viking funeral!

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      Not everything said about George Soros is true but he and his son have their fingers in a number of pies. If it’s some kind of leftist activist cause or movement, chances are there are fewer degrees of separation between it and Soros than with Kevin Bacon.

      I will say that the guy who killed his parents and begged the court for mercy as an orphan has to move over. Calling criticism of Soros anti-Semitism redefines chutzpah. He’s no lover of Israel and the Jews.

      • Avatarrambo furum

        Given how kosher journalists from the Times of Israel to Haaretz to the New York Times insist that any noticing of Bond-villain Soros are baseless anti-semetic canards and dog-whistles, I’d be curious to hear how the goals of Soros are at odds with that of any Jews anywhere.

        • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

          Given how you characterized the hard left Haaretz and the almost as hard left New York Times as “kosher”, you likely don’t know your tuchas from a hole in the ground.

          Before you is a Jew, me, Ronnie Schreiber, who is at odds with Soros, as are most of the Jews in my personal sphere, but since you hate all Jews, you don’t want to believe that.

          Someone once taught me that some prejudice is normal but some is literally insane. Xenophobia is normal. “He’s different. I don’t want him fucking my sister.” People, though, can change their minds about outside groups. Abraham Lincoln thought black people were intellectually inferior until he met Frederick Douglas. Crazy people, though, cannot be persuaded by evidence.

          I probably know more about Christianity (majored in Studies in Religion) than you do and I certainly know more about Judaism and Jewish culture. I can show you examples of many thousands of Jews who share no values with George Soros, but that won’t change your mind because you have a condition known as “Jews on the brain.”

          • Avatarrambo furum

            I used the term “kosher”to describe certain journalists to point out that this is “your people” saying this. The message seems not to have gotten through.
            It would have been easier to list some topic on which there is not a cultural lockstep, but you resort to accusations instead. It is hard for me to see this as an honest attempt.
            Facts seem not to be on your side.

  8. AvatarTyler

    Jack: to whom should I address all these letters respectfully requesting that you be invited to the TRD Camry and Avalon press track session?

  9. AvatarJustPassinThru

    What we’re seeing, is a cleansing of The Party. It ALWAYS happens when a given political movement which asserts totalitarian control, comes closer to that power. You had Lenin cleanse the Communists of Leon Trotsky and his disciples. You had Castro turn on Che Guevara. You had the SS Blackshirts, first hide behind the Brownshirts, and once the streets were under National Socialist control…once the Brownshirts were no longer useful…they were no longer tolerated.

    The current SJW DemocratSocialist movement doesn’t control the streets, or government…not YET. But they own the Information Highway, and they are going to brook no interference. Resistance has been all-but-stamped out. Hard-line conservatives have been marginalized; now it’s time for libertarians and those who actually promote a different perspective or dare challenge the Party Line.

    Interesting, too, how hard-line Conservatism is now lumped in with Nazism (National Socialism) and Fascism (State control of privately-owned industry). But we’ve seen it before, or our parents/grandparents did. Fascism, Nazism, and Communism/Socialism were all competitors for the same prize – absolute power – and soliciting the same sort of mindless tools. In the Beer Halls of Munich; in the streets of Moscow and Petrograd, in the universities of America…each of them wants the same thing, power, and each sees the three others as a threat to that goal.

    Conservatives are not a threat to them, so much as a nuisance defense of the old system. It appeals to a different population and for different reasons. It’s useful only as an object lesson and warning – in public punishment and marginalization.

    Right now the Left’s threat comes from those who no longer can go along with the program. This woman is part of that cleansing of “reactionaries.”

  10. AvatarNoID

    Regarding your unsentimental business advise, this seems to have been the strategy of FCA under Sergio Marchionne. Sure, they gave Waymo a killer deal on Pacifica minivans to keep their name in the game, but Waymo has done all the work and spent all the real money on actual autonomous driving. It’s the same with FCA and electrification, let the disruptors jump all over themselves and eat each other for 1% of market share, then when the technology is fairly stable start applying it to their existing vehicles (see Pacifica Hybrid) and see if it sticks.

  11. AvatarPanzer

    No Jack, you simply don’t understand. Orange cheeto Hitler was elected entirely because Russian intelligence magically duped all the deplorables into voting for him.
    And Facebook did nothing to stop this happening.
    Therefore, Sandberg has been unpersoned 👍

  12. AvatarRyan C

    I think your business advice to Ford is more or less “ignore disruption theory,” and I’m not sure they should take it.

    1. The F-150 is probably not forever. And the real challenge with CF seems to be production costs, and I’m betting the challenge is that even if you have sweet modern circular looks like Toyota set up for the LS-A, you can’t get even close to the cycle time of metal stamping. I guess maybe they could pull the Apple CNC mill trick where they just buy a substantial portion of the world’s large carbon loom production, and install it in a factory to run massively parallel.

    2. There’s real costs in being behind the curve on a disruptive invention. Are EVs inherently disruptive? Possibly not. But I’m less sure that battery manufacturing won’t become a killer car technology, nor that charging station networks won’t become a killer car technology. Miss out on one of those, and you might well be the last crane company that has stuck with cables over hydraulics….I don’t think Ford is worried about missing the rise of EVs by three years; they’re worried that they’ll miss by five years if they don’t start now, and That’s not exactly wrong.

    3. It may be cheaper to get your feet wet in EVs than

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      BMW’s the big player in carbon fiber. They’ve invested billions and own most of their supply chain past the point of whatever remnent of DuPont after the Dow merger still makes acrylonitrile.

  13. Avatarlink3721

    “Donald Trump ended up losing fewer House seats than any modern president except Reagan”

    Not sure what point you were going for, but worst years since Regan: Bush lost 8 House seats in 1990, Clinton lost 54 House seats in 1994, Bush 2 lost 27 House seats in 2006 and Obama lost 63 House seats in 2010. Trump is at 36 or 37 I think. So Trump lost less than recent Democrats but more than any other Republican since Regan. Actually, last time the Republicans lost more house seats was in 1974 during Nixon.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I’ll admit that I relied on something I read right after the election, where Trump had lost 23 seats and the concessions hadn’t been un-conceded… I appreciate the correction.

  14. AvatarCliffG

    In 1841 Charles MacKay wrote a book “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”. sort of required reading back in my stock broker days (along with Benjamin Graham) lo those many decades ago. Trying to discern the difference between social media shaming and witch burning is not that difficult, except for perhaps in degree. Degrees? Sorry. Anyway, not that much new under the sun when you get right down to it.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Well I’ve learned something from that: the Wing is breaking the law but it is, and I quote, “not an appropriate target for enforcement.”

      This fucking timeline, man.

      • AvatarWill

        I have a friend that belongs to it and asked me what I thought; I told her that I didn’t care that they had an all woman’s club, but that when men open their own, women shouldn’t bitch about it and join their own. But typically women will complain.

        She also told me then when men deliver packages, fix things, etc… they announce that a man is present and to watch out. I can’t make this shit up. We’re going backwards, but then again, the “men’ in NYC (well manhattan) are mostly pathetic.

  15. AvatarSexCpotatoes

    Speaking of hating foreigners coming here and using their money to tell us how to live… or at least meddling in our elections. Russia.

    Long list of links to NYT and Snopes removed, I don’t run this site to drive traffic for Carlos Slim or David Mikkelson — jb

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I appreciate your devotion to the Russia narrative but it all boils down to the idea that somehow Russia derailed Hillary’s $2 Billion campaign using:

      * Hillary’s own information;
      * Somewhere between $40,000 and $10M.

      In other words, the ENTIRE COUNTRY OF RUSSIA couldn’t match Soros on his own:


      That same site will show you that Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Korea, and a few other countries all outspent Russia. What did they get for their money?

      Or are the Russians just so much smarter and better than everyone else that they could sway the election using less money than Mercedes-Benz spent on the Maybach 62’s public debut?

  16. AvatarSexCpotatoes

    Hmmn. Honest question: Why did you delete all my claims AND all the links to proof of what I claimed? You could have just taken out the links if you were offended by them, or didn’t want to give traffic to those sites, and left my assertions stand alone. Then if people wanted to research on their own or argue against it, they could have.

    For someone who decries censorship, you seem pretty keen on censoring my entire comment where I laid out a pretty convincing case that Russians spent MILLIONS on swaying our elections, Jack. Why are you lying about the amount spent? Perhaps you could give me a list of acceptable news sources to link? Or at least a somewhat comprehensive list of those websites that are *verboten* to post links to? You have other commenters in this thread questioning my claiming the elections in Georgia and Florida were not run fairly at all, but were I to attempt to respond and provide any proof whatsoever, would those comments be edited because you don’t like the sources as well? How many links in a comment are too many? It would be kind of nice to have some guidance on this before you start swinging the banhammer. You’ve already made claims in this thread that I was attacking you by calling out your beliefs, and attacking your son, and attacking other commenters (when all I did was quote someone). I honestly don’t know if Soros is a friend to all other Jewish people, or if he routinely takes steps that actively encourage harm against them, and I happily would read any link provided that helps shed any light on the whole situation when I get the time.

    But virulent antisemites, conspiracy nutjobs, and even Fox News, have been smearing George Soros so hard, for so long, without any shred of proof, for stuff that’s either impossible or patently untrue (“he’s paying all the anti-Trump protesters!”), that most thinking people’s reaction is to now dismiss what might even be valid criticism of him completely out of hand.

    And the fact that FB did a huge data dump/admission of guilt yesterday in an attempt to bury the news that they explicitly directed their opposition researchers to target and smear Soros on their platform, well, I’d provide a link, but I don’t know which links are acceptable here anymore since you get to choose what count as facts and what doesn’t.

    I’m a little tired of self-proclaimed “moderate-Conservatives” claiming they’re being censored, claiming they’re all for freedom of speech, and then silencing/censoring others. You could have gone with the hollow excuse that I was too far “off topic” even though FB and Russian ads are pretty topical when talking about FB.

    In fact, I’d challenge you to explicitly come out and make the case that ‘Russia DIDN’T meddle in the US election and sway the results’ in its own post, if you haven’t already. Kind of telling how the links I posted to $35M of Russian money forensically proven to have been funneled to help Trump (a lot of it directly to his campaign) through the NRA were probably the first to be deleted. The amounts claimed in your reply do not fully encompass the dark money funneled into our elections by Russia and other countries, and it’s too bad for me that you brought up Saudi Arabia, because I can’t even use links to point out Trump and his Administration helping cover up the murder, dismemberment, and dissolving in acid of the body of an immigrant U.S. reporter who was applying for citizenship, here on a Genius Grant Visa or whatever. Why are you silent on Jamal Khashoggi’s murder? You blog about politics from time to time, but you seem to avoid everything that’s truly important and is affecting the US (his country’s slide into fascism, Trump’s disastrous Trade War that’s driving up prices for all Americans and welfare payments to farmers, authorizing deadly force and quartering US troops on US soil without any authorization from Congress by declaring a fake “National Emergency,” the wholesale poisoning of American citizens by allowing Fracking companies to literally dump unlimited amounts of toxic waste into the Gulf of Mexico, and even US troops and their families being forced to drink toxic water for 6+ months on our military bases), but you post about white South African farmers and how somebody was once offended by some art that represented people different from them. Too bad I can’t provide any links to concrete proof of all this, because I have them.

    Just because you ignore these things doesn’t mean they aren’t happening every day. And yeah, you can’t be expected to cover everything all the time, but the glaring gaps in what you do post about, the absolute silence on many matters of true importance to our country today, and the outright lies are wearing *really* thin.

  17. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    “You have other commenters in this thread questioning my claiming the elections in Georgia and Florida were not run fairly at all,”

    Once again, your, or others, ASSERTIONS are not proof. In Ga the claims of voters being purged happened many months before the final election. Most all were deleted due to failure to respond to request’s to verify their current address. Many had moved and failed to register in the district they now lived in, therefore unable to vote. That is the fault of election officials how? If you don’t have the presence of mind to register to vote, you are likely not bright enough to help decide who will represent your district.
    As for Florida; how is it the only problem seems to be in Palm Beach? Not in Tampa. Not in Tallahassee, Orlando, Pensacola or any other large part of Florida. Just Palm Beach and parts of Miami. And it’s not just now, there is a serious history of that area having multiple problems. From losing boxes of ballots, trying to recount recounted ballots, trying to add votes based on others cast on a ballot where one is left blank, etc. That seems to be an attempt to change the legitimate results. And then we hear a great amount of pissing and moaning when these attempts are stopped.


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