Some Light Reading For The Weekend

These are just a few of the articles that have caught my eye lately — some political, some not.

 “Unchecked bureaucracy… is essentially authoritarian and illiberal”: Camille Paglia is horrified by the logical outcome of her favored policies.

Go drive in a real-life Mario Kart race.

HR 392 is a Final-Solution-style nightmare for whatever American middle-class jobs remain in this country; read the pros and the cons.

Returning to a time when Democrats fought against open borders, and understanding their reasoning in a modern context.

“We may need a new vocabulary for what we are doing in California:” thoughts on the billionaire beach lifestyle and its (nonexistent) consequences.

John Dingell wants to abolish the Senate and the Electoral College so the 40 million residents of California can finally, have, like, a say in how this country is run.

Good news! Migrants are healthier than the residents of the countries they invade in all ways except for, ah, hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV, I guess that’s not important? That’s all for now, folks!

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  1. AvatarRyan

    If it’s any consolation, I may or may not have thrown up in the living room of the Dingell residence in 2012. That was the last time they allowed their granddaughter to have Halloween party.

    It baffles me how the Dingells keep getting reelected considering how much they differ from their constituency.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      John and Debbie Dingell are both charter members of the lucky sperm club. John inherited his father’s seat in Congress. Debbie was in charge of lobbying for GM when they married. She’s an heir to the Fisher Body fortune, so I’m sure her jobs at GM were completely based on merit.

      In 2010, John Dingell’s opponent in the general election was a cardiologist named Rob Steele. Steele started med school at 17 in Michigan’s joint undergrad/med program. He started a practice that employs hundreds. Dingell called him “a rich doctor” during the campaign and made Steele’s car collection an issue. Yes, in suburban Detroit.

      The following January, at the NAIAS media preview, Dingell was unattended to by his handlers so I asked him, “Mr. Dingell, in light of the fact that you’ve become a multi-millionaire while serving in Congress do you think it was appropriate to call your opponent a rich doctor?”

      He responded by literally flailing his hands at me and doddered off in a huff.

      • AvatarRyan

        His response doesn’t surprise me. I’ve lived in their district my entire life and recall both the Steele campaign and his remarks. I got a kick out of them comparing a “rich Ann Arbor doctor” to their “lowly” Downriver life..

        My previous job had me working with the two of them in various capacities (fundraisers, advocacy, public outreach, etc.). I can’t say that I have much positive to say about our interactions as most of the time they leveraged for PR opportunities.

        To Debbie’s credit, however, she still remembers my face but “can’t seem to place [me].” I’d venture to guess that’s more due to the alleged Halloween incident and not the community work I have done since.

        • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

          When Elio Motors had a press conference about starting to build their validation prototypes (which as yet are still mostly unbuilt), it was at a facility in Livonia. Debbie Dingell was there with her staff. Right in the middle of Paul Elio’s remarks, she got up, interrupted him, saying she was “so embarrassed” but that she had to leave for another event on her schedule, and then left with her retinue.

  2. AvatarEconomist

    Great image, and thanks for the reading. I would like to see more of this sort of post. It’s nice to read things outside of my bubble.

  3. Avatargtem

    I find myself in a bit of an odd predicament when it comes to the debate around merit-based immigration, as a first generation immigrant and son of classic “brain drain” emigres from Soviet academia. It’s an uncomfortable topic to wade into because it can quickly get a bit racial, but I’d like to make the case that my family was able to fully assimilate and within the first generation inter-marry, spread out geographically and meld into American mainstream life, adopting American tradition, culture, and beliefs (self sufficiency, respect for the meaning and utility of the 2nd amendment, etc). Russian isn’t exactly a Western-European culture, but it’s not too far removed either. I’d argue it’s a function of how many people and how different they are from the local population that should drive some of the immigration policy. It’s a known issue studied and quantified by progressive academics like Robert Putnam that introducing a large number of “alien” people into a community has a direct correlation with a degradation in trust and cohesion within said community.

    • AvatarDisinterested-Observer

      Both in absolute terms and as a percentage of the existing population the wave of immigration that started in the 1970s has dwarfed all previous eras. Each of those waves was also followed by long periods of refraction where there was very little immigration. We are due for one of those.

  4. Avatarhank chinaski

    Taking bets on whether the human global extinction event is brought on by:
    A: a plague spawned of a 19th century disease on a child migrant, mutated with a drug resistant super-bug grown in a US hospital from a boomer’s weight reduction surgery
    B: chabuduo CRISPR experiment gone wrong that births a zombie apocalypse.

    ‘The big beautiful wall’ will never be built, but instead there will be many smaller ones and the residents of the ‘billionaire beaches’ will live on the good side of each one.

  5. AvatarSexCpotatoes

    O-kay… wow, you’re really going all-in on this, claiming immigrant ‘invaders’ are ‘bringing diseases.’ Some people may have AIDS/HIV, but I would bet you in the entire “Caravan” there’s fewer people there with AIDS than ended up with it from Vice President AIDS EPIDEMIC Pence’s Epidemic when he was Governor of Indiana. And of course claiming they’re disease-riddled is literally NOTHING like early German WWII propaganda, no, wait, it’s the exact same thing. Fox News talking heads were claiming THEY’RE BRINGING SMALLPOX! I’d post a link to the video, but I don’t want my comment deleted, you still haven’t told me what links are acceptable, and which ones will get my comment deleted, again. Smallpox was completely eradicated from the face of the earth by 1980, and yet Fox News talking heads are claiming immigrants are bringing it here to infect you and your kids. FFS

    I could come up with better links than these, and they wouldn’t have to be all political either.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Why are you hassling me? NBC is the one stating that the migrants have HIV and other deadly diseases at a higher rate than the general population. Go yell at them.

    • Avatardejal

      In essence: “ORANGE MAN BAD”.

      Will give you credit. It took 3 sentences before you brought up the Germans.

      I don’t care if these people were blonde Swedes with PHDs. Get in line and jump through the hoops like everyone else did. Why do you hate poor US citizens that these people would compete for jobs with?

      • AvatarSexCpotatoes

        What line? What hoops? What are you even talking about? There is no immigration process open to ‘these people’ other than claiming Asylum. You telling them to ‘get papers, or get legal’ doesn’t mean that’s remotely possible.

        If you’re going to claim something is not EXACTLY like what Germans did in WWII, when I happen to point out it IS exactly like what Germans did in WWII, that’s called gaslighting. You and Jack and other Trump supporters act like decent people are overreacting calling a spade a spade, this from the ‘don’t censor me bro!’ anti-pc crowd. Not all concentration camps were extermination camps. We now have concentration camps in our country, again. Where immigrant children separated from their parents are moved/transferred from dog cages/kennels at various facilities under the cover of night , and CONCENTRATED in one compound . Where the lights are kept on all night in their cells so the guards (who had their child-molester background checks waived by the Trump Administration ) can check that all the children are asleep on the ground under their thin space blanket. This really sounds like a sane, measured, humanitarian response. /s

        • AvatarMike M

          These replies and comments you are posting are absolutely ridiculous.

          If a mother and father robbed a store to get food and supplies for their kids, the family would be separated when caught. The parents will be in separate jails and the kids would be put in state custody or foster care.

          These people are breaking the law and there are consequences case closed!

        • AvatarCJinSD

          Democrats and their policies make sense once you recognize that they’re entirely motivated by the desire to have child sex slaves. Otherwise, they’re indistinguishable from establishment Republicans.

  6. Avatarstingray65

    I don’t care if they are all disease free, hard working, “law-abiding”, and culturally compatible, because there should be NO illegal immigration because it is ILLEGAL. Every country should have the right to decide who they let in, and every country should put the rights and welfare of their own citizens first before trying to save the rest of the world. Unfortunately, most of the people that are trying to sneak into the West are from shithole countries, which means they much more frequently do have disease or poor health habits, may have indifferent work habits, are too likely to be law breakers or violent, and are almost certainly not culturally compatible, but the saddest thing of all is that they they are likely the smartest, strongest, and most go-getter citizens of their homelands. Their brains, brawn, and culture are unlikely to be compatible with Western values and needs, which is why so many end up on welfare or in jail when they emigrate while at the same time causing their homeland to lose its best and brightest. Which is also why merit based legal immigration is problematic for ever turning around shithole countries, as too much brain-drain leaves them with literally nothing but shit to work with.

    The hopeful news, however, is that until about 200 years ago pretty much everyone in the world lived in a shithole country, but Western culture spawned the industrial revolution that has generated health, wealth and opportunities beyond the imagination of the wealthiest and most powerful kings and scholars of those times. With a successful Western model to copy, and some bright and honest leaders of industry and politics, we can hope that many more countries can eventually lose their shithole status. Western wealth and opportunity, and the welfare state they finance are powerful attractions to the billions born unlucky, but open borders or only mildly restricted immigration can and will kill the wealth generating culture and is utterly incompatible with a semi-functioning welfare state that already has more takers than makers.

  7. Avatargtem

    Jack the American Affairs piece is incredibly well laid out and thought provoking, thank you for directing me to it. It is encouraging to see that such positions exist on the Left, seems much more of a cogent alignment for a pro-labor person to take than the nonsensical “no human is illegal” tangent that has entered the mainstream liberal circles. You should be able to empathize with the people that are motivated by wanting a better life for their families without being forced to accept mass immigration with open arms at the risk of being branded a horrible racist. There are people at the bottom in this country that want a better life for their families too.

  8. Avatarshocktastic

    “With a successful Western model to copy, and some bright and honest leaders of industry and politics, we can hope that many more countries can eventually lose their shithole status.” – Facepalm. The USA is hurtling into shithole status as a third world country with a strong currency and strong military not because of uncontrolled immigration but because of an increasing concentration of wealth as the oligarchs strip-mine the middle & lower classes. I agree with controlled immigration but many of the shithole Central American countries are that way due to the meddling of this country in their affairs. Whether the Ds or the Rs are running the US, this country’s “regime change” interventions in Latin America create enormous blowback. For example, the migrant caravan originated in Honduras as a result of the chaos from a very violent rigged election supported by the Obama/Hillary State Department after the US-supported coup of 2009. Even the HuffPo liberals called this one out:

  9. AvatarJames

    Friday evening algebra: if the speed of light in a vacuum is approximately 300 million meters/sec, and audio is being transmitted at a 96 kHz sample rate over a 100 meter cable, how far does the cable’s implied velocity factor have to drift (from an ideal 1.0, say) during the course of a listening session, to cause one frame of jitter? (I come up with 0.06–so from 1.0 to 0.06.)

    • AvatarEric H

      The answer is never.
      Jitter is the random timing variation between samples, not the long term clock drift you’re asking about. Also, one frame of jitter would be massive. Timing errors that can generate the equivalent an LSB or two of error are orders of magnitude smaller.

    • AvatarJames

      Reminds me of some nice marketing by a budget shampoo brand. Upscale brand promoted its product with some bullshit, “invigorating.” Budget brand responded by marketing its product as just as invigorating.

      Muh digital cables as jitter free as yours, boy…

  10. AvatarSexCpotatoes

    The funny thing is that conservatives keep posting this utter lie that ‘open-border Dems’ want open borders and open borders are their goal so they can force us to have open borders. Then they’ll post videos of Obama, or Hillary, or whomever making a speech calling for strong borders, and act like “AHA! WE’VE GOT THEM NOW!” …But no Democratic elected officials have EVER called for open borders, to the best of my knowledge. Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said that we need secure borders. There never was ANY “Open Borders Bill” introduced in Congress by Democratic Representatives or Senators. We have video of Trump claiming these completely false things, lying to the American people for political gain.

    I’d just like to leave this quote here, from a Vice President, who served the last time America was grappling with the problem of Fascism:

    “The American fascists are most easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact. Their newspapers and propaganda carefully cultivate every fissure of disunity, every crack in the common front against fascism. They use every opportunity to impugn democracy. They use isolationism as a slogan to conceal their own selfish imperialism. They cultivate hate and distrust of both Britain and Russia. They claim to be super-patriots, but they would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the Constitution. They demand free enterprise, but are the spokesmen for monopoly and vested interest. Their final objective toward which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection.” -Henry A. Wallace

    • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

      “But no Democratic elected officials have EVER called for open borders,”

      Word versus deed are two different things. If Democrats are NOT for open borders, why are there :sanctuary cities”? Or the ever popular refusal to cooperate with ICE? Or issuing drivers licenses to “undocumented” persons(when I have to jump thru all kinds of hoops to renew mine)?

      I will however agree that it’s not a total Democrat problem, as many so called Republican’s want the cheap labor.that these invaders offer. If it was doctors, lawyers and bankers that were slipping in, as opposed to carpenters, bricklayers and gardeners, the outcry from those on both sides of the political spectrum would be deafening.Meanwhile it’s the average middle and lower class that bears the brunt of the problem. Look around where you live. Do you see many, if any, non Latino’s building houses, doing lawn care, or working in certain industries?

      My simple solution to the problem;
      NO “freebies” for ANY immigrant, legal or otherwise (as many other countries do) until you have “paid into” the systems for at least 2 years . You wanna eat? Work.
      No drivers license unless you can understand written English, and show verifiable documentation to back up who you are. I, as a born here citizen, have to show a birth certificate, proof of residency, and a tax return or similar, just to RENEW a license I have had for 45+ years.
      You protest about the condition here, IMMEDIATE deportation, no iff’s and’s or but’s.You came here by your choice, we didn’t ask you to. If you don’t like it, GTFO.
      30% tax on any money transfer back to your place of birth. Sorry that your cousin in the old country is still eating beans and rice and living in a box. Not my problem. Support the country that you are in. Its NOT up to us to solve every problem in every country, despite what most politicians want to do.

      I know that these are not popular opinions to some, but I really don’t care. If you look around the world, not just the US, many countries are coming to the conclusion that unchecked migration is becoming a problem. There are a dozen or so countries that have chosen not to sign the UN “migration” proposal, including the US. Most are finding out that the cost of allowing everyone in, is outweighing any benefit (which in most cases is none) that they might bring

      *climbs off soapbox and stomps away.

      • AvatarJames

        ‘Tis the voice of the autist: he says, I do not hear anyone call for open borders! Sanctuary cities, sure, but those are different words… different in form, and what is this thing you call “function”? He has made a distinction without a difference and is angry at you when you do not play along.

        He still hears so many dog whistles, though!


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