Your Chance To Get On The Samizdat Enemies List

Bad boys of literature, whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Surely we all understand that the endgame intended for today’s aggressive and universal politicizing of everyday existence is the same as it was in 1918 — a firing squad for the worst of the doubleplusungoodthinkers, the gulag for the rest of us. If you’re interested in moving a couple of notches towards firing-squad placement, there’s no better way than to join me in the purchase of Finally, Some Good News by the brilliant social commentator and misery-blogger known as “Delicious Tacos”. (If you don’t know who he is, you can find out here.)

If you buy the book, please feel encouraged to revisit this post and share your opinion. As for me, I’m looking forward to having a physical copy of the thing. A hundred years from now, when sensible humans look back at the “woke” era of American garbage culture with the same terror that was previously reserved for the purge years under Stalin or the eyeglass-shattering madness of the Khmer Rouge, I want my grandson to be able to say that his grandfather walked to the firing line with his chin up. Oh, and that I survived the execution, because nobody there could figure out how to rack the bolt of an AR-15.

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  1. Avatareverybodyhatesscott

    It’s actually a pretty good story. I bought a paperback copy that I received yesterday.

    If you buy the paperback, you get the kindle edition for free. Or at least you did when I bought it.

    • Avatartrollson

      I read the free “chapters” on his website. Seems like an angsty nerd fantasy of saving a girl he likes when the world suddenly comes to an end. The writing is clever, albeit riddled with grammatical errors, but I don’t really see the appeal of the story here.

  2. Avatargtem

    I’ve seen this recommended in certain circles on Twitter, read the free preview and ordered. Plan on ripping through it and then giving it to a friend for Christmas that shares a similar wavelength to me.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I don’t NOT recommend it but it’s basically just the stuff from his “Hot Naked Tits” e-book with a paper cover.

  3. AvatarCarmine

    Sometimes I feel so old and I’m pretty sure I’m younger than both Baruths……..what, pray tell, is “Samizdat”?

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      It was the Russian term for banned literature in the Soviet era, usually something subversive or politically unwelcome.

      • AvatarCarmine

        Don’t really study Russian lit…..did watch all 6 season of The Americans though….

        I was thinking it was some sort of woke term the kids were using these days.

      • AvatarCliffG

        The most famous of Samizdat pubs was probably Andrei Amalrik’s “Will the Soviet Union survive until 1984?” ( I read it in 1975 as part of my Russian history major). Most people thought it was some reference to Orwell’s famous book, but when he was interviewed years later he said he had never heard of it. It was just 1984 was 10 years after he had written it. Astonishingly prescient, it was part of the reason there were about 3% of Soviet scholars in the West at that time thought that, yes, the USSR could fail. Luckily for us, Reagan had a few advisers who were part of that group. A lot of 1980’s economic textbooks had to be thrown in the trash around 1991.

        • AvatarCJinSD

          I had a lefty boomer teaching me that the Soviet Union would inevitably inundate the US economy due to their emphasis on manufacturing goods while we focused on consumer goods. That was in a 1989 macroeconomics class. He was a professor for many years after that. I doubt he ever lost the scorn he felt for the US and economic freedom though.

          While the Soviet Union was imploding, I was studying communist governments under a visiting Scottish professor(I won’t call him a scholar) who hated every moment of socialism’s humiliating failure. He devised a fifty question true or false exam where the high score was a 68% and the low was less than 50%. Not having attended a single lecture, read a single phrase in the texts or having turned on the news during the previous decade would have affected the average student’s score not one bit. Then he gave all of his stupid American students low grades on went home to Scotland to rationalize a construct where socialists aren’t evil imbeciles.

  4. Avatarhank chinaski

    On the subject of irreverent badthink, I also suggest Palaniuk’s recent ‘Adjustment Day’. The ending is a bit weak, though.

  5. Avatar-Nate

    ? $10 for a paperback ? .

    I hope it shows up in the used bin soon, maybe in a local “Little Free Library”, I’ve been finding many good reads there recently .


  6. AvatarRobert

    Choked on my drink at “It costs twice that for a school where gas huffing sasquatches don’t commit Rwandan machete genocide.” Couldn’t put it down. Easy to consume as a Taco Bell burrito. Could have used one more proofreading.

  7. Avatarhank chinaski

    I enjoy his style. It reads as a stream of consciousness from a mind baked in booze, coke and misanthropy. The cultural references will date and ultimately trap it. It was shorter than I would have liked. I will now lol whenever I see the word ‘Activia’.
    4 stars. Would read again.

    AR-15. You wish. They will be necklacing when it all goes down.

  8. Avatargtem

    Finally got around to sitting down and reading it in one take. Wow, it was not quite what I had expected. I thought it was going to be nothing but satire and social commentary, not this crazy (and disturbing) story. All of the corporate drivel and merger talk is highly relatable at the moment.


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