A Thousand-Dollar Fine, Sultan Knish Was Right, And A Movie Made For Two, Based On “The Time Machine”

For reasons beyond my comprehension, an unusually high percentage of my reader base hails from California. All of you, and anyone who travels to the Golden State for business, might do well to review the 2019 crop of California laws. The law making the most noise — pun intended — is a thousand-dollar mandatory fine for exhaust noise over 95dB. It’s being enforced aggressively now, which would lead any sane person to wonder: We are told on a daily basis by the California-based media that it would be “absolutely impossible” to successfully identify and deport illegal immigrants, and that “profiling” would harass and endanger innocent people while providing no uptick in the amount of arrests. Yet the California police appear to have zero difficulty “profiling” certain types of cars in order to hand out these $1,000 tickets. That’s right: according to the drivers who have already been caught up in this new law, the police aren’t just sitting on a sound meter, Laguna-Seca style. They are aggressively, and purposely, seeking out certain vehicles. After all, if the police were simply to ticket based on their machine reading, they might end up ticketing the ratty old Toyota trucks or ’97 Expeditions that carry that sweet, sweet low-priced undocumented labor out to the farms. Would the drivers of those vehicles pay the fine? Of course not — and why should they, when they can have a brand new identity and driver’s license for $29?

Perhaps not surprisingly, it was at that point that I thought of the man who calls himself “Sultan Knish”.

“Every city,” Daniel “Sultan Knish” Greenfield writes, “is by necessity a tyranny.” His overall point — that we must sacrifice freedom if we want to live in close proximity — reaches its logical conclusion in this subtly insightful set of paragraphs:

The truly civilized man is expected not to notice uncivilized behavior. Relativism is the expected response to any violation of human norms, but not to violations of any element of the petty codes of urbania. It is very well for a man to strip naked on a train and run from car to car shouting that the aliens are coming, but not to throw his recycling into the trash.
The only free people in cities are eccentrics and criminals. Eccentricity is a necessary performance art in the face of anonymity. And criminality is often the only way to get things done. Everyone breaks some laws because there are too many laws and many of them are unreasonable or unlivable. In their own way, every urbanite is an eccentric and a criminal. It is only a matter of scale. The best eccentrics have features written about them in newspapers. Less successful eccentrics occasion only shrugs. The best criminals become legends. The rest just spend their senior years bemoaning the new thugs who don’t seem to care about honor and are only out for themselves.

Now let’s juxtapose that with the dismissive, contemptuous column by Silicon Valley software millionaire and freethinker Ron Unz, entitled An Open Letter To The Alt-Right And Others:

Silicon Valley is a different story. One-third of the local population consists of Hispanic immigrants, mostly Mexican and a large fraction from an illegal immigrant background. There are huge numbers of other immigrants in the technology industry, and a noticeable slice of them are Muslims. Nearly all of these groups seem like perfectly fine people, very few are criminals, and virtually none are terrorists. Trump and Ann Coulter and others may talk about swarming hordes of “Mexican rapists,” but they just don’t seem to exist in real life. Rightwingers may claim that immigrant crime has been forcing affluent whites to barricade themselves inside gated communities, but Silicon Valley has no gated communities. For twenty years, Steve Jobs lived in an ordinary house sitting on an ordinary street, one which wouldn’t have seemed too out of place in the white-bread San Fernando Valley of the 1950s, and the same is true for many of the other top Silicon Valley execs.

Scott Adams likes to say that America has split into two movies, each movie being the film of choice for approximately half of the population. In my movie, for example, we have a plotline where my wife was hit-and-run twice by, er, “undocumented migrant” drivers during her time in New Mexico. As you would expect, in my movie we are very anxious that it not happen a third time. In my movie, the protagonist (that’s me) assisted a Bolivian undocumented immigrant BMX racer who stayed several years past his visa but eventually got his papers in order and became a senior manager working for a major automotive OEM. So we don’t demonize all immigrants, just the ones who act dangerously — and in our movie, those are common enough to be a problem.

Some of my California readers live in a different movie. In that movie, the undocumented immigrants are a necessary part of daily life. They may be friends, family members, employees. They’ve never had any significant issue with immigration and its consequences. Like Ron Unz and his #Blessed crowd, they effortlessly benefit from the presence of low-cost, no-questions-asked labor everywhere they go. You can’t get any traction for a “border wall” with these people, because immigration has been either a net positive or a net neutral for them.

With that in mind, read through the list of new California laws. Keep in mind that laws are typically written, and passed, to address the pressing concerns of a population. When you read these laws, what issues stick out as the pressing concerns? The cost of living for middle-class people in California is rapidly approaching the impossible, but there’s nothing in there to address that. There is an uptick in violent crime across California, but unless it’s being entirely committed by otherwise law-abiding people between the age of 18 and 21, or otherwise law-abiding ammunition purchasers, there’s nothing in the laws to address that, either. What you see instead is a raft of legislation regarding sexual harassment and gender equality. An alien newly arrived on Earth would read these new laws and assume that humans had just two problems: sexual harassment and loud mufflers.

That’s the California movie. In the Ohio movie, we are passionate and engaged about job creation, affordable housing, and preserving the middle class — three issues which aren’t even present in the California movie. And while the two-movie theory is fun and cute and useful, it isn’t reflective of reality. Only one of our movies can be correct — if, indeed, either movie is correct. So which is it?

I’m going to give you a Choose Your Own Adventure ending to this column:

If you believe the California movie, then here’s the ending:

The only way for America to survive is for it to become more like California. Which means getting rid of borders completely. California thrives because of immigration. The only people who dislike this are white reactionaries who are also engaged in making the workplace a dirty, sexist hellhole. If we open the borders while eliminating (white) racism and sexism, then we will all reap the rewards both spiritual and economic. That’s why Ron Unz isn’t impressed with Trump’s talking points: he can see that the world described in such hateful terms by Trump has already come to pass and it looks nothing like Trump’s fearful, hateful rhetoric. Hispanic immigrants, Muslim immigrants, and everybody else not from America and/or Europe? They’re just Iowans with better food. Most of the country’s ills stem from racist right-wing thinking. Eventually that will become illegal, or at least strongly discouraged, tobacco-style.

If you don’t believe the California movie, then here’s the ending:

The world described in such glowing terms by Ron Unz isn’t a colorblind, borderless paradise — it’s a Brazil-style race kingdom where wealthy whites control the money and the land while the vast majority of brown residents live in overcrowded rental housing and work for peanuts. California’s war on the middle-class whites who once made up the majority of the state’s residents is utterly relentless. They are taxed to death, regulated to death, and driven out of their own communities by skyrocketing real-estate prices. This thousand-dollar exhaust fine, selectively enforced on white and Asian middle-class kids, is yet another way of telling them that they aren’t truly welcome in California. The California movie is, in fact, H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, where a coterie of lily-white Eloi babble comfortably in seven-figure homes about restaurants and luxury travel while the faceless brown Morlock army around and beneath them works day and night for starvation wages. This white overclass expects to control California indefinitely, the same way the light-skinned Brazilians control the world above the favelas. The only threat they see to their thousand-year Reich is the Badwhites who yearn for the return of 1950’s hot-rod California, so they are going to legislate and harass those people into the ground. Once California is 10% Goodwhite and 90% Mexican, they expect to have Paradise on Earth. What they don’t realize is that their servant class will eventually overthrow its masters, at which point they will become undocumented migrants themselves to places like Iowa and Kentucky, where they will absolutely not receive the hero’s welcome they will be expecting.

I can’t tell you which movie is correct. All I can tell you is: if you go to the West Coast, the first movie has the force of law. So watch what you say, and how you accelerate.

47 Replies to “A Thousand-Dollar Fine, Sultan Knish Was Right, And A Movie Made For Two, Based On “The Time Machine””

  1. Avatar-Nate

    Oh, crap ~

    I remember the 1970’s when the CHP would sit roadside 1/2 way up grades with a decibel meter and write those damn noise tickets .

    I hate the open pipe Moto jerkoffs but I -do- like the pleasing sounds of properly modified exhausts ~ no fart cans etc. please .

    You’re dead wrong about affordable housing here, many are well aware of the problem and are working at increasing affordable housing .

    I hope I’m not going to wind up a Morlock in the shadows….


    • AvatarCJinSD

      I just spent three years living in a left wing dystopia that thinks affordable housing is all about using criminals to drive the remainder of the middle class out of town. Actual affordable housing is what happens when the government stays out of the real estate markets. Developers build housing that people who want to pay for housing will pay for. Governments that say they care about affordable housing incentivize housing that will be paid for by the taxpayers, which is fine for the truly wealthy, but is a tough burden on working class people. Meanwhile, the middle class winds up with new apartment buildings where the rules are written such that the only people who can sign leases are single mothers with no incomes built adjacent to their neighborhoods. The tenants’ drug-dealing boyfriends stay rent free.

      The result is that people who work for a living end up commuting great distances to a town where they are seen as a nuisance for their car use and lightened tax burdens. As the local governments(there are two) get bigger and bigger, they have no reason to worry about the working class at all. Downtown elites, huge rural donors, and entitlement dependents are their only constituents. When you hear a politician talk about affordable housing, you’d be wise to submerge him in hot tar and then roll him in feathers.

    • AvatarJeff Zekas

      I have to disagree with Nate: my hometown, Santa Monica, once had all kinds of blue collar folks, who owned houses and mingled with the more fortunate citizens. My brother’s best friend was a mailman, my buddy’s dad was a bartender, our neighbor owned a heating and air business. And yet, down the street lived millionaire racer Phil Hill. Fast forward 50 years and all the normal, working middle class homeowners have disappeared. My parents $50K house sold for $3.5 million. Montana Avenue, once laundromats and small markets and nursery is now chi chi stores. No, the middle class is no longer welcome, and is leaving Cali in droves. The good paying jobs are gone. It is hell on earth.

      • Avatar-Nate

        Yep ;

        I remember Sta. Monica as a reasonably affordable place but then, back then so was most of So. Cal., dreaming about the golden past won’t make the rose colored memories reality, not there, not anywhere .

        Anyone who claims that the govt. makes housing prices higher is flat lying and knows it .


  2. Avatar-Nate

    ?? Does this mean I’m going to have to install mufflers on my old Mercedes Diesel and my ancient Chevy truck ?? .

    Horrors .


  3. AvatarG. Wallace

    Oh no and I just bought a set of Arrow headers for my CB1000R. I live in the People’s Republic of Maryland and surprisingly there are no comparable sound statutes on the books. Yet. I choose the non-California movie ending as we may as well be a sanctuary state and it is getting worse by the minute.

    • AvatarPanzer

      Haha just finished the wire after a month or so if viewing. One would think that if the liberals were right about anything, Baltimore wouldn’t be in such a state 😂

      • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

        The bizarre thing is that David Simon is fully, completely, utterly aware of Baltimore’s ills… and he also truly believes that we just need PERFECT LIBERALISM to solve those problems.

        • AvatarG. Wallace

          I have occasion to drive in Baltimore to get to Johns Hopkins periodically and it looks like a bombed out city if you stray a few blocks off a main corridor in any direction. Liberalism has failed miserably there as in California and you see the same extremes in wealth.

  4. Avatarstingray65

    Ron Unz wants to ship out most of the blacks, but unfortunately from his perspective they are mostly citizens and can’t be deported. In fact that is frequently the argument made by open border types – they compare the crime rates and other negative social-cultural pathologies of citizen blacks or trailer trash whites with Hispanic or Muslim immigrants (illegal or legal) and find the immigrants slightly less destructive and then use those statistics to support open borders. Taking in people that are slightly less likely to murder, rape, blow things up, abuse drugs, or form single parent households than the worst who are already here doesn’t seem like a very good argument unless you greatly benefit from cheap nannies, gardeners, and more exotic cuisine restaurants, and are wealthy enough to wall yourself off from the rapists, thugs, jihadists, and druggies, but that seems to be the California model.

    • AvatarHank chinaski

      It’s been the model in much of CA/SA for a while, but they export their poor northward instead of the middle class east.

      Lots of ZeeMan in this post. Cloudpeople / dirtpeople, ‘import the third world, get the third world.’. Anarcho-tyranny.

      Where I’ve lived, uncorked hogs are always the loudest and most numerous at or above that sound threshold.

  5. AvatarJohn C.

    95 decibels is pretty loud. That volume passing by will reduce the enjoyment of the homeowner/renter of what is after all his castle, on which he is heavily taxed. The amount of the fine seems excessive but is done purposely for revenue with the secondary benefit of getting those old, dubiously modified things off the road, reducing congestion and pollution. I am sure the Californian government has done stupider things than this.

    • AvatarFred Lee

      Yes. I have very little sympathy for those who wish to exceed those noise levels in a non-track setting. It’s not hard to identify violators, and the ratty old Tacomas and Expeditions don’t qualify. And in what world do illegal immigrants drive Tacomas and Expeditions? Everywhere I’ve been they are to be found in GMC Safaris.

      Anyway, as an Oregon resident we have a huge number of legal and illegal immigrants. Make no mistake, the Trump war is on both. H1B holders, upon which the tech sector *absolutely relies* are finding their renewals delayed or denied for seemingly trivial reasons. In “Silicon Forest” I’ve frequently worked on teams where 80% of the members are H1B and when one is sent home the impact is real.

      I too have been victim of an illegal immigrant. While in college in Michigan I was hit while riding my motorcycle. The guy who hit me was a janitor at U-M but provided false information to get his job and was uninsured. He gave the police a fake address. Nothing happened to him, and I was stuck footing the bill for the repairs. I wasn’t seriously injured. Fortunately I, unlike our President and Fox News, understand that anecdotes don’t count. The data does not bear out claims that illegal immigrants are running rampant raping our women and stealing our hubcaps. Well, the latter maybe, but not the former.

      My other data point, by the way, is that in my rural area outside of Portland there is quite a bit of immigrant farm labor. About 15 years ago a nearby farm set up perhaps 40 mobile homes to provide housing for seasonal labor (I’m pretty sure most of which is undocumented/illegal/whatever). With my mid-western Michigan prejudices in full swing I was prepared to move, but gave it time. Damn if the illegal immigrants don’t take fantastic care fo their little community. There’s a field left undeveloped where their kids play soccer, and in the 15 years since there haven’t been any disturbances. Turns out that they aren’t all murderers, rapists, and thieves. Who knew.

      Humorously my mother in Alaska worries about illegal immigration as well. Some podcast a while ago did a show about Seward, AK (home to precisely zero illegal immigrants) and a town hall meeting where concern and outrage was raised. Fox would be proud.

      • Avatararbuckle

        “Damn if the illegal immigrants don’t take fantastic care fo their little community.”

        What other laws do you think are okay to break as long as someone keeps a nice lawn and doesn’t cause loud disturbances?

      • AvatarJeff Zekas

        Well, illegals aren’t all rapists. No one said that. But guess what? One-fourth of the convicts in Cali prisons are illegals. MILLIONS is spent housing criminal non citizens in the pen. Same with jobs: yeah, some jobs are “Americans won’t work them”. But many jobs WOULD be worked by U.S. citizens. My buddy Jack lost his electrical business. Why? He was a union electrician and contractors hired illegals for $5 an hour. My other buddy worked at a union meat packing plant. The boss declared bankruptcy, fired the union workers, and re-opened the plant with illegals. This is real life, not just stories. As an aside, both my friends got jobs as Cali prison guards, since crime is a growth industy, what with all the illegals sneaking in every month.

      • AvatarDaniel J

        Fred –
        While the tech sector relies on H1bs, there is absolutely no reason for it. The statistics show there are plenty of comp sci and software engineering majors out of college who can fill that work. There is a significant number of unemployed mid to senior level engineers who aren’t working. Maybe if companies stopped treating engineers like factory workers there would be a better outcome.

        I was recently recruited by Amazon. Many software engineers here in the south, employed or not, have no interest in moving out west or working in the cultural that many of those companies have.

      • Avatarsgeffe

        Does the Michigan no-fault insurance disaster cover moto accidents?

        You might have been on the hook regardless. (Unless it’s just property damage.)

  6. AvatarRyan

    Hefty fine. I do hope it applies to Harley’s. I for the most part don’t care what people do with their modes of transportation with regards to mods but listening to them “rumble” by rubs me the wrong way.

  7. AvatarWidgetsltd

    I should point out that California’s law regarding the allowable dB from vehicles has not changed. The standard has been 95 dB for a long time. What has changed is the requirement for a fine. Prior to the change in law, if one were ticketed for a loud exhaust one could fix it (which is why it was known to many as a “fix-it ticket”) and then have the ticket signed off by the police. This led to a lot of temporary fixes and vehicles that returned to loud status soon after. With the change in law, the fine is now mandatory. One still has the option of fighting the ticket in court, because the police would still need to prove that the vehicle actually violated the law. FWIW, this situation doesn’t bother me a whole lot because I run an effective muffler on all of my cars. Yes, even the racecar. In my experience, likely undocumented worker types do not drive loud vehicles. They certainly don’t want to draw unwanted police attention. If anything, those dudes seem to drive annoyingly slowly.

  8. Avatarlink3721

    I’d say that both movies are partially right. Each side amplifies certain aspects of reality. The truth is in the gray area that so many people are uncomfortable or unwilling to take the time to explore. There’s so much nuance based on local factors that to say it’s definitely one or the other seems to serve the “us vs them” narrative.

  9. AvatarCJinSD

    I lived in San Diego for over a decade, ending in December of 2015. The idea that the police are now going to crack down on loud exhausts on specific types of vehicles is pretty heinous. The worst violators of the peace when I was in San Diego were Harley Davidson riders. It was well known that they didn’t get ticketed for their fear of going unnoticed because many a police officer shared their choice of self-expression vehicle. Is selective prosecution no longer a defense?

    New Mexico isn’t the only place where people get hit by unaccountable illegal aliens. It takes a special filter for a Californian to not know that their coworkers, friends, or family members have been touched by reality when a CHP officer told them to let an illegal alien or Hispanic playing the illegal alien card leave the scene of an accident that the illegal alien caused, “because that’s why you have insurance.” Gavin Newsome announced he was reinstating the individual mandate for citizens to pay for free health care for illegal aliens. What is in the water out there?

    • AvatarEric L.

      >What is in the water out there?
      Dunno, but I love it.

      Visiting San Diego in January 2014 couldn’t have been better timing–right after the polar vortex murdered Kenrucky. I moved my family 2300 miles from Louisville to this paradise on Earth a year before you left. In fact, when I moved, I thought it would be cool to grab a beer with you and highdesertcat from TTAC. Sounds like we wouldn’t’ve had much in common when it comes to America’s Finest City. Oh, well.

      • Avatar-Nate

        That’s the fact, Jack ~ those who live here love it, those who complain endlessly are almost always simply jealous .

        Remember : I live in the ghetto and still think it’s far better than anywhere else I’ve ever lived .

        If California is so horrible, stop whining and move, we won’t miss you .

        I don’t waste any time deriding Detroit, New York City Philly and all those other real life shitholes, I know they all have much to offer but I choose not to live there instead of crying like a petulant child .


      • AvatarEric L.

        I pray that changing outlets != “doing something truly great on a grand scale.” I doubt it is, but if that’s true… you and I have differing ideas on what “truly great” and “grand scale” mean.

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          I’m not going to cure cancer or fly to Mars, if that’s what you mean… but I’m not just going to do the same thing for another mag.

  10. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    So loud exhaust is verboten. Will this include semi’s that run an 8-10″ straight pipe and love that Jake brake? Will the noise ordnance also be enforced on those deaf folks that ride around with the bass pumping so loud you can hear it 1/2 mile away? I somehow doubt either will be jacked up for their contribution to the noise pollution.

    The only vehicles I have that have a factory stock exhaust are by Dodge diesel, and my BMW K100. My RoadGlide has a Reinhart, my FXR has a Jackpot, even my BMW Dakar has a SuperTrapp. All of my “fun” cars have aftermarket, ranging from Borrani to Flowmaster. At wide open throttle they would all probably fail, but normally you wouldn’t notice me.

    Which movie ending is our future? Damfino. I gave up trying to predict the future about 35 years ago. I just keep moving further away from that which troubles me. I THINK my current location will suffice for the balance of my days, as it’s mostly farms around me. Lucky for me, the cows don’t seem to mind when I fire up a fresh engine with open headers. 🙂

  11. AvatarSpud Boy

    CA resident here. I guess you’ve never been dining in quiet outdoor cafe and had some dirtbag in a straight-piped Harley rumble by, clutch in, throwing revs just to say “look at me!.” As if the nearby women will jump on his member at the mere sight and sound of his masculinity.

    Yes, CA is starting to resemble Tijuana, and it has some ridiculous laws, but this law against loud pipes is not one of them.

  12. AvatarI COME IN PEACE

    ‘Silicon Valley has no gated communities’

    Uh, false. They exist, but what is more common is the individual gated community, i.e. your typical well-to-do SFH/compound bespoke with a nice reinforced fence and fully-automatic driveway security gate.

    Being a resident of LoCal in the mid-aughties, I’ve witnessed the prevalence of the loud exhaust pipe phenomenon grow (for cars). I could really care less one way or the other, but it does get tiresome. Now that I’m living/working among the posh/heeled Silicon Valley crowd, it makes me wonder if the local PD is going to be strict with all the fop’s in their stock Ferrari’s/Aston’s/Maserati’s/etc., because even at sub-40 mph speeds, they sound pretty loud to me.

    The change in that law is just more of the same California-style law-making for the sake of making laws, that our esteemed state gov’t. feels it needs to do to justify their jobs (which, AFAIK, are year round, i.e. they don’t take a recess). The taxes suck, the gun laws are notoriously idiotic, the metro areas are hideously expensive while being overpopulated, the infrastructure continues to crumble, I could go on……but HEY, we’re getting an over-budget HIGH SPEED MONOTRAIN nobody is really going to use, even though everybody voted for it.

    I’ll concede that there is a lot of natural beauty in California…..which reminds me of the trope/graph about the level of a lady’s attractiveness in relation to her mental condition.

  13. AvatarTyler

    Nothing about California that can’t be fixed with 1, the impending pop of the China bubble, 2, a few more upward interest rate cranks by Chairman Powell, and 3, the dawning realization that Majority Minority California may well be Majority Practicing Catholic California. The horror!

  14. Avatarbullnuke

    When I lived in San Diego some 25 to 30 years ago there was a crackdown on the mini-pickups/low-riders with loud stereo systems. I live on Aero Drive about 1/2 mile from I-15 – you could hear ’em on I-15, when they made the turn onto Aero, and all the way up the hill toward me. The cops at the time would impound the stereo/vehicle for the noise violation which caused quite a hoo-rah from the musical folks with south-of-the-border roots and, as a consequence, resulted in a halt in the crackdown.

  15. Avatartyates

    Did you catch that on Gavin Newsom’s first day, he announced his intent to spend $140m for health care coverage for illegal aliens under 26? All I can do is laugh really – I mean how surprised should I really be that “I’m for universal health care” = “so let’s start with the people who aren’t here legally and then we’ll get to the rest of you later…”?

  16. AvatarEric L.

    I’m surprised you missed this ridiculous one, JB:
    SB 826 — Corporations: Boards of Directors

    Requires public California companies to have at least one woman on their board of directors by the end of 2019. That requirement goes up to two if the company has five directors by 2021 or to three if the company has six or more directors.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      If that law doesn’t simlarly demand representation of males on all-female boards my guess is that it wouldn’t survive a challenge based on illegal sex discrimination.

      What are the bureaucrats going to do if closely held public corporations decide to comply by having existing board members identify as female?

  17. AvatarEric Daume

    Actually, if you base the Ohio movie on legislation, we’re most concerned about unlimited gun access, being able to shoot someone and claim self defense, and stopping women from getting an abortion. Our legislature doesn’t seem so caught up in job creation, school funding, or opiods.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Ohio self defense law has been broken for a long time. It needs fixing. And our school funding is already extravagant, whether you’re talking about our $11k/year per pupil spend for bottom-tier results or the $250k salaries given to morons on the city education boards.

      I’m with you on the opioid problem. We need to have a Duterte-style enforcement of that.

  18. AvatarJustPassinThru

    Two weeks late to the party…but some of this must be rebutted.

    California, it must be noted, is controlled by those of a fantasy world – who live large on money they do little to create, in the main; and who have the wealth and ability to isolate themselves from the gritty reality of a world under siege. Not unlike Mexico 1992, which was when I was down there. The Elites, mostly whites of Spanish heritage, lived in their elite enclaves, well-protected from the harsh realities of the Mexican countryside. And as a Navy enlisted on a flagship on a diplomatic mission, I saw a large number of those blond and redheaded Mexican class/racial elites. (Lest anyone wonder, I am myself caucasian German-American)

    The same re-stratification seems to be slowly unfolding in the formerly Golden State. The Elites, in their positions repeating script lines, often while showing skin…or directing or financing same; and their lessers, sweeping the floors, hauling the garbage, and picking the lettuce. And little room for anyone in between.

    And a huge castoff middle-class; and they’re now where I’m at. The mountain regions of Idaho, Montana, and Colorado have been flooded with white-flight ex-pat Californians, looking for a better life. And despite the propensity of white stuff this time of year, they mostly believe they’ve found it.

    Which brings us to the other point. Noise levels, ham-fisted law-enforcement, and the cultural mores of California ex-pats.

    They love their cars. Actually, now that they’re here, they love going Native. There’s cute bumper stickers, with H♥me inside the state’s outline; there’s “406” inside the same sort of outline. Less common are anything that claims native status – as in, born here. I’m as much a cultural immigrant as they, only I came from the other end – Cleveland. With Northeast Ohio sensibilities.

    Those aren’t much challenged by pickups – I have had a few over the years. Not even lifted trucks, although I think they’re silly. I draw the line at the NOISE, these open-piped Bro-Dozers make – they out-drone even the Harley brigade that rolls down our part of Interstate 90 all summer.

    Right now the cops are overwhelmed. I saw this, too – in Denver, 24 years ago when I lived there and the Californian-Flood washed in THERE. Cops were used to an Andy-Griffith-style of public-management. The Crips and Bloods, as well as the white young males with their attitudes and cars, just pwned them.

    But that’s the nature of that world – it seems that “personal responsibility” social standards are a bit different than the Midwestern mores that Jack, and I, and a handful of others here, understand. When common-sense collapses, and the problem becomes overriding…there is only law and police.

    • Avatar-Nate


      O.K., just to be clear here :

      ? Have you ever actually lived in California ? .

      I do, 49 years and still like it, I’m certainly not in any elite group .

      I live where many white folks are afraid to go, I don’t mind it, I’m not in the grimy inner city as I was when younger so this isn’t the end IMO .

      I hope to hell your forecast of us remaining middle classers isn’t accurate, my son is only 40 and has plans to bug out of California (he was born & raised here, a mixed race child who really hates anything not lily white, go figure) the *instant* he can retire from his current gig .

      I hope that :

      A. I can manage to remain living here, I don’t mind the Ghetto but the yuppies may cause my taxes etc. to spiral beyond my ability to remain .

      B. I really don’t want to have to drive or fly to see my grand kids, I just got my first grand son 1.1.2019, my grand daughter is 5 – 1/2…….. sorry, I don’t know how some of you post pictures here else I’d post one of Maxx in my arms .

      My rebuttal is : 99 + % of those who whine endlessly about how awful California is, don’t actually live here, they’re just envious and/or lazy and weren’t willing to put in the work to make a nice life here .



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