The Corrections (Now Edited With Definitive Information)

Oops. This makes him a “Vietnam-era veteran”, same as my mother, who was a captain in the Women’s Army Corps. (INSERT CHEAP TRICK SONG LYRICS HERE!)

Worthy of a separate discussion, but one that will have to happen without my input because I’m jammed for time this week: Given that people like John Kerry repudiated their service in Vietnam, and given that people like my Vietnam-vet father were attacked and slandered and called “baby killers” and portrayed as violent headcases everywhere from prime-time television to the movie Platoon… at what point did being a Vietnam veteran become a net positive to one’s reputation rather than a net negative? I recall it happening somewhere around Ronald Reagan’s Presidency, but I could be wrong.

In any event, the narrative of “veteran” being “harassed” by the “white supremacist” seems to be falling apart. Just a few holdouts remain, mostly because the Narrative is simply too attractive for them to abandon. It’s kind of like the ridiculous spam messages that purport to be from a lonely supermodel — you know in your heart it’s garbage, but there’s a tiny flicker of hope every single time you read the come-on. Alas, in the real world women don’t send bulk e-mail looking for sex, and this fellow is not a Vietnam veteran. What’s that old story about a lie getting halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on?

And here’s the truth:

Refrigerator mechanic, no combat time, retired as a private (which, speaking as someone who managed to get out of the freakin’ CIVIL AIR PATROL with two stripes, takes real doing.)

Just another political activist using the tragedy of the Vietnam War as a platform from which to spout his own opinions. What a shame.

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  1. Avatarstingray65

    Hard to believe that such a wonderful narrative is falling apart. Next you thing we will find out that George Soros funded this “veteran’s” travel from Michigan to DC and provided him with his camera crew so that he could get some juicy viral generating video of some deplorable racist right to life protesters being mean to an elderly Native American “veteran”, and perhaps even get an extra payday out of it from a Go-Fund-Me campaign to help him through his “pain and suffering” or perhaps some sort of hate related lawsuit. Unfortunately, too many of these deplorable types fail to act nasty and racist enough without first receiving some serious provocation from the “victims”, but removing the provocation part is what video editing software was made for.

  2. Avatar1a

    from Breitbart:
    Washington Post Correction: Nathan Phillips ‘Was Never Deployed to Vietnam’
    “Earlier versions of this story incorrectly said that Native American activist Nathan Phillips fought in the Vietnam War. Phillips served in the U.S. Marines from 1972 to 1976 but was never deployed to Vietnam,” the correction reads. The update does not have a time or date stamp.

    Will look forward to President Trump’s further responses.

  3. AvatarShrug

    The Vietnam Veteran = Net Positive narrative started when all of The Troops and police officers became party to a rather absurd amount of hero worship. Definitely started some time around Regan and became sacrosanct after 9/11z

    It’s slightly off-topic (but only slightly, given how much this dude’s vet status has been played up) but still worth a discussion: why should all soldiers be worshipped and praised and supported without a single ounce of context or background information? It’s the de facto stance from most people on either side of the party line and I flatly do not get it.

    Many in the armed forces are assholes. Why should I thank such an asshole for his service when he didn’t do shit but buy a Charger, jack off, and get drunk in a barracks in Ft. Collins?

    Why should I thank and never question someone when their actions resulted in literal war crimes, never to be prosecuted? American soldiers have done more than enough shit worth criticizing that having to blindly deify them seems asinine. There is a thing as being too patriotic, and that’s when you can’t look at your country or it’s servants objectively. It ain’t healthy and it ain’t good for the republic.

    • AvatarJustPassinThru

      As a Gulf War vet – the kind who actually did get assigned to an aircraft carrier that did actual doughnuts in the Persian Gulf in the uneasy conditional armistice that Bubba The Magnanimous told us was “peace” (while drawing Combat Pay and while the Iraqi Republican Guard air units were buzzing our ships and locking on to us with guidance radar)…

      …I share your disgust. Plenty of dirtbags in the Services. As a personnel clerk, one of my jobs was to put AdSep packages together after they’d been kicked out for cause.

      Plenty, too, are the ones who served honorably and later wound up somewhat less so. One shipmate of mine is now in a Wisconsin prison for assault on his wife. Third offense.

      That said…IIRC, the entire story falls apart, from what I’d read. This hero’s year of birth was 1955. That would have made him not-quite 18 when in January, 1973, Nixon pulled the plug on our Splendid Little War of nine years.

      One more case of Stolen Valor. And as these fake heroes, fake victims, fake accusations and fake-nooze outrages are all of a pattern…yes, I’d have to agree with above posts, that someone is coordinating these.

      Someone with deep pockets.

      Someone probably tied to the Soros hydra-headed organization.

      • AvatarKevin Jaeger

        I’m not at all surprised the story fell apart. I’ve attended the corresponding March for Life in Canada and it’s very common to see some super brave leftist activist hurl profanity and abuse at school-age participants. Before they go the kids are told to expect it and act with great restraint. At all costs avoid responding in kind.

        So I’m not surprised that the story has essentially unfolded as it did. There were probably dozens of other similar provocations that day that for one reason or other were not released. Or at least didn’t get widely promoted.

  4. AvatarNetsy

    As a fan of the original “Magnum, P.I.” television series, which debuted in 1980, I’ll note that “Magnum” was one of the earlier shows portraying Vietnam veterans in a positive light. (Thomas Magnum and his friends Rick & T.C. had served together in Vietnam. Magnum famously explains his layabout lifestyle by commenting in the pilot episode, “One day I woke up age 33 and realized I’d never been 23.”)

    So yeah, Reagan era sounds about right.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Magnum, PI was probably one of the best shows in the history of American television. I can’t ever remember it putting a foot wrong and it was always kind-hearted.

      • AvatarFelis Concolor

        Being one of the hundreds of Holy Nat schoolkids fortunate enough to enjoy several year-end parties at the Anderson aka Robin Masters Estate I always got a kick out of watching the show to see how the grounds were made to appear much larger via camera angles.

        I was bummed they took down the large racquet-wielding turtle backstop in the tennis court.

      • AvatarCarmine

        I’ve had the chance to catch some early Magnum episodes again, and it was a great show, its worth watching again as an adult vs a kid when all your’re waiting for is action scenes and anything involving the Ferrari or the helicopter.

        • Tom KlockauTom Klockau

          I got the first season on DVD a couple years ago, they’re terrific. I had the toy Ferrari by Corgi and stuff back when it was on the air, but barely remember watching the show at the time, they’ve held up great.

  5. AvatarPanzer

    As far as the attitude towards veterans changing, I think for us on the right, that was definitely our ‘n word moment’ where we got our turn to dictate to society what the norms around veterans in society would be.
    I would say it started in the Reagan era, when many people realised the treatment if vietnam era veterans was appalling and subsequently it was decided that we would do better next time and blame the politicians rather than the soldiers 👍

  6. AvatarFelis Concolor

    “…Vietnam Times…” yeah, right: not anywhere near enough for a Stolen Valor charge, but considering how long he’s been living a lie, his weasel words are no surprise whatsoever. It’s easy to dodge claims of dishonesty with his carefully scripted performance, but Nathan Phillips must forever be remembered and mocked for what up until now has been a very easy con for him.

    And the fake news networks will be working overtime to generate their next attempt to pre-DQ Amy Coney Barrett.

  7. AvatarNicholas Gomez

    Freon Ranger/Recon Ranger! “Phillips also described coming back to the U.S. as a veteran of the Vietnam era. ‘People called me a baby killer and a hippie girl spit on me.’” – Indian Country Today article, 2008. Where did he ‘come back’ from exactly? A trip to Mexico? Canada? The guy had numerous confinement sessions due to going AWOL too. Source:

  8. AvatarNoID

    Playing Devil’s Advocate here: Is there any reality where the DD-214 contains bogus data to hide some kind of special operations / top secret role? I think not, but the closest I ever got to military service was having an officer recommend a doctor to lie on a medical form so I could go Navy Nuke. I decided at that point that maybe I didn’t want to work for an organization that asks applicants to get medical professionals to lie on federal forms in order to get talent in the door.

    • AvatarDisinterested-Observer

      Absolutely not. Not to bask in their reflected glory but I have known a couple of guys who were on the kind of teams that they make movies about and they always have a real, usually funny, story they can tell you. If someone says they can’t tell you anything about their service they are full of shit.

    • Avatarbullnuke

      Nah, NoID, no secret squirrel crap hidden from DD-214’s. This piece of paper tells where you were assigned but not what you did in a lot of detail. As for Navy personnel recruiting heads for the good old Nuclear Power Program, I can believe it. During the very thin manning times we received many new nubs that appeared to have been sourced by press-gangs from jails, asylums, and the gutters that surrounded the edges of public universities. Some of these folks were, in a word, unbelievable. Gotta make that quota, yo!

  9. AvatarJosh Howard

    This attempt to use a Vietnam Vet (even a fake one) isn’t going to work much longer if it ever really worked at all. You see, I hear Vietnam Vets were treated like hot garbage when they returned. So, there was a movement some years ago to finally embrace them. But, my generation doesn’t know Vietnam. We know “Crazy Joe” that we worked with that one summer(not that kids work summers anymore). And, if I’m honest, there’s been a real movement during my lifetime to circle back around to the “baby killer” narrative in regards to wars in the middle east. In fact, the very prestigious institution in which I graduated actually turned down enough money to give everyone in the program a free ride… simply because it would be coming from the military. Rumor has it the general that showed up to tour the facility was called a baby killer and an imperialist to his face by the head of the design program.

    No, you see, this entire thing was meant to turn the heart of every part of the USA that isn’t on a coast. They’re the ones that have largely valued service. What they didn’t expect was this to turn into a religious and racial hate fest by the media. One that even a person with an 80 or less IQ could determine smelled funny. Don’t worry, we’ll see this again since all they’re good at is doubling down.

    “When in doubt, try harder.” -Media

  10. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    Watching my leftist acquaintences and their leftist friends deny their own lying eyes to perpetuate the narrative gives me hope that they will choose ideology over intelligence.


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