And The Road Goes On, On And On, On And On

Impaladventure 017

This has been an unusual week, with stints behind the wheel of everything from the 1981 Impala to the not-yet-released 2015 Sonata.

To start with, a while back I mentioned that I’d been watch shopping. You can see the results of that above: the OMEGA De Ville Hour Vision Orbis. I’ve wanted an Hour Vision since they came out; something about having sapphire windows all the way around the case, it’s a neat gimmick and it makes the watch a bit thicker and more reassuring-feeling to wear. At the same time, I bought a brown-dial Seiko 5 automatic for tougher duty. I’m pleased to report that the Seiko survived a fair amount of time in the ocean at Palm Beach. I think the De Ville would do just as well but the crocodile strap probably wouldn’t.

Okay. The Impaladventure is complete and you can read both parts on TTAC this week. It was a great time although I was surprised at how poorly my post-accident self does with sleep deprivation and how quickly I found myself impersonating a zombie.

Yesterday, the 26th of June, I drove a rental Cruze from Louisville to Montgomery, AL to test the new Sonata.


We’ll have the review of this very competent new car on Monday at TTAC.

As fate would have it, my route to Montgomery took me down 65 and so I found myself in the drive-through of the Hardee’s in Franklin, TN exactly three years after the first time I was there. I don’t believe in fate/karma/whatever… but talk about odd. What a long, strange three years it’s been.

I should be home by Saturday and I’m looking forward to spending a few weeks with my son before I head out for another adventure. In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be catching up on my sleep!

4 Replies to “And The Road Goes On, On And On, On And On”

  1. AvatarDomestic Hearse

    Upon seeing the lead photo, I clicked through to post, “Tasty Omega!” And found you’ve given a link for more information on your new timepiece. Cool.

    Still waiting for photos of the tall, thin, taut-yet-perky red-headed Kiki from the Impala Adventure. Because, yes, I’m one of those rare men who finds that attractive : )

  2. AvatarAthos

    I read both parts of the Impala adventure and yes, B-body > Panther. Dad had 2 Caprice and the US-spec one with the 305 was the best.

    Although I am not into watches, that there is a beautiful piece. I’m glad I clicked that link. I don’t know about movements either, but it was nice to see that machine working.

    And from your original watch-buying post, I found myself looking at them in the following visit to the shopping centre.

    • AvatarRock36

      I’ve never been much of a watch guy either, but I’ll be damned if I say some of these blog posts haven’t piqued my interest in them.

  3. Avatarpatrick-bateman!

    Hey Jack, not a huge Omega guy, but I always appreciate a watch with a clear back.

    Also I just read your Linked-in profile. Epic, and I was rolling around the floor laughing.


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