Spotter’s Guide To The May/June 2019 Issue Of Hagerty Magazine

Subscribers to the newest issue of Hagerty Magazine will see my byline with a piece entitled “SCCA And The Struggle To Endure”. Shortly after its publication, I received an absolutely irate email from noted club racer and bon vivant Toly Arutunoff. He called it “purple prose” and “bull puckey”. See what all the fuss is about — and read it today!

19 Replies to “Spotter’s Guide To The May/June 2019 Issue Of Hagerty Magazine”

  1. AvatarBaconator

    Huh. I read the article and it seemed pretty uncontroversial to me. History of SCCA: There’s been change. Yes, yes indeed.

    The review of the NASCAR racers from each decade was really wonderful. It’s the sort of content that I’d expect from Road and Track or Car and Driver, but don’t really get anymore.

    Lately I’ve come to look forward to reading the Hagerty mag even more than the C&D I’ve subscribed to since … um, 1982. So the Hagerty writing team is really on the right path, IMHO.

  2. AvatarBaconator

    And also I used the word “really” three times like an effing teenager. Wishing there were an edit button.

  3. AvatarMike M

    The article on the nascar cars was great. The iteration of the cars in stock car racing was very interesting.

    I liked the rocket 88 with the belt holding the doors closed.

  4. AvatarMental

    Toly is still quite the character. Even if he is disagreeing with you, it’s great to see him still corresponds.

    If you have the chance, sitting down with him and listening to his tales is all you think it would be. Particularly about Hallett and the stunts he pulled in the 70s.

    I imagine you have to feel some pride in getting a reaction from him.

  5. AvatarCJinSD

    Toly may have been looking to tee off on you because of your contempt for illegal open street record runs and his longstanding propensity for them.

  6. Avatarredlineblue

    Seems to me getting chewed out by Arutunoff would be kind of a treat — a gear-head souvenir you won’t find in the FCA goodie bag when you deplane in Reno. Congrats?

  7. AvatarDARTH TATOR

    No one buys or reads that dinorag, Hagerty, Jack.

    Lame and clearly desperate attempt to bump subscriptions to that old timey rag by a couple of warm blooded human, though.

    Sort of like working in “digital marketing” from a five-person firm out of Eh? Canada, like the world needs another of 100 billion digital marketing firms.


    By the way, nice blog here where Tom Cuckoo does 99% of the work writing about lame-ass old school Lincolns and Builds YAAAAWN.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I dont know how to break it to you, but the dinorag has more paid circulation than

      * R&T
      * Automobile
      * AutoWeek
      * all the English mags combined

      And thats at old-school dino-pricing. C/D will sub you for $5.99 a year. We are full pop.

  8. AvatarPatrick King

    Funny comments!

    Plus, I recognized all the cars on the cover and remembered seeing them race and who drove them, except for the white number 2 (which, it turns out, I correctly identifed as an Oldsmobile). And I’m not even that much of a NASCAR fan.

    I’ll have to subscribe. I follow writers, not publications (Car and Driver since 1967, Hot Rod even earlier, Roundel and Grassroots Motorsports these days). And Jack, you’re the real deal: Yates, Davis, Bedard and Setright combined. Maybe a little Larry Flynt rolled in.

  9. AvatarMike

    I currently only get one paper magazine, and that’s Classic Motorsports. But that NASCAR article looks juicy. I might be enticed to add a second.

    I keep a few old old magazines and books in my shop; when I’m feeling uninspired to wrench I’ll sometimes flip through them and re-read articles/ chapters. There was some excellent writing (not “amazing” or “really _insert adjective here_”) back in the day.

    Hopefully, there will be, again.

  10. Avatartrollson

    Where can I get this magazine? Is it at my local liquor store next to the pornos?

    Serious Q. I just want this one issue. The cover looks dope.


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