Weekly Roundup: Let’s Go Racing, Boys! Edition

What did you do this week? I sponsored an Indycar. Well, it wasn’t just me, and I had help from some great people. Read all about it, and make sure you cheer for the #32 on Sunday.

I’ve been busy doing behind-the-scenes work at Hagerty and haven’t written anything in the past few weeks. My SCCA piece from the last issue of the print magazine is online, however.

Next week I’ll have a flotilla of new content here and on Hagerty.com. As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. AvatarkartRacer

    Hey Jack,

    I wanted to ask you about your road bike.

    Why did you decide to go Titanium instead of going with a Waterford or something, which are still built where they used to build Paramounts? (I’m sure you knew that about Waterford, I’m just saying it for other people who might not know.)

    Also why did you go with Dura Ace instead of Super Record?

    I was just surprised since you seem to like classic things, and a ChromeMoly bike with Campy is way more classic than a Ti bike with DA on it. Although a Ti bike with Dura Ace does sound nice.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      It was more than 20 years ago, but I put Campy gear on my ti Litespeed. The word then was that Shimano was great but would never be as good as when the gear was brand new, while Campy geat got better as you used it. Somewhere I have an autographed computer printout from Miguel Indurain’s hour record, sent to me by Valentino Campagnolo after I mailed him telling him how happy I was with my Campy equipment.

      If I’m not mistaken, Jack’s titatnium frame is made by Lynskey, run by the family that started Litespeed. They may not have as long of a history as the former Schwinn facility in Waterford, but there’s plenty of modern tradition with the Lynskeys.

      From my own perspective, titanium alloys are ideal for bicycles. Rides like silk. Stiff and light without being as punishing as aluminum and lively like steel without its weight.

      • AvatarkartRacer

        Your bike sounds nice too.

        Twenty years ago practically all the nice frames were built in Europe, North America or Japan. I used to work in a bike shop, so I knew. I never would have imagined that 20 years later almost everything would have been sent to Taiwan or China, except for small shops like Waterford, Lynskey, Calfee etc.

        There are some smaller Italian brands (DeRosa, Basso, Cipollini) that are still made in Italy, and the high end Campy stuff is still made in Italy. Even the cheaper Campy stuff is still made in Europe, but in Romania where labor is cheaper.

        Obviously they can build nice bikes in Taiwan, since Giants have always been top notch. It’s just that something like a Taiwanese Cannondale or Bianchi just seems less special than an American or Italian built one.

        Even Colnago, the Ferrari of bicycles, has sent all of their production overseas except for the steel Colnago Master frame, and the carbon C64 frame.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I have personal unpleasant history with Waterford. I’ll write about it some time soon.

      And I need my bike to work so I never ride Campy πŸ™‚

      • AvatarkartRacer

        I’m looking forward to reading that.

        Although some people would say Campy works really well.

        Some unsuccessful guys with names like Lemond and Indurain still ride it. πŸ™‚

  2. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    Speaking of being busy at work; I guess brother Bark is busy as well. Hopefully not banned by his new employment from contributing here.

  3. Avatardejal

    I liked DW when he raced. Now, he’s one of the reasons I don’t watch much NASCAR. He and his brother sucked what life that was left after the Frances did their thing.

    I came to the conclusion the only reason I liked NASCAR for as long as I did was Bob, Benny and Ned. Those 3 together were the gold standard. Ned + Ken Squier did a few minutes of announcing in 2015 Labor Day Darlington race and some in 2016 + 17. Older and their voices not prime anymore, but they still had it.

    Have a Boogity, Boogity, Boogity weekend.

  4. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    When I worked at DuPont, while PPG was the title sponsor for the IndyCar series, I put in an official suggestion that in addition to the Jeff Gordon car in NASCAR, the company should sponsor an IndyCar team with the car painted white with big red DuPont ovals, in part to annoy the folks at PPG.

    • Avatardejal

      In NASCAR Sprint was the title sponsor and I think had a clause that competing phone companies couldn’t sponsor teams. I believe Childress lost a sponsor because of that.

  5. AvatarSobro

    What did I do? I bought a 2018 Focus ST base model. Thanks for asking! 12,500 miles from those most excellent caretakers, Budget Rent A Car customers.

  6. Avatarbluebarchetta

    Bummer for Kaiser and Juncos, though I did have to smile when Aussie Leigh Diffey said their “feary tile” month of May had come to an end.

    Bummer for Charlie Kimball too. He was the only Carlin driver to make the field and was running P11 on his way to a top-ten finish when he got punted by Rosenqvist.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      Kaiser’s crash likely got the Hagerty logo more screen time than had he finished where he was ru nning.


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