Got Some Dykes Up In Here


Wait a minute, isn’t this exactly the kind of post that got my less than illustrious precedessor fired?

Not at all!

This upcoming week, I’ll have the pleasure of posting a review of the new Lexus NX written by my former associate at TTAC, AlexOnAutos’ Alex Dykes. Those of you who are fans of his work should return Monday to check it out! This isn’t exactly as big a microphone as TTAC is, but I believe his high-quality and committed work continues to merit attention, so I’m paying the man for it.

See you then!

3 Replies to “Got Some Dykes Up In Here”

  1. AvatarRay H

    Welcome back to Alex. I liked his car reviews and wondered where he ended up.
    I just looked up progress on his Jeep Grand Cherokee Comanche on YouTube. The last video in that series features him working on his transfer case IN A PIT in his basement. I was impressed by the randomness of it and how well-lit his pit is.

  2. Avatarcarzzi

    Excellent. Alex’s written and video reviews are some of the most chock-full-of-information ones around; the kind which would actually be useful when researching a purchase. I miss his written reviews on TTAC, though his YouTube video reviews make up for it, when I make the time.

  3. AvatarAndrew

    Jack you and Alex are a powerhouse together; I’m very excited to see Alex join you, and I hope you are able to keep working together. Your writing styles are complementary and expertly presented, and I have this tiny, bright hope that you will continue to foster and collect the kind of writing talent in others that TTAC’s audience has seen in the last few months. Cheers!


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