Been Around The World And I, I, I


It’s a young guitar, but by the time its owner plugs it in this MelodyBurner will already have nearly 40,000 miles under its belt.

We shipped this transit-damaged MelodyBurner back to its owner today. It had a mishap during an international flight and we’ve been able to put her back together again, as good as new. If you want vintage bark, this is the one to have.

Another MelodyBurner is on its way to its owner this week. It’s interesting: we’ve sold four of these out of the United States so far. What do the international players know that the American ones are just discovering?

2 Replies to “Been Around The World And I, I, I”

  1. Gert Frobe Body Double

    Jack you dick, you can’t not mention an SLS AMG (extra spoilery shit on the front says Black series?)


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