We Interrupt This Website Full Of Things I Wrote For An Attempt To Sell You Something I Wrote

If there is one thing I do not know how to do, it is this: conceive, write, and publish a book. The 400-page anthology I assembled back in 2016 is still stuck in my laptop because I haven’t made time for the Itchy-And-Scratchy-Movie-style 40% new content, the photo book on Matsumoku-built Electra guitars was stillborn when my photographer got a day job, and the witty little Updike-lite period piece on social-media-driven adultery has been trapped in my backbrain for half a decade. I can crank a novel’s worth of words in 30 days but I have to do it 1,500 at a time. Oh well.

Luckily for me, Larry Webster came up with the brilliant idea of having me write one-fourth of a book. Three out of twelve chapters. Easy as pie. Did it Hall-and-Oates-style in a minute. Larry wrote another quarter of the thing, Zach Bowman contributed some heartfelt storytelling, and we arranged a bunch of superstar sidebars from writers, actors, racers, and collectors.

The finished product is called Never Stop Driving.

You can read an interview I did with Larry at Hagerty, and you can buy the book from the Hagerty shop or through Amazon. That’s an affiliate link, by the way; why shouldn’t I get paid twice, I ask you?

This book would make a great gift for anyone you know who happens to be interested in 192-page books about why auto enthusiasts are just plain better than their auto-unenthusiastic counterparts. What? That’s not anyone you know? Then buy it yourself, why dontcha!

In all seriousness, Larry has a wonderful trio of chapters where he candidly discusses what our hobby means to him and how the ability to fix a car helps us work through other, deeper issues in our lives. And my part isn’t that bad; like the Itchy And Scratchy Movie, it contains a story I’ve never told before, one that has nothing to do with single moms from Tennessee or inept parenting-via-bicycle.

Most importantly, if this book does well then I’ll get the green light for a darker, more dramatic sequel. Sort of an Empire Strikes Back for auto enthusiasts. I promise you, it will get done before the book on Electra guitars.

But wait, there’s more!

Cancel that, there isn’t any more. I still hope you buy the book. My name is Jack Baruth and I approve this message!

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  1. AvatarWilliam Long

    Bought mine the second I heard about it from your Instagram post. It’s like someone tailor wrote this book just for me…well…at least I think so from the summary on the Hagerty website. I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of car culture lately, especially as a millennial actually interested in cars, and I can’t wait to read all your guys’ thoughts. I hope many more car enthusiasts keep this conversation going. Can’t wait until it arrives!

  2. AvatarJohn C.

    I will probably order it too but I wonder about the premise of race car drivers and their celebrity tag alongs being the ones to tell us of the joys of driving. Both due to the fact that the regular car owner/driver won’t ever have the skills for good lap times. Also the always present adrenalin junkie aspect related to video games/ in car video feeds that leave the driver repeatedly reliving an old high to ever lesser effect, with the concomitant reduction in seriousness as a person.

    I suspect the book won’t measure up to the great British chroniclers of things automotive who tell stories of great men who overcame engineering and financial challenges to create the work of art autos so many of us admire. A few are still with us like Graham Robeson and James Taylor.

    The issue becomes cars aren’t made that way now, whatever the lap times achieved. Are their still inspiring stories to tell of the young affirmative action engineer/party promoter hire who rose from the ghetto by way of Strayer University to the joint task force, multinational committee designing the crappy ignition switch to be made in Indonesia for installation in the next gen Mazda CX3/Kia Tall Pride/ Ford Biglongshlong as assembled in Mexico in tentatively 2024, if the subsites come through from the state of Chiwawha. The reader will need a shower after that.

    • AvatarCompaq Deskpro

      I need a shower after reading this comment. Celebrities suck, car enthusiasts suck, regular drivers suck, Jack sucks, the book will suck, black people suck, Mexicans suck, all of Southeast Asia sucks… you’re turning into Deadweight.

      Please have some optimism for the future. It’s free. It won’t directly change whatever the future holds. But at least you won’t be so miserable and you might come up with a new idea to improve yourself or others. As it stands screeds like this are why so many people dislike right wingers.

      • AvatarNewbie Jeff

        A left-winger that has no point or substantive input other than race victimization!! No way!!

        P.S. Celebrities suck.

      • AvatarJohn C.

        I would correct your long list of things that suck to things that could be a lot better if they were better done. Admittedly that includes my commenting. Society can only advance when it is the greatness not the mediocrity that is rewarded. If I didn’t believe enough in the future to think there could still be greatness, what would be the point of negatively pointing out the mediocrity.

        Another example of mediocrity in action, you need a shower after my comment but nod along happily while comment after comment ask for an audio version of a coffee table book.

        Jack, there have been a flurry of negative reactions to my comments lately. If you would like me to stop commenting please let me know. I have enjoyed and learned much from discussions here but I know some of my views are out of the party line, so it is of course your choice.

  3. Avatar-Nate

    Sounds interesting to me .

    Last night I read a book that was (I think) collected newspaper columns from years gone past, it made a pretty good book in spite of almost half the pages having been ripped out .


  4. AvatarStephen

    I got my copy a few months ago. Been too busy driving the Falcon to read it. We need to get you to come to Colorado for the Hagerty Silver Summit next May. Roughly 800-1000 miles of 2 lane mountain driving over 3 days with mostly pre 79 cars. This year we had a 68 Fleetwood, couple of mini’s, 58 bug and 5 Pantera’s plus the usual Porches, etc. Off to Winter Park tomorrow to catch the National Falcon show


  5. AvatarArk-med

    Amazon’s “Sponsored products related to this item” :
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    – The Simple Life Guide to RV Living

  6. AvatarNewbie Jeff

    Jumping all on this… see if I’m close here: usually “car books” are about the special cars, the popular ones, the exotics, the legends… they’re filled with facts, tidbits, specs, and sometimes the fun anecdotes…

    …I’m hoping this is all about the experience of having a relationship with cars… it means that a T-Top ’86 Mustang with peeling clearcoat can be as engaging and special as that rare sportscar… a beat up old BMW is as close to “perfection” as the rolling sculptures with 7-figure price tags. Oooh… and racing. I’m trusting you’ve written about racing, Jack. There is nothing in the world like fighting with cars.

    I’ll find out soon…

  7. AvatarComfortablyNumb

    I usually purchase hard copies of Baruth literature exclusively from airports, but I guess I could make an exception.

  8. AvatarCompaq Deskpro

    Whoa you didn’t mention Ralph Gilles was going to be in this. The cover is kind of non descriptive, it really needs more names and faces. This sounds like its going to be fantastic.

  9. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    You need to get Larry Webster on the more popular podcasts like Joe Rogan’s and Adam Carolla’s to promote the book.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      I presume, since he’s a contributor, an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage is already lined up.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Don’t get me started on that… there was a private first run done in softcover for friends and clients of Hagerty, and it was printed here in the USA. But it was decided to make the main run a hardcover one. There was no vendor willing to print it in America at our (modest) volume and (slightly less modest) price.

  10. AvatarAnthony

    Amazon shows CANADIAN release July 23rd.


    Thanks for sharing your life with us Jack, and hello from SteelTown North – Hamilton, ON.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I believe there was a fellow named Kazzer who rapped about the “city of steel” meaning Hamilton… i’ll find the link.

      • AvatarAnthony

        Remarkably, we still have >10k people employed directly in the making of steel, and another 20k in supporting industries, but that’s a quarter of what it was 20 years ago. The Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Turks and others are at us hard, with subsidized cost structures and little to know safety or pollution control systems.

        Would be nice if we could still call it Steel Town when my kids are grown.


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