Weekly Roundup: I Used To Do A Little But The Little Didn’t Do It Edition

This is CNN’s front page as of 9PM EST, 14 July 2019. I brought it up because I was curious to see what they are saying about Willen Van Spronsen, the fellow who brought a rifle to a privately-run immigration detention facility, started throwing Molotov cocktails at a propane tank, and died after being shot by police. His actions were no doubt at least partially influenced by media coverage of “concentration camps” and various calls to violent action from progressive media sources.

Think of him as Tim McVeigh, only far less effective, I guess. It has long been an article of faith among America’s left wing that McVeigh was stirred to action by a rising chorus of antigovernment voices such as Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy. If you buy that argument, then it almost certainly applies to Van Spronsen as well, with the added unpleasantness of the voices in this case being so-called papers of record in the United States.

In any event, if you get your news from CNN you’ll learn a lot this evening. A YouTube star died. “Duchess Meghan Meets Queen Bey”. Serena Williams “drops the mic” on a reporter’s question. But you won’t see anything about Von Spronsen. He’s been memory-holed. Was it ever going to be any other way? So let’s focus instead on CNN’s headlines for the night. As you can see, particularly if you aren’t red/green colorblind, there’s a common theme.

Let’s dismiss, if only for the moment, the question of where Donald J. Trump is, in fact, a racist, whatever that word means at the moment. I’ve come to believe, from personal experience, that words like “racist” and “sexist” are nothing more than attempts to bully a conversation towards a desired conclusion. A few years ago, I did an article on TTAC about a white Buick dealer who had (in my opinion) overcharged a black grandmother for a new Encore. I sat down with the grandson of the woman in question, who was also black, and we went over the deal on video. Naturally, I was accused of racism by a TTAC reader — “you’re parading a colorful friend around”. I can almost guarantee that if I had been on the video by myself, the same guy would have accused me of “whitewashing” the story. What can do you do in a situation like that, besides ignore the commenter in question?

Instead, let’s consider the fact that CNN, at least as far as I can tell by using three search engines, has yet to call Jeffrey Epstein a “pedophile” — but they are entirely comfortable calling Trump a racist. CNN is obsessed with Trump — he is in all six headlines. And in four of those six, he is described as a racist, or someone who participates in racist behavior. Think about this for a moment. CNN doesn’t want to call Epstein a pedophile because there exists the sliver of a possibility that he is not 100% guilty of every single charge leveled against him — but they have tried, and convicted, President Trump of “racism” in their own kangaroo court.

Now imagine for a moment that you are Rip Van Winkle, no relation to the ICE firebomb guy, and you have been asleep since, say, 1950. You wake up and you see a major television network using a phrase like “racist” or “thief” or “fraud” in four out of six headlines regarding the President. You’d assume Trump was worse than Nixon, who never got labeled with a weasel word like “racist”, even by the Post. Heck, you’d assume that Trump was worse than Literally Hitler, who made it all the way through the Second World War without being called anything other than “Chancellor” or “Fuhrer” by American newspapers. Furthermore, you’d probably assume that CNN had decided to make it their business to immediately remove Trump from office, by any means necessary.

How surprised you would be to find out that this sort of rhetoric has been used day in and day out for about two years by the vast majority of the major media organizations? And how surprised would you be to find that Trump’s approval rating is about the same as the approval rating of his media-darling predecessor, Barack Obama, two years or so into his Presidency? What would you conclude about Trump? About the media? About the country as a whole?

Well, I’m no Van Winkle, not even a Robbie Van Winkle, but I can tell you what I’ve concluded: that CNN, and the media in general, is in a bit of Mr. Brownstone situation when it comes to accusations of racism. Eleven years ago, John McCain’s campaign was effectively torpedoed by insinuations that the old POW was racist. By 2012, the gloves were off, with allegations of racism dogging Mitt Romney at every step. The Democratic Party, and their fellow-travelers in media and academic circles, became addicted to racism-as-strategy for the same reason that we rarely hear about casual heroin users: the stuff is just so good, and so effective. Ah, but as W. Axl once sang:

I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do
So the little got more and more
I just keep tryin’ to get a little better
Said a little better than before
I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do
So the little got more and more
I just keep tryin’ to get a little better
Said a little better than before

And that, nonbinaries and genderfrees, is how you wind up using the word “racism” in four out of six headlines.

Alright. So what if CNN loves to call Trump racist? It’s not doing much to alter the national discussion. There is probably not a single human being in the United States who will experience a change of heart in either direction because of these headlines. Where’s the harm in it? Fox News used to say mean things about Obama. In the famous words of our previously-anointed Presidential candidate for 2016 — what difference does it make?

I think it makes a difference for a very simple reason: CNN and the rest of the media have managed to destroy the meaning of a remarkably important word. It’s the effing amazing business all over again, this time writ large on a political stage. When everything and everyone you don’t like is “racist”, how can you effectively identify actual racism? The answer, of course, is that you cannot — and there are people who will take advantage of that. You are using full-strength antibiotics of last resort on factory-farm chickens, never thinking of the day when you, or your child, might need those antibiotics to be effective to save your own lives. It’s not a good idea. Our ancestors knew it wasn’t a good idea, and that’s why we used to teach children the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. It was meant to communicate a simple lesson: don’t carelessly communicate grave danger unless it truly exists. CNN, and many other people, would benefit from learning that lesson — but why should they listen to our ancestors, who were probably racist?

* * *

If you think what you just read was controversial, wait till you read this!

61 Replies to “Weekly Roundup: I Used To Do A Little But The Little Didn’t Do It Edition”

  1. AvatarSean

    “nothing more than attempts to bully a conversation towards a desired conclusion”
    Racist, Misogynist, Nazi, Homophobe.
    They’ve all become the cries of people that can’t hold an adult conversation.
    There’s no way to win there. Just smile, nod and go on with your day.

  2. AvatarJohn C.

    I agree with most of your premise that automakers have written off the young. Instead off tackling that issue with a small Asian pickup that allows an indebted lifetime college student to live out his indulgence heavy lifestyle. Why not something aimed at someone in his low twenties who has either moved up a level in his since high school or achieved a well paying job out of college. Assume he is marrying his girlfriend and getting to the fun and rewarding job of putting some babies that look like him in there. Assume further that he is working hard providing a house and security for what he is creating. On his long commute, give him something like a 87 Lebaron or an 83 Tbird or an 85 Grand Am coupe that gives him a little comfort and authority while at the same time being economical and tying him into what his grandfather and those before strived for. Treat him with respect and God willing he will rise to what society should be expecting from him. This didn’t happen for half the country due to coastal enclave boomer politics in the eighties on but for most all that now is discredited.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      By then, John, I think it’s too late. Our theoretical buyer is already a lifetime Uber or scooter customer at that point. You have to catch them young.

    • AvatarJustPassinThru

      That concept…made me think. The Youth Market, which was alive and well when we were targets…has not been an all-time traditional targeted sector. Think back. What were kids’ cars in the postwar 1940s? The 1950s? Plymouth had one model; Chevrolet had two, but the Corvette was for rich playboys. Ford had one model, and the Thunderbird, which started life as an afterthought. Body outsourced; chassis out of the parts bin.

      This was Lee Iacocca’s brilliance. He saw a new, never-recognized market – the Youth Market. He touched on it with the Falcon Futura convertible; got good responses, and then pushed ahead with the Mustang.

      Now, ten years later (mid-1970s) the Youth Market was in full flower. Levis Gremlins. The old Jeep Universal had been redressed as the Renegade. The Camaro/Firebird, the various compacts and econoboxes, gussied up.

      Now, it went away – and while slowing demand is part of it, Jack’s right in hinting that it’s the grey, colorless corporate drones who put out grey, colorless corporate cars. But maximizing profits by limiting models is not anything new – it’s a reversion to history.

      We might look at other costs that auto companies face that make them afraid to overextend with product development. Air bags, mandated fuel-use standards, certification of exhausts and lights and every step of design…it doesn’t happen free.

  3. AvatarNewbie Jeff

    It’s nothing less than total political warfare and “racism”, “sexism”, “misogyny”, “bigotry” are the weapons. Obama was pictured smiling with Farrakhan, but the media doesn’t “need” stuff like that… The Epstein story breaks and CNN runs a picture of Trump with Epstein through a days-long cycle. Isn’t it funny that in the latter, the insinuation is that Trump is a misogynist by association, but Obama somehow isn’t a black nationalist? That’s because the point of political warfare is to assail targets to inflict harm and irreparable damage , not because anyone is trying to make the world less “___-ist”…

    They’re winning. Who in their right mind would serve in the Trump administration, or run his campaign? You will be unjustly destroyed by the mobs of social justice, the media will broadly disseminate the attack, and Democrats will then make it official with an investigation.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      The establishment media put almost as much effort in obscuring Obama’s associations with Ayers, Khalidi, Pfleger and Wright, as they have making Trump guilty by association with whatever they’re throwing at the wall to see what sticks this week.

  4. Avatarstingray65

    CNN ratings are cratering, and if they didn’t have some sort of agreement with airports to have their drivel playing non-stop by every gate, their audience would be in single digits. Nobody who isn’t to the Left of Stalin takes CNN or most of the mainstream media seriously, which is why newspapers are shutting down and the few balanced or Right leaning outlets such as Fox and Rush are doing so well.

    Why can’t young people afford cars today and/or why aren’t automakers putting more effort into selling cars to young people? First, all the environmental and safety regulations enacted since the 1960s have dramatically increased the costs of developing new cars, which means they are more expensive than they would otherwise be. Second, there didn’t used to be floods of illegals coming in and taking entry level jobs away from Americans, nor all the welfare programs that keep some lazy Americans from actively seeking work and act as an enticement for 3rd worlders to come to America for free healthcare, free food, free shelter, etc., which unfortunately are not actually free and must be paid for by high taxes on productive citizens who might otherwise buy a car. Third, heavy taxes and regulation on industry has sped the export of manufacturing jobs that used to provide a nice living wage to lower-socio-economic segments that would allow them to buy cars. Instead, young people are encouraged to go to college where they spend 4-8 years getting indoctrinated into Leftist ideology and gain very few job related skills, but do end up with large student loans for the gender studies degree, which are difficult to pay back from those barista jobs at Starbucks, much less leave any money for buying a car. Notice that all of these policies are also things promoted by Democrats and their PR arm otherwise known as the mainstream media.

    Then you can throw in changes in culture and helicopter parenting brought about in part by the expanding nanny state. Parents might be arrested for child abuse for giving their 16-18 year old the 10+ year old family beater to drive, because it doesn’t have 92 airbags and various electronic safety nannies that allow the youngsters to text and drive with moderate safety. So kids today are used to riding around or being allowed to drive late-model cars ladled with all the modern safety and convenience options that their middle-aged parents can almost afford with some creative leasing arrangements. Thus when the kid goes car shopping they aren’t going to be content with a Jeep CJ with no air-conditioning, carpets, or power anything, and heaven forbid no Bluetooth connectivity and an awesome infotainment system. Rather than buy a base penalty box, most would much rather buy a 3-4 year old used car just off lease (preferably from a status brand) for the same or less money that has all the bells and whistles they expect, which is far different that 40 years ago when a 4+ year old car might already be starting to rust heavily and/or already showing signs of mechanical tiredness.

    In other words, a modern day 1965 Mustang or even 1965 Beetle that is appealing and affordable by the young just can’t be made today and wouldn’t be popular or profitable even if it could.

  5. Avatarrambo furum

    Years ago the not-dumb people at NPR admitted that the Democrats had blown their load by describing the milquetoast Willard Romney as “racist” such that it had no effect when used on Trump, although they omitted that Trump refused to follow the standard script of apologizing and backing down. This is not to say that they were able to ween themselves off the behavior themselves either.

    A racist is anyone winning an argument with a liberal, of course.

  6. Avatarpaul pellico

    Keep up the natural change from idealistic but naive and left years of youth to adulthood (we all did it), but still relax.
    The best years of a conservative(not religious fundamentalist) are happening right now.
    Everything the democrats are doing right now is fantastic.
    Even their rantings are more effective than my lisinopril BP meds!!! They are doing a better job of awakening the voters that Rush ever did. And they can’t help it.
    When you get down, turn on late night comedy and then you can sleep.

      • AvatarFred Lee

        ETA: I live in Oregon, where a bunch of conservative ranchers took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, robbing, destroying, and setting fire to public property. Those criminals were considered heroes by the right and pardoned by President Trump.

        So, there’s that.

          • AvatarFred Lee

            Yes. We have a problem in Portland with violence by Antifa and between Antifa and “Proud Boys”. The police have, for the last several iterations, tread very lightly on both groups.

            I’m not sure why you would assume I *don’t* criticize antifa. It turns out it is possible to recognize inappropriate behavior and hypocrisy by all sides of the political spectrum.

        • AvatarTyguy

          @Fred Lee.. You are conflating two separate things. The Hammonds (the ones pardoned Trump) . were ranchers who set fires on their own land which spread to federal land. They plead guilty and got light sentencing as part of a plea. The plea was vacated and they were re-sentenced to harsher penalties.
          In response to that, a guy named Ammon Bundy (whose father led a similar standoff two years prior) and over objections by the Hammonds, led a militia takeover of the headquarters of an unoccupied wildlife refuge in the middle of winter. They did cause plenty of damage but did not set fire to public property as you state.
          While many on the right see what happened to the Hammonds as injustice of government overreach, very few supported the extremist views of the Bundys (especially the Hammonds) . Regardless their protest in the middle of nowhere and didn’t hurt anyone. Van Spronsen left his house that morning with the express intent to kill people.

  7. Avatarhank chinaski

    It’s misdirection and theater for his base, to distract from the ‘large scale ICE deportations ‘ that didn’t happen. Or the attempted bombing you mentioned, or the Mexican flag flown over a different ICE facility, or the wrist slaps the Antifa goons are consistently getting. He ignored it all.

    Just yesterday a fellow dad was describing the string of (I assume pre chicken tax) bare bones compact pickups that his middle class father commuted in for years (and used for suburban hauling duty on weekends). Regular cab, 4cyl, stick, AC. Veritable dinosaurs. In fact, as my eldest approaches driving age, I’d probably consider one of these, as it would add the most utility to our ‘fleet’. A few ways to keep a young driver out of trouble IMO: ‘just enough’ power, 2 seats, and a stick to make phone use near impossible.

  8. Avatarpaul pellico

    I don’t really know about you so I will not try to spend to much energy fixing yopu.
    However, unless you have lived under a rock for the past few years, or youy are indeed a leftist and willfully see things wrong. then there is to muck work to be done anyway.
    But there has been just a wee bit of GOP and, shall I say it…deep state, working against Trump.
    IF you think he wouldn’t do what he says IF he could, then, again, so be it.
    But then again if he did try, he is once again the fascist dictator they, the people on the bus, say he is,right?

  9. AvatarDoug

    The CNN thing does not only apply to racism. Corruption, fraud all of the things that CNN goes into hysterics to pin on Trump every single day when it does not exist is what is killing the drive by media. They suffer from a chicken little syndrome in that the sky is ALWAYS falling, at least since November 2016. This has led a vast portion of people to just ignore the news, which will be unfortunate when something actually factual and newsworthy does come around and people do not believe them any more than they believe the insult of the day at Trump. CNN really needs to re-think their hooking their line to only spouting democrat party narrative as it is really killing them. They only get about 500,000 views at any one time in the day, and I assume that includes all the captives at the airports.

    • Avatarrambo furum

      Well, CNN Airport is a slightly different channel that doesn’t cover aviation crashes so I really don’t know how that figures into their ratings.

      • Avatar-Nate

        It doesn’t but you’re using facts and reality, never a strong suit for the liars & cowards .


  10. AvatarNoID

    Here here to the cheap cars. I work for an OEM and I greatly appreciate a well-optioned, quality vehicle, but for my daily commute I would readily trade in my high-mileage (paid for) used car for a cheap, effective yet interesting mobility appliance in a loud color. I’m thinking a modern Suzuki Samurai/Sidekick (but with enough power to safely merge onto the highways of 2019) but I’d sign right up for your imaginary FWD pickup.

  11. AvatarWill

    Whatever happened to Bigtrucks? (I think that was his name) this is perfect for one of his diatribes.

    As an aside, I am amazed at how much of a bubble people in NYC, LA and DC live in. When our problems are “words” and detaining criminals, you know you have it really good.

    • Avatarsilentsod

      BigTruckSeriesReview is still active on YouTube; just stopped posting over here for his own reasons as I’m pretty sure he wasn’t banned. At least, I never saw anything over the line.

  12. AvatarFred Lee

    “But you won’t see anything about Von Spronsen. He’s been memory-holed. ”

    “Instead, let’s consider the fact that CNN, at least as far as I can tell by using three search engines, has yet to call Jeffrey Epstein a “pedophile” — but they are entirely comfortable calling Trump a racist.”

    Hi Jack, I decided to see if this was true. I was especially curious since I learned about the Molotov cocktail guy on cnn. So I tried this query: ‘site:cnn.com molotov’

    which brings up:

    Hardly memory-holed, as far as I can tell? Then I tried:
    ‘site:cnn.com epstein pedophile’

    The first hit is: https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/08/politics/jeffrey-epstein-bio/index.html

    which begins:
    “The descriptions of Jeffrey Epstein have run from a multimillionaire man of mystery to convicted pedophile.”

    Now maybe you’ll argue that the headline was not “Jeffrey Epstein Is A Damn Pedophile”, and I guess you’re right there.

    As a registered Cynic, I tend to start each day by opening up both cnn.com and foxnews.com, because it’s interesting to see how both report the same news. As you’d expect, cnn highlights the daily Trump idiocy, and Fox highlights the daily AOC/Warren idiocy. I’m always amused, by the way, at Fox News’ obsession with which 50-year-old blonde starlet just posted bikini photos that You Won’t Believe! to her instagram! They’re far more guilty of celebrity-titillation than cnn. But that aside one can hardly claim that cnn doesn’t cover all the relevant news.

    Anyway, musing over. I really just wanted to help you out with your google searches, since clearly you were having a hard time finding content on cnn that nobody else seems to have trouble finding! Technology sure is complicated these days.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I was just referring to CNN’s front pages, which to my (imperfect) knowledge did not feature Von Whatshisname… but I agree with much of your general opinion here.

      • AvatarCharlie A

        Nowhere to be found on their front page. Also searching the accused’s first or last name netted no results.

        • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

          You’re not implying that an organization might manipulate search engine results for some political agenda, are you?

        • AvatarFred Lee

          Not today, no. A few days ago when the news was current, it was on their front page. How long exactly do you think it should be kept there for? Do you believe nothing newsworthy has happened since? Perhaps they should make a special front page just for you, where the specific stories that you believe to be newsworthy are kept front-page for a week or two?

          For what its worth, it’s not front page on foxnews.com either.

      • AvatarJay

        The Epstein story was top-half, front page on cnn.com for several days after his arrest but before Pres Trump publicly stated that American citizens who were elected to Congress should go back to where they came from.

          • AvatarJay

            I don’t remember specific headlines, but “Convicted Sex Offender”, “Billionaire”, “sex trafficking”, “underage girls” and “alleged victims” come to mind.

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            Unfortunately for us, this is kind of a discussion about specific headlines.

            CNN pairs “Trump” with “Racist” 66% of the time. It is not pairing “Epstein” with “pedophile”.

            Now, it’s possible that Trump is, in fact, a racist, and it is possible that Epstein is not, in fact, a pedophile. But it’s a long-odds situation for both of those scenarios to be correct.

          • Avatar-Nate

            “Agreed. In those headlines, how was Epstein described?”

            In CBS radio news on 7.16.19 they said ” convicted pedophile Epstien”……

            This whole thread is silly ~ the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES told American Citizens to ‘go back where you came from’ and then doubled down on it .

            Apparently, here it’s _NOT_ O.K. to be racist against Jews but who cares about non Whites .

            Shameless and UN AMERICAN to the extreme .


          • AvatarCJinSD

            He said that because they are commies who hate America, their fellow Americans, and the US Constitution. I wouldn’t care if I was related to them, which I practically am. People who want to take my rights, and they certainly do, are my enemies. If they’re not yours, then you are an imbecile.

          • Avatarrambo furum

            @Nate, when you say “Apparently, here it’s _NOT_ O.K. to be racist against Jews” are you noting that the four freshman squad members called out coincidentally are not entirely on board with the goals of AIPAC?

  13. AvatarMrfixit1599

    I need something explained to me. Listening to the radio the other day, there was a blurb about the upcoming 2020 census. Trump’s administration wants to add the question “Are you an American citizen”. Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t want the question added because it “racist”.

    WTF is racist about whether or not you are an american citizen. It’s a yes or no question.

    • AvatarFred Lee

      The “reply” feature seems to be broken, so this is in response to @MrFixit1599. This vox article does a decent job explaining the concerns about the census question:

      I’m not sure how I feel about this, to be honest. But then I’m also one of those who doesn’t have any problem at all requiring proof of citizenship when voting. I don’t think we can really know the impact of asking that question without asking it and then comparing it to expected responses based on statistical analysis of previous census data.

      On the other hand, I wonder *why* they want to ask that about citizenship on the census? What’s the motivation, if *not* to discourage non-citizens from responding?

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      It was on the Census for a long, long time until Pres. Obama had it removed by executive order.

        • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

          Which part isn’t true?

          From Politifact (their editorializing on behalf of Democrats has been excised):

          A citizenship question first showed up in the census in 1820, and again in 1830, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

          In 1870, the question was asked of males ages 21 and older, and it has appeared in some form as a question for all respondents every decade since 1890, with the exception of 1960.

          ….In 1950, when census workers knocking on doors wrote down where each person was born and asked as a follow-up, “If foreign born — is he naturalized?”

          After 1950, the 1960 census inquired about place of birth but not about citizenship.

          Then, beginning in 1970, the Census Bureau began distributing two different questionnaires: A short form sent to most households and a long form sent only to about 1 in 6 households.

          The long form asked about citizenship…

          The 2010 census was the first census administered under Obama’s watch, and it ditched the long form, using only a 10-question short-form questionnaire that did not ask about citizenship.

  14. Avatarpaul pellico

    yes, there is that.
    but the discussion was of the media’s coverage and point of views.
    from reporting to taking sides, not what freedom of the press and protection of initially designed for.
    wacko dead comparison numbers…not a game the left wants to take part in because conservatives as a whole would rather go about the day surviving than rebelling.

  15. Avatar-Nate

    Serious click bait here that the ones who are foaming right now miss the fact the D.T. will be re elected in 2020…..

    Wait and see .


  16. AvatarCarmine

    Yeah, the fantasy small stripper truck, park next to the manual diesel wagon and more recently the BOF landau topped land yacht…..both another “fantasy favorite” of every internet armchair CEO auto journo that “knows exactly what the market wants”……..

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I dont know what to tell you… I’ve paid good money for compact trucks and BOF landaus.

      If not the truck, then what?

      • AvatarCarmine

        Used cars.

        Though I’ve read hundreds of articles from authors with the same “EUREKA” moment…….

        ” I got it!!!….just sell X-product for an unreasonably low unattainable and totally unrealistic price(but make here in the US of course, I mean God help the company that doesn’t make it where in plant where autoworkers average $85K a year) and it will sell like hot cakes!!! Why don’t the car companies get it??? They’re just so dumb!!!!”

        If small trucks were ever that popular? Why did they disappear?

        • Avatar-Nate

          !?! 85K / year for doing back breaking assembly work ?! .

          Where do I sign up ?? .

          Those cracker jack pickups everyone hated but bought as fast as they could be imported, are all gone because they rusted away, being made of low grade tin foil .
          Go anywhere they can escape the tinworm and they’re still every where, both cherries and beat to death working rigs, wheezing and rattling along, rarely for sale .

          _I_ don’t really want another one, I loved the ’72 Ford Courier (Mazda) “Fords new 1800CC import” and the two Datsun 620 pickups I had but I really prefer the old standard American 1/2 ton base cab pickups , never in brown =8-^ .


          • AvatarCarmine

            Back breaking? What year do you think it is? Back breaking if your a robot maybe.

            No degree, Cadillac(literally?)Healthcare and practically un-fireable either, not bad for the rustbelt……..

            BTW that was the average salary at the recently idled GM Lordstown Assembly Plant.

          • Avatar-Nate

            FWIW ;

            Putting on a brake rotor or bucket seat is easy, do it six hundred times a day and yes, it becomes back braking .

            My entire life & career was labor, I didn’t mind it but it sure used me up .

            I imagine $85K in Lordstown meant all your kids went to College, full ride and you bought a decent house, new cars and so on .

            Sweet .


  17. AvatarJohnny

    At least with heroin there are proven ways to get clean, the problem with being labeled a racist is that presenting evidence to the contrary only serves to legitimize the accusation in the eyes of the public. Case in point being Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. The label will stick no matter who comes to your defense. Being called a racist is like the Chinese finger trap (is that racist?) of attacks – the harder you fight to disprove it the more the stain spreads.

  18. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    Now imagine for a moment that you are Rip Van Winkle, no relation to the ICE firebomb guy, and you have been asleep since, say, 1950. You wake up and you see a major television network using a phrase like “racist” or “thief” or “fraud” in four out of six headlines regarding the President. You’d assume Trump was worse than Nixon,

    As the resident pedant, I’ll point out that if you had been asleep since 1950, you wouldn’t assume Trump was worse than Nixon because in 1950, Richard Nixon was just a second term congressman, about to be elected senator from California. True, the left probably already hated him because of his committee work exposing Alger Hiss but he wasn’t quite the bête noire he became later.

  19. Avatarjc

    Well, one problem here is that every time Trump opens his tweet and shows his ass, it further reduces the chance of sensible discussion of real problems.

    It might have been possible, pre-Trump, for someone prominent to claim that we should control the amount of immigration; or that unrestricted free trade has not been a net benefit to the American middle class; or that having a large and vibrant manufacturing base is critical to the continued existence of a world superpower, at the most fundamental national-interest level.

    Now, anyone who addresses any of these matters, no matter how restrained and balanced their statements, is going to be tarred as a “little Trump” and “Racist” and all the other things.

  20. AvatarAoLetsGo

    CNN is a one trick pony going for the illusory truth effect. In other words people tend to believe information is correct after repeated exposure. This is an old technique used in advertising and election campaigns.

    As for cars for Millennials sure a cheap and cheerful car would sell a few. Did not do much for the Juke or Sonic or some others, a pickup would do better. For my own two 20’s kids, one bought a new full size 4wd pickup that he has been customizing (tastefully) and the other is on the 2 year SUV wash and rinse lease cycle. Of course in my completely unbiased opinion they are well above average compared to their peers.

  21. Avatarrambo furum

    On the youth car thing, my understanding is that millenials, being aware of their lessened spending power, crave luxury brands to an inordinate degree. There is also the fact that several vehicles meant for the youth market became Boomer favorites, such as the Honda Element, the PT Cruiser, even the Scion xB. The old line is that an old man will buy a young man’s car but not vice versa. The attempts at cheap and cheery little cars have mostly come from brands correctly not known for reliability (Fiat 500, Mini, VW New Beetle) so the styling was a win but the actual economy was missing.

    I hate to say it, but I think Chinese cars will be able to reach the youth market, as they are honest about being trendy disposable garbage, which is what is really wanted.

    • AvatarJustPassinThru

      Yes, the Scion line and the Pontiac Aztek were intended as youth-market cars. And, IIRC, the Toyota Matrix before that.

      None of them made much of an impression with young people. Scion tried to make a big deal of no-haggle pricing, but of course those were just elevated prices. A comparable Toyota or other car in the class could usually be found for less.

      I suspect the problem is a lack of marketing mojo, especially for the big names. Toyota now coasts on its reputation as an indestructible auto – and that’s not going to sell to kids. Hyundai and then Kia, tried cheap-and-cheerful (with a Korean accent) but settled in for stolid and dull.

      Seems like the marketing mavens have given up, and instead are going for what Ford controller Ed Lundy used to call “Standard Volume.” Just offer a few nondescript models, and enough will sell to keep the lights on.

      • Avatar-Nate

        RE: ‘Standard Models’ ~

        is this a bad thing ? .

        As long as folks are happy with them, IE they don’t break down much, this is the best way to go, non ? .


  22. AvatarScottS

    Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, climate denier, et al, . . .

    These are the basic weapons of the Educational Beat-Down (EBD) daily delivered by the mainstream media. The left is and has been, using a different playbook for a long time. Few average Americans really understand this as it is so far outside of our daily reality. It’s time for average people to get Woke. DJT is absolutely Woke to this reality and knows how to fight back and it’s causing a lot of problems for both sides of the political divide.

    “If the victim does not acknowledge that they broke a rule, if they argue or get indignant, then the assault will escalate. The person who delivers the Educational Beat Down is usually a respected member of the group . . . . Not acknowledging the transgression sends the message that the victim does not acknowledge the Big Dog’s status. It is taken as a clear indicator that he either does not know or does not care about the rules and must be taught a lesson. The damage will escalate until the transgressor/victim acknowledges that the message has been received. That acknowledgment must be free of excuses.

    Another circumstance where the EBD will escalate is when the lesson is less for the transgressor than for everyone else.”

  23. Avatarpaul pellico

    no, the hell it was.
    I watch CNN every damn day.
    Perhaps they had it there, but it was surrounded by the anti-trump opinionated stories and headlines.
    please…don’t try to say trump is forcing cnn to be what they are.

  24. Avatardejal

    I listened to Sargon of Akkad’s latest video. He got into one sided pissing contests with the “IT’S RACIST” people.

    What Trump may have said was stupid or ill-advised but how was it racist? SoA kept asking that question over and over and never got a decent answer. He got a lot of digital social-media spittle.

    I never thought that running a government by being a troll would work. I guess it does when your opposition can’t help themselves.

    The left feels that if someone supports you, you automatically assume whatever beliefs of the supporter. Trumps support of Pelosi over AOC was great.
    David Duke likes Trump.
    Trump sticks up for Pelosi.
    Pelosi is a racist.

    Their rules, not mine.


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