Raise Your Hand If You’re The Editor-In-Chief Of TTAC. Not So Fast, Me!

This morning, I told the Best&Brightest at TTAC that I was losing my position as Editor-In-Chief.

The post is called Thank You And Goodbye (Sort Of). I’m going to miss this gig. In all the ways that mattered, it was a great job. I could speak my mind nearly without reservation, I had the chance to recruit and develop great writers, and I made lifelong friends out of several readers. Unfortunately for me, my vision for the site’s future didn’t mesh with that of the people who own the thing. And one of the benefits of owning something is that you get to decide what happens with it.

I’m asking everybody to support Derek as he does his level best to keep the ship upright. I’ll be contributing a couple of times a week until the end of the year. And, as I noted in the TTAC post, I’m going to use my extra time to finish my book. I know you’re going to enjoy reading it. Well, actually, I don’t know that at all. You might hate it.

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  1. AvatarJosh H.

    This was definitely a sad post to read this morning. I’m just glad I have more than TTAC to read you through.

  2. AvatarAcd

    This wasn’t what I was hoping to read when I went to TTAC this morning but you’ve always made it clear that it was just a temporary position so it shouldn’t be that much of a shock. I was a TTAC reader when Farago left but luckily there was a writer who used to stir things up and drive people crazy with his articles who kept me coming back. His rants weren’t quite as laser pointed as Farago’s but their stream of consciousness showed that there was a real person behind them and that it wasn’t all just for effect. Maybe sometime you’ll be able to share some of the behind the scenes during your time with them that you couldn’t as EIC.

    Good luck with your next endeavor. You’re too good of a writer not to be successful.

  3. AvatarNarcoossee

    It wasn’t unexpected to read of your exit, but it has been my sense for awhile that you’ve outgrown TTAC. Without a doubt in my mind, Great Things are in your future.

    • AvatarScott

      As someone who basically just scrolled through the articles until I found one by Jack, it was a bit of a surprise to me. Oh well, one less site that I used to visit and a new one to take its place.

  4. Avatarrcil

    That really sucks. I love your writing… I’m sure you’ll do well in the future. All the best

  5. AvatarMike Briskie

    Already said my bit on TTAC (trackratmk1)… just wanted to drop a line about coming to LRP next year. Hit me up anytime. Also saw R&T shooting the M4/Vette/Cayman S, so can’t wait to read that and your upcoming stuff in next issue.

    Nice fancy new theme over here today! Revamping and preparing to grow domestically?

    • JackJack Post author

      I am fairly frosted about not getting to go to Lime Rock… apparently they felt I’d been spoiled enough driving a WC-GT car a few weeks ago in Colorado 🙂

      Thank you for the kind words! See you soon!

  6. Avatarrcil

    Hey Jack – just occurred to me — maybe you should become the American Clarkson? What do you think???

  7. Avatarjz78817

    thanks for righting the TTAC ship. Had BS stuck around I think it would have been another Costa Concordia. I think it’ll do fine with Derek at the helm, he seems pretty even-handed and level-headed. Ronnie’s articles about the people and history of the industry are something you don’t find much of anywhere else, not Jalopnik or (*snerk*) certainly not that vapid link dump Autoblog.

  8. AvatarRandall

    Looks like a subscription to Road & Track is in my future. I really enjoy your writing and look forward to your book. I was one of the many whose interest in TTAC had waned during the time of BS and you brought me back to bein a regular visitor, nice work!

    Here’s to LOVE!

  9. AvatarBimmer

    It’s a sad day for all the readers on TTAC who enjoyed your take on ordinary rental vehicles.
    Nonetheless, I’m grateful that I’ve met you in person before you become EIC and were still doing videos for LLN.
    Maybe my comments were not as witty as other B&B and I weren’t commenting as often, but I truly enjoyed reading your automotive adventures.
    Sorry, I could not meet you when you were in TO last time, as I was in BC, but I promised you last time when we met, that the next dinner is on me. Looking forward to hear from you when you’ll be in a Big Smoke next time.


  10. AvatarSteve O

    And with that, my reason to visit TTAC has been reduced to pretty much nothing. But, I am glad you took the time to plug this blog in that last post, since I hadn’t realized it existed. Please do another Smoking Tire podcast soon, that shit was hysterical.

  11. AvatarMorgan

    Jack, you have become one of my heroes as a 21st century writer. I have enjoyed your unique voice and personal narrative on TTAC and was saddened (but not totally surprised) to read that you were moving on. Oh well, all things must pass I guess. And hey, thanks to your nakedly self promoting blog link all I had to do was cut and paste this address to my favorites bar. Easy piessy lemon squessey. -Looking forward to your book.

  12. AvatarAthos

    I’ve read your stuff over the years since that “infamous” high speed driving guide you wrote for RF. Some of the AC written for SSL were gold.

    I will be able to read your ramblings here, so no fuss. Better, there is some content shown here that probably can’t go in TTAC.

    Enjoy your new found love.

    PS: the new look of this place looks great.

  13. AvatarDisaster

    Copied from my response at TTAC’s. Not sure if that one will stay…nor this one I suppose.

    TTAC was great in the days of the death watch. After the bankruptcies it seemed to lose it’s way. Some stuff seemed like stupid jealousy, such as the constant fights with Jalopnik. Most stuff was just plain stale and boring. Jack was the last hint of light that kept me visiting. Loved the Malibu Eco review.

    As far as love, and “got your back” I always had the impression Jack was the kind of guy that was interesting to have around but who I would never count on therefore never be a real friend. To be blunt, he seemed like an a_h_l_ to me. The kind of person lots of people laugh with, some laugh at, but who, like a maturing Chimpanzee, could eat your face at any moment…or just leave you by the side of the road (do Chimpanzees do that?) Admittedly, this was just a feeling. I never knew Jack personally, but I know people who I thought were like Jack based on Jack’s own stories. If Jack can stay Jack in biting humor, but also be a guy who takes responsibility and truly has his friend’s back, even when it’s not convenient for Jack, then he will have erased the A_H label I so unfairly assumed for him. Not that he gives a sh__ about what I think or should. But, he just might find, as I have, life is way better when you aren’t an A_H.

    Good luck, Jack. I’ll be stopping by your blog to see if it can entertain like the old TTAC’s.

  14. AvatarJeff

    The last bit of your article reminded me of the final words in the movie Serenity.


    I’m sad to see you go but luckily there are still places to read your work. Just yesterday I picked up a R&T for the first time in years because it said Jack Baruth on the inside. I’ve enjoyed it so far and I’m going to subscribe. You’re selling mags sir!

    You truly are an inspiration to car guys everywhere. And you were the Alan Mulally for TTAC.

  15. AvatarBrian

    Better late than never:

    Jack- I have tremendously enjoyed your work on TTAC and your careful stewardship of that site. It won’t be the same without you there, but it’ll just give me another reason to check out this site even more. Looking forward to the upcoming book and continued reading of your monthly contributions to R&T.

    Oh, and as John Lennon said, “love is all you need.”


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