Weekly Roundup: The Children In The Playpen Edition

There’s been a lot of buzz in the media world this week about “The Adults In The Room”, a vicious, often irrational, and tiresomely bloated attack on Deadspin.com’s new ownership and management by Deadspin’s departing editor-in-chief, Megan Greenwell. Ms. Greenwell left the company because she disagreed with the idea that Deadspin, which was originally founded as a sports website, should return to that mission. It’s worth noting that Greenwell waited until she had secured a lucrative new job before writing her farewell, and no wonder; any sane potential employer would be horrified by the idea of a trusted employee using their media platform to lash out like this on their final day.

I’d like to take a minute to consider some of the high (or low) points in Greenwell’s article. Not because I agree or disagree with Deadspin’s new mission — I’ve never read Deadspin and never will, insofar as I have an equal and considerable lack of interest in both left-wing propaganda and sportsball minutiae — but rather because I’m fascinated by the way in which Greenwell rewrites history to suit her (their? I’m not sure on Greenwell’s pronoun of choice) emotions at this particular moment. The piece has a strong whiff of 1984 to it, which concerns me because Greenwell has had, and will continue to have, a position of considerable privilege and power. So let’s start by looking at what she has to say and asking ourselves: Is any of it true?

Greenwell makes what could be a thesis statement early on:

The tragedy of digital media isn’t that it’s run by ruthless, profiteering guys in ill-fitting suits; it’s that the people posing as the experts know less about how to make money than their employees, to whom they won’t listen.

What an odd assertion! Ill-fitting suits. I looked around for a full-body shot of Jim Spanfeller, the CEO of G/O Media, and didn’t find much — but from what I can tell his suits seems to fit just fine, which tends to be the case when you’re a multi-millionaire. Alright. That’s just Greenwell attempting to be unpleasant about the way other people look, which is probably a risky strategy on her part. What about the meat of her assertion — that the employees of Deadspin and similar sites know how to make money?

Deadspin was a Gawker site, and Gawker appeared to know how to make money in the early years of digital gossip media — but that’s like prospecting a new mountain; if you have a big enough stake in the place the gold will just wash towards you. When Gawker defied a court order and refused to take down a Hulk Hogan sex tape, the company was fatally wounded in the ensuing lawsuit. It should be noted that the lawsuit was funded by Peter Thiel, who had been “outed” by a Gawker website and as a result had a profound and lasting animosity for the company. What does Greenwell have to say about that?

Gawker Media is dead, of course. But it’s not dead because it failed; it’s dead because it was murdered by a vindictive billionaire and there existed no legal infrastructure to protect it. When Gawker was murdered in a terrifying blow to freedom of the press, a shocking number of other journalists said the site deserved it:

This is the first sign of Greenwell’s willingness to reshape reality. Gawker harassed a gay man who wanted to keep his lifestyle private, then they humiliated a celebrity who didn’t think a third-party recording of his sexual activity should go public. If Breitbart or Fox had done that, Gawker websites would have called them Nazis — but it’s not homophobic or shaming when the right people do it. It’s no wonder a “shocking number of other journalists”, including your humble author, said the site deserved it.

What those journalists didn’t say, and what they still don’t say, was that Gawker made journalism better through inspiring new publications and through pushing the legacy ones to be more interesting. They don’t say that Gawker unionizing made conditions better across the industry. And they don’t say that the company’s websites were consistently profitable and beloved by readers, that the business model—publish stories that people wanted to read, supported by advertising—worked exactly as it was intended to.

They don’t say that because it isn’t true. Gawker has shown a shocking inability to make money. Under Univision’s ownership, the remaining “Gizmodo Media Group” lost as much as $20 million per year, reducing the value of the sites from the $135 million originally paid to under $50 million. Any time an asset becomes cheap enough, the vulture capitalists get interested, which is what happened.

The question I hear the most about the owners of this company is “Why did they buy a bunch of publications they seem to hate?” I and my colleagues have asked Spanfeller only slightly more diplomatic variants of that question on several occasions. The answer he has given is that the publications didn’t cost him much and that he liked their high traffic numbers. The unstated, fuller version seems to be that he believed he could simply turn up the traffic (and thus turn a profit), as if adjusting a faucet, not by investing in quality journalism but by tricking people into clicking on more pages. While pageviews are no longer seen as a key performance indicator at most digital publications—time spent on the site is increasingly thought to be a more valuable metric—Spanfeller has focused on pageviews above all else.

Emphasis is mine; we’ll return to that in a minute. Let’s start by considering the idea that Greenwell considers that Deadspin, and the other GMG sites, had been “investing in quality journalism”. The vast majority of GMG articles consist of a progressive spin on news researched and reported elsewhere. I took a look at a few weeks’ worth of Deadspin and didn’t see anything original besides the various opinion pieces and advertorials like “The Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Is Our Readers’ Favorite Hotel-Branded Credit Card”. Deadspin is little more than a voracious aggregator of content created elsewhere. I’m not sure what they do counts as “quality journalism”. In fact, most of the independent investigative pieces done by GMG properties over the years amounted to little more than attempts to destroy individual lives — Peter Thiel, Justine Sacco, Michelle Malkin.

If the duty of journalism is to “comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable,” then there is little evidence that GMG did any of the former, and very little of the latter outside a targeted group of victims chosen seemingly at random. It doesn’t matter, because Greenwell eventually gets down to the meat of her complaint: that people have been mean to her.

After I submitted my resignation, explaining that the ongoing undermining from my bosses made it impossible for me to continue to succeed in my job, and that I believed I was putting my staff at risk by staying, the CEO threw a tinier tantrum. When I passed Spanfeller in the office a week after I put in notice, he let out a cruel barking laugh, as if he was disgusted to be in my presence. I said “you can speak to me, you know,” and he responded in a tone familiar to anyone who was ever bullied in middle school. “I don’t want to,” he sneered.

This is a brief window into something I’ve seen again and again in new media: The people who run the place are almost exclusively people who were bullied in their youth by “Chads” and “jocks”. Almost to a man (and woman) they are pathetically eager to turn the tables and become bullies themselves. It’s dudes like this using their media megaphones in the cause of limitless cruelty against anyone who reminds them, however remotely, of their childhood tormentors. They are aided and abetted in this lamentable behavior by a socially progressive cadre of media decision-makers who strongly believe in elevating and promoting people based on their political loyalties rather than their fitness for task. Most of the GMG sites are almost exclusively staffed by new-to-New-Yorkers who have little to no experience with their subjects of coverage but who arrive with impeccable credentials in Twitter goodthink. Ms. Greenwell (she’s married but retains her maiden name) never played a sport at any competitive or notable level, but has she ever even played a sport at all? Didn’t we learn our lesson on this from Howard “I Never Played The Game” Cosell?

It’s obvious, when all is said and done, that Greenwell’s entire diatribe was occasioned by that old standby, the narcissistic injury. She’d been elevated to a senior position and a six-figure salary for no reason that was particularly obvious in her resume and/or work product — and this Spanfeller guy laughs at her! He treats her the same way she was treated in middle school, which is absolutely intolerable because she is in charge now and she should be doing the bullying! Even worse, he can do it with impunity, because he owns the whole operation! It turns out that there’s always a bigger fish out there, even after you’ve been short-roped up to power, and the bigger fish is allowed to laugh at you in the hallway! The worst part is that you know, in your heart of hearts, that the big fish in question actually earned his way to power, while yours was given to you because you were a useful tool for a particular agenda. It’s a combination of impostor syndrome and regurgitated childhood tragedy, played out in the mind of a thirty-five-year-old.

Viewed in this context, Greenwell’s final screed is obvious for what it is: an entire vineyard’s worth of sour grapes. It contains little to no truth and it consists almost entirely of choir-preaching appeals to emotion. The fact that her oh-so-evil CEO allowed it to be published, when he could have squashed it with a single Slack note, underlines his absolute control of the situation while reinforcing the fact that he is, in fact, the adult in the room — and that Greenwell is just a child who kicks her old playpen in futile rage as she is lifted and transferred to a new one.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention one last thing. The competitor to Deadspin being mentioned most often lately is Barstool Sports, a vaguely right-wing (or at least politically agnostic) website which regularly sprinkles their sports content with random bikini shots and anti-government rants the same way Deadspin became obsessed with living in the part of Williamsburg with Puerto Ricans. Deadpin loves to attack Barstool. There’s just one little problem: Barstool users spend almost twice as much time on the site, per visit, as Deadspin users. So by that metric, Barstool is hugely, tremendously, better than Deadspin. How’d they do it? Their leaders are all toxic white men instead of woke women and vibrant progressives. What makes them so much better? When all is said and done, could it just be that they have… adults in the room?

* * *

This week I wrote about a new high-performance McLaren and the crazy case of the crashing Crosstreks.

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  1. Avatar-Nate

    ” while yours was given to you because you were a useful tool for a particular agenda. ”

    I’m not too proud to ask : where do I sign ? .

    I could use some filthy lucre……


    • AvatarDisinterested-Observer

      I wish I was shameless enough to be a tv preacher or lefty media type. Just stealing from useful idiots all day.

      • Avatar-Nate

        Once you get the funding pipeline all running smoothly, let me know if you need a Mechanic or Chauffer…..

        =8-) .

        Yes, I like my little Blue Collar Ghetto life but I’d also like to paint my house and vehicles…


  2. AvatarNewbie Jeff

    So, questions for Jack: my perception, from outside the zoo, is that almost all of the people in media are similar versions of this woman…. are you a lonely outcast? Are there others, who meet in secret where you discuss things in non-progressive context? Are you safe in the automotive journalism world?

    …either way, man it must be hard. In the club racing world, turds like Comrade Greenwell are the outliers (I’ve seen ONE guy with a Bernie sticker on his Exocet… ugh). I just can’t imagine race car driver mixes well with progressive media tools…

  3. AvatarBrian Szmania

    This is a tough place for me. Love your automotive writing – hate your just lazy wading into stupid gender-related or masculinity insults. There is a constant stream of this – why do you need to include a line like this:

    but rather because I’m fascinated by the way in which Greenwell rewrites history to suit her (their? I’m not sure on Greenwell’s pronoun of choice) emotions at this particular moment.

    This is so lame – you literally want to juice your argument by making a play on her gender? She has a husband, has never “presented” as anything other.

    As a gay guy who loves cars, loves the business, and likes the inside views you and your brother offer, I generally ignore the really clear homophobia and generally “non-conforming” bashing you both do to read your articles. I’m over it.

    I cannot imagine how Alex Dykes felt working for this “woke” dude who likes to think of himself of a a cultural vanguard but is basically the gross dude in the high school locker room that nobody wanted to be around.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      You don’t have to imagine. You could ask him. Or you could ask the other gay and trans writers I supported, hired, and in several cases gave a publishing debut as well.

      You’re also free to see if you can find a single gay or trans writer who can say that they were mistreated or singled out by me in any way. In Alex’s case, I “unfired” him twice after VerticalScope terminated his retainer. When I stepped down from EIC, guess who was the first person to be let go by those progressive Canadians?

      Greenwell may well use they/their despite presenting as female. Use of gender-neutral pronouns is supported and recommended by Gizmodo, The Root, Lifehacker, and other GMG outlets.

      In other words:

      A) thank you for reading
      B) get over yourself on this.

    • Avatarrambo furum

      Mr. Baruth still has some fondness for sexual degeneracy that requires him to appease the LGBTQP+ gang, but I have the kindness to be honest.

      Did you really fail to recognize that he is goofing on the farcical “choose your own gender” delusion that magically popped up as soon as sodomites could no longer whine about marriage, or are you just whining because it is force of habit for you by this now? You were replaced several years ago by a new vanguard of the left. How did you miss this?

    • AvatarFrank Galvin

      Your comment is unfair. Greenwell and her use the they/their pronoun as a bludgeon, badgering those of who they disapprove of not to assume anything about one’s sex or gender until instructed otherwise. Or, if its within their own crowd – its the ever-present virtue signaling excrement. Occasional mockery of the Greenwell / Deadspin world view is needed. So many of our Riverside, R&T, Hagerty, and former TTAC readers would gladly refer to a trans writer with that person’s choice of pronoun, and would do so out of respect and dignity. Its not homophobic to point out the hypocrisy and savior complex these individuals possess.

  4. Avatararbuckle

    I do wonder how wokeness will work out with automotive journalism.

    It is one thing to do an article about a 15 year old trans dirtbike champion or fawn over a Tesla announcement or declare Formula-E the future of motorsports, but the recent messaging is that privately owned individual transportation should be a minimally used necessary evil at best and at worst is an out-of-date planet killing scourge to be solved and banned. And that’s ignoring any chance that AV technology becomes competent.

    I feel like we are about 6 years away from driving a Porsche (or whatever) for fun being as socially acceptable to the mainstream left as owning an AR15 is today. If that does happen, what are the left-leaning automotive writers and Youtubers going to do? Do they go along with it and disavow their past or do they risk social/professional(?) ostracization for the sake of their vehicles?

  5. AvatarJohn C.

    What is it with appointing women to jobs meant for males. Noticed also the new editor in chief of C/D is a woman. No doubt she will bring all the old readers back that are what 98% male. That Alterman guy chose to make his last issue a homage to Hyundai. He would have identified with them as someone also who also succeeded beyond his abilities. Between not letting the ancients go out to pasture and over promoting nothings, publishers are hardly distinguishing themselves.

        • Avatar-Nate

          “Rolling bordello clown cars are uniquely American!”

          This is so and the really sad part is : they’re never coming back =8-( .

          Saturday I ventured out in the 100 +* heat and spotted a pristine 1957 Plymouth ‘Forward Look’ four door hard top sedan with a family inside it enjoying the drive =8-) .

          Sometimes I miss my ’58 Plymouth Plaza two door stripper sedan that almost got destroyed in the making of “Christine” .

          As much as I personally prefer driving sardine can sized ‘penalty boxes’ I love American Land Yachts .


  6. AvatarDuong Nguyen

    From 2006-2009 Deadspin was a great place to get a couple of laughs at the expense of pro-athletes, team owners or sports media… A lot of the stories and comments from that era would be labeled “problematic” by the current regime.

    Now these self-important idiots act like they are the second coming of Edward R Murrow. Give me a break.

  7. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    She sounds to be a “post turtle”; You know she didn’t get up there by herself and now that she’s there, has no idea what to do.

    From years ago, I recall a conversation I had, in a group, with another employee. I was the plant engineer, he was a machine operator that had the ear of the production manager. He had been a particular pain in my ass, offering “tips” on how the machinery could be improved, none of his suggestions made any sense however. The conversation was him explaining that because of a pending promotion for himself, that things would be much better due to “cream rises to the top”. I chuckled and said; “while that’s true, pond scum ALSO rises to the top”.

    My point was proven a few months later when falsified production reports caught up to him.

  8. AvatarShocktastic

    “What is it with appointing women to jobs meant for males?” Because a woman in a male-dominated industry has to completely out-hustle & outperform the dudes. I have flipped between male and female dominated industries but always have clicked best with the self-identified Tom-boys. Maybe it’s because my mother was often single or divorcing in my formative years because her men couldn’t hand a gorgeous intellectual equal with a temper, but my favorite mentors and mentees were either aggressive & competent women or were competent men who didn’t have an issue with strong women.

  9. AvatarShocktastic

    PS: thank you Jack for introducing me to barstoolsports. PPS: thank you for running this site. Nate and dirtydingusmcgee are some of my favorites. I can smell the cutting oil and painful metal shavings while having to admit that those assholes were right because they were right and knew way more than me because they weren’t assholes I was the asshole.

    • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

      Wait. What? Someone likes some of my blathering?

      You should probably consider engaging the service’s of a mental health professional, lest you become a heartless, hateful SOB like myself. 🙂

  10. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    Didn’t we learn our lesson on this from Howard “I Never Played The Game” Cosell?

    To be fair to Cosell the title acknowledged that he was an outsider. Like Telly Savalas, he didn’t start out to be an entertainer, but seized on the opportunity when it presented itself. Cosell did a pretty good job on Monday Night Football and he seemed to have been pretty knowledgeable about the fight game. His “Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!” call from one of the Ali-Frazier fights is a classic of sports broadcasting.

    As for Greenwell, her wedding was covered in the society pages of the New York Times, yet I’m sure she thinks she’d down with the stuggle against rich white men, whom she mentioned in her diatribe (what is it with upper class white women snearing at white men, do they all have daddy issues?). Is she even a sports fan?

    She’s probably not that uncommon in journalism, people writing about stuff they hate. A few years ago, back before the bailouts, Chrysler used to rent the old fire station across the street from Cobo Hall and turn it into a bar & grille with free food and drink for journalists – and also have a place for the Chrysler folks to party. I was sitting at the bar next to a woman who covered the Chinese auto industry for Automotive News. Without any prompting on my part, she volunteered that she hated cars and only took the job because it was a venue to writing about business, not that she was a fan of business. Her other remarks made it clear that she was politcally left-wing.

    I don’t think I’m a great writer, but I’ve done it professionally for more than a decade now and I’m actually a sports fan and I bet I could do at least as good a job editing a sports website as Greenwell. The big story today is the sudden retirement of quarterback Andrew Luck. I’m sure Greenwall knows who Colin Kaepernick is, but if she was writing about sports retirements would she know about Barry Sanders or even Lou Gehrig?

    • Avatardejal

      “Ted West”. You may even know him in your travels. Looks like he may be retired.
      Years ago, he would write for this and that about automotive things.
      For awhile he wrote about trucks in Field + Stream or Outdoor Life.

      He disappears. Shows up I think in Excellence.
      Right off the bat, slags having to write about trucks for morons to read about, but he had to pay the bills.
      And it felt real good to not have to cater to Neanderthals.
      Didn’t last long there either.

  11. Avatarstingray65

    Sports is about competition, and the Left (which is mostly comprised of women and feminized males) generally hates competition because the better performer usually wins and the poorer performer generally loses, which they don’t think is fair unless the scales are tipped to favor Leftist losers. As such, sports audiences and participants are mostly comprised of deplorable types (i.e. males, centrists/Right leaning, athletic) and it therefore is a real mystery why any profit seeking sports channel or website would want to hire a bunch of “journalists” who are have no sports knowledge, generally hate sports and jocks, and instead want to use their platform to write about Leftist topics that will turn-off or piss-off the majority of their audience. As ESPN and SI (and Gillette) have found to their detriment – get woke and go broke.

  12. Avatarcarrya1911

    Of much greater interest to me is her admission that SJW content was about generating clicks and revenue:

    “The real and less romantic story is this: The journalists at Deadspin and its sister sites, like most journalists I know, are eager to do work that makes money; we are even willing to compromise for it, knowing that our jobs and futures rest on it. An ever-growing number of media owners, meanwhile, are so exceedingly unwilling to reckon with the particulars of their own business that they refuse to accept our eagerness to help them make money. They’re speaking a language no one else does, proud of their own inability not just to not fail, but to not understand the terms on which they’re failing. The tragedy of digital media isn’t that it’s run by ruthless, profiteering guys in ill-fitting suits; it’s that the people posing as the experts know less about how to make money than their employees, to whom they won’t listen.”

    In other words, we’re getting reams of SJW bullshit because it’s clickbait. Our entire social discourse is being warped by clickbait “journalists” looking to make a quick buck off of outrage.

  13. AvatarTyler

    What counts as journalism depends on whomever is in charge. “Journalist” reads more like a heritable title of nobility than a profession. Regrettably there are essentially two national papers of record and a handful of influential magazines left, all of them increasingly subscriber rather than advertiser dependent. Meaning you’ve got an entire class of people with all the right degrees and what used to be an acceptably distinguished upbringing but nowhere near enough chairs for any but the elite now that the music has stopped so those left behind are running eyeball engines and pretending otherwise. Here as elsewhere, average is over.

    I suspect the real insult was being told by the new money ownership to drive traffic. She demonstrably underperformed. No shame in that. But to be dismissed for it means it was never capital J journalism to begin with, and that can’t be, for she is a Journalist. Not like at Barstool. They don’t have any Journalists there, all they have is a sizable and loyal audience.

  14. AvatarCliffG

    Saw the link on Instapundit, perused the article in question. There has existed a piece of advice for a long time: whenever one is aggrieved by whomever, sit down, write a long letter displaying your anger at the injustice, and make sure you include the self righteous insults that the party deserves. Fine tune it, reread it several times to enjoy the magnificence of it all. Then wad it up, throw it in the trashcan and move along with your life. Other than wallowing in narcissistic self pity, what was the point of this article? After all, if the new management is truly that incompetent, they will fail. And then she can sit back with an adult beverage and chuckle.

    • Avatardumas

      This is good advice- especially this part:
      ” Then wad it up, throw it in the trashcan and move along with your life. ”

      Definitely do not write this using a computer or other electronic device, because a copy may somehow get saved to “the cloud” and return to haunt the writer in future. Pen and paper, nothing else.

      (and if you have a smart or connected shredder, just tear it up by hand instead)

  15. Avatarhank chinaski

    Again, in a successful business, try your best not to openly express contempt for your core customers. Disney is learning this with SW and likely about to learn it with the MCU. Most gaming devs haven’t yet. I’m not surprised that the Deadspin audience was the first to notice and move on. The audiences of Gawker’s surviving sites have been fully converged NPCs from day 1 by design. Barstool may have a couple of years before they inevitably succumb as well. The signs are all there in the linked Nardini screed above.

    Notice how they’re (generic they) still ravaging poor old Playboy’s corpse. Or SI’s swimsuit issue. Ewww.

  16. AvatarFrank Galvin

    I’ve been reading Barstool and Baruth in tandem for the better part of a decade. Both consistently punch back and hard towards Deadspin: “Sports News Without Access, Favor or Discretion” and their ilk.
    This past December, Deadspin ran a piece by Laura Thiesen (who described herself as having “identified as a gay male during my teen years, but now I’m probably more like trans female or genderqueer or something more fun like that) entitled “Conservative Gays Need to Shut the Fuck Up” (https://theconcourse.deadspin.com/conservative-gays-need-to-shut-the-fuck-up-1831029271?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=deadspin_copy&utm_campaign=top). This all-knowing, recent college graduate, and Williamsburg immigrant went after Barstool personality / employee “Gay Pat” – the “traitorous queer”, Peter Thiel, a conservative gay opinion writer – the “right wing fag”, and other gay libertarians / conservatives . Per Thiesen’s reasoning, if these gay males are allowed to continue to offer their opinion, then they’re contributing to planet rape, bullying of trans kids, defining trans people out of existence, perpetuate the bad orange man’s regime, etc., etc., etc.
    It just never fucking ends and it never will end so long as grievance mongering leads to marginal employment. Deadspin’s Barstool click bait revenue is always the same, a sewer of misogyny and right wing hate. God almighty, subscribing to the Thiesen, Greewell, and Laura Wagner worldview is so fucking tiring. Complying with the same is exhausting, who the hell can keep up with it and get it all straight? (no pun intended). Pat wasn’t having it, “Other than that, take your own advice: shut the fuck up, and keep my name out yo mouth.”
    “The fact that you think I “allow” my buddies to get away with “heinous misdeeds” proves that you have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know what kind of people you’re hanging out with, but my friends and coworkers aren’t bigoted dickheads who spew hatred. They’re good people who treat me with respect. If I had a problem with any of them, I’d say something to their face. Not online like a coward. You should give it a try.
    So why don’t you stop trying to drive a wedge between the LGBT community and do something positive to build it up. But what do I know? I’m just a guy who quietly engages with his LGBT followers in a positive manner and encourages them to be themselves. Even if I don’t agree with their politics.” (https://www.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/some-deadspin-writer-called-me-a-traitorous-queer)
    Deadspin’s under new management sign is not going to bring back the readership. Their merely maggots feeding on a corpse, and what little flesh remains can’t support much more. Taking time to read shitty clickbait is getting old, and podcasting is killing it. The top ten rankings for audience views is dominated by typically left of center providers: NPR, PRX (This America Life), NYT, Public Radio International, and WNYC. No doubt many city dwellers subscribe to multiple platforms above. What’s left is Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, a widespread content provider, ESPN, and …. Barstool Sports (#6 with 31,327,000 global downloads, 6.75 million unique visitors. Good luck GMG.
    I’m done. Lunchtime walk will start with the Barstool podcast, Kirk Minihane Show getting to the bottom of whether John McAffee did indeed fuck a whale with John McAffee himself.

    • AvatarDaveL

      The McAfee interview was one of the most entertaining and laugh out funny 45 minutes I’ve heard in a long time.

    • Avatardejal

      I should really pay attention to Kirk Minihane on BSS before they cave and get rid of him, because it will happen. I’m making an assumption that you know his history with WEEI. They just had their annual Jimmy Fund Radiothon. Down 25% from the previous year. Go woke/go broke, or go woke and people who supported helping kids with cancer don’t give.

      But it’s possible that people and corporations might still be giving. Minihane’s cohost on WEEI Jerry Callahan was recently let go, I forget on Twitter or FB, he made it sound that Dime Savings Bank donated to the Jimmy Fund but did not do it through WEEI.

      For those who don’t understand the above gibberish, search out “Bob Murchison WEEI”.

      • AvatarFrank Galvin

        Where to begin with the WEEI Minihane saga? Multi millionaire finances ivy league educated trans son’s advocacy which poisons American Association of Pediatrician, then engages in multi year campaign targeted harassment of top radio show advertisers due to their objection to gender transition of 5 year olds, Minihane loses two parents to cancer in 6 months, then us committed to mental institution for wanting to throw himself in front of a train. Millionaire, who made his fortune in toxic mortgages, hooks up with Boston Globe , which continues to target advertisers. Minihane not allowed to return to work, show goes from a 15 rating down to 8. He departs. Campaign continues, and co-host is let go. Morning Zoo show put in place, rating is now a 2 for AM drive. Station holdsannual telethon for kids cancer charity. Prior years take with Minihane is 4 million, this year it’s 3. And that’s just scratching the surface.

          • Avatardejal

            Can’t comment after you as there’s no reply button.

            Alli Bibaud or Maude would have worked. Hell about 200 names would have worked.

            Hail, fellow traveler. I comment there way too much. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
            He has to have a lawyer on speed dial. I’d donate if it was anonymous. No fucking way am I consciously tying my name and address to that web site. He’s got balls of steel. I don’t.

  17. AvatarDirt Roads

    “…an entire vinyard of sour grapes” was my favorite phrase. It’s one reason I come here, and anywhere else Jack writes, to read the occasional finley crafted phrase, most of which I wish I’d though of 🙂

  18. AvatarBrawny Chicken

    I do read Deadspin…and Barstool. Deadspin is a spinning rapidly to it’s death. It was funny and irreverent a number of years ago-but most of those writers are gone. And the best writer, Magary, is not nearly as good as he used to be. A big part of why it sucks is the Thiel/Hogan case.

    No one from the entire family of sites is even remotely capable of accepting WHY they were sued out of business and into the arms of Univision and not VC owners.

    I read the Greenwell piece when it came out. It was…interesting. I cannot believe any professional in any business would trash their employer publicly on the way out the door. Just…astounding. I mean, sure bitching to your friends and coworkers is fine and normal. But to actually use your former employers platform to trash them-and to act aggrieved when you actually *somehow, for some unknown reason* have the power to do so? Just insane.

    Wired used to be a decent website. Haven’t been there in years and I can’t imagine I’m going to start going on account of Greenwell.

  19. AvatarCompaq Deskpro

    I have never heard of Deadspin until recently when the Patriots won the Super Bowl, and they blew up the Google News feed with hate filled tirades of how Tom Brady doesn’t deserve to win, a particularly bad one went over how the Patriots think they’re the underdog and so does the rest of those racist Irish people in New England. Yuck. (I tried finding that article again the next day and it was gone)


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