Made In The USA, Ten-Dollar Hat Edition: Gustin

Many of my readers are already Gustin members. I’ve had some good luck with their stuff over the years, although the sizing can be a bit tricky. My “Japan Shine” blue jeans are far and away the best denim pants I’ve ever owned or encountered.

Gustin’s doing $15 Made In The USA knit hats for the winter. If you’re not already a Gustin member, joining with my total sellout referral link gives you a five dollar credit. I get five bucks as well. So it’s a ten dollar hat.

But wait, there’s more. Comment below, even if you don’t buy a hat. I’ll pick a random comment, probably by using the last two digits of the S&P or something like that, and I’ll give the winner a sixty-dollar Dearborn Denim credit from my last referral spree. And if I get enough referral credits to take some of the sting out of the purchase, I’ll use them to buy the Horween #8 L3 jacket. Everybody wins.

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  1. JayV

    I bought two of these hats last year – can confirm they are warm, comfortable and survive washes. I’ve had my eye on the Horween Natural CXL L3 for a while, but a veg-tan horsehide version is insta-buy if have the funds.

  2. Scott S


    The “Made in the USA” features are among my favorite at Riverside Green. I appreciate the effort!

    I made a visit to Brooks Brothers this weekend having thrown some bait (received a 40% off any regular priced item card with a note that they have noticed I haven’t shopped at BB “in a while”, like several years). If found the original polo button-down oxford is once again being made in the USA of imported fabric which is comprised of 100% American grown Supima cotton. The shirts are being stitched together in North Carolina. I also picked up a couple pair of cotton blend crew socks also made in North Carolina. BB is still a bleak place to shop but maybe they will look over my customer profile and figure out that I “only buy USA made” products.

    BTW, I’m looking for a camel hair sport coat. Any suggestions for something made in the USA?

  3. -Nate

    Pretty cool .

    I like knitted Watch Caps, I prefer the child’s sizes because :

    A. they fit under my Motocycle helmet

    B. I wear then when I’m working and it’s cold out and the child’s smaller size means there’s no rolled up edge to snag and get pulled off as I’m under neath vehicles .

    I usually find them in junkyards in old Barrio Bombers, bring home, wash and use until they get stolen again…..


  4. JMcG

    FYI – Tyndale USA is an industrial clothing supplier, specializing in FR clothing for the Electric Utility industry. They have a consumer storefront as well and a number of USA made garments for sale.
    Long story short, they have USA made jeans for sale there for pretty reasonable prices. I just picked up a couple of pairs of them through work and I’m very pleased with them. They remind me of 501s from the 80’s, although cut a bit fuller. I get them for 60.00 through my work account, I think they are around 80 if you pay retail. I’m not sure where the denim is sourced, I’ll see if I can find out.

  5. hank chinaski

    I picked up two pairs of those Dearborns, one stretch one regular. Both are great but I prefer ye olde skoole.

    I could use another jacket, but I’ve got my eye on a B3.

  6. nobody

    Haven’t tried Gustin yet, though it looks interesting. The deal breaker for me with this hat would be that it’s 100% cotton, making it not particularly warm and basically useless if wet. My go-to winter hat now is the type of surplus wool watch cap that can be found at most army surplus stores or similar places for six to ten dollars. They’re all wool and made in the US. Mostly black or navy, but I picked up a green one at a place in Brooklyn that had a wide range of colors. They’re somewhat scratchy (maybe not recommended if you shave your head), but very warm, inoffensively styled, and cheap enough not to worry much about.

    • VTNoah

      I second this approach. I’m on year 3 with my army watch cap. The itchiness goes away after a few months of wear. It’s like growing a beard, you just gotta muscle through it.


    Speaking of made in the USA, can we get an update to the Woobies you posted a few weeks back? Still have not purchased due to the many shoes I have that still have life in them.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      My Woobies journey was interrupted by a mountain bike accident where I tore some ligaments and cracked some toes. The shell toe of the Woobies presses right where I have some damage so they’re on hold until I heal. Until that happened, I was more than totally satisfied.

    • Texn

      I’m enjoying my Woobies- not just because they’re made in Texas like all my old Justin boots. They’re all-day comfortable, well-constructed if durable materials, no real flashiness/logos, and just plain work. They look great with a little dust on them.

  8. nici

    It’s interesting following this Made In The USA “series”.. It makes complete sense, but for me it implies do not buy American; buy Finnish. So I’m wearing a 25€ merino wool hat that’s Made In Finland.

    Wool is good. Cotton is next to useless when you drive your ~30yo Peugeot with a wonky heater in -30°C weather anyway.

    To paraphrase a permanently drunk British sketch character: the woolier the hat is, the gooder it is.

    • NoID

      My best buy this year was a splitting axe made by Fiskars, an impulse buy at Walmart, spied on a clearance rack of outdoorsy stuff that was being cleared out to make space for a way-too-early Christmas area.

      $26 for a $50 axe, and that thing splits wood EFFORTLESSLY. Made in Finland, and damn if I’m not impressed.

      • Mike

        I too bought a Fiskars (the X28, IIRC) and it’s been far and away the best axe I’ve ever owned. Coupled with my Stihl chainsaw and tractor cart, I felled, cut, split, and stacked a full cord of wood in one day a few weeks ago. That’s about 1/3 of what I’ll need all winter.

  9. Eric L.

    Did my subsequent Dearborn Denim purchases stack? They gave me $5 (or $10, I forget) off every time I bought something with your link, but it wasn’t clear if they were still crediting you for each purchase.

    Seems like a weird referral system, if it keeps rewarding on repeat purchases.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      No sir… I got a total of $450 or so worth of referrals. The discount stacks but the referral does not.

  10. NoID

    Yes, as someone who tries (not militantly, but with some effort) to buy American, these features are helpful.

    I stumbled on a local boot-maker in Flint while looking for a shoe repair place to re-sole my Rockport work shoes, a place called Sutorial, whom I’m interested in purchasing from if I’m ever in the market for footwear that costs half a G (and not only because such a purchase would put me within two degrees of Kevin Bacon).

  11. scotten

    Thank you. I have many hats but they all follow the “tight on the head beanie” model which sucks to wear with glasses/sunglasses.

  12. rambo furum

    I truly do not want any Dearborn Denim stuff, so I preemptively opt out of that.

    I am with the others that are unamused by the choice of cotton for the fitted cap. I guess they needed American-made material.

    What is truly odd is that the knit cap costs so much, more than comparable wool items, even with the discount, while a steerhide coat with the fancypants tanning is relatively inexpensive by a remarkable amount.

  13. Will

    I made a “Free Hong Kong” T-shirt for my masters of finance class (it’s about 70% Chinese students), they don’t even pay attention. Sad.

  14. Jeff

    Will post for free denim. Unrelated note: so far never stop driving reads like a forum post. But I haven’t reached the Baruthian section yet so fingers crossed.

  15. Ronnie Schreiber

    That’s a very nice leather jacket, but my friends at Reed Sportswear in Detroit can probably sew you a custom jacket for less. They have a similar production jacket in their catalog, made in Detroit, that retails for $399 and would cost me $200. It doesn’t have quite the pocket layout as the Gustin jacket but I’m sure they can put pockets wherever you want them. Ordering a skin of Horween in Chromexcel #8 would add to the cost, I’m sure, over using their stock leathers but it might be worth you while to call them. Ask for Rosco, tell him that I sent you. I’ll call him tomorrow to see about the Horween leather.

  16. Ronnie Schreiber

    Regarding denim, I’ve been very happy with my Texas Jeans. They’re made in the U.S.A., available in my inseam which is generally not stocked in stores, and I’ve gotten great customer service. I think I paid $28 plus shipping for my last pair. They’re very comfortable, with a nice “hand” than my Wranglers.

  17. Mark D. Stroyer

    My current stocking cap is also made in USA!

    …by my wife’s friend. So, the material very likely was not.

  18. VTNoah

    Thanks for continuing to post the American Made stuff Jack. Because of you, I am actively looking for American Made alternatives to the stuff I usually buy.


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