Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals

It’s been a snow-free holiday here in Ohio, so we are taking advantage. From me, Brother Bark, our kids, and all the contributors — except for Ronnie, who wishes you a most festive Eid or something like that!

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  1. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    Don’t ask me when Eid-al-whatever is. Muslims use an uncorrected lunar calendar. Since the lunar year is a bit shorter than the solar year that means their holidays and festivals move back a few days every year and can be at any time of the year, depending on the year.

    Jews use a lunar calendar that’s corrected with a 13th month seven times in 19 years. Holidays move around a bit relative to the secular year, but it keeps Passover in the spring. Apparently the RCC uses the Hebrew calendar for some things because western rite Easter is always close to Passover.

    I don’t mind if folks wish me a Merry Christmas, they’re certainly not trying to hurt my feelings if they don’t know I’m Jewish. As for Chanukah, it’s a minor festival (compared to the three biblical festivals and the high holidays in the fall) but happens to fall in late November or in December so people have gotten the mistaken notion that it’s as important to Judaism as Christmas is to Christianity. That’s why I appreciate it when Gentiles acknowledge Passover or Rosh HaShana – it shows they have some knowledge of my culture not, “your December holiday must be important because ours is.”

    In any case, it’s Dec. 26th now so if you celebrated Christmas I hope you had a meaningful and joyful day.

    I will say that it’s telling how the media differentially treats religions that folks know about Eid al this and Eid al that but few Americans know what Sukkot and Shavuot (Feast of Booths, Feast of Weeks) are, even though they’re biblical pilgrammage festivals and a lot more important Jewish holidays than Chanukah.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Well to be fair to the December crowd, the only reason we have Christmas on the 25th of December is because it was a plug-in replacement for Saturnalia.

      • Avatarrambo furum

        There are second century references to the exact date of December 25th, and that would always be a bit after Saturnalia anyway. What is the motivation of persecuted Roman Christians in randomly selecting a date a few days after Saturnalia?

        • AvatarOne Leg at a Time

          That is an interesting titbit of information. I always assumed that it was a straight up switch.

          Maybe the Romans were too drunk and tired to do much persecuting after the festival. Christians could celebrate in (relative) peace and safety.

  2. AvatarAdrian Sun

    Great pic.

    Love your work Jack, with honourable mentions to all other contributors.

    Jeez your Christmas is late! Have a great one anyway. All the best to you all, from (a Kiwi in) Brisbane, Australia.

    • AvatarCompaq Deskpro

      Nice, excellent article. George Bush might have bumbled his way though Yale, but most people there are the brilliant children of brilliant rich people. Dismantling the meritocracy can only be destructive.

      • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

        I went to Michigan, pardon me if I’m not impressed with the Ivy League and its “legacy A-“. When the average grade at a college is an A-, that means to me that the average graduate is a C student, regardless of how well she may test.

        By the way, here in Michigan we have a joke: What do UofM graduates call Michigan State graduates? Boss. I’d sooner hire an Ohio State graduate than someone from Harvard or Yale.

        Meritocracy or self-perpetuating oligarchy? The fact that you mentioned brilliant children of brilliant parents leads me to believe that merit may have less to do with admission to the Ivies than family connections. I suspect that my father’s class at Brooklyn College in the 1940s was smarter on average than the kids going to Harvard and Yale these days, drones who regurgitate the cant they are fed.

        Also, are you implying that intelligence has a genetic factor? What are you, some kind of racist eugencist? That kind of wrongthink would be most unwelcome on campus today.


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