Diamond Boulevard

My occasional guitar teacher, Alex, is finishing up a tour in support of Sevendust with his band, Crash Midnight. This is their lead single. At the age of forty-two, I find it charming when younger guys kind of reach for that classic Gn’R sound. As some of you know, Appetite For Destruction has been very important to me.

And I also think of what John Mayer said a while ago: when you work at sounding like your heroes and don’t quite get there, that’s when you start to sound like yourself.

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  1. Aaron Berga

    I wanted to comment on the link to the GnR article, but comments are closed. I was in high school, and I walked into my Biology class, first class of the morning, and Theron, who was 2 years ahead of me, had written out the lyrics to “Welcome to the Jungle” on the blackboard. I was very confused. He was an Eagle Scout, very proper kind of kid. Had a perfect 78 Mustang II Cobra, which confused me as well. Reading those lyrics and trying to associate them with him didn’t make sense to me. So I went and bought the CD. Again, at the time, CD players were uncommon, and my parents had gone from 8-track to a 200 watt Montgomery Ward stereo that I blew the woofers out of eventually. Appetite For Destruction was, and still is in my top 5 albums of all time.


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